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Best Potensic Drone Reviews

Best Potensic drone brand may not be as a famous brand as some other market leaders but do not let that fact fool you.

Their products speak for itself and give customers a glimmer of hope for those who cannot afford expensive drones from so-called top drone companies.

Best Potensic drones

They produce some of the most affordable yet feature-rich drones on the market.

The quality is not compromised, but the design does suffer as pointed out by some reviewers.

But, then again it is too much to ask for everything considering the caliber and specs of the Potensic drone.

The best-sellers from this manufacturer are Potensic T18, T25, T35, and D80 with a 1080P Camera. Not to mention, they also manufacture drones on the Mini, GPS, and FPV category.

Not only drones, but they also produce a wide range of other products including remote control toys and electronic items.

These have good demand on the market and comes at an inexpensive price tag for the impressive quality and specs it has.

One thing that pops out most about the Potensic company is their highly responsive customer support. They seem to understand the value of each customer and treat them with proper care.

Some Facebook reviewers say they have not even seen the level of customer care Potensic provides with other leading drone manufacturers. It is itself a motivation and something to brag about for them.

Special mention ought to be credited for the team who work hard behind the scene to make every Potensic drone best at what it does rather than trying to replicate competitor’s models.

They select only highly skilled personnel to do their product development and sales which is visible from their average rating and fake spot grading.

Also, they are kind enough on most occasions to reduce their original selling prices. It is especially true around Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Prime Day, and holiday seasons. You can make use of these occasions to make the most out of it and get your favorite model at a good bargain.

Now you must have a better understanding of this brand, and it is no longer a stranger when next time you come across one.

However, while this brand has plenty of models up its sleeve, it can be hard for you to decide which model will be ideal for your requirements.

To help you out, our experts have done the hard work for you and presented to you the best Potensic Reviews here so you can make an informed choice rather than blindly trusting someone’s review or a friend’s recommendation. The list of the top Potensic drones you can buy is highlighted below.

Best Potensic Drones List

Potensic T25

Potensic T25 GPS drone with camera while flying and standing still in a white cloth

T25 by Potensic company is arguably one of the best-selling GPS drones with the 1080P HD camera on the market.

Long control range, altitude hold, follow me, GPS return, live video, and an adjustable lens are its unique selling points.

Do not let the set of features listed above fool you.

Because it is not just feature-rich but also comes at such a reasonable price tag considering the specs and performance to be of a professional or high-end drone.

It flies high, looks decent, handles perfectly thus assuring a smooth flying experience.

But, how does it hold up on our hands-on review? Want to find out our research and findings? Check out the in-depth T25 review by clicking the button below.

15 thoughts on “Best Potensic Drone Reviews”

  1. Great drones the t25 are. Its perfect as a drone apart from literally 1 aspect…the battery life.
    By the time ive finished syncing it with my phone i will have about 5 remaining minutes of battery life. This is a pathetic amount of flight time and im actually considering selling it for this very reason. Its alright for you guys who just test it and review it but for somebody who actually lives with it and wants to use it, its useless.
    Really disappointed about this fact cant seem to find a bigger battery anywhere. Spoilt the whole experience of having a top drone for me personally.
    Imagine having a brand new ferrari with every feature looks amazing from every angle but the fuel tank only holds a spoon full of fuel…thats how i feel.
    If i had of know this before the purchase i would definitely not have bothered

    • Hi Eathan,

      As you said, T-25 is an excellent drone but falls short in flight time as with other similarly priced drones. You can always buy spare batteries separately to extend your flight sessions. However, these batteries are expensive and may not still provide the number of minutes you are after. If your primary need is more flight time, consider getting any of the DJI drones as they provide 20-35 minutes of solid battery life depending on the model you choose.

  2. The camera should project a picture on my phone as soon as the app connects. That is the problem; it won’t connect. Samsung s8 is supported and, as previously stated, works on another d88 drone just fine. How do you check to see if the camera is on when the M2 app doesn’t connect. It’s just a blank screen, and I have no visible information or settings. There is no other switch or connection means? Thanks for replying.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for sharing your honest comment. Sad to hear about your experience with the d88 drone. Unfortunately, we’re not associated with the manufacturer, thus not able to answer any technical queries. Potensic has common criticism for the lack of adequate customer support among users. We’re approving both your comments and hope someone from our community can help you out.

  3. D88 drone will not connect to the recommended Potensic_m2 app. My friend has one, and it works fine. We have the same Samsung phones. I’ve written Potensic support several times now, and all they do is ask the same questions I’ve answered in the previous emails. Why can’t you answer why this unit won’t connect to my phone, so I have information and a picture? Will you please replace it with a drone that works? Do you have another app that will work and connect to my phone? It is very frustrating, and I hate to give a bad review when it may be something simple. Please get back to me with some useful information. Thank you, Mike W.

  4. I cannot get the camera to detect my Android phone. It takes off and flies fine, but the camera does not connect.

    • Hi Jim,

      Check whether you correctly installed the POTENSIC-G app from the Play Store. And see if the app supports your specific phone model. Also, double-check if the camera is turned on and if still unable to connect, reach out to their customer support.

  5. Potensic is another Chinese scam; on their website, they don’t even have any reference on their company; in other words, if you have any problem, you have to face with a non-existent/unknown company.

    Most reviews are fake because they offer Amazon vouchers in a change of good reviews on Amazon.

    • Dear Gabriel,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with the company. The lack of company information/reference is true, but we did cover some points in our Drone Companies & Brands List for the Potensic brand. The voucher thing is becoming a common practice among newer drone vendors. From our view, it’s okay to offer vouchers as long as it doesn’t explicitly ask you to leave a 5-star rating or positive-only review.

  6. Hi, I just unboxed my new dreamer 4k drone yesterday, and the battery or charger, not sure which it is, has no power. This drone has never powered on since I unboxed it yesterday.

    • Hi Spencer,

      Make sure the batteries are fully charged before taking it for a spin. Also, ensure the charger is not defective and working as intended. You may buy the Potensic Dreamer 4K Drone Battery separately if you want uninterrupted flight sessions.

  7. Easy drones to fly, yet customer service is a joke. Only after a few hours of flight, it’s starting to drop/motors stopping in flight.

    I applied for the extra 2-year warranty in case of issues arises. Potensic sends me a video and tells me to fix it myself. What’s the sense of a warranty if they don’t honor it.

    • Hi Rick, as you said, customer service has been a common problem with Potensic despite easy to fly drones. We hope they put more attention in this department in the near future.

  8. I would question buying a Potensic drone.

    My sister-in-law won a Potensic T-35 in a function at work. She gave it to me for a present, and then after flying only 4 times (less than 30 minutes), the drone will not take off after you get the lights to go.

    As soon as you hit the take-off button, the white and blue light combination turns to red blinking. Contacted Potensic, and they gave me a few ideas that didn’t resolve the issue. Since we have no record of a purchase, they will no longer help me.

    Terrible customer service!

    • Hey Jay, sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with their customer service. If you had a purchase proof or letter from the company that gifted it, maybe they could have responded much better, like replace the unit or fix the drone. We hope someone from our community may help you out.


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