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Best Drone With Camera 2018

Best Drone With Camera 2018

zoomed picture of camera drone
Have you wondered what it is like to explore new views from the best drone with a camera? If so, you are in the right place. Drone camera is improving these days and what was once a fantasy for many video makers and photographers is today a reality.

We think you will acknowledge with us when we say:

Not too way back you required a mini plane or helicopter if you needed to take stunning aerial photos and breathtaking videos.

The simple truth is, why get into all the problems when it does not involve risking limb and life with a drone that offers you a lot more? It is way beyond what you can imagine.

So we got great news to say. Check out our guide which will help you select the top camera drones for sale on this list, as rated by the experts which suit your needs. Let us get started.

Best Camera Drone – Comparison Table

 NameCamera ResolutionVideo ResolutionFlight TimeRangePrice on Amazon
DJI Mavic Pro Comparision Chart Entry 1DJI Mavic Pro12 MP4K @ 30 FPS27 minutes7 kmSee Best Price
DJI Spark Comparision Chart Entry 2DJI Spark12 MPFHD 1920×1080 30p16 minutes2 kmSee Best Price
DJI Phantom 4 Pro Comparision Chart Entry 3DJI Phantom 4 Pro20 MP4K UHD30 minutes7 kmSee Best Price
Yuneec Typhoon H Comparision Chart Entry 4Yuneec Typhoon H12.4 MP4K UHD25 minutes1.6 kmSee Best Price
BeBop 2 FPV Bundle Comparision Chart Entry 5BeBop 2 FPV Bundle14 MP1080p25 minutes300 mSee Best Price

Drone With Camera for Sale Reviews

If you are planning on getting a camera quadcopter by yourself, search no further. MyDearDrone hand-picked the list of best quadcopters with a camera that will match your particular need.

They all include their benefits and drawbacks, so it is up to you to consider which drone suits your demands the most. We are sure any of them can make you say “It is the UAV for me!”

Mavic Pro Featured Image

DJI Mavic Pro – Designed for 4K Action Cameras

Feature-rich, simple, and small – three words which accurately summarize among the best drones on this list. The Mavic Pro model is a showstopper if you are searching for your very first professional drone in the world of drones.

DJI Mavic Pro - Camera & Photo
  • Easy to fly and compact size.
  • High-end camera.
  • It has autonomous flight modes.
  • Quick battery charge time.
  • Price could have been better.
  • It has no other cons.
  • Feature-rich, simple, and small – three words which accurately summarize among the best drones on this list. The Mavic Pro model is a showstopper if you are searching for your very first professional drone in the world of drones.
  • With its folded up legs, the Mavic Pro is quite lightweight and fits conveniently into your travel bag for simple transport.
  • Not surprisingly, the onboard video camera is equal to DJI’s superior standards. You could shoot in complete 4K with 12-megapixel shots, and your footage stabilized better thanks to the 3-axis gimbal.
  • Front-side obstacle avoidance sensors that avoid you from ramming your drone.
  • A standard return to home function enables this quadcopter to find you as soon as its flight is over, or once it loses signal to the transmitter. It is beneficial to pilots and is impressive.
  • The GPS-based system on board will fly at about 64kmh (40mph) and boasts a control distance of 7km (4.3 miles). We think these two are excellent features so far as core elements considered.
  • You can use tablet or smartphone as a radio controller in return for a reduced range. It helps you to stay in touch while using a drone and to get a better soaring experience.
  • You can get a flight time of above 25 minutes on just one charge to take the images you need. There are spare batteries that you could buy for extra air time, too.
You receive all this fantastic technology in a quadcopter that is a complete, all-in-one bundle. We are happy with this drone that gets our attention in every possible way.
DJI Spark Featured Image

DJI Spark – Best For HD Videos

It is the most affordable, smartest, and smallest drone which DJI produces. DJI Spark users claim it is among the most popular drone of its league, and we inclined to admit.

DJI Spark Portable Mini Drone Alpine White
  • Advanced autonomous modes.
  • Easy to set up and get started.
  • It is a perfect for beginners.
  • Durable and reliable.
  • Camera quality is better.
  • Flight time not that great.
  • It is available in many colors; blue, white, yellow, red, and green.
  • It is already little in sizing, and it retracts even smaller to transport easily.
  • The drone will land and launch from your palm by spotting your face.
  • You can make use of gestures to maneuver it around plus snap images, without a mobile device or remote controller.
  • You can execute more complex moves with a tap of the button in its app.
  • The Spark comes with a long 16-minute flight duration and features a max 31mph cruising speed in Sports Mode for its dimension.
  • It has interchangeable batteries, as well as it takes under an hour for fully charging.
In case, you are trying to have some fun in a drone that is user-friendly without costing too much, the Spark by DJI is what MyDearDrone recommend.
DJI Pro 4 Featured Image

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – Best for Ultra HD 4K Films

At the moment, the Phantom 4 Professional by DJI is probably the most impressive drone that can leave you in awe and speechless. Consider it if you are trying to find the best drone camera that can transform your photography skills to even a whole new level.

DJI Phantom 4 PRO Professional Drone, Hobby RC Quadcopter & Multirotor, White, CP.PT.000488
  • Variety of flight modes.
  • Extremely good-quality camera.
  • Quite simple to use and setup.
  • Longer battery life.
  • Expensive than the Phantom 3
  • From the build viewpoint, it remarkably made well. Everything has built to seem elegant, but still practical.
  • It incorporates a powerful film processing, as well as a 1-inch 20MP sensor. Also, it has an integrated camera thus you can snap 20-megapixel photos and records 4K UHD clips. The camera uses a physical aperture to remove distortions.
  • The drone can dodge out of its way or move backward when hurdles come in the way. It guarantees you a safer, stable flight both outdoors and indoors.
  • Also, it has the TapFly and ActiveTrack features. It permits your drone for tracking moving objects then follow them at the same time maintaining proper cam focus. From our experience, all they work as marketed.
  • You can zip through the sky with a max 6000m flying height which is decent and is a fast flyer.
  • The mobile application gives you option of controlling your drone using the smartphone. It is just because you are getting the latest model out there.
  • Battery time is probably the most significant trouble among drone users. It offers as much as 30 minutes flight time (highest in the DJI Phantom series too) on a single charge, good for pro owners to take the photos they need.
In our view, the DJI Phantom 4 Professional is among the safest purchases between the all-time popular drones online now.
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro Featured Image

Yuneec Typhoon H – Pro Hexacopter for HD Videos

Unlike a few of the other drone options, the Typhoon H by Yuneec is very well one of the most popular camera hexacopters available in the marketplace. It is the direct competitor to Phantom 4 we have found so far.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense Technology - 4K Collision Avoidance Hexacopter Drone, Carbon Fiber (YUNTYHBRUS)
  • Can fly despite losing rotor.
  • One-touch handles.
  • Props fold down (easy storage).
  • Stable in heavy winds.
  • Poor design quality.
  • Very heavy and large.
  • Being very streamlined, it got a styling that makes it seem slightly professional when compared to other drones for sale.
  • It is one caliber of camera drone combined with 4K UHD resolution recording and 12MP stills. You can live stream footage in 720MP (HD) through the downlink.
  • This drone comes with a total 360-degree rotation. Furthermore, a landing gear, anti-shaking gimbal camera, and 3-axis that folds down to help overcome shaky footage or blurred images.
  • Thanks to the flight modes integrated, you could pre-set waypoints which your camera will follow for more tactical and smoother aerial photography.
  • There are many safety features onboard too. A rotor model that will instantly switch this drone to 5-rotor mode if one rotor falters to avoid collisions as far as possible. Most importantly, the drone should automatically return to you once the signal gets lost.
  • You do not want a smartphone for using it because this comes with all-in-one android controller, letting you control and fly Typhoon H.
  • It has max 400 feet flight height, with a flying time of about 25 minutes.
Overall, if you are seeking a DJI alternate choice, we believe it is your best bet. It is like a dream with regards to performance also is the drone that carries lots of excellent functions right up to its alley.
BeBop 2 FPV Featured Image

Parrot BeBop 2 FPV Bundle – Hobbyist Level Photographers

Parrot Bebop 2 is the go-to option if you are searching for the quadcopter that is ideal for entry-level aerial photography. It is easy to find why even when commercial pilots fliers on a tight budget can get great pictures without much practice. Therefore, we feel it will never be a bad gift idea.

Parrot Bebop 2 FPV - Up to 25 minutes of flight time, FPV goggles, compact drone
  • Lightweight and unique design.
  • Score big in camera specs.
  • Cheap, HQ FPV experience.
  • Good flying time.
  • Shorter control distance
  • This drone arrives with a high-quality 1080p camera that captures the complete 14-megapixel image. It provides you amazing photos with such a large field-of-view and a super quick processor.
  • It got created to take mostly landscape photos, and cinematic full high-definition video instead of just the skies.
  • Built-in digital 3-axis stabilization system can take even shots correctly without fisheye effect or the blur. It ensures your trip is a steady one.
  • Two autonomous modes: Flight Plan (quadcopter flies by itself, following a flight route pre-plotted) and Follow Me mode (drone set to pursue you).
  • You can use its FreeFlight Pro app to save and store your photos, videos, routes, and other types of drone information.
  • You can deal the Bebop 2 with your Android device or Apple iPhone. Also, there is an optional SkyController that will offer you real joystick controls.
  • This camera quad has a 25 minutes flight time on one charge.
Overall, we believe the BeBop 2 FPV Bundle by Parrot is a cool drone at a mid-range price mainly for novices to the hobby. However, we cannot see it getting employed for expert footage in the exact way people use the Phantom 4 and Mavic Pro.

We think that it is the only guide to ordering drone with a camera you will need when considering whether to get a drone for yourself or if you’re considering to buy a drone with gopro please refer to this article. It will present you an entire crash guide for you to take the best possible buying decision to suit your video and photography needs.

How to Choose the Right Drone with a Camera?

So, how do you select the best camera drone? Here are a few key factors you should think about when picking the right drone with a camera down below.Choose the Right Drone with a Camera



Another essential question to ask yourself is: how much will you be ready to spend? Since your options will change depending on the price range, you set aside. Before you start looking around, just make sure to budget appropriately and get a drone which meets your ability level.

It is correct that you will get excellent photos and videos if you got a huge budget and could get an expensive drone. Then again, imagine having the costliest drone collecting dirt in your place. So, spending fewer is okay if you do not mind the camera quality so much but may yet meet your expectations.

Pro tip: Do not trouble wasting money on functions you do not need because you can anytime upgrade later when your needs go up.

Camera Specifications

Camera specifications play a massive part in the way your videos and photos are likely to come out. As this guide is about drones with the camera already fitted to the build, the thing is whether or not the onboard video camera delivers the correct specs you expect.

Drones camera range from blurry VGAs to 4K UHD, 30 Megapixel ones.

Furthermore, you ought to consider the shutter speed ratio, first-person view, lens focal length, video recording options, sensor size, stabilization, and the camera ISO range. All these are crucial for taking good videos and pictures.

Flight Capabilities

Also, the flight abilities must stay the best. Due to the fact, your drones meant for the high-quality photos and footage. The diverse flight modes (with roll-off, 3D flips, etc.) and excellent flight stability also are essential things you should consider.

Controller Type

You need to remember that every drone model has different specs with regards to controls. Whatever drone type you select, it will rely on what controller kind you, being a user, might prefer.

Most of the high-end drones come either with a transmitter that already has a touch display built into it. While some others come with a controller that permits you to connect a device to get a real-time camera’s footage view.


The best quadcopter with a camera should stay extremely durable. However, if your drone is not very sturdy, then a single crash could damage it permanently.

In your search to capture excellent aerial video, you are going to have your fair amount of crashes. Hence, buying spare parts set is more of a wise decision.

Ease of Flight

To capture crystal-clear aerial video, you want a drone that is easy to move. Remember not all quadcopters are simple to take flight and need advanced knowledge ahead of getting used.

Flight Speed

Speed is fairly self-explanatory – it is the scope of how quick your drone will fly in mid-air. In any situation, provided that its pace not affect the videos or photos quality, any drone is good to go.

Flying Range

The range can give you a measure of how far (and high) a drone will fly without dropping its contact with the transmitter.

Since your goal of buying drones are to capture video, invest in one of the high-end models that can travel beyond and above. If you got no ideas of letting the drone fly longer distances, in that case, you often have the choice to just hover it in locations that are closer.

Flight Time

We mean, by this the average flight time a drone offers on one charge. You ought to pick a drone along with the highest flying time to get rid of unwanted interruptions when shooting. Also, you want to focus on how long will it take to charge the batteries fully.

Nothing is worse than hanging for the perfect shot just to find your batteries are dead when it is time to click the photo. Buy extra batteries that will increase your battery’s life.

Live Streaming

Another thing you ought to take into account is live-streaming footage back to live-feed monitoring screen.

This function is a step further than just significant, as you can see what you are recording. An excellent inclusion is a point that most of this type drones offer this function as standard.

Size and Weight

Do you think honestly that the weight and the size of the drones do not matter? It is not right at all.

You are likely to need a drone that is portable and light as you will take it around often. However, suppose the drone feels too lightweight from the build perspective, a light breeze may make it harder for one to handle it.

You now understand all the essential camera drone factors you should consider when deciding which model to order. Hopefully, our guide made way for you find out what drone kind you are searching.

Conclusion: Our Advise

After all, we understand you have plenty to go through with regards to choosing camera drone for sale on the market today. So, My Dear Drone would love to spare quick thanks for reading our article until the end.

We hope this collection of the reviews we have managed to put together helps you select a model. It will give you a proper starting point for aerial photography and great value for your money.

Note: This post will get continually updated while latest drones get reviewed and released. Now head out there to get flying those RC quadcopters like never before.

Do not forget to post this ultimate buying guide on your favorite social channels. In addition to that, if you got any questions about the best drones with cameras or any topic-related doubts make sure to drop these in the comments box underneath. Also you can read about best drone for kids here. We will do our level best to respond ASAP!


  1. Jake Jhonson

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    • Oliver McClintock

      Hi Jake! Thanks for visiting our website and leaving your comment here. Yes, there are many options available for camera drones.

      FYI, we will keep updating this list as new models enter the market so be sure you bookmark this page.

      Tell us which model (s) you have bought and how was your experience with them. It helps keep our articles accurate & up to date.

      Last but not least, make sure you check out our other master drones list for example drones for GoPro cameras. Also, please contact us should you need an expert opinion on anything related to drones.

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      Nicole, Thanks for appreciating our hard work. We are here to help fellow readers like you. Keep providing us your support, and we will keep you informed on drones.

      Most of the camera drones in this list are expensive as one might expect. You need not worry about the durability factor if buying from a reputable brand such as DJI, Parrot, and Yuneec.

      However, if you are on a tight budget with a preference for durability, we recommend the following models as a starting point. Note: some of these have cameras, and some do not, but the main thing is they are both cheap and durable.

      1. SYMA X5C
      2. UDI U818A
      3. Holy Stone HS170
      4. Holy Stone F181C
      5. DBPOWER MJX X400W
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      As you have said, it is always better to invest in a high-end, expensive device if you are after impressive specs, flight features, and performance. But then again buying the most expensive one you find online does not necessarily mean your requirements get fulfilled.

      Sometimes a cheaper drone as low as $100 can satisfy your needs. Not that you should not be buying costly drones at all but to make you realize there are also cheaper options that can do the same things as its larger counterparts. Of course, quality will take a cut, but you get what you pay for realistically.

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      I appreciate your view, Kelly. As you have said, most camera drones are expensive, but when you consider the specs and feature-set, it will probably be a long-term investment. It rings true when you are forced to buy a new drone twice or thrice due to cheap parts and faulty mechanisms.

      It is where you would have thought why I did not buy the right model in the first place. But, then again expensive does not always mean you are getting a quality product. It does not matter what kind of budget you could afford but make sure to get it right at the first time.

      Even though Kelly in your case money is not a problem, this advice, however, will prove useful for those who cannot afford to take a shot in the dark. Let me know which drone you finally settled with and what was your experience with it. It could help keep our article up-to-date to reflect the reader’s views as well other than the editor’s input.

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    I am wondering if drones can do other than Flying Camera duties? Do any of them come with accessories and attachments to make them more versatile.

    • Oliver McClintock

      Yes, drones can do a lot more than flying camera duties. Most of the popular models do come with accessories and attachments (either built-in or to be purchased separately). It will take your flying experience to a different level.

      For example, there is a drone called “Parrot Mambo” which comes with Grabber and Cannon add-ons to grab or shoot small pre-built obstacles for fun. Also, there are wall-climbing drones, Star Wars Millennium Falcon style quad, foldable pocket-sized drones, etc.

      So, the options are almost endless, and we can say for sure you will never get bored around with a drone. Not to mention, you can also choose from a wide range of essential drone accessories such as a camera, battery, and bag.

      But then again the availability of spare parts/attachments depends on the model you select. Not all manufacturers do provide that extra luxury so research before buying if your goal is to enjoy the maximum out of it over camera purposes.

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  14. Rey

    The DJI drones, without doubt, are the gold standard for aerial photography drones. DJI knows it as well that’s why they have invested heavily into making smaller drones with better cameras than ever.

    From where I come from (Singapore) most people are using DJI, both personally and commercially.


    • Oliver McClintock

      Hi Rey, thanks for taking a moment to share your views with us. Yes, we 100% agree with your comment. There is no denying the fact DJI is the clear market leader in the commercial drone industry.

      According to a recent survey, they hold about 74% of market share. That alone says it all, and as you said, they have been lately focusing on producing smaller drones to cater the newer demands and increase the portability of their products. It is clear from their Spark, Air, and Mavic series.

      We have been to Singapore once, and it is a beautiful country with good people. We too noticed many people there prefer DJI models due to its specs and performance. Seeing you own a drone video service company, what drones do you have in your fleet? Are all of them DJI drones?


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