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Best Long Range Drones in 2023

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Best long range drone

Whenever people get a drone, they often go through the regular set of specifications like top speed, camera quality, and flight time.

But, there is one point that many folks tend to overlook: Drone Range.

The range is incredibly important. In case, you ought to take shots which are in hard-to-reach spaces or far away, you need sufficient distance to fly your quadcopter to that place.

Here is a list of a few of the best long range drones out there today. It can help you select from the top-rated models available right now.

Let us get started:

Long Range Drone Comparison

ModelRange (KM)Flight Time (Mins)Max Speed (MPH)CameraCheck Amazon
DJI Air 2S123142.5020MP / 5.4KCheck Price⇒
DJI Mini 2103135.7912MP / 4KCheck Price⇒
DJI Mavic 2 Pro8314420MP / 4KCheck Price⇒
Autel Robotics EVO 29404548MP / 8KCheck Price⇒
DJI Mavic Mini4302912MP / 2.7KCheck Price⇒
Autel Robotics EVO7304512MP / 4KCheck Price⇒
Parrot Anafi4253521MP / 4KCheck Price⇒
DJI Phantom 4 Pro7304520MP / 4KCheck Price⇒
Potensic D851.52031Lens 130° / 2KCheck Price⇒
Hubsan H501S0.320451080PCheck Price⇒
3DR Solo1.52054N/ACheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial Outlaw SE0.618251080P HDCheck Price⇒
Yuneec Typhoon H Pro1.62543.512MP / 4KCheck Price⇒

Long Distance Drone Reviews

DJI Air 2S – Our Recommended Drone

As far as drones go, the DJI Air 2S is unmatched. It is currently the longest distance consumer drone; expect their newer models to offer a similar range.

Range: 12 KM

Flight Time: 31 Min

Max Speed: 42.50 MPH

Camera: 20MP/5.4K

DJI Air 2S Featured Image


  • 5.4K video & 7.5 miles range
  • Fun and fast to fly
  • Very portable
  • Upgraded to the top DJI flight functions


  • Fewer safety functions compared to larger drones
  • No in-built display in the controller

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In addition to offering connectivity up to 7.5 miles, the 20MP camera can record 5.4K video with a 1-inch sensor, but that is it loaded into a little consumer drone.

Because of the smaller size and foldable design, the Air 2S is quick to transport, perfect for throwing in a pack and hitting the trails.

Fast, agile, and very stable, the Air 2S is easy to fly. The drone’s photos and videos are excellent compared to a sub-DSLR camera.

Compared to previous Mavic transmitters, this one is simpler to use and grips better overall.

We recommend DJI Air 2S to hobby drone pilots now. We would like to have it in our stable, and we think you will enjoy using it. Besides being at the very top of the list for range, the all-round flight package makes it an ideal drone for us.

DJI Mini 2 – Best for Beginners

DJI Mini 2 is one of the most portable drones available, so it’s perfect for people who travel a lot.

Range: 10 KM

Flight Time: 31 Min

Max Speed: 35.79 MPH

Camera: 12MP/4K

DJI Mini 2 Featured Image


  • Good range and very portable
  • Weighs less than 250 grams
  • Excellent 4K camera
  • 3-axis gimbal for stabilization


  • Some compromises for keeping price and weight low
  • No screen in remote

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Since it does not require registration and comes with incredible features, we recommend using the DJI Mini 2.

A favorite around here is DJI’s Mini 2. Equipped with a decent 4K video camera, this tiny drone is simple to transport; it shoots good videos and photos from the air.

The DJI Mini 2 has a maximum flight time of 31 minutes, similar to the Mavic Air 2. It is very wind resistant and can withstand winds as strong as level 5.

There is a tradeoff between material strength and weight, yet it is so light that there is no need to register with the FAA. All that, and it still has an operating range of 6.2 miles.

The Mini 2 is suitable for every pilot. While it’s not the most efficient device in the air, it is incredibly convenient, making it easy for most pilots to handle, making traveling a breeze.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Best Overall

The DJI Mavic 2 Pro has a top transmission range of 8 km. To match that long distance, the drone also has among the longest battery lives in 31 minutes.

Range: 8 KM

Flight Time: 31 Min

Max Speed: 44 MPH

Camera: 20MP/4K

DJI Mavic 2 Pro


  • Long 8 km distance.
  • 31-minute battery life.
  • Obstacle avoidance feature makes it among the safest crafts.
  • Smart flight modes cause it a snap to fly.
  • Incredible video and photo quality.


  • Noisier than one would prefer.
  • The high price of spare batteries.

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Also, the Mavic 2’s OccuSync 2.0 transmission system assists you to stream top-quality 1080p HD real-time feed video in the same maximum 8 km distance. Amazingly, you will find no latency or lag problems whatsoever.

Even in the worst climate and communication range is compromised severely, you are looking at a range of about 4 to 5 km; that is still in the upper class in terms of drone range.

This Mavic 2 Pro model has the advantage in videos and photos, with a Hasselblad L1D-20c 4K UHD / 20MP camera with a 1-inch CMOS sensor.

It also includes an omnidirectional obstacle sensing unit. It is among the few quads in the marketplace that can prevent obstacles in every direction, an essential feature for ultra-long-range trips.

And to further enhance signal quality, it comes with a Live Auto-Switching function. It enables the aircraft to change in between 5.8 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies to receive the best possible signal.

Of course, security mainstays, for example, Auto Return, are here. Overall, it turns for a more secure long-range flying experience. Also, the included DJI Smart Controller makes it extremely easy to handle the drone.

Autel Robotics EVO 2 – Best DJI Alternative

The Autel Evo 2 is one of the longest distance craft on this listing, matching even the likes of DJI Mavic 2 quad closely in the claimed range, which is excellent.

Range: 9 KM

Flight Time: 40 Min

Max Speed: 45 MPH

Camera: 48MP/8K

Autel Robotics EVO 2 Featured Image


  • Top-notch 40 minutes flight time
  • Transmitter with display included
  • Good 4K/8K cameras & good range
  • Internal storage & interchangeable cameras


  • A bit older model
  • Feels somewhat heavier

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The Autel camera will record in resolutions of 4k 60fps or 8k 25fps and hover for 35-40 minutes which is considered a benchmark for any foldable quad currently in the marketplace.

5.6 miles (9KM) of connection range was achieved by the Autel Robotics Evo 2, one of the initial consumer quadcopters to reach the 5-mile mark. The aircraft was also the first to provide higher than 4K video recording and a flight time longer than 30 minutes.

This model comes with backward, forward, upward, sides, and downward obstacle avoidance sensing units that provide 360-degree object avoidance.

Overall, the Autel Robotics EVO 2 is the most capable drone, yet it trades in mobility because it is too heavy and large compared to alternatives; also, it arrives at a somewhat high price.

DJI Mavic Mini – Best for Traveling

The DJI Mavic Mini is able of a max transmission range of 4 km. That is pretty impressive for a beginner drone, considering other models in its tier usually registers in only 500 m or fewer at best.

Range: 4 KM

Flight Time: 30 Min

Max Speed: 29 MPH

Camera: 12MP/2.7K

DJI Mavic Mini


  • Long battery life.
  • Long distance.
  • Amazing portability.
  • High-quality camera.
  • Excellent autonomous modes.


  • Lower wind resistance.
  • Narrow FoV.

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The 4 km maximum range also is the max range of the high-definition video transmission. It means you may enter FPV mode using a lag-free, smooth feed.

It weighs just a paltry 249 grams and is no heavier or bigger than your typical smartphone. However, do not let the sizing trick you. It does derive a few of the features and power of the other versions in the Mavic line.

For capturing those long-range videos and photos, the Mavic Mini contains a 12 MP / 2.7K camera onboard, with a three-axis gimbal to more balance. For a starter, the image resolution is a real delight that even professionals will love it.

Also, the Mavic Mini’s 30-minute flight time helps you attain flying safely in longer distances. Yes, that is 30 minutes flight time to a newbie, who usually sees only about 5 to 10 mins of action at other drones.

And while it does not have a collision avoidance feature, it does come with a sturdy 360 prop guard to soften the strike should it crashes.

This drone got safety features in-built to help offset any risk in your UAV. Examples include autonomous Return to Home function if it loses possibly transmission signal or battery power.

Autel Robotics EVO – Best Long Distance Drone with Camera

The EVO offers one of the farthest ranges on a consumer quadcopter – 7 km in ideal conditions. Surprisingly, this distance also covers a smooth real-time FPV 720p HD video, streamed straight to the Autel Explorer application in your smartphone.

Range: 7 KM

Flight Time: 30 Min

Max Speed: 45 MPH

Camera: 12MP/4K

Autel Robotics EVO


  • Stunning footage quality.
  • Comfortable transmitter with OLED display.
  • Safety features and sensors as obstacle avoidance.
  • Capable of achieving high speeds.
  • Follow Me options are great.


  • Could be tricky to beginners.
  • The weight is somewhat higher.

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The camera performance is superior. The EVO drone has a 4K camera, three-axis gimbal, plus Ambarella H2 picture processors for jitter-free, awesome looking long-distance footage.

And to support makes long-distance flights securer, the EVO is loaded with plenty of safety and intelligent functions. Failsafe is the basic and warns you if the battery is crucial, and it is time for the craft to land.

Suppose you cannot land it, or should the EVO gets out of controlled range, in that case, the Go Home capability will permit the quad to return to its takeoff point autonomously. When there is no GPS signal, it will then fly in place with its Starpoint Positioning function.

It can remain afloat for around 30 minutes, despite not-so-perfect climate conditions. The minimum our team had from this flying machine was 25 minutes.

Also, the EVO has a sophisticated obstacle avoidance feature. It is capable of examining obstacles ahead of it through the cam and knows while it is nearing one.

Once it does, it stops automatically. It also possesses rear sensors that detect movement and heat on the EVO’s sides.

Parrot Anafi – High-End Drone with Long Range Capability

It houses Parrot’s robust transmission system, along with each drone’s leg comprising a dual-band antenna. The paired 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz frequencies provide the Anafi excellent signal strength. In turn, it makes the drone capable of soaring up to 4 kilometers away.

Range: 4 KM

Flight Time: 25 Min

Max Speed: 35 MPH

Camera: 21MP/4K

Parrot Anafi


  • Very long distance.
  • Superb video camera.
  • Really silent.
  • Excellent GPS functions.
  • Very portable and foldable.


  • Card slot should be carefully handled.
  • Somewhat delicate to beginners.

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The Anafi’s camera captures a remarkable 21 MP / 4K quality, enabling you to take fantastic aerial photos. Furthermore, the 3-axis gimbal will make video clips stable and smooth.

It has a proprietary smart LiPO battery, providing the sUAV a long 25 minutes flight time. Combined with charging that is 60% quicker, it allows lots of buffer space to increase the long range of this drone.

Also, FPV is smooth credits to the HD lag-free video transmission directly to your smartphone through the FreeFlight 6 software. It is mounted in the Parrot’s user-friendly Skycontroler 3 controller, allowing total control during long-distance flights.

You can deploy Geofence, which creates a virtual border that safely contains the Anafi into a specific location. And at the off likelihood that you cannot find your quadcopter, the Find My Drone capability will help you discover it through the map in your smartphone application.

Smart Return to Home (RTH) is your first choice safety feature. Anytime the Anafi drone loses its link to the Skycontroller or drops battery power, it’ll automatically travel to its takeoff position. It lessens the chances of the aerial vehicle wandering off indefinitely or crashing.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – Best for Professionals

The excellent camera on board has a 20MP, 1″ compressor. Rolling shutter distortion is finally no more due to the all-new mechanical shutter. The fantastic 4K footage processing ensures you capture all the things in stunning depth.

Range: 7 KM

Flight Time: 30 Min

Max Speed: 45 MPH

Camera: 20MP/4K

DJI Phantom 4 Pro


  • Long flight distance.
  • DJI’s autonomous flying modes.
  • Obstacle detection (back & front).
  • Excellent camera resolution.
  • Subject tracking & recognition.


  • The high price of spare batteries.
  • Need a tablet or smartphone to camera control.

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It has a remarkable 7 km flight distance. There is a much more outstanding flight time of 30 minutes under ideal circumstances. Its max speed is close to 45 mph.

The built-in Lightbridge HD video broadcast works with duel frequencies (2.4GHz and 5.8GHz). The first one works best for urban flying on built-up places. The second one is for longer trips in open spaces.

This drone’s unique 5-direction OA (obstacle avoidance) is worth mentioning. Not only does it avoid the common in-front obstacles, yet also the below obstructions. Remember, many crafts still do not have OA.

The transmitter is pretty functional credits to its 5.5-inch integrated screen. It is ultra-bright as well, twice as brighter as all smart devices. It is a welcoming feature to fly outdoors on sunny days.

To enjoy the best FPV experience, you should use FPV goggles. They place you directly in the pilot’s view – essential for long trips. It is guaranteed to supercharge your flying abilities as well.

Some reviewers say that it is expensive, but we ask compared to what? It is a top-quality drone. In case you do not require everything the Phantom 4 Pro provides, then, obviously, it is pricey.

Potensic D85 – Best Value for Your Money

The D85 supports First Person View with live video transmission for your smartphone. The 130-degree wide-angle FOV provides a broader viewpoint ahead of the quadcopter, which makes piloting in FPV simpler.

Range: 1.5 KM

Flight Time: 20 Min

Max Speed: 31 MPH

Camera: LENS 130°/2K

Potensic D85


  • Reasonable flight duration.
  • The action cam is compatible.
  • A wallet-friendly videography choice.
  • Headless mode for simple controlling.
  • Brushless motors.


  • Shaky at any winds.
  • No 4K footage.

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Also, FPV mode uses 5G Wi-Fi rather than the standard 2.4 GHz signal, offering it smoother and better performance. There is also less interference on the 5G frequency compared to 2.4 GHz.

In reality, the D85 model is a multi-purpose quadcopter. It has a powerful 2K camera, which you can remove; then it turns into a recreational quad. And because it can dash at a rate of about 50 km/h, it is more than able to be a long-range racing drone.

For a craft with a medium distance, the D85 got basic safety worked out. The Auto Return function allows the long distance drone to go back to its original point on auto-pilot. It is triggered if the drone moves beyond range then loses control, yet also whenever the battery gets to critical levels.

For a mid-valued drone, it got a pretty good range, flying upwards close to a total of 1.5 km. It is not that far of a communication distance than the others in this review, but it is more than sufficient for casual users.

The real advantage of it is that this gives the drone a good signal strength, minimizing the probabilities of you dropping control in less than perfect situations. Also, the drone more than compensates for the loss of extra distance with its other highlights.

Hubsan H501S – Best Long Range Mini Drone

Hubsan has been among the most popular companies in the sUAS market for decades now. Their items are durable, fun, and they satisfy your needs. The Hubsan H501S is no exemption.

Range: 0.3 KM

Flight Time: 20 Min

Max Speed: 45 MPH

Camera: 1080P

Hubsan H501S


  • High-quality camera.
  • Brushless engines.
  • Can be flown indoors and outdoors.
  • Very steady long range GPS drone.
  • Good battery life and range.


  • Charging period is a little longer.
  • No turning on the follow-me mode.

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You cannot fail with this long range quadcopter as both an entry-level pilot or somebody who wants an inexpensive rig for aerial videography and photography.

It’s a quadrotor that can fly up to a default 300m and boost the range using booster, individual antennas, and a non-interference area.

It arrives with a decent FPV capability and a 1080p camera. The remote control includes a 4.3-inch LCD screen that provides a live perspective of what your copter is seeing.

The H501S is probably the cheapest long range drone having follow me option. It gives the craft the power to track you and record videos instantly. Add to this autonomous flight modes, return to home, and GPS hold.

This drone is excellent for exploration, and despite it is older, the video camera is yet quite sharp for even today, although it is not stabilized.

Sure, it is at the low-end of high range drones, yet the H501S still warrants a spot on this countdown for the fantastic amount of GPS functions it provides for the cost.

3DR Solo – Best for Action Cameras

If you are new to piloting drones, you cannot go far incorrect with the Solo. It’s not just a starter drone; it is an excellent model for anybody that will not cost too much.

Range: 1.5 KM

Flight Time: 20 Min

Max Speed: 54 MPH

Camera: No Camera

Hubsan H501S


  • Long flight period.
  • Can mount GoPro cameras.
  • Return-to-Home function.
  • Decent operating distance.
  • App for Android and iOS systems.


  • No obstacle avoidance.
  • Gimbal/camera not included.

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At 0.9 miles (1.5 km), it offers you ample flight distance to explore, yet not a lot that you will run into issues as a beginner.

It is a sturdy drone that could withstand crash landings. It is quick to get aerial and offers a reliable and smooth flight experience. That is music to all drone user’s ears.

The 3DR Solo does not come loaded with its camera. It will provide a selection of attachments to the famous GoPro versions, though.

Experienced pilots would appreciate the built-in control system. It is all virtually push-button due to the 3DR Solo’s video game type controller.

Among the most appealing controller features has to be it simply has the crucial dials and buttons that consist of a pause button, return-to-home button, and simple-to-use knob in case you need to modify the camera’s angle.

Also, the controller can accommodate both a smartphone or a tablet. With the free application installed, you receive more functionality, data, and FPV experience.

As you may notice, it does provide a wide array of capabilities. All those considered, it’s a durable and affordable drone that is simple to fly and understand.

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE – Best for Low Budget

If you are a first-time user interested in getting a long-range uav, the Outlaw is undoubtedly the best option. For under $300, you receive a drone having prosumer-tier GPS/WiFi features.

Range: 0.6 KM

Flight Time: 18 Min

Max Speed: 25 MPH

Camera: 1080 HD

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE


  • Decent quality video and high-res photos.
  • 1-Touch Landing/Takeoff.
  • Easy to fly at all levels.
  • Smartphone compatible.
  • Stable, smooth flier.


  • No gimbal stabilization.
  • Longer charging period.

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It incorporates a pro-quality 1080p camera that captures striking video and sharp aerial pics – footage stores to an SD card about 32GB (not supplied). The Barometer Elevation Hold maintains the drone stable to lessen camera shake when shooting and viewing real-time feeds.

Its headless mode makes soaring a breeze for new pilots. Other beginner-friendly features consist of One-touch Landing & Takeoff and RTH (Return to Home). The latter helps you bring out the craft again to a specified home position using a quick button press.

The controller seems comfortable in our hands, plus it is straightforward to use. It includes a smartphone clamp which you require to fly on FPV. Nevertheless, you do not want a phone to pilot the quad.

It will satisfy selfie buffs to know that the Outlaw SE has a Follow You mode. It provides GPS Flights and Waypoint as well. The quadcopter can remain in the sky for approximately 15 minutes in a completely-charged battery. Also, the 300m control range offers pilots lots of range to study their surroundings.

The batteries may take around 5 hours for charging, based on the power outlet. Extras are available at an additional cost should you wish to avoid long breaks in between flights.

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro – Best Long Range Hexacopter

It has a total flight range of around 1 mile (1.6 km), which is ideal for keen hobbyists. Also, there is an obstacle avoidance feature.

Range: 1.6 KM

Flight Time: 25 Min

Max Speed: 43.5 MPH

Camera: 12MP/4K

Yuneec Typhoon H Pro


  • JPG & Raw image capture.
  • Rotating 4K video camera.
  • Intuitive flight options.
  • Six-rotor style.
  • Decent operating distance.


  • Confusing flight time indicator.
  • Obstacle avoidance can be extra responsive.

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You can dash at the extremely 70km/h high speed, covering the distance of 1.6 km across you and continue flying even when any of the engines is sown that is a lot more than sufficient to earn Yuneec Typhoon a place on this review.

You will find an image stabilizer (gimbal) camera just in case you are wondering. It houses a high-quality wide-aspect glass lens as well. You even can take manual handle during flights to more innovative photography.

The video quality is exceptional. You get super-steady 4K UHD footage and 12 MP still pictures. Drop the quality to 1080p so you can take some unbelievable slow-motion clips at 120 frame rate.

We love the top-quality ST16 Android-based all-in-one remote control that arrives with the Typhoon H Pro. There are a large-sized 7-inch integrated touchscreen and a 720p HD video downlink.

It’s not among the drones with longest range, but it is not bad. You can bring it to its outside limits and nonetheless keep a visual in it.

Overall, this is an excellent value-for-cash hexacopter regardless you require a long-range drone for professional or personal use. It is capable of capturing advanced aerial photography and videography.

Long-Range Drone Buyer’s Guide

You might not have regarded range as a significant factor in selecting a drone earlier, so we had created this detailed buyer’s guide on why distance matters, factors to consider before shopping, and commonly asked questions.

8 Things You Should Know Before Choosing Your Long Distance Quadcopter

The best long distance drones come with their unique specs set you should be aware of while picking. So, listed below are the factors you should consider if your goal is to discover new frontiers.


The no-brainer thing is, naturally, drone’s range. It is how further a drone may fly out of you under perfect conditions.

There are plenty of other things that can adversely affect the distance and probably reduce it. Factors like weather conditions and battery life at that time all have a significant part. The obstacles presence and being in a place with higher interference also will deteriorate the signal, thus cut short the drone’s potential range.

That is why it is suggested that you not fly anywhere close to the maximum distance. Always consider a small amount of buffer if conditions are not favorable. In case you ever have to go near to the maximum range, perform it slowly.


While drone range is a crucial feature, it is sometimes a wiser decision to give up a little distance to get proper camera resolution or another vital function.

So when selecting a drone like this, we recommend defining the least range you need (for instance, one kilometer) then taking your decision depending on the other features/specs you want.

Picking a drone solely based on distance isn’t a smart thought. You should think about the other things that will impact your usage of the plane.


What is the entire purpose of flying away to long ranges? For the typical consumer, it is to take excellent images. So if you are capturing that unique perspective with a substandard camera, it barely appears worth the time, does it not?

That is why it is essential to buy a drone having incredible camera resolution. It will enable you to capture those breathtaking videos and photos.

For video, we recommend buying cameras having 4K qualities. Gimbals are necessary for picture stabilization because it is hard to achieve jittery-free, professional shots with no it. For images, anything over 12 megapixels can produce stunning outcomes.

Flight Time

A long distance has to get combined with an equally longer flight time. It requires all the force it wants to fly that all extra range and return in one part. The furthest the range you need it to hover, the more period it requires to remain afloat.

For drone distances of above 5 kilometers, a 25 minutes flight time or longer is essential. Anything less may put the fixed-wing drone at risk of losing signal before it may come back. However, even when you have got the best range and flight time, you yet need to be careful.

A good guideline is that you do not want to force both flight time and drone range together; i.e., do not fly out in extreme miles for maximum battery life. That merely is putting lots of risks all at once.


If you are to fly your drone a long way away, you want a way to it to understand its surroundings and where it is located. It’s done with an onboard GPS unit.

By connecting into GPS satellites, both your RTF drone and you will know precisely where it is in any given period. It lessens the odds of your long range drone being lost. If the worst were to occur and it does crash or disappears, you would know exactly where to locate it.

Also, GPS is used by the aircraft in more high-level flight modes such as Points of Interest or Waypoint. It helps orchestrate complicated shots intuitively and easily, at long ranges.

Obstacle Avoidance

When you are out in very long ranges, you require all of the safety functions you can obtain, mainly when you have narrowed sight of your quadcopter. Even with First Person View, it will not offer you a 360° view of every danger your craft may encounter.

That is why the Obstacle Avoidance feature is a should-have. It allows the quad to automatically identify any obstacle on its flight route or across it, thereby avoiding a collision. It then possibly prevents it or entirely stops and waits to further micro command, based upon the drone.

Most of the drones with farthest range have front obstacle avoidance sensing units, yet quite a few will include side sensors and night vision mod too. For long-distance freestyle flight, we suggest getting complete 360 sensors should you need.

Auto Return

One of the vital things to look at is auto-return, a function that the DJI company introduced. Also known as RTH (Return To Home) in some RC drones & helicopters, this commands your consumer drone to return to its original point whenever specific rules are met.

The usual rule is once its battery attains critical levels. Then it will use its leftover battery power for flying back and safely land at its takeoff point. However, this also can be made to trigger if the communication is lost; thus, you will be sure the drone returns to you.

FPV Mode

The drone’s distance is only a small section of the long range concept. Once it is out there hovering, you will need a dependable way to look where it is heading so you may steer it correctly. Without it, you are mostly flying sightless. It is where FPV Mode kicks in.

Here, the UAV sends a real-time transmission of precisely what it sees with its integrated video camera. It is streamed back to your transmitter’s screen or via your smartphone installed on your remote control. Some models even support FPV viewing mode through a VR headset, offering you an immersive experience.

Among the most important thing when choosing an FPV capability is that the footage should be in live, or someplace closer to it. Lag is a deal-breaker – a split sec delay on a live stream can make you respond much slower, possibly causing crashes.

As you may know, streaming footage is much more demanding compared to transmitting basic drone commands. So, the FPV glider range of drones is even shortest compared to the drone’s effective range. It effectively further reduces the max range you can go safely.

That is why we advise getting a long range FPV drone with high transmission frequencies, such as a dual 2.4 GHz or 5.8 GHz systems. Each is powerful enough to offer reliable streaming.

How to Waterproof your Quadcopte’s Electronics For Long Range

I live in an area where if it’s not raining then everything is all muddy and wet.

This is a major pain in the ass for me because if I crash, not only does it scoop up a bite of dirt into the motors but covers all my electronics with dew.

If you want to learn how to clean the dirt from the motors go here.

Recently, I found this product that works absolutely fantastic.

It is simply a bottle of Liquid Electrical tape.

It covers your electronics with a layer of insulator which works really well when applied the correct way.

There are many places that sell liquid electrical tape such as:

  • Home Depot
  • Walmart
  • Rona
  • Canadian Tire
  • A few electronics store

To apply the liquid electrical tape, what you want to do is use a small brush and dab the fluid onto the components.

Do not try to paint the fluid onto the components because this will cause you to miss some metal contacts; due to the varying height of the chips.

You can apply it to the flight controller, fpv camera, on screen display, voltage step down and your speed controllers.

Some tips I can give you while using the liquid electronic liquid are:

If there are LEDs on the electronics, apply over it and then later clean it off with a napkin.

You do not need to apply a thick layer, or else the drying time will take too long, and possibly not even dry fully underneath.

To speed up the drying time, use a small little computer fan which should bring the drying time down to only 3 minutes instead of 8.

If you got liquid tape on any connectors, you can carefully scratch off the plastic with a small flat head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the responses to a few of the most frequent questions on long distance drones:

How Far Am I Permitted to Fly a Drone?

FAA has a set of drone laws that are being enforced. To casual fliers, the law says that the max height you may fly in is 400 ft. Fly above this, and you may get imprisoned and pay as many as $250,000 fines and probably even spend about three years at the prison.

Why Buy a Drone With The Longest Range?

The range is a very underrated feature. In case your drone is continuously flying out of distance, it can be a big headache expecting it to return to you.

Safety-wise, a few drones do fly aways once out of distance. It can be incredibly dangerous because you have lost charge of the quadcopter, and you do not know where it is operating. You are also jeopardizing losing your expense if it fails and is irreversible. So, getting a drone having a lengthy enough control range is super essential.

What Are the Benefits of Long Range Drones?

There are so many benefits to long range drones with cameras. The biggest of these is security – the longer the distance of your aircraft, the unlikely you’re to lose mastery of the drone, even if it is swift.

Imagine being capable of flying and shooting through water ravines and canyons, or probably a majestic, vast panorama from extremely high up. To the professional photographer or videographer, it is a should-have for taking majestic, breathtaking, and unique videos and photos.

Also, the longest range commercial drones are indispensable for industrial and scientific applications like data measurement, surveying, surveillance, cargo delivery, military, and civilian. Most of these uses demand flying into hazardous areas or altitudes that will be risky to humans.

Who Are These Quads Best For?

These UAV’s are excellent for recreational pilots and professional pilots. Most pro pilots need a sufficient range to shoot their shots with no worrying about missing signals. None is worse than having an ideal shot just to get it messed up by going away from the range.

Also, recreational pilots will get a ton of value via these products. They are more secure, and these quads are often higher quality compared to ones with short control ranges (and they are not always more costly).

Can Other Things Affect a Drone’s Controllable Range?

Absolutely! It is especially so: placing an obstacle (such as a building or a tree) between the remote controller and the quadcopter intervenes with the transmission. It provides you with a much low distance than what it states on the long range drone kit package.

In case you are not able to fly on an open region like a park or a field, you are going to ought to be well under the maximum distance to ensure your aircraft does not fly from your control.

How to Prevent the Quadcopter From Flying Off the Range?

The drone may fly off the distance for many different reasons, a few of which might be accidental some intentional. For example, if you fix your DIY drone to go in a straighter line, it can, at some stage, fly from the controlling range.

The bigger issues are unintentional fly-aways induced by a lost link between the craft and the controller or flawed GPS. In such cases, there is hardly any you can perform to fly in the drone again to safety.

The only choice is to switch on the Return to Home failsafe feature, which will securely fly your craft to the original point on the emergency cases.

What Determines the Distance of a Quadcopter?

The distance of a multirotor is mostly decided by its radio connection quality – the invisible link between the aircraft and the transmitter that functions the same as radios or other remote control vehicles.

Most drones employ a 2.4 GHz radio frequency, that can offer you around 1500 m in the most excellent conditions. Low frequencies, as 1.2 GHz, offer you better distance but are unlawful in many states since those are the exact frequencies used with commercial aircraft.

Can I Transport Objects Over Longer Distances With a Drone?

Yes, yet the majority of commercially available UAV’s are not capable of carrying heavy lift objects. When you should transport a few stuff or use heavier professional cameras to shoot, you should check out all the models built explicitly for this reason.

For example, DJI’s latest inclusion to Matrice series M600 can bring about 6kg of fitted weight and take flight solid 5 kilometers from your place.

How to Boost Drone Range?

There are so many methods you can boost a drone’s working range effectively. You can use an antenna extender, a separate (better/read stronger) antenna, or a more powerful, new receiver. Or you can buy a range extender. We are talking about simple gadgets that only cost some money, but can secure you 10-30% more distance.


That’s it! It is time to get the ball rolling to pick which drone is best for you. We have reviewed top 13 long range drones for sale above.

This year, long range drones are shattering records all over the board. With the latest models almost able to breach the 10km mark, it is safe to state we have a whole different meaning on long distance quadcopters. Nevertheless, you should be aware that it is still prohibited to fly quads this far.

No matter how much your drone is able of, your nation likely has UAV laws that forbid beyond visual line-of-sight flight. If you are in the United States, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) needs many drones to get registered.

Whatever your requirements, we hope we have helped you discover the best long range drone on the market. Tell us what you feel, share the article with your family or friends, and let us know how long you could pilot your drone of choice.

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