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About Me

Thank you for your interest in learning more about us and also coming to our website. My name is Oliver McClintock, and I am the Founder of MyDearDrone.

My bio

I work as a freelance copywriter for the tech industry. First I must say that I love my job because it gives me the freedom to manage my time and forces me to stay updated with the latest and trending technology.

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Back in the old days, I still remember when one of my client (an e-commerce store) asked me to write a product and a blog post regarding DJI Phantom 2, and they even sent a sample unit for my test.

To be honest, I was sceptical at first because when I heard I need to evaluate an “RC DRONE” my first impressions were like “that’s more of a KIDS toy… like RC cars and helicopters”.

However since it was a job I couldn’t decline, but I am so glad that I didn’t because as soon I saw it, I knew it was “NO TOY“.

I was immediately hooked because it brought out the little boy who always wanted a secret Batcave (now I call it Olive’s Man Cave). I scheduled all my other projects and tasks and started entirely focusing on the playing.. hmm sorry I meant evaluating. It took me seven days to test it which is the highest time I have taken to review anything.

At last, when I reluctantly stopped testing and opened my word processor, I was amazed how freely and quickly I was able to write about it (most of the times it won’t happen as it requires brainstorming sessions).

When I showed the finished content, the client was thrilled, and when they did a email campaign to their existing customer, the conversation rate was through the roof which made them very very happy.

I think you probably guessed what happened next, It was Christmas for me the whole year because I kept on receiving GIFTS no I meant sample units from vendor and different models. Over the time this made me change my hobby from first-person online shooting to quadcopters.

About My Dear Drone

As I wrote previsoly since it turned in to passion it always had a place in my heart and I wanted a place to share it with the world.

I had my client’s websites, but it always requires their approval, and I won’t always be able to share my honest conclusions and information. So I had this dream project to create a UAV site but never got around but finally on 24th Dec 2017, I made the decision to build it, and the rest is history.

In this site, you will find accurate and honest information about drones and everything else which I think essential to any person who is interested in drones. I also review latest models and popular drones models (read about how I evaluate my drones).

MyDearDrone’s Goal

Through MyDearDrone, we will share our knowledge and experience throughout the drones community and provide a platform to make new users learn about it quickly.

While there were undoubtedly many sites out there offering great information, the vast majority of them were focused on, well, doing it yourself – buying motors, wires, a frame, etc., building the quadcopter, then pairing it with your RC control. It’s great if you can do that yourself, don’t get us wrong! But that vast majority of people don’t have the time, knowledge, or inclination – they’re looking for ready-to-fly kits.

So, that’s where My Dear Drone was born – as a resource for the general public, who may have heard about these “quadcopters” or drones that you could buy for very little money now.

In the past few years, drones’ technology has matured significantly, and manufacturers realize that there are huge untapped markets for ready-to-fly drones – in the toy, hobbyists, and professionals category. As the number of models (and manufacturers) has increased, it’s hard to keep track of them all and figure out what drone is the best for your needs.

We’re aiming to provide the resources and advice to help you make that decision – or to help explain to you what a drone is!

Whether you are just starting and this is your first aerial device, or you’re a pro who has built countless RC drones, helicopters, and quadcopters, there’s something for you here at My Dear Drone.

We sincerely hope you benefit from our content, and please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think. And if there’s a particular question or topic you’d like addressed here, please send us a message – we’re easily reached through the contact page.

Enjoy and happy flying!

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hello Oliver,

    Thanks for your work.

    I was wondered why CHEERSON CX-20 is not included in the list of BEST DRONE FOR GOPRO?

    What is your opinion?

    Thanks in advance.
    Stay safe.


    • Hi Prashant,

      The Cheerson CX-20 model was initially listed in the list but was later removed because there were better products to be featured over CX-20. We continuously update the list to keep the list relevant to the current offerings.

      The CX-20 is an excellent beginner drone that is perfect for those who want to carry a GoPro. However, if you’ve been in the hobby for a few years and are looking for something a little more advanced, we would recommend a drone with camera.

  2. Your site has my attention. I am part of a group of volunteers in northern SC. My husband and I focus more on the drone part of our group We are currently working with a local charter high school. Perhaps a conversation of what you do and what our school does might be interesting. Email me back if you are interested in a phone call. You originally contacted me about your site being listed on our website. Where are you located?

  3. Dear Sir,

    Good Day. Hope you are well.

    This is M/s Leo Enterprise, is one of the most renowned business organizations in Bangladesh that has been dealing with different civil and defence organizations (Bangladesh Army, Navy & Air Force), different power plants, laboratories, factories, agricultural farms etc. with utmost sincerity, devotion and dedication for the last 18 years.

    I am very much interested to work with you to develop a good business relationship and do a long term business.

    I need to purchase 10 (Ten) Mini Drone with Thermal Imaging Capability. I will send you Technical Specifications of the Mini Drones on receipt of your valuable opinion.
    Your kind co-operation and prompt reply are solicited.

    Best Regards,

    Md Alamgir Hossain
    Technical Adviser
    M/s Leo Enterprise
    417 Shaheen Bagh, Tejgaon
    Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

    • Hi Sir, thanks for dropping by to raise your query. Looks like your M/s Leo Enterprise is involved in various civil and defense activities. We can provide any expert advice or suggestions you may require in the space of drones and aviation.

      However, we are not a drone manufacturer nor have a direct relationship with them. What we do is test and review consumer drones, write in-depth buying guides, how-to’s helping general consumer make the right decision. You can read the “How We Review” page to get a better understanding of how the whole process works.

  4. Spot on with thіs write-up, I seriously feel thiѕ site needs a lot more attention. I’ll probably be bacқ again to see more, thanks for the info!

    • Hello Jovita, Hope you enjoyed our about story and feel free to share how you got started with drones. You can send in your feedback’s using either the “Send Feedback” widget or “Contact Us” page. We always welcome both positive and negative messages to improve our services better.


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