Best Mini Drones

Camera Flight Time
Cheerson CX-10
Estes 4606 Proto X
Syma X12
Hasakee H1
FPV HD camera
Parrot Mambo

A person is holding a cheap mini drone he bought for discounted price in his plamHave you heard about mini drones? It takes all the fun drones bring back them in a micro packaging. And those coming out nowadays are feature-rich and powerful.

Would not a drone as that put smiles on your faces and fulfill your entire dreams?

If you have been looking to buy such a fun-loving flyer, you are in the correct article. After all, you are worthy of having the thrill and fun too. Continue reading, because we will present some excellent models here you need not miss.

You will find hundreds of diverse models in the marketplace, and it is not an easy task to discover the product that best suits your requirements. Here we would like to present drone types that will help you take a right decision. These are an excellent way to kick-start in the satisfying aviation gadgets hobby.

Cheerson CX-10 – Cheapest, best for first-timers

Given its durability and low price, the CX-10 Mini by Cheerson is among the most exceptional mini drones for starters.

A kid is holding a small budget cheerson cx 10 quadcopter
Include Camera
Flight Time
Control Range
40 m

Cheerson CX-10 Mini is also in the list of our best-selling small quads. Although this might not be the best model of its kind, you will have a decent mini quadcopter at a low-cost. That is why many customers get it.

This drone is an inexpensive and fun model to get started. It is excellent for novice pilots trying to learn the basics.

Due to the tiny size, it is suitable for indoor flying. Its three levels of speed also enable you to control flight in mild outdoor breeze conditions.

It can execute a 360-degree flip in both ways, and you could buy a prop guard to safeguard it during collisions.

Controls are responsive; thus the unit reacts to stick movements. Even better? It is tough and also includes spare blades.

The integrated battery gets recharged using the cable supplied in the box. Overall, you will have a flight time of around 8 minutes from this mini-drone, that is okay, considering it needs just half an hour to charge.

Estes 4606 Proto X – Small But a lot of power

The Proto X is a fun little, simple quad great for cruising around the home. It is an excellent first UAV for anybody to enjoy.

Estes 4606 Proto X is a mini drone which is small enough to hold it in your hand
Include Camera
Flight Time
Control Range
30 m

At 45✕45 mm, the Estes Proto X is one of many smallest quadcopters you can buy. Despite its short stature, this microdrone is a great indoor flyer.

This nano quad comes in many colors – yellow, white, red, purple, green, and black.

While it is not invincible, can withstand rough crashes. From roofs to the pavement, we have rammed our multiple instances, and it still flies great.

Its remarkable control is because of 6-axis stabilization. This quadcopter flies more steady than you might expect from a multirotor of this dimension.

It created for, and better for indoor flight in vast open space due to the lightweight build. However, you can hover it outdoors too if you wish to do this.

It even comes with bright LEDs that will help you with trip direction and ease night flying.

Syma X12 – Camera less model, but Good Model

We like the direction this little copter handles. For the size, it is powerful. It is an agile, fun flyer.

Syma x12 micro indoor quadcopter fits within two fingers
Include Camera
Flight Time
Control Range
20 m

The Syma X12 is among the most popular micro drones you will find. It produced by Syma, our one of favorite consumer drones manufacturers.

It designed for indoor use, has protective options, and will not cause a hole in your pocket should an accident occur.

This drone incorporates a low-voltage warning (the quadrotor lets you find out when the battery is depleting). It is ideal for new users to understand how much time the drone batteries lasts and once it is time to land.

The thing you will notice about this nano drone is its capacity to do a 360° flips. With a feature like this, even complete newbies can feel like a pro.

It has 4 super-bright LEDs that let you see this small unmanned aerial vehicle when flying during the night.

It responds to the controls. If you push left, it goes left without lagging. The same is applicable for any way you fly it.

Hasakee H1 – Comes with a camera, multi-functional model

The Hasakee’s H1 is the most expectational mini drone when you are trying to find jack-of-all-trades.

Hasakee H1 Drone which is a mini drone with a camera is in a table with its controller
Include Camera
FPV HD camera
Flight Time
Control Range
50 m

The Hasakee H1 FPV is a mini-drone adaptable for your expectations. It blends the mini drone’s agility, with the beginner drone’s safety, and the opportunities a camera quad copter needs to offer.

Thanks to its 6-axis stabilization, the quadcopter flies smooth. It is handy should you need to use the inbuilt camera to record videos and take pictures.

This mini aircraft equipped along with an atmospheric pressure sensor. It enables it to keep its altitude and do stunts in a single place, or you could concentrate on taking fantastic video footage.

Beginner drone flyers will also like the one-button landing/take-off ability that reduces your stress-level while these critical moves. However, the H1 by Hasakee can also do stunts, such as 360 degree-flips.

The remote controller can carry your mobile phone to let you view the real-time video feed when piloting this micro drone.

Regardless of the lengthy feature-set, this multicopter will travel for about 8 minutes, that is an excellent yield in this category. Charging the battery will take you around 60 minutes.

Parrot Mambo – Interesting design, great fun

Overall, the Parrot’s Mambo is a beautiful mini drone for anybody who loves to experiment.

PARROT Mambo is fun, and the micro racing drone is with LED light and shooting ball addon-on
Include Camera
Flight Time
10 MIN
Control Range
60 m

The Parrot Mambo is a fun little drone that will make you entertained forever. Thanks to the powerful sensors and sophisticated flight controller, Mambo is convenient to fly outdoors and indoors.

It has altitude hold helping you to concentrate on aerial photography or performing aerial stunts like 360-degree flips. If the standard flight maneuvers bore you, this mini-drone permits you to set your custom acrobatic maneuvers.

You can both control the miniature quadcopter with the transmitter in the bundle or use the smartphone application. Also, you can strap your mobile device on the remote control to experience the first-person view when piloting the UAS.

You get more than a reasonable 8-10 minutes flight time from this little drone. With around 80 minutes charging time you should look at buying extra batteries to keep your nano drone flying.

You can change this mini quadcopter with various add-ons added to the craft’s top. The base unit features a clipboard for little notes. You can buy a grabber and canon separately. You even can turn this rig into a full-fledged FPV drone together with a package that includes FPV goggles and an attachable camera.

10 Tips on Why Should You Buy a Smaller Quadcopter?

They are small, yet they pack an array of features. So, if you not quite convinced why to include a mini quadcopter to your playthings collection, look at the reasons we found.

  • For a beginner flyer, nano or mini drones are an excellent way to test your pilot abilities for the first time. And maybe you need an RTF drone that needs handling before you shall take flight.
  • The most significant benefit of this drone type is many of them does not need to get registered under the Federal Aviation Administration since they weigh below 0.55 pounds. And thus, you got one less action to take before flying with your craft.
  • Micro quad copters are also inexpensive. It means part replacements and accidental damage fix will not dent your walls too much.
  • Also, you get to enjoy some advanced capabilities only found on more expensive drones.
  • Not just are these tinier drones safer to make mistakes with and more comfortable to manage, but also they give you enough flying time for quality practice sessions.
  • The smaller they are, a lot more blast you can get with them on your outdoor trips or when you are visiting another destination with breathtaking sceneries.
  • Mini drones are compact enough to journey inside and are a perfect way to train your fundamental piloting skills. After you become proficient with a miniature drone, then you could switch to a more expensive, larger one.
  • Also, mini quads as well could be fast. Because they do not have all such heavy components, and due to this it makes good sense to make use of drone racing.
  • The tinier these are, the simpler is for these to move through areas hard to climb or reach. You can zip through the trees and even little gaps.
  • Also, these gadgets will make perfect presents for adults and teenagers. We are confident they can bring smiles on anybody’s face should you plan to give them like a gift.

Parents also feel good having fun along with mini quads around babies and small kids since these types are very secure too.

Pros & Cons of Mini Drones

All right, before you settle on a model, let us check out a few of the limitations of mini quadcopters.

  • Because of the size, smaller drones can challenge to fly. Hence, ensuring that you buy a product quick to adjust and stable is crucial for you being pleased with the quadrotor.
  • Even slight wind gusts can blow nano drones off course that can be risky. So, make sure you decide if you wish to get a drone for outdoor or indoor use then change your search as necessary.
  • Again, due to their small stature, small quadcopters might be difficult to see. It is right in case you are about to fly outdoors. Make sure your small UAV has LED lights quick to spot and bright.
  • These drones got a limited controlling range away from the respective controllers so keep them inside your line-of-sight while you are hovering them. Also, make sure you consider their individual battery life so you can handle them and get them back again to you before they become depleted.
  • These mini drones could get used for suspicious and spying purposes.
  • You should land none of the UAV’s above mentioned in big lawn with dew or wet areas. Since the small drones feature a thinner landing gear, wet areas or tall grass may create an electrical malfunction.

10 Tips When Buying a Mini Drone

Choosing a mini quadcopter is not the same thing like shopping for a toy. There are specific features they ought to have for being a practical and fun drone for you. Listed below are just some factors you should keep in mind when buying a small craft:


It is, without doubt, the most significant aspect. The standard of nano and mini drones out there varied and broad. You need a well-built unit that could take on a hit then bounce right again.

Most small drones get flown inside, and as a result, you will run into things in your house and wreck the quad. Is the build strong enough to endure that?

Replacement Parts

Also, you should remember crashes occur, and in the event, you meet problems; it suggested to you to keep your additional accessories available and ready. A few of the different manufacturers in the marketplace are hard to replace, which means you need to order a brand-new one if something happened.

That is the reason we always recommend that drone proprietors buy extra props and other parts to their drones. It is to learn the right way to do repairs for their quads too.


You might get more drawn to models which support a video camera as you can have a sample of how is it to pilot a quadcopter with a cam. However, understand that also translates to short flying time.

It not written in stone, but most small, nano or mini drones tend not to come with a camera onto it. It is the significant drawbacks for the mini drones category. However, many people will not worry about it and enjoy with their ones.


Why satisfy with a featureless craft while your friends have a lot more fun out of theirs?

Companies have increased the thrill of piloting these little machines by adding grappling hooks, lightweight cameras, water guns, or even bubble guns. So, you need a quad which will do rolls, somersaults, flips and turn circles, bank, figure eights, and just about anything that causes flying a quadcopter fun.


You do not have to spend hundreds or thousands on a quad to enjoy yourself being a pilot. A $15 will get you a good starter quadcopter. Although cheapest is not the go-to choice, you can compare price ranges to make sure you get only the kind which will go along with your finances.

Mini drone models are available at different rates. With an unparalleled list of selections, you can buy a nano quad for under $70.


Mini drones have become widespread and familiar because of their portability and tiny size. Such a figure implies a lower weight; thus they are simple to store and carry because they need a little room. In fact, a few of these could get transported within your pants pocket, and that creates these models convenient too.


Let us face it; the main reason you are buying the mini rather than larger craft is most likely for training. You ought to learn your basics before you head to test it together with the bigger rigs. Because of this, it would recommend you better to pick the most flexible quad.


The well-established brands like Parrot, Syma, and Hubsan will never fail, but you will need to check before you choose the one. In case, you can receive recommendations from customers the better. Likewise, check ratings from buyers because you will see users are quick to pinpoint the mishaps. Customer reviews can save you from the hassle and budget.

Flight Time

Flight time or battery life is among the persuasive reasons behind buying RC drones. You can fly these quadcopters between 5 to 10 minutes while the range is 30 to 60 meters. Also, they charge for about 30 minutes more or less. So, consider these numbers as the typical values.

Your battery will not last its full capacity if you continue trying aerial rolls and flips. Hence, it is fitter if you buy one that boasts a shorter recharging duration and a higher battery time.

Controlling Range

It is unimportant since you will fly inside more often than not anyhow. Again, anything above 100 feet via launching point might lead you to flyaway your mini. Should the control distance bigger, you could not see the sUAS given the size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the function-set of mini and micro drones and go through our FAQ!

What is a mini drone?

Mini drone is a small drone that is about the size of your palm. These types are ideal for having fun, building your skill set, and understanding how to fly.

What is a nano drone?

Nano quadcopters and drones miniaturized in size, around the scale of a penny. They can support you develop your ability before moving to high-end equipment. And they are flyable indoors that is a big bonus over the higher-priced drones.

What is the difference between nano and a mini drone?

Although both nano and mini drones share the same functionalities, the primary distinction is of the size. Mini quadcopters are bigger than nano quadcopters and suited to outdoors flights too. On the flip side, nano quadcopters are small compared to mini quads and can sit on your hands and so support the indoors flights.

What is the difference between a toy and a mini drone?

They are to not confused with the toy drones because their compact controllers and bodies do not imply technological compromises in-flight features or camera quality.

Who should fly these tiny quads?

These little crafts are perfect for beginner multirotor pilots, and for people who already got earlier experience on flying larger remote control quadcopters. In case, you are skilled in handling the big radio-controlled UAV’s; it is much easier to take flight a tiny quadcopter.

About age, these little copters are for both adults and kids. Most manufacturers suggest their products for persons above 14 years old, but, even the younger kids can travel them. There is no restriction regarding the pilot’s age.

Should I buy a mini or a nano drone?

Before deciding this, look at review section which we have above. It is because nano and mini drones are the same things. The only matter you will have to stress about is what type you would like.

Do all mini quads have cameras?

Yes, most of the new mini quads have a camera. However, they lack the professional lenses quality.

Do I require a camera in my mini drone / micro drone?

The response is “it depends.” If you wish to make videos or take pictures then straightaway buy a quadricopter with an integrated camera. Or perhaps at the least, a gimbal where a camera could get attached. Also, if you are thinking of getting into first-person-view drone flying, be sure you look for a mini or micro drone that facilitates that feature.

Can a mini drone hold a GoPro?

GoPro camera built with a proper design to get carried by most mini drones. The latest models incorporate some excellent features – from longer flight to capturing top-quality images. They will not demand GoPro cameras to shoot things.

As a result, you cannot expect these to carry GoPro. Although, you will find a few models that come with a lightweight add-on or built-in camera.

Where may you hover mini quads?

When learning how to fly a real rig for the first-time, it is good to search a right location for this. Take your first flying lesson inside, in your home or find a vacant space for this intent. For the outdoors flights, choose a quiet windless day, and a clean spot.

Could micro drones fly indoors?

Yes! Given they are tiny, they are ideal for flying within your home, will not be a lot of stress, etc.

Can you pilot a mini quad rotor at night?

Yes, micro drones can use and flown at night.

How long will batteries in a small drone last?

Like all quads, the life of a battery depends on what model you own. The battery on a nano drone has a shorter life cycle than a regular drone. They last for about 5-7 minutes, 8 minutes when you are lucky. In case, you are getting a costly model; batteries would last 30 minutes tops.

Are nano drones simple to fix?

Since nano drone is so small, they could be hard to repair. So, it is best to let it to an expert. One wrong action could destroy your drone. If you have experience with fixing a drone, you will have a more relaxed moment doing so. However, if you do not have that knowledge, it is not a smart move.


We believe you found our micro drones list helpful. As you could see, we have a massive number of mini-drones to decide. Whatever your choice is, you cannot make a mistake with small quads.

So, which one you will choose? Have you got any suggestion about our article or the best mini drone models reviewed here? Then, mydeardrone ask you to leave us a note in the comment box to engage in the discussion and enrich this topic.

As always, fly safe and good luck!

Best Mini Drones Brand Model Camera Flight Time (Minutes)* Range (Meters)* Check Amazon Cheerson CX-10 None 4 40 Check Price⇒ Estes 4606 Proto X None 5 30 Check Price⇒ Syma X12 None 4 20 Check Price⇒ Hasakee H1 FPV HD camera 8 50 Check Price⇒ Parrot Mambo 0.3MP 10 60 Check Price⇒ Table of Contents: Top 5 Small Drones Cheerson CX-10 – Cheapest, best for first-timers Estes 4606 Proto X – One of the smallest with power Syma X12 – Camera less model, good Hasakee H1 – Comes with a camera, multi-functional Parrot Mambo – Interesting design, great fun Table…
Top 5 Mini Drone Models Reviews

Best Mini Drone 2019

Overall Rating - 9
Design - 6
Camera - 9
Flight Time - 6
Controller - 9.5
Flight Performance - 7
Value for Money - 10



Top 5 Mini Drone Models Reviews

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