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About Us

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us and also coming to our website. My name is Oliver McClintock, and I am the founder of MyDearDrone.

My Bio

Oliver McClintockI work as a freelance copywriter for the tech industry. First I must say that I love my job because it gives me the freedom to manage my time and forces me to stay updated with the latest and trending technology.

Back in the old days, I still member when one of my client (an e-commerce store) asked me to write a product and a blog post regarding DJI Phantom 2, and they even sent a sample unit for my test.

To be honest, I was sceptical at first because when I heard I need to evaluate an “RC DRONE” my first impressions were like “that’s more of a KIDS toy… like RC cars and helicopters”.

However since it was a job I couldn’t decline, but I am so glad that I didn’t because as soon I saw it, I knew it was “NO TOY“.

I was immediately hooked because it brought out the little boy who always wanted a secret Batcave (now I call it Olive’s Man Cave). I scheduled all my other projects and tasks and started entirely focusing on the playing.. hmm sorry I meant evaluating. It took me seven days to test it which is the highest time I have taken to review anything.

At last, when I reluctantly stopped testing and opened my word processor, I was amazed how freely and quickly I was able to write about it (most of the times it won’t happen as it requires brainstorming sessions).

When I showed the finished content, the client was thrilled, and when they did a email campaign to their existing customer, the conversation rate was through the roof which made them very very happy.

I think you probably guessed what happened next, It was Christmas for me the whole year because I kept on receiving GIFTS no I meant sample units from vendor and different models. Over the time this made me change my hobby from first-person online shooting to quadcopters.

About My Dear Drone

As I wrote previsoly since it turned in to passion it always had a place in my heart and I wanted a place to share it with the world.

I had my client’s websites, but it always requires their approval, and I won’t always be able to share my honest conclusions and information. So I had this dream project to create a UAV site but never got around but finally on 24th Dec 2017 I made the decision to build it, and the rest is history.

In this site, you will find accurate and honest information about drones and everything else which I think essential to any person who is interested in drones. I also review latest models and popular drones models(read about how I evaluate my drones).

My Promise

Through MyDearDrone I will share my knowledge and experience throughout the drones community and provide a platform to make new users learn about it quickly.


  1. Fay

    Your site has my attention. I am part of a group of volunteers in northern SC. My husband and I focus more on the drone part of our group We are currently working with a local charter high school. Perhaps a conversation of what you do and what our school does might be interesting. Email me back if you are interested in a phone call. You originally contacted me about your site being listed on our website. Where are you located?

    • Oliver McClintock

      I am sending you a mail now. 🙂


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