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Best Drones for Kids in 2023

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best drone for kids for all the age.

So, you like to get a drones for kids – We acknowledge you for this choice. However, not every single drone is suited to young users.

If you are a father or mother reading this article, we assume your little ones have noticed your pricey drone camera on the move and are eager to travel it themselves. So, you cannot fault them – who do not want to enjoy the fun?

Fortunately, the best drones for kids provide plenty of excellent functions – albeit in more affordable, smaller, and, above all, safer-to-fly bundles.

Help your boy or girl learn to soar a drone securely and enjoy with their compact drone, with our picks of the best kids drones & toy drones. Make sure to look into our UAV tips for children in the end.

There are 100s of top kids’ toys to decide. In this section, we’ll help you identify what the best drone for kids is; thus, you can make the right decision for your son or daughter.

Note: The brands we have chosen in this list all have an excellent reputation for build quality, reliability, and performance. None of the aircraft reviewed will break your bank, and each comes highly rated.

Best Drones For Kids Comparison

ModelAgeCameraFlight Time (Min)Range (M)Check Amazon
KD Interactive Aura6+No7 Min7 MCheck Price⇒
HASAKEE Q78+No7 Min50 MCheck Price⇒
SNAPTAIN H823H14+No7 Min30 MCheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial Falcon8+Yes10 Min125 MCheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial 818 Hornet8+Yes15 Min150 MCheck Price⇒
Force1 Scoot4+No8 MinIndoor OnlyCheck Price⇒
Potensic A208+No6 MinIndoor OnlyCheck Price⇒
Ryze Tello8+Yes13 Min100 MCheck Price⇒
DJI Spark14+Yes16 Min1.2 MilesCheck Price⇒
Force1 UFO 30009+No9 Min120-150 MCheck Price⇒
Air Hogs Star Wars Falcon8+No7-10 Min60 MCheck Price⇒
Holy Stone HS17712+No7-9 Min30-50 MCheck Price⇒
Holy Stone HS170 Predator14+No6-8 Min30-50 MCheck Price⇒
Syma X5C14+Yes7 Min50 MCheck Price⇒
SNAPTAIN S5C10+Yes7-10 Min80 MCheck Price⇒
DROCON Ninja11+Yes5-7 Min80 MCheck Price⇒
UDI U818A HD14+Yes6-9 Min80-100 MCheck Price⇒
Cheerson CX-108+No3-5 Min20-50 MCheck Price⇒

Toy Drones Reviews

KD Interactive Aura – Drone with Glove Controller

Fascinated by the concept of gesture-controlled quadcopters such as the DJI Spark, yet not ready to drop over $100? This Aura drone by KD Interactive is entirely controlled with a glove – and it’s just for you.

Age: 6+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 7 Min

Control Range: 7 M

KD Interactive Aura Drone with Glove Controller


  • Fully control the drone with hand commands
  • It comes with auto landing, auto hover, and auto takeoff features
  • Perfect for indoor usage
  • Can fly multiple Aura drones at once, for racing or even for fun


  • Has only 5 to 7 minutes of battery life
  • It does not come with a camera, but for the price, that’s okay

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The drone captures the essence of a Jedi with the Force – you sport a transmitter on your wrist and handle it entirely with the motion of your hands.

The drone can be controlled entirely by waving your hand, as there is no RC transmitter or app involved.

Raise your hand to fly higher. The drone falls to the ground when you tilt your palm toward your body. You can also flip the drone with a flick of your wrist.

Compared to traditional RC joystick drones, it’s not as easy to operate at first, but that’s the joy of it. This quadcopter is utterly fun to learn the way to fly. Also, once you figure it out, it’s pretty easy.

Whether flying the drone or landing it, the wrist controller got a land and takeoff button, and it comes in useful suppose the drone goes out of control range.

HASAKEE Q7 – Kid’s Drone with Lights Show

Among the best and safest drones on this listing is the HASAKEE Q7 Mini Drone. It is a great gift idea for your boy or girl who likes a mini lights show with a kid’s drone.

Age: 8+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 7 Min

Control Range: 50 M

HASAKEE Q7 Mini Drone for Kids


  • Steady in flight
  • Good fun for little ones
  • Executes 3D flips
  • Equipped with LED lights circle


  • Battery life is short, but they offer you three batteries
  • The control distance is small, but it’s no deal-breaker

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The drone’s built-in ‘altitude hold’ feature allows it to hover steadily using only one button press, making it easy for beginners to fly the copter.

Besides the encased propellers, its best feature is the colorful and bright LED system that flashes in various colors when the drone soars.

If the drone is on low charge, the neon lights foretell connection loss by changing to blue and flashing constantly.

The Q7 comes with an excellent remote controller, 3 batteries that offer a cumulative 21 minutes flight time, a pair of spare propellers, and an additional cage section.

In addition to the high-speed mode, the drone comes with a low-speed mode that lets you begin off slowly as you learn the controls. You can even flip it on command.

SNAPTAIN H823H – Indoor Mini Drone for Kids

We consider the Snaptain H823H among the top budget drone choices on our listing, and it’s an excellent choice for kids, too. It has a ‘small’ stature, rotor cages, and intuitive flight controls for pitch and rotation.

Age: 14+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 7 Min

Control Range: 30 M

SNAPTAIN H823H Indoor Mini Drone for Kids


  • It comes with everything you need to get started
  • 3 batteries extend flight time to 21 minutes
  • Excellent pocket design for anywhere, anytime flying
  • Easy to use for both kids and beginners alike


  • Not ideal for outdoor use
  • Some stunt controls can be hit or miss

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You can control the drone by hand using the well-designed control pad, and it’s almost ready to go out of the box. You can fly it for approximately seven to eight minutes with a rechargeable battery, and it’s a good idea to take backups when you’re spending all day there.

Particularly impressive are these pre-assembled blade covers that prevent chopping your fingers while also avoiding damage to propellers. Those are probably the most frequently replaced components.

With the associated buttons, you can take off and land easily. Blue LED lights indicate which direction the quadcopter thinks forwards. It can also be controlled from your perspective if you switch to ‘headless mode.’

Overall, we believe this little machine is highly durable and can withstand many crashes. Its lightweight design prevents the drone from harming other objects as well.

Altair Aerial Falcon – Top Camera Drone for Kids

Altair launched a brand-new drone for sale, called Falcon. It is an outstanding kids’ drone for various reasons you will not want to overlook.

Age: 8+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 10 Min

Control Range: 125 M

Altair Falcon AHP - Drone with Camera for Beginners


  • Autonomous Hover and Positioning System
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to fly and extremely durable
  • One-key takeoff, Altitude hold & Headless mode
  • Built-in 720P HD camera


  • Less flight time and range compared to the 818 Hornet
  • Has a bit of issue in the higher breeze

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One fantastic function on the Falcon drone that stands out to our team is the Autonomous Hover & Positioning System. Not just do we love that this feature is exclusive to Altair, yet it maintains the quad in position, making it fast for a kid to master the controls.

What we like about Falcon that places it aside from the competitors is the excellent customer support you get by the Altair Aerial company. This brand is based in the US out of Lincoln, Nebraska. They quickly responded to our phone calls and emails.

We were surprised the Falcon includes two batteries, which are each great for a flight time of 10 minutes. It means twice the fun you usually find included in likewise priced quadcopters of this stature.

Another kid-friendly capability we noticed regarding the Falcon drone is the controller’s size. It is more compact compared to other controllers out there that makes it an ideal fit for a kid learning to control a drone initially.

Also, you will appreciate the custom path mapping in which you can fix waypoints so the drone can follow you. Enable your imagination to fly with this option and find what fresh pictures you can take.

Overall, you cannot go wrong should you are searching for a quadcopter for somebody below 10 with Altair Falcon. The cost is right, captures excellent pictures & video, and the customer care is exceptional.

Altair Aerial 818 Hornet – Suited for All Ages & Levels

The 818 Hornet by Altair Aerial is an excellent drone for kids that comes loaded with benefits at a reasonable price.

Age: 8+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 15 Min

Control Range: 150 M

Altair 818 Hornet Beginner Drone with Camera, Live Video Drone for Kids


  • Quality of customer support is high
  • Incredible 15-minute flying time
  • Pretty decent flight range
  • Easy to handle and durable design
  • Wide-angle HD 720p camera


  • More expensive compared to the Falcon
  • Plastic guards make the quad look bulkier

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Altair Inc provides excellent customer support, and they are located in the US. When we talked to them over the phone, they said it was important they offer a degree of support to every online client the same as if they are meeting with these people in their Lincoln NE office.

You will see the 818 got a massive structure, which makes it perfect hovering and very stable. It is ideal for young RC drone buffs in windy places or who ought to learn the art of flight more slowly.

It has a 120-degree wide-angle 720P HD rubber damper camera that ensures your videos or photos will not be shaky or blurry.

One massive benefit of having a camera is the capability to handle the drone through FPV from the display of your smartphone or through VR goggles, that you should order separately.

The key feature of the Hornet is its 15-minute battery life. You will not see many other quadcopters in this age bracket that got that long of battery life. To top all of it, Altair supplies you an extra battery within the package, so your overall flying time doubles.

Also, this drone has thicker prop guards and larger landing gear than its forerunner, making it much more sturdy even after numerous crashes.

You can fly the drone using the FlyingSee app from UDI RC, that is available each for iOS and Android devices.

Force1 Scoot – Ideal for Younger Kids

You may get annoyed with all the phone and remote needs. What about not any remote? This drone line helicopter toy that has the unique name “Scoot” is a fun present for your teenager.

Age: 4+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 8 Min

Control Range: Indoor

Scoot Hands Mini Drone is a Kids Drone


  • Extremely simple to fly, toss it into the air
  • Has cool LED lights
  • Decent flight time
  • No remote/Hands-free operation
  • Great for young children


  • Not for outside use since it may fly away
  • Appears cheap or flimsy

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It is appropriate for ages 4 and upward with adult guidance and age 14 and upward without supervision.

This drone features sensors to detect and avoid obstacles. It is created for use with kids and to fly indoors.

Taking it outdoors could lead to the toy drone rising away from reach and very far apart. Keeping it indoors is recommended and completely safe.

Flight duration is around 8 mins. A battery charge takes just 1 hour – batteries charges by inserting it to a USB slot.

As it is below 0.55 lb, it does not need any registration from the FAA, which means no additional $5 fee.

It includes a hard-shell protecting enclosure which shields it from harm if it strikes something. It also shields your kids from being damaged by the props.

The Force1 Scoot doesn’t require a remote controller. It functions by proximity sense and is controlled with your hands.

Beginners could easily pilot this drone since it flies on its own. Steering is achieved by placing your hand near the quadcopter to make it switch direction.

This flying machine is perfect for younger kids and doesn’t have a camera, as most quads do. It is similar to training wheels to a more standard drone.

We think it is so far the hottest drone toys on the market, and you cannot go wrong buying this to your child.

Potensic A20 – Kids Drone for Indoor Use

The A20 is among the cutest kid drones since it is tiny. It fits nicely in your palm and is created for beginners and kids.

Age: 8+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 6 Min

Control Range: Indoor

potensic a20 is a drone for 10 year old


  • FAA registration not needed
  • Easy to transport and ultra-small
  • Protected blades
  • Simple for beginners or children to fly
  • Low-cost


  • Cannot be flown outdoors
  • Serious drops may damage it

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The manufacturer advises users ages eight and up, though it is simple to teach the controls for kids 6 and up years old.

This ultra-small quad is perfect for use at the house. Tiny enough to navigate bits of fixtures and fly via the spaces of your home with ease.

This drone will fly at low or high speed with a button on the transmitter. You may fly for about 6 minutes. It doesn’t call for FAA registration.

Also, charges rapidly, usually taking about 45 mins to charge fully before being prepared to take flight once again. Excellent for younger children who do not want to hang on 60 to 90 minutes.

It contains a dedicated battery port to avoid little ones from getting close. It also comes with full blade protectors to help prevent fingers from being injured should they get very close.

You will find an alarm to signal it is going to fly out of range, so it has to be taken back toward your remote control. Another alarm noise means a low charge, which demands a sudden landing to avoid a crash.

It comes with one-button automatic landing and takeoff. Also, it has a directional lock and a hold-altitude feature to continue flight in a single direction.

In case your daughter or son is keen on a simple quadcopter without fancy buttons or confusing camera to bother about, it is an excellent product for a reasonable price.

Ryze Tello – Budget Drone for Children

The Tello Drone is a flying toy that comes following a very fruitful collaboration between Intel, DJI, and Ryze. For a model that costs about 100 dollars, this drone is outstanding.

Age: 8+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 13 Min

Control Range: 100 M

A DJI Tello quadcopter with camera is in top of a table


  • Has a 5MP camera
  • Up to 13 minutes of flight time
  • Controllable with an optional controller or smartphone
  • Performs as a much more expensive drone
  • No FAA registration required


  • Flight time may reduce while recording video
  • Good enough for flying inside only

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Although the aircraft is sold from DJI, it’s not produced by them. It is a third-party brand that makes Tello with support from DJI. But, DJI has supplied its state-of-the-art software.

This drone makes use of a 720p/5MP camera, able to take videos and photos in a somewhat high-quality. Although the drone doesn’t contain a gimbal system, you can anticipate smooth and beautiful shots by this drone.

The Tello’s flight time is close to 13 minutes, plus the maximum range you can gain out of it is about 100 meters.

It has a unique programming language that not only educates the coding fundamentals, but lets you do stuff using the Tello narrowed merely by your creativity.

On the drone’s bottom, you can find the vision positioning sensors. They enable the UAS to fly in position and stay super stable, each when flying outdoors and indoors.

Furthermore, you can utilize the in-built “EZ shots” – these are programmed flight sequences that allow the quadcopter to record a few shots automatically with no user input.

Most of all, you have many different modes of flight. The most exciting out of that is the 8D Flips – you may flip the device in 8 diverse directions with an easy swipe on the screen.

The Tello doesn’t have a controller, much like the Spark by DJI. You can get an edition with a remote controller when you need some more bucks, though.

DJI Spark – Recommended for Teenager

An excellent choice for young UAV enthusiasts, DJI Spark, provides a brilliant combo of intelligent features that will encourage even the daring of adventurers.

Age: 14+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 16 Min

Control Range: 1.2 Miles

A white DJI Spark drone is sitting on a wooden table


  • Impressively durable frame
  • Optional VR headset with FPV capability
  • A whopping 16 minutes flight time
  • Simple to fly
  • Professional high-end functions at a lower cost


  • It is advised to double-check the connections of battery before every flight
  • Much more pricey, so should just be considered to a child interested in drones

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It costs around 3 to 4 times the cost of the more expensive drones for children we reviewed. Nevertheless, if you ought to advance to the hobby drone flying, it is an excellent choice.

You can snapshot with a 12MP camera that contains a wide-angle lens. It records footage at the 1080p resolution. It also transfers live-streaming footage with a distance of about 1.2 miles over a WiFi network.

The DJI Spark got collision avoidance sensors for preventing accidents. In sports mode, with collision avoid switched off, it dashes fast, close to 31 MPH.

This drone carries the DJI Go 4 application to a smartphone which helps make clips with many unique features like PalmControl to employ hand gestures for controlling the movement of drone, ActiveTrack to instantly follow an object or a person while shooting videos, and TapFly to fly automatically to a place touched on the picture on your phone screen.

Because of its price tag, the Spark is an excellent drone for responsible, older kids, and teenagers. It weighs above the limit to drone toys, so that you must register this at the FAA.

For an immersive experience without limitations, we highly suggest the Spark’s Fly More Combo. It includes an extra flight battery, remote controller, propeller protectors, and lots more.

Force1 UFO 3000 – Fun Drone for Night Flights (LED Lights)

Drones do not always need to be a solid color or professional; they also can be vibrant, fun, and illuminate a kid’s lifestyle in more means than one. The UFO 3000 Quad got the specs, features, and looked to be a thing your child will love.

Age: 9+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 9 Min

Control Range: 120-150 M

Force1 UFO 3000 quadcopter is operated by a 10 year old kid


  • Flies for about 9 minutes on one charge
  • Comes with a bonus battery
  • Uses vibrant blue and green LED lights
  • Low and High-speed modes
  • Performs 3D tricks and stunts


  • Not the greatest durability
  • No camera

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The manufacturer recommends ages 14 and upward, yet the UFO 3000 Quad is propeller-secured and somewhat secure for kids ages 8 and 9+.

You shall expect plenty of periods put in flying this multirotor around either outside or inside, and mainly in the night where this UFO drone is a big hit.

Also, it has a 9-minute battery life, which is higher for the cost. A spare battery within the box provides you an extra 9 minutes on the sky.

The Force1 UFO drone has beautiful colorful LEDs and appears like a UFO while flying in the dark. It also offers additional security, as the quadcopter is simple to see.

This best drone for teenager has low and high speeds. A 360° flipping is a trick it does with the press of a switch.

Its remote controller has several toggles and controls, which may be a bit complicated to younger kids for the first time, yet can be quickly learned.

From bright LED lights that create glow trails at dark, to a video game-style controller, that is effortless to get the drift of; your kid will appreciate this exciting choice.

Overall, this UAV is an excellent choice for children looking to buy their flying rig, and they will delight in the remote, stunt moves, and light of these top kids’ drones.

Air Hogs Star Wars Millennium Falcon – Star Wars Fans

Here we got a kid-friendly drone designed by Air Hogs company. We do not need to recall that we are talking about probably the most famous spaceships in cinematography history.

Age: 8+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 7-10 Min

Control Range: 60 M

air hogs star wars drones for children


  • Millennium Falcon replica
  • Made of high-density foam
  • Decent flight time
  • Bright LEDs to fly in the night
  • Can hold the stability in light winds


  • Rather big, not perfect for indoors
  • Not everyone might adore the Millennium Falcon design

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This quadcopter’s design makes it stick out from the masses, and children will enjoy it. Its overall construction is pretty robust and sturdy.

Millennium Falcon Quad is a far bigger model than other products here; that is why it is not only ideal for inside but outside use too.

Battery duration ranges anywhere from five to seven minutes – possibly 8 if you aren’t going full tempo at all times.

It can mimic the Millennium Falcon sounds similar to the classic Star Wars films. With engine sounds and colorful LEDs, you will be thrown again to your youth like ever before.

The quadcopter incorporates fast and slow speed modes to the intermediate and beginner pilots, respectively. Also, it can do basic rolls and flips, adding to the fun element.

It can travel as much as 60m away from the controller so that you can go from your backyard unless you are a millionaire, and so have a private golf course.

This drone doesn’t have a cam, but to make up for it, this quadrotor sports user-friendly controlling mechanisms and insane stability.

Your kid will virtually be the hottest child on the block. Overall, if you ought to express your Star Wars enjoyment with your children, get them this drone, and you will both love it.

Holy Stone HS177 – Drones for Air Battles

It is hard to imagine better drone toys to get for your little ones than such battle drones by Holy Stone brand, and the HS177 model is no exemption.

Age: 12+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 7-9 Min

Control Range: 30-50 M

Kid Friendly Holy Stone HS177 Drone


  • Portable size
  • Package arrives as a kit of two
  • Battle out other drones
  • 3-speed modes
  • 360° roll


  • Not everyone might love the idea of battle drone
  • You will require extra batteries

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Once you have mastered solo flying, join with another owner of HS177, and you may engage in airborne combat. Blast your opponent using the drone infrared laser 4 times, and these will plummet out of the sky (do not worry, guys, in reality, these land safely and slowly).

Seriously, this drone looks like good fun for children of any age. And, we believe they are a blast to adults for playing too.

Also, the drone comes with 4 distinct fuselage colors to match your taste. The machine has even LEDs – they look colorful while flying in the night.

It boasts 3-speed modes to engage while your piloting abilities improve, and attitude hold means the quad will remain in the sky if you remove your hands from the controls.

This drone boasts a max range of in-between 30-50 m from the remote control, so you got plenty of space to practice flight paths, maneuvers and to try the drone’s 360-degree stunt abilities.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator – Quadcopter for Training Kids

The Holy Stone HS170 Predator is a well-known choice for children or anyone searching for an excellent toy. And it is simple to find why.

Age: 14+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 6-8 Min

Control Range: 30-50 M

A close up picture of non-flying holy stone HS170 predator mini RC drone


  • Holy Stone is a famous drone brand
  • Thousands of happy customers reviews
  • Advanced stabilization
  • Great stability and good hardware
  • Offers a simple learning curve to new users


  • Should be flown indoors unless there’s no wind
  • Cannot expect high-speed maneuvers

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Its cost is reasonable, and you almost always can buy this quadcopter for below $50. Due to the low price, you do not have to worry every time your drone crashes.

It will fly close to 6 to 8 minutes and go away from the controller about 50 meters. Also, it takes nearly 60 minutes to recharge it up. Nevertheless, we suggest purchasing several spare batteries and chargers to get this drone back to its full potential.

The drone’s flight status is determined by watching the indicator lights. Your young ones will also savor how the LED lights look when flying in the night.

With its 3-speed modes, ensure your children begin with the default low speed and then climb their ladder up to the high-speed flight.

When the Predator is in the headless option, the alignment of the drone’s front can be disregarded as you take flight. When you push a direction in your controller, this is the path the drone should move.

The Holy Stone HS170 doesn’t arrive with a video camera. While this could be a problem for aerial photographers, we doubt children will care at all. It can provide them a distraction-free flying experience.

If you need a cheap drone, this edition has already created thousands of kids happy; then, we assume you got no other option but to settle with Holy Stone HS170.

Syma X5C – Good Cheap Toy Drone

Should you are in search of a cost-effective drone for kids, which is easy to fly, fun, and has a camera; well then the Syma X5C quadcopter is an ideal match.

Age: 14+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 7 Min

Control Range: 50 M

Syma x5c is bought by a parent is the best camera drone for your kid


  • 2MP camera that takes some good-quality shots
  • User-friendly controller
  • Easy to operate and relatively stable
  • Two different options for added fun and control
  • Inexpensive model for learning how to control a drone


  • The battery only goes on up to seven minutes
  • The video might come out quite shaky

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The Syma X5C is large that makes us consider it less as a toy and so more as a drone, which is ideal for an old kid to fly outdoors.

The best part to us, the X5C model is made from flexible plastics and very lightweight. We crashed our one many times, yet the drone almost would float back into the earth.

Remember this drone quadcopter is inexpensive and does not have stabilization to the camera, therefore do not expect incredible pictures. However, for the cheap cost, the camera resolution is not very bad.

The X5C includes propeller guards and a remote controller. Prop protectors are excellent for safeguarding the drone while it crashes with something.

This drone provides 2 speeds. Normal mode is stable, full tilt goes pretty slow, and maintains the aerial vehicle upright enough not to crash itself. Faster speed mode enables the drone to lean sufficient that one must handle the throttle to prevent it from striking the dirt.

While we aren’t a huge admirer of the style, a few of you may find it attractive. We see the plethora of little decals and likes a bit unattractive, but that is just our opinion.

Overall, with a drone operating a range of 30 meters and a decent battery life (particularly considering its selling price), this stuff is a lot more than able of amusing your kids.

SNAPTAIN S5C – New Kid-Friendly Drone

If your kid is mainly keen on drones to photography reasons or since they would like to take high-quality, fantastic footage, this is the model you have been awaiting.

Age: 14+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 7 Min

Control Range: 50 M

cheap snaptain s5c toy drone


  • Perfect for starters
  • Great control & lightweight
  • Easy to fly
  • Quick to begin with
  • Inexpensive to the quality you receive


  • The Snaptain Era application does not work with every phone
  • Controls may be finicky

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The manufacturer recommends that this drone’s suggested age group be 10+.

Not to forget, this drone is ranked a #1 best-seller position on Amazon’s Hobby RC Quadcopters and Multirotors section at the time of writing this review.

Camera built-in on this quad is a wide-angle 60-degree camera with a capability of 720p in HD resolution. And, it is connected to a virtual reality headset and is combined with a smartphone using its live FPV transmission system.

Its battery supplied allows for approximately 10 minutes of flight time, even though that generally will last 7 minutes. The recharge time differs from about 1 hour.

The voice control permits younger kids to instruct the aircraft what they desire, and it removes the difficulties which phones, apps, and remotes can cause.

With a great camera, voice control, one-key takeoff, and an excellent price, it is no surprise this drone from SNAPTAIN is very popular.

DROCON Ninja – Drone for Traveling with Kids

The DROCON Ninja Drone is an excellent option for kids interested in looking at the globe from up who are as thrilled as you are regarding quadcopters and their various benefits.

Age: 11+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 5-7 Min

Control Range: 80 M

DROCON ninja drone toys for 6 year olds


  • Fold up to storage in a small space
  • Durable drone kids will enjoy training
  • Has a camera to snap pictures
  • 3D-flips supported
  • 1-year warranty


  • Can be complicated for kids too little
  • Does not always do well with the wind

Read review (Click to Expand)

While the advised age range is 14 plus, this UAV is simple to get the hang of to children 11 plus, and the handles are straightforward.

Since this model is above 0.55 lbs, FAA necessitates that it gets registered to them, meaning a $5 charge (which covers three years.)

This quality craft comes in a recognizably decent amount for the camera resolution it got and the foldable, convenient style it boasts.

Its cam is an adjustable 120-degree 720p HD one with a lens that is wide-angle.

The manufacturer boasts the battery life is typically 5 to 7 minutes, but it will differ while charging time is often close to an hour.

Ninja drone is optimized for effortless control to create the starting easier for any drone user, just branching to a new pastime.

This drone is linked with smartphones and operated via an app through WiFi, or it is controlled with the remote controller, which is simple to understand.

UDI U818A HD – Good Drone for Older Kids

Take off with U818A HD+ will be thrilling. So, when you are trying to discover a lovely little multirotor with expected features and a camera without many gimmicks, then get it.

Age: 14+

Camera: Yes

Flight Time: 5-9 Min

Control Range: 80-100 M

A toy UDI U818A-HD drone is flown through an indoor of the house


  • It includes a spare LiPo battery pack for increased flight time
  • It features a low-voltage alarm and headless mode
  • 2MP high-def camera for videos and pictures
  • It performs 360° aerial flips and stunts


  • The protective cover can bring small problems with being forced by the breeze
  • The battery life is rough at 7 minutes for each battery

Read review (Click to Expand)

You will not fail with your decision once you fly UDI U818A camera drone for kids. You have got great trip specs, an HD camera, and a big pro list.

It comes in 2 different colors: lime green and black. The style of this kid’s drone is simple to the core.

It has prop guards to tolerate your young one’s careless flying and every trick.

The range and flight time of this UAV were likewise superb; hence, you can use it both for outdoors and indoors.

The remote control’s display is clean plus supports you for careful navigation of your drone.

It is super stable, simple to fly, and comes with safety elements. So, you may hover like an expert.

Headless mode means you can soar drone depending on which direction you are facing irrespective of the tail and head orientation.

This little quadcopter’s shiny LED lights may get tempting for your boy or girl to test even at nights.

Kids love to show off with acrobatic rolls and flips, and this drone does not fail. The 360-degree turn is likely to become your kid’s go-to model to show their tricks and stunts.

Cheerson CX-10 – Smallest Nano Drone for Kids

It got capabilities your child may take full use of if they are as small as 7 years old or more. It is an excellent choice for fathers and mothers who want something that their little kids can use indoors.

Age: 8+

Camera: No

Flight Time: 3-5 Min

Control Range: 20-50 M

A kid is holding a small budget cheerson cx 10 quadcopter


  • Is an excellent portable kid-friendly drone for outdoor and indoor flight
  • Flies for 9 minutes on one charge. Includes an extra battery
  • Has a light for low-light flying
  • Has a low-voltage alarm


  • Not sturdy at all, thus prevent crashes
  • May be hard to control

Read review (Click to Expand)

Last, but not least in our lineup is the Cheerson’s CX-10. With all the different quadcopters on our listing, the CX-10 is suitable for teens and adolescents.

When you have this tiny quadcopter, all the things prepared to go. Pop in 2 1.5V AAA battery packs, and you could launch.

At a stature that is smaller than your hand, it is excellent for inside flying. But, do not let its size trick you, a neat little quad, an excellent choice for tweens.

It boasts a battery life of around 4 to 5 minutes. For the price tag, it makes hitting the air cost-effective for you.

The CX-10’s controller works well tiny enough for the younger kids’ palm.

It is agile and quick, but still simple to pilot. Show you the basics of flying till you are ready to switch to a higher priced model.

It is 3-speed modes let it handle outdoor flying in a moderate breeze, but be cautious it does not get beaten. You may buy a prop guard to safeguard it during accidents.

You can carry out a 360-degree flip in both directions. As it is cheap, you may get multiples of these, and have a stunt, battle fights, races, and games too. It is a neat model.

Unavailable Kid Drone Models


With minimal effort needed to master how to make use, an excellent choice for older children. Get proficient at traveling the E010, and you will get ready to advance right away.

Drones do not get more affordable versus the EACHINE E010 Mini. It includes all the features and gear that your eventual tech guru can ever want.

One of the easy to use drones for beginners that is even able of a few flips and spins.

It has powerful prop guards incorporated into the body. It helps lessen the crash’s impact when first understanding how to take flight.

The drone changes paths as you turn the remote control’s direction. Even your minor will not face a problem by handling this nano quad.

It facilitates headless mode; thus, when activated, you do not have to remind which part of the quad is “the front,” and which side is “the back.”

It features a 6-axis gyroscope flight control program. It helps you to keep your drone constant in the sky.

It can hold its altitude when no user input through the control handles.

This drone has one key return, meaning the quadcopter can find the remote controller. This feature is handy when things get worse, such as a rough climate or you lose control of the aircraft.

It is easy to see when in the atmosphere as you got bright LEDs for the back and front (blue & red).


  • Great for newcomers to master and learn the skills necessary for flying
  • Flight options and multiple modes make it a blast
  • It is very affordable for what you are getting
  • Can do 3D rolls and flips


  • It is lightweight may create issues on windy days
  • Takes a while to get used

Kid-Friendly Drones Buyer Guide

Smiling family is standing along and looking at a flying kid drone with small girl having controller near lake
Smiling family is standing along and looking at a flying kid drone with small girl having controller near lake

If your son or daughter has been pleading for a quadcopter, check out our buyer’s guide to have a good idea of what is available out there and the crucial factors to look at before you go shopping.

Pros and Cons of Drone Toys

A few of the typical pros and cons of these kids drones are:


  • The good thing about drones for children is that we are bombarded with cheap drones that can suit any price range, starting from $30 up to 500 dollars or possibly more.
  • They are capable of perfectly flying inside, credits to their small shape. It means you may teach your little one to control a craft without never leaving home.
  • These drone types are a load of enjoyment to use, and everyone should give hours of fun for your family and kids.
  • Practicing piloting techniques on these quads is, of course, the right move before switching onto more complex and more giant crafts down the road.
  • It is worth having your youngsters into flying quadcopters from a younger age. It will take their butts from the sofa and provide a hobby you can bond with one other.
  • A few of these are compatible with a smartphone application. That type will make children use their phones for anything other than continuously chatting with their friends.
  • A kid drone cannot damage a lot more than itself when it crashes to something. Also, these can be good to fly in your backyard.
  • Getting your kids interested in multirotor and the tech, which makes them famous, could result in a profession one day.
  • Many drones in this level have built-in stabilization to steadier flights, one-button landing and take-off to look after two tricky moves, and finally altitude hold option.
  • We discovered children having physical challenges that prevent them from taking part in other outside activities, prefer flying quadcopters very much.


  • Drones for kids merely focus on some key features – in contrast to the unique capabilities of more high-end models. However, it makes them perfect for beginner flyers.
  • Most products in this class still come with a camera, yet it is of lower resolution, so you may expect the picture to be somewhat blurry.
  • For ease of use, you might have to upgrade to a top-end drone, not surprisingly. If you have flown a pro drone, you understand how simple it is to fly.
  • Drones for teenagers are generally pretty quick to get going, but the user manual is often poorly translated or pretty thin.

Drones for Children – 19 Factors to Consider

Not all kids drones are created the same, so it is wise to look into some key factors before getting one.


Every user should be thoroughly familiar with their craft specifications. It involves reading the user manual from a page by page. They should be aware of the radio control range, how fast and high the drone can move, how much its weight, etc.


We understand for the reason that most of you discard the manuals which come with quadcopters. Not just quadcopters but almost any other item you buy. While that is okay in most situations, with regards to drones, it is poor practice.

Why? Well, although every drone works in roughly the exact way, there are yet significant differences among them. Those are often associated with the controlling nuisances or advanced features and are explained extensively in the user manual.

That is why we highly recommend to spend some time and go through it cover to cover. Who knows which sort of handy information you will find here. One point is for sure, though – it can help you impress your kids with your new drone know-how.


Since you will find literally 100s of different editions available, we believe the best method to filter down your set of available drones for kids is to decide how much cash you wish to invest. Once you figure out your budget, you can focus on that specific price range.


In this review of the top toy drones, we have picked drones that are well-made and pretty well so that children will enjoy it. It’s not only for aesthetic reasons; the design might even be related directly to the trip characteristics.


With kids, sturdiness was among the main things for all of the products we picked. All are regarded as the most sturdy on the market currently. We are in a wood place and have piloted most of those, hitting several trees and not to mention our home too.

All these drones just had to be turned back over, off they traveled. Some bad collisions required changing the prop blades. However, on many of these versions, it is simple to do because they all have replacement blades.

Prop Guards

Propeller protectors, little attachments for your quadcopter that fit above the props, are essential when first trying to fly a craft. The prop guards will secure both any objects and the drone that may accidentally hit while new drone fliers master their device.


Flying outside is a blast, but so is indoor flying. Do not worry parents; you may fly all these drones safely indoors. We flew our ones indoors often, and have not damaged or broken anything still. Also, the small size has the benefit of keeping the drone convenient to transport around and lightweight.


The essential concern in a quad for your kid is the overall weight. Although it may look like a little issue, most people do not know that a quadcopter – even one created for children – is officially categorized as unmanned aircraft.

The FAA has regulations governing the drones use and requires each new drone users to register every drone that is between 0.55 & 55 lbs. It might include the drone toy you are about to buy for your kid.


Most quadcopters for kids, mainly the ones which are well under $30, don’t have a camera. Those that do come under the high-end range (typically $30 to $100) may capture some okay pictures and video, do not hope anything magnificent.

Getting a drone for this amount is best left to enhance your flying abilities than other things. Getting that fantastic aerial photography could be pushed back to later, once you are prepared to obtain something fancier.

Battery Life

The kid’s quads on this guide have flight times that range between 20 minutes to only 5 minutes. To ensure the enjoyment lasts as much as possible, select a drone that has a longer battery life and shorter charge time. Be sure you own spare batteries and got them charged up before any flying sessions.


The distance across which a transmitter can communicate along with a quadcopter is essential. Among the downfalls of using drones are that these can go out of communication distance. Some drones feature a range that is too far to most people can control securely or even appreciate.

Imagine how long a mini drone with a controlling distance of around 100 ft will actually travel. It is far compared to some backyards size, and even in parks, it can be far away; you cannot see the craft with a naked eye.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Will your kid be taking their drone outside and at the house? If so, you will need something more stable, more powerful, and a little bigger, so playtime does not end prematurely because of the wind.

Many drone toys, especially those meant to fly inside, have large prop guards, also cages that safeguard not just the device from harm, but your child’s fingers and home as well.

Easy to Fly

We recognize for virtually all folks reading this guide; it is a kid’s first drone. Being simple to take flight is an important thing; otherwise, the kid could get disappointed and quit.

All our recommendations have the quad in a relatively easy to fly and very stable state. We tell “relatively easy” since learning to control a drone does require training and is not something you merely pickup inside 10 minutes. However, it is also not anything that will take your children real longer, either.

Altitude Hold

It is an additional beginner-friendly function that will turn your flying very much effortless. Altitude hold option keeps your drone flying at a consistent height without you needing to regulate the throttle key manually.

This function is especially handy for aerial photographers since it enables them to remove their focus off of flying and onto capturing the ideal aerial shot.

Different Speed Modes

Most drones come with different modes, based upon the pilot’s skill level. You can use this feature to gradually make it tougher to you to hover by enabling it initially and then try switching modes.

Headless Mode

This option is sure to support you with a good deal in your maiden flight. In case you have issues with flying your quad for children in the standard method, then try headless mode for a change.

Once the headless option is switched on, you do not have to focus on your craft’s orientation. Instead, you only have to pay attention to where it is going. When you maneuver right, it will move right; should you pitch again, it would pitch again regardless of where it is currently orientated.

Return to Home

If your maiden flight result in your drone getting away from your line-of-sight, we are sure you will be worried. Heartbeat will rise to a hundred, and you will start stressing about the protection of your kid-friendly drone and the probable crowd below it.

But fortunately, we have a feature that avoids it from taking place. It is known as the return home, and, quite simply, it does what you guess. It returns your UAV to its take-off location because of the onboard GPS element.

So, should you ever miss your drone in flight, press the RTH in your remote control, and it can come back to land.

Spare Parts Availability

As mom & dad, we know no matter how cautious you and your kids are, eventually, it will get shattered – a sad reality of youngsters and drones in general. While our contenders for the top drones for children are incredibly sturdy, they can yet break.

When these do, being capable of getting spare parts as well as quickly repair the drone is vital. The majority of these crafts have lots of extra units and kits in the market. We suggest moving ahead and pick up an additional spare kits/parts, so you got one ready.

After-Sales Support

Giants do not manufacture most kid’s drones; instead, they are sold by small businesses. The customer support might not be matched with the big players, but many of them reply well in the event of a defective product. So, go with a company that contains a solid reputation online and a clear-cut method of interacting with its consumers.

These are not concrete rules, yet they are factors to remember in your mind. The criteria might vary depending on your kid’s age, their piloting skills, and many more.

17 Safety Tips for Children Flying Drones

Ok, so recall the safety tips we mentioned previously? These are a few of the tips which are essential with regards to children flying a quadcopter. Ensure you follow these and discuss them along with your child.

  1. Kids nowadays check YouTube, and it has become a leading learning hub. So, the first trick is to see some great UAV tutorials. Somewhere, someone has created a video series that will strike with your junior.
  2. You can find lots of drone simulators nowadays. So, maybe even before getting a drone, how about let the small girl or boy put in a few days on a simulator and judge each how excited they are plus how good they grasp the mental side of RC flight.
  3. Give them objectives such as nose-in flight, hovering, and other fundamental maneuvers to learn on the simulator. Once you are happy that they have got the concept, then you may move onto flying something real.
  4. There are faster moving parts which could hurt small eyes, fingers, etc. You may find sharp sides to consider plus small components that are choking hazards.
  5. Although the possibilities that a tiny toy-grade drone will hurt anybody critically is little, it is good to teach safety measures from the beginning, so it turns into a habit.
  6. You have to ensure the multirotor is developmentally and age-appropriate also to keep out drones made for older kids out of reach from younger ones.
  7. You are also responsible for ensuring that drones are flying in the right locations, so kindly be familiar with new and current regulations concerning drones use in your region.
  8. On top of that, be sure your kids steer clear of airports (no less than 5 miles off), and they do not raise it higher than 400 ft up.
  9. If the quad has a cam, one thing which instantly pops out is the interest by children to use drones to track other people and their property. It is your responsibility to educate your little ones on privacy rights.
  10. Although it may sound a bit weird, you probably should buy a safety glass for a young flier. Even a micro drone can hurt your eyes, therefore, order the safety goggles.
  11. In case there is any likelihood your kid will need to take flight the drone in the night, LEDs are a should-have feature.
  12. Be cautious in your prediction of how heavy the breeze is while you fly outdoors. Do not fly close to water bodies, for example, a pool. Do not hover more than is recommended or legal to your drone.
  13. Also, you should be sure to allow your children to understand the risks of LiPo batteries. To not puncture these, set those near heat, or fall them in water.
  14. As adults, you also should be mindful of all functions and controls. It means getting through everything along with the kid and ensuring that they understand everything.
  15. For a generally small membership charge, you can set a flight on a private airfield, which has plenty of room for your youngster to test the waters.
  16. You may also find some fortune asking schools they attend if there are occasions their sports arenas may be available.
  17. You should carry out all necessary safety measures to make sure the safe usage of whatever drone you buy. The age ranges we have recommended for every single drone is only a guide.

This list, of course, could be never-ending, feel free to share your tips at the comments.

Top 3 Mistakes When Buying a Drone For Kids

Buying Toy Drones Locally

Christmas is just around the corner while everyone scrambles to find the perfect gift. Wal-Mart, Best-Buy and Target are all selling the latest tech toys, quadcopters or so called “drones”.

Drones make a fabulous present for a friend, however, price listed for a drone is around 60-150$ for what is considered a “toy drone”. Many amateur buyers may not know that these drone prices have been jacked up, upwards of 50% of what you pay online.

I have personally seen drones being sold at Walmart for 150$ while seeing it for only 40$ while shopping online at such places like,,

These websites allow you purchase the toy drone directly from the manufactures, in which you pay much less than say paying from Best Buy.

The only downside of purchasing a drone online is that you will have to wait 20-30 days because although it includes free shipping, it is economy shipping; the cheapest shipping available.

So if you are planning to buy a drone for kids before Christmas, you should buy it now!

Buying an Expensive Kid Drone Immediately

You all have seen YouTube video of some guy trying to fly his 1000$ drone and showing off to his buddy. Many people who see other people flying expensive drones like a DJI Phantom, IRIS, Inspire 1, etc likes to jump the gun and purchase expensive drones themselves thinking they will be able to fly it like the guy at the park.

No! These drones are not considered toys anymore.

A toy drone is what I call “hurt-proof”, there is much less danger when it comes to flying a toy drone than an expensive one. Many people also do not research and understand what their multirotor is capable of ie: GPS Waypoints, Auto-Return Home, Auto-Take Off, Follow Me.

These are only some of the advanced features that come from spending your money on an expensive drone. I highly recommend anyone thinking of purchasing an expensive drone to study the platform and how the major functions work.

Most importantly learn how to react when you have a “fly away” or the failsafe kicks in. Before you go out and invest in an expensive one, please practice with a toy drone and just first understand how to maneuvers it.

Once you have a mastered this, flying an expensive one will be the same except this time you have more features to play with.

Know The Laws For Kids

Now that you are anticipating a new drone, you are already thinking about whether to fly as high as you possibly can, or get the coolest shots.

Well, I’m sorry to say that no matter how big or small the drone is the rules applies to everyone who owns one.

If you are in the United States, you will need to check the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) website and if you are in Canada, you should visit Transport Canada Agency (TCA) for all the rules and guidelines.

Most are the rules are common sense, for example: do not fly over people or buildings, keep the drone in line of sight, and do not fly higher than 300meters.

There are more specific rules like if you have a drone heavier than 25kg in Canada, you must report to TCA for the flight you are operating and why.

The most important of all rules is, do not fly within 10km of an airport, if you violate this, not only do you put passengers in danger but also you will also be slapped with a hefty fine and not to mention prison time as well.

14 Frequently Asked Questions About Toy Drones

There are plenty of FAQs with regards to the subject of flying and owning a toy drone or kids drone; thus, we figured it would be a good thing to answer a few of these for you.

What is the Best Kids Drone?

There are several excellent drones for kids out there – and the best choice will differ considerably based on the interests and age of your kid. We have listed above several drones to different age ranges so that you will find drones to 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, & 16 plus-year-olds.

How Much Do Drones for Kids Cost?

A decent minimum cost for a kid drone is in between $20-$50. It will probably be for a mini-drone that does not need registration with the FAA. For a bit more cash, about $50-$100, you might be capable of finding a full-size quad with added functions such as a camera. Expensive drones, 100 dollars and upward, have a few high-end capabilities, for instance, palm control.

Are There Drones for Kids with Camera?

Most drones (kid-friendly or else) arrive with cameras, yet the camera quality will rely upon the amount you spend on the quad. You can buy whatever from a cheap primary cam that can make blurry photos to 1080P high-definition cameras.

Are Kids Permitted to Fly Quads?

Kids are permitted to fly kid-friendly quadcopters. No rule prevents them from this. Still, it may be a wise move for you, as a parent, to double-check with your state’s (country’s) drone rules. If everything appears okay, we’d still suggest you stick to basic safety tricks.

Can My Kid Fly a Drone Over Our Neighborhood?

It’s a common question which each kid’s drone owners and drone users neighbors ask. There is no direct answer to this question, except if you are hovering over confined airspace that is illegal to do.

Landowners that include, homeowners, have a level of the claim of the airspace above their houses. Shooting drones out has happened earlier, but it is not legal technically either. So, we recommend drone users hover in open areas, their backyards, and not via their neighborhood.

We recommend discussing with your neighbors on your brand-new drone, describing to them how it gets used and when. Also, we would advise you to allow them to look at it and fly it should they wish. It all will help them get over their fears.

What if a Drone Gets Far Away from My Child?

If your quad should randomly go away out of you, which occurs quite a lot, the controller’s range is what can kick it again. Based on the model you own, it will enter return to land flight mode and fly back towards the last spot recorded.

What Age is Ideal for a Quadcopter?

Drones are best suited to ages 8 upward, yet you must be very handful in assisting them in flying should they are below 12 years age. If a person under 12 got the disposition, coordination, and maturity to be an excellent pilot, then allow them.

What Makes a Kid-friendly UAV?

A kid-friendly drone ought to be easy to repair or replace and durable. It should include plenty of features that make it effortless to take flight (as most kids under the age of 10 do not have the fine motor skills necessary to execute hard flying feats).

What Makes a Toy Drone?

Toy drones are typically anything under the $200 range. These models have around 1000 meters range at the maximum and usually hover for about 15 mins or lesser before the batteries need to be recharged.

Do I Need to Register a Drone Toy?

In the US, all drones weighing over 0.55 pounds must get registered from the FAA. This registration serial must be fixed to the craft’s outside. To register drones, you have to be a minimum of 13 years of age.

However, the majority of the quadcopters you would want to buy younger ones are below that weight. So, there is no age limitation and do not need registration. If your kid is less than 13, you will need to register it to them and ideally supervise their flight when it is a drone big enough to register.

Who Are These Quads Best For?

This drone category is appropriate for children, beginners, and those who wish to have a blast with inexpensive electric gadgets. They make great presents for your tech buddies who don’t already own a drone.

Should I Buy a Drone on Brick & Mortar Store or Online?

Many toy-grade drones, similar to the ones that you see in the toys category of your regional department shop, are generally quite poor. What do we mean by the poor? Well, they do not fly properly whatsoever and are tougher to keep flying.

We have bought some of these products, and literally once 15 to 20 minutes of attempting to fly these, just quit. For merely a few more bucks, you can buy a better performing and a much better quality aircraft that your little ones will love far more on the internet.

Are Drones for Children Great DIY Learning Tools?

Drones aren’t only entertaining yet can also act as excellent learning resources. Apart from 3-directional controlling, you can educate your children a whole lot on how quads work. Things like the way to connect engines to the flight board or how precisely to solder receiver, camera, and other inner electronic pieces.

We realize it is not the sort of thing you can train 5-year-olds. However, 9 and up are already well-able of doing those tasks by themselves, with only a small bit of supervision and help during an initial couple of attempts.

What If My Children are Flying Their Drone and it Stops Mid-Air?

If your kid is flying their device all across, and it stops working suddenly, there is no need to stress. Or worst – we understand for the reason that many individuals throw their flying machines away soon after their very first breakdown. And, we are referring to nearly fully functional UAVs which often have a problem fixable in below 5 minutes.

It demands some soldering, which is a fun process of welcoming your kids to this hobby. If you do not plan on working with lithium batteries as much as you want, ensure you charge these up at minimum once every month.

What we’re trying to convey here is – do not discard your drone soon after the 1st repair. Take it down, find out the problem, and see if it’s worth repairing. Take this as an excellent chance to bond together with your kids.

Summing Up This Review

That is all MyDearDrone got for you in our ultimate drones for kids list. Were you capable of finding the ideal drone to your teenager or child? If so, we would love to learn what you picked up.

We hope you and your kids enjoyed our guide. If you like it, kindly do support us by posting it over your social media. We will regularly be adding more models to this list, so ensure you have this article bookmarked to easy access.

If you got great experiences with some other kids drones that you may recommend to kids, please do drop a comment beneath on our best drones for kids’ guide.

Remember, we are all kids at heart age is just a number!

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