Best Drones for Kids

Model Age Camera Flight Time (Min) Range (m) Check Amazon
Syma X5C
All Ages
Force1 UFO 3000
Cheerson CX-10

A kid is happy about getting a new toy droneAre you searching for the best drone for kids? Excellent! Drones are among the hot presents for kids today and for a valid reason. It is a great idea so they can explore their interests through their flying from Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills to hand-eye coordination.

Children of every age group are excited in RC aviation gadgets just as us adults if not even more. But, a few quadcopters are never suitable for children. Those call for strong safety precautions and a raised skill set.

To narrow options, below are five of our recommendations for kid-friendly drones. Not any of the models reviewed will cost too much and can give endless hovering fun. Look at our kid’s drone buying guide by the end!

Let us get started!

Should you be a relative or parent trying to find drones for youth and a kid, we have got you interested. We have handpicked quads that appear fantastic, overall fun and easy to use that kiddie will enjoy.

Syma X5C 2.4G – Top Drone for Your Kid

As far as drones for kids with camera go, this product the top available. With it, you can enjoy great aerial photography at an inexpensive price.

Syma x5c is bought by a parent is the best drone for your kid
All Age
Flight Time
Control Range
50 m


  • 2MP high-definition camera which captures good-quality shots
  • Excellent choice for kiddies in an intermediate piloting level
  • Different flight modes for extra fun and control
  • Very affordable


  • Longer battery recharge period
  • Average flight time

The Syma X5C is an excellent model, not just for adults, but for little kids too. Your child will love this quadcopter.

It has all the stuff you’ll expect in a drone. It is lightweight, will not cost too much, is easy to fly, and comes with propeller guards.

It is a fun product and somewhat bigger compared to the other drones on our list for the same price. Still, an excellent first camera UAV for your youngsters to train.

It is an economical camera drone; thus if your little one crash-lands it, you are not risking a massive investment. It will not bust on its first flight.

The camera quality is alright to get a few shots in flight (do not expect HD resolution for the cost). You can anticipate around 10 minutes of flight time without the cam.

You can take this drone outside at high-speed, and it can withstand light breezes. It is tough enough to endure crashes. It is comfortable to handle and lightweight for flying indoors.

This quadrotor has a six-axis gyroscope which delivers high flight balance even if its windy outdoors.

It is fun to journey when you have never flown something. It even enables you to execute flips and rolls at the press of a control key.

Although the price tag for the Syma’s X5C may not be low, a decent flyer that will give you the best value for your money.

Force1 UDI U818A HD – Good for Teenage Kid

Take off with U818A HD+ by Force1 will be thrilling. So, when you are trying to discover a lovely little multirotor with expected features and a camera without many gimmicks then get it.

A toy UDI U818A-HD drone is flown through an indoor of the house
Flight Time
8-10 MIN
Control Range
50-100 m


  • It includes a spare LiPo battery pack for increased flight time
  • It features a low-voltage alarm and headless mode
  • 2MP high-def camera for videos and pictures
  • It performs 360° aerial flips and stunts


  • The protective cover can bring small problems with being forced by the breeze
  • The battery life is rough at 7 minutes for each battery

You will not fail with your decision once you fly Force1’s UDI U818A camera drone for kids. You have got great trip specs, an HD camera, and a big pro list.

It comes in 2 different colors: lime green and black. The style of this kids drone is simple to the core.

It has prop guards to tolerate your young one’s careless flying and every trick.

The range and flight time of this UAV were likewise superb hence you can use it both for outdoors and indoors.

The remote control’s display is clean plus supports you for careful navigation of your drone.

It is super stable, simple to fly, and comes with safety elements. So, you may fly like an expert.

Headless mode means you can soar drone depending on which direction you are facing irrespective of its tail and head orientation.

This little quadcopter’s shiny LED lights may get tempting for your boy or girl to test even at nights.

Kids love to show off with acrobatic rolls and flips, and this drone does not fail. The 360-degree turn is likely to become your kid’s go-to model to show their tricks and stunts.

EACHINE E010 – cool, Sturdy & Safe Model

With minimal effort needed to master how to make use, an excellent choice for older children. Get proficient at traveling the E010, and you will get ready to advance right away.

A 6-year-old is operating Eachine E010 easily
Flight Time
Control Range
30 m


  • Great for newcomers to master and learn the skills necessary for flying
  • Flight options and multiple modes make it a blast
  • It is very affordable for what you are getting
  • Can do 3D rolls and flips


  • It is lightweight may create issues on windy days
  • Takes a while to getting used

Drones do not get more affordable versus the EACHINE E010 Mini. It includes all the features and gear that your eventual tech guru can ever want.

An easy to use starter UAV that is even able of a few flips and spins.

It has strong prop guards incorporated into the body. It helps lessen the crashes impact when first understanding how to take flight.

The drone changes paths as you turn the remote control’s direction. Even your minor will not face a problem by handling this nano quad.

It facilitates headless mode thus when activated you do not have to remind which part of the quad is “the front,” and which side is “the back.”

Features a 6-axis gyroscope flight control program. It helps you to keep your drone constant in the sky.

It can hold its altitude when no user input through the control handles.

This drone has one key return, meaning the quadcopter can find the remote controller. This feature is handy when things get worse, such as a rough climate or you lose controls of the aircraft.

It is easy to see when in the atmosphere as you got bright LEDs for the back and front (blue & red).

UFO 3000 LED – Fun & Battle Drone Toy

It is a perfect choice for your youngsters or a few others who have never flown a drone.

Force1 UFO 3000 quadcopter is operated by a 10 year old kid
Flight Time
7-9 MIN
Control Range
30 m


  • Uses vibrant blue and green LEDs for maximum presence
  • Flies for 9 minutes on one charge. Includes an extra battery
  • Low and high modes of speed
  • Performs 3D tricks and stunts


  • You ought to own both on hand as batteries last 7-9 minutes each
  • Issues with the motors have recorded

How come the UFO 3000 LED drone MyDearDrone’s top pick for the under $100 price range? Since it has got the specs, the features, and the looks to become something your little kid will cherish.

Offers experienced and new users both a quad copter capable of high-speed flight and spins. It is incredible just how much advanced the trip is in units like this.

The drone got designed for your children, and so it has many features that allow them to use it.

The durable protective body assists guard against collision dents. It is super lightweight and streamlined for making it more simplified so you can dash it at high flight speeds.

It bids you decent flying times 7 to 9 minutes. Comes with a bonus lithium battery of 3.7v that double the flying time.

Simple to control due to the excellent handles and a transmitter that is super easy to carry in your hands.

You will find two modes. This device includes precision steering which allows for controlled flying.

This UAV is a colorful model which permits you for successful night flights. LED lights inside and around the propeller guards are bright.

It can perform entertaining moves, including barrel rolls and flips, with the click of a trigger on your controller.

Cheerson CX-10 – Cheap & Small Toy Drone

It got capabilities your child may take full use of if they are as small as 7 years old or more. It is an excellent choice for father and mother who want something that their little kids can use indoors.

A kid is holding a small budget cheerson cx 10 quadcopter
Flight Time
Control Range
40 m


  • Is an excellent portable kid-friendly drone for outdoor and indoor flight
  • Flies for 9 minutes on one charge. Includes an extra battery
  • Has a light for low light flying
  • Has a low-voltage alarm


  • Not sturdy at all, thus avoid crashes
  • Can be hard to control

Last, but not least in our lineup is the Cheerson’s CX-10. With all the different quadcopters on our listing, the CX-10 is the suitable for teens and adolescent.

When you have this tiny quadcopter all the things prepared to go. Pop in 2 1.5V AAA battery packs and you could launch.

At a stature that is smaller than your hand, great for inside flying. But, do not let its size trick you, an excellent little quad, an excellent choice for tweens.

It boasts a battery life of around 4 to 5 minutes. For the price tag, it makes hitting the air cost-effective for you.

The CX-10’s controller works well tiny enough for the younger kids’ palm.

It is agile and quick, but still simple to pilot. Show you the basics of flying till you are ready to switch to a higher priced model.

It is 3-speed modes let it handle outdoor flying in a moderate breeze but be cautious it does not get beaten. You may buy a prop guard to safeguard it during accidents.

You can carry out a 360-degree flip in both directions. As its cheap, you may get multiples of these, and have a stunt, battle fights, races, and games too. It is a neat model.

9 Tips When Buying a Drone for Your Kid

Quadcopter buying for a teenager or kid differs from buying for a grownup. Once you have made your drone choice, essential to consider simple factors to make sure you get the most from your investment.


The design is not only for esthetic reasons, but it may also connect to the characteristics of flight. In our list of flying toys for kids, we have picked quadcopters which built cool and well such as Star Wars quad so that children will enjoy it.


There is nothing sad for children and parents alike to see a cherished present smashed to parts on its first flight. As every toy, drones should withstand the tumble of play and rough that might hit as new pilots learn their device.

When you believe the drone will crash, then better to off the unit before it heads crashing into the ground or a wall. The quad will hit, yet it will reduce the damage.

While our choices for toy drones for sale are resilient, they can still break. When it does, being capable of getting spare parts, plus fix the quadcopter drone is crucial. Do not expect unbreakable high-quality construction with all the kid’s drones and its components in this budget.

Prop Guards

Not every drone created the same. It can hit people (and harm them), damage property, and break windows. Prop guards are necessary when first training to fly your drone. It will help lessen the run-ins or future issues risk.

Choose a model that has quick to replace props that will forgive a few false starts happened during aggressive flying. Most of the types we have selected are compact, and either include blade protectors, got them in-built, or you may buy them.

Ease of Use

You may think the small the drone, the less difficult for flying. Correct? False. It is vital to consider the ease of use of a quadcopter before buying one to your child.

Otherwise, the kid could get frustrated and lose interest. On the flip side, it will motivate them to find out more if they can learn the flying basics. After your child mastered the fundamentals, you can place the quadcopter in the advanced mode.

Search for a quadcopter which has a return to home (RTH) button to make sure your child’s droney can return to them. Beginner modes put the unmanned aircraft system in a simple to fly and stable condition. A simple launch feature is vital to make your launch day effortless.

All these features make the quadcopter flight more steady and can ease the basics of flying. So, do not get shocked if they figure out how to fly quicker than you.

Spare Parts Availability

As mum and dad, we know regardless of how careful you and your kids are, it will break. When the drone breaks, you need to repair your quadcopter and have your juvenile back to flight.

Spare parts give relief to drone pilots. The fact is you may consider staying proactive and get the aftermarket parts before the drone breaks. If not, we recommend going ahead just to pick up a spare parts kit, so you got one on hand.


Outside flight is fun, so is indoors. Focus on more compact models if you will use indoors. It means you could teach your little one to control an RC drone without leaving home and injuring anyone.

It is crucial to consider because the first few flying sessions for your kid is inside where you cannot find any wind effect. So, they can get accustomed to the control and response of the drone.

The bigger the product, the superior in handling winds. Also, size has the nag of keeping your quad quick to take around and lightweight.


Not all children want to have fun with your ordinary drone. Camera drones for kids will let your kid unleash the inner creativity to capture excellent video footage or photos. It is all time before your kids need their own.

You need not become a skilled user to capture proper footage either. And may require a higher skill level for getting them to fly and control the camera at the same time. But, the learning curve is fun! Stay patience and inspire your little angel or darling to go for it.

These will capture pictures and video, expect nothing out of the box. Getting a drone for this range is mostly done to increase your flying abilities than whatever else.

For, too younger kids handing a drone along with an integrated camera might not be a good plan. We have noticed that the video camera could distract your kid from concentrating on learning to fly. You will see more odds of them emergency landing it thus breaking the camera.


Most kids drones not supplied by giants for example Parrot or DJI. Instead, they offered by companies such as Hubsan and Syma.

These manufacturers have made several models at children and have low price ranges. They have made them durable, more stable, and quicker to fly. Order from a reliable drone maker means you have technical and customer support even once you have bought it.

Regardless of the quad you shop, make sure you order from the online vendors such as Amazon. Do not opt for fake trade-offs.

For related costs and repair fees connected to damages insure your copter. Be sure you pick the proper value setting.


The last point of thought when shopping for a drone to a child is the budget to make sure your kid gets the most out of the UAS. You will find tons of cheap drones for kids on the market. All good correct? Well!

As beginners, little ones will do lots of crashing using their quadcopter. That is right. Due to this, you will want to keep your investment on the lower side. But, not to take on them long either.

For just a few bucks extra, you can own a better performing and much higher quality drone, which your youngsters will love far more. Because if you can afford, and your child has experience under the belt, get it to them.

These are not concrete rules, yet they are factors to remember in your mind. The criteria might vary depending on your kid’s age, their piloting skills, and many more.

Safety Tips When Flying a Drone by Kid

Before you bring in your kid to the droning world, it is crucial to acquaint both your child and you with the precaution flying tips & tricks. It is to make sure the safe usage of whichever multirotor you order.

Even though drones for kids do not look harmful, need to cover every basic. You cannot give to the girl or boy their brand-new UAV and allow them to play or spy unwatched. There might be sharp sides to consider not to mention small parts which could end up being choking hazards.

  • First, check if it is mandatory to register the drone with statutory authorities. If you are in the US, the FAA mandates all drones above 0.55 lbs (250g) for registration. To prevent this trouble, consider picking up a lighter quad that will not need registration.
  • Following the suggestions for age limit is the proper way to enjoy the most from a kid-friendly drone. So, “never ignore the recommended age before getting a quad copter for your tot.”
  • For safety, children using a quadcopter should always get supervised. Much as all toys, you the caregiver/parent will realize what is right for your offspring.
  • Yes, we get it, reading the manual is an old fashion. A quadcopter is one product where it senses. You or your child will not switch on the handling and be dashing your toy around in minutes. Take a while before your first flight to read the drone’s user manual.
  • Please stay informed of new and current laws on the usage of UAVs in your location.
  • Do not surpass the 400 feet height in the sky. You will expect at least five miles away from any airport when flying your unmanned aerial vehicle.
  • Do not fly over public- No chance of one neglecting to control their drone and falling it to the floor in case of a child. We recommend rotorcraft users take flight in their backyards, open fields, and never over their neighborhood.
  • Always voyage in right climate – Drones designed for your kids are lightweight nano-drones and can fail to combat the breeze.
  • Keep drones for older kids out of the way of youngsters such as a toddler, baby, & infant.
  • Explain your kid to test the new stunts and tricks only inside or only outside the home but not elsewhere.
  • You will most likely have to change the motors and propellers at a particular stage. So, understand that is part of the regular maintenance.

In case, you are trying to fly any drone or teach your child to hover one; you will want to stay up-to-date. Sit along with your kid, and have a few agreements on when and where okay to fly, and where not. If you take your time now, you will have a more enjoyable and more fruitful experience later.


That is all MyDearDrone readers! Drones are without a doubt among the coolest gifts you can buy for your little son or daughter.

Whatever drone quadcopter you select from the ones above mentioned you would never fail. We will add new quadcopters to this post. So, make sure you make this article bookmarked for future reference.

We hope you enjoyed this buyer’s guide to the kid’s drone. If you find it useful, please support us by posting it on your social media.

Which best drones for kids are you choosing, and how did your kid felt of this, leave those in the below comment box. Fly safe and good luck!

Best Drones for Kids Model Age Camera Flight Time (Min) Range (m) Check Amazon Syma X5C All Ages Yes 7 50 Check Price⇒ UDI U818A HD 9+ Yes 8-10 50-100 Check Price⇒ EACHINE E010 5+ No 5 30 Check Price⇒ Force1 UFO 3000 4+ No 7-9 30 Check Price⇒ Cheerson CX-10 7+ No 4 40 Check Price⇒ Table of Contents: Top 5 Drone for KidsSyma X5C (Best for All Ages)Force1 UDI U818A HD (For 9+ Year Old)EACHINE E010 (For 5+ Year Old)Force1 UFO 3000 (For 4+ Year Old)Cheerson CX-10 (For 7+ Year Old)Table of Contents: Learning Mode 9 Tips When…
Top 5 Drone for Kids Reviews

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Top 5 Drone for Kids Reviews

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