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Best Drone for GoPro 2018

drone with gopro mount
If you are on the lookout for the best drones for GoPro that works perfectly with Go Pro cameras, you have landed on the right article. This guide lists down the top GoPro drones in 2019; thus you can take your decision. More on this later.

Ideally, you need a quadcopter that takes complete benefit of your GoPro camera’s power and offers compatibility plus excellent value.

The GoPro camera series changed the action photography field. You can attach GoPro’s on drones to the underside of its bottom through a gimbal or a set mount bracket.

When you get equipped along with a UAV and make use of it with a Go Pro, you can take high-quality action shots from the skies.

You can see a summary of each quad in this review using the chart below. My Dear Drone will continue updating this post as brand-new drones enter the market.

Drone with Gopro Mount Comparison

 Name Flight TimeCompatible Gimbal?RangePricePrice on Amazon
3DR Solo Comparision Chart Entry 13DR Solo20 minSold separately1 km$$See Best Price
Ionic Stratus Comparision Chart Entry 2Ionic Stratus10 minNot included150 m$See Best Price
DJI Phantom Comparision Chart Entry 3DJI Phantom 225 minIncluded300 m$$See Best Price
Traxxas Aton Comparision Chart Entry 4Traxxas Aton Plus20 minIncluded150 m$$Not Available
GoPro Karma Comparision Chart Entry 5GoPro Karma20 minIncluded3 km$$$See Best Price
In case, you are trying to find a quick break down of the top-rated reviews, take a look at our 5 picks (without any particular order) hence you can get the one which fits you today.
3dr Solo Drone Featured

3DR Solo – Best Drone for its Price Tag

3DR Solo drone is the best option and so, based on user reviews, the most popular in our analysis. If you are seeking for all the advantages of an excellent quadcopter with no attached gimbal, it is the unit for you.

3DR Solo Quadcopter with 3-Axis Gimbal for GoPro
  • Durable build.
  • Autonomous modes of flight.
  • Intuitive, simple controls.
  • Very stable picture and video.
  • Need smartphone to fly.
  • Longer recharge time.
  • Unlike many of the different drones on our review, it built entirely with GoPro’s under consideration. It is an excellent flying machine to lead you down the hill bike trail, on the canyon, or over the water.
  • It has a few neat features for capturing aerial videos as well as get driven by dual 1 GHz PCs.
  • It includes a smart remote transmitter that is simple to use, and you could land, take off with one simple touch.
  • The aircraft enables in-flight access for the GoPro.
  • Suppose you are wondering, this model does contain a follow-me function on it.
  • Also, it offers live streaming on high-definition through WiFi from GoPro to Android/iOS devices.
  • This model in our view the best option for shooting creative and professional video.
  • You may expect around 25 minutes of flight time with no camera, and with 20 minutes.
  • Gimbal bay make your quadcopter drone equipped for future cameras releases.
  • While basic Solo does not come with GoPro camera or a gimbal, deals are available which include both.
We enjoy this quad, plus love hovering it. It may make a solid choice when you are seeking a multirotor system to build your greatest recording setup. Click the button below to find the best possible price.
Ionic Stratus Featured

Ionic Stratus – Good in Performance, Cheap in Price

Ranking higher in the cheapest products reviews, the Stratus quadcopter by Ionic is among your front-runner if you want the cheapest drones for GoPro. For the cost, it offers notably pleasant flying experience.

Ionic S900R Headless RTF Quadcopter Drone for GoPro with Includes 720P HD FPV Camera (Silver, Compatible with GoPro Hero 4)
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Versatile and light.
  • Easy to navigate and fly.
  • Headless mode.
  • No gimbal.
  • Weak props.
  • The Stratus is a drone with most of the extremely sought-after features affordable all-in-one bundle. And it arrives ready with a fixed mount perfect for the GoPro cameras family.
  • It has a one-key return, shock absorbing cradle head, 6-axis gyroscope system, and headless mode.
  • It can execute 360-degree flips using the press of a control stick – it is fun to watch your quad do tricks.
  • The controller provides three different speeds to choose from to enjoy the flying adventure you wanted.
  • The mount removable should you ought to mount an improved gimbal.
  • The mount is rubber, for helping with shock absorption. It does a seriously good job in damping movement and vibrations.
  • The flight duration is about 10 minutes. Also, there is a battery for sale if you need extended flying time.
  • This drone includes a landing pad to help support its landing.
  • It geared up for use plus you do not need to buy spare parts or accessories so as for using it.
We love this quadcopter, also makes for an excellent low-cost option. In case, you are a starter in the world of drones; then it is the type of sUAS that best fits you. Just make sure to click on the below button for the best price.
DJI Phantom 2 Featured

DJI Phantom 2 – One of the Top Aerial Videography Drone

While an old model, the DJI Phantom 2 quadcopter is nonetheless one of My Dear Drone top picks. Search no more than this model if you want a drone full of features to go with your valuable GoPro.

DJI Phantom 2 V 2.0
  • Well-made and easy-to-fly.
  • Handy autonomous modes.
  • Gimbal support.
  • Excellent flight time.
  • Annoying gimbal handles.
  • No first-person view except if you select to get the DJI Phantom’s FPV kit.
  • While it might not feature the newest bleeding edge functions and the stylish design, it is a proven and reliable quadcopter which is still used by many professionals.
  • It delivered pre-tuned. Therefore, you can begin flying quickly.
  • You can take those steady snaps you are so used seeing in professional aerial photography, movies, and music videos.
  • It offers you the flexibility to concentrate on taking spectacular images and videos thanks to the built-in GPS auto-pilot system.
  • You will welcome the self-tightening props and brushless motors.
  • The upgraded controller features a dial which lets you handle the throttle locking function and gimbal.
  • Lucky for you, it has a good reputation online, and many die-heart fans.
  • You will appreciate its ability to hover in place and return to the point of interest in case a total signal loss.
  • Every fully charged battery good for around 25 minutes flight time along with the recording and Go Pro turned.
  • It is mainly made only for your Hero 4. You will want the H3-3D gimbal mount model if you need to rig your drone to go with other GoPro models.
In case, you are looking for a slightly not too costly, technologically advanced, and nimble unmanned aerial vehicle – the Phantom 2 is your go-to choice. Further, if you would like to find out more about this item by DJI brand then click on the button below.
If you are searching for the greatest and latest, the DJI Phantom 4 drone is out, plus supports an integrated HD camera, which though not a Go Pro, is top-quality.
Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopter with 2 Axis Gimbal 3 Cell 5000mAh iD LiPo Battery and 3 amp AC LiPo Charger

Traxxas Aton – Best for Beginners

As a company, Traxxas is the face to a few of the best-rated RC car models, and ratings show their drone products line is no different. Look at Traxxas Aton Plus if you are looking to buy a quadcopter that is capable of both exhilarating and smooth flight.

Traxxas Aton Model Model
  • Gimbal included in the drone.
  • Customizable system.
  • Flight modules for Adv & starter.
  • Slow gimbal motion.
  • GoPro mount hard to setup
  • While we hope the gimbal should have been a whole 3-axis version, the drone compensates for that miss with many features you might love.
  • It consists of 2 flight modes: Film and Sport. You get to enjoy stable HD video on film mode plus over 50 miles per hour speed with sports mode.
  • The quad will come with a durable composite body to support it withstand crashes.
  • Also, it can do rolls and flips.
  • It features “Return-to-Home” and “Air Brakes” capabilities.
  • Soaring for a beginner with twin-mode GPS is simple.
  • We adore the status bar lit up that signals you when the multicopter is all set for take-off.
  • You can swap the colors (silver, black, white) and lights on most of your drone by switching out the sturdy composite parts.
  • It has batteries that deliver 3s LiPo 5000 mAh for increasing your battery life.
  • It will not work together with Hero5 Session and Hero6, but you could get a universal bracket that fits with those too.
At number 4 on our review, it is the product you can advance and an ideal GoPro drone if you are a speed devil.
GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black Featured Image

GoPro Karma – Official Model

Last but not least for anyone of you seeking us to head straight towards the chase, MyDearDrone top recommendation for the GoPro drone is the GoPro’s Karma.

Gopro Karma Quadcopter
  • Portable and simple design.
  • Quick to respond & simple to fly.
  • Built-in display on remote controller.
  • Excellent video resolution.
  • No follow-me mode.
  • Short flying time.
  • The main thing we liked about this quad is it designed to work along with a Go Pro HERO5 straight out from the package.
  • It produced directly from GoPro, right from the brand’s specifications.
  • It captures smooth video.
  • Foldable design helps it to sit snuggly into GoPro carrying case as well as effortless to take out on adventures.
  • The Karma’s construction made from lightweight, but reliable and durable plastic.
  • We fancy the Karma’s cool game-style transmitter. It is super-responsive, and you have complete control of the camera.
  • It is an excellent option for both more experienced and beginner drone videographers needing compact gear.
  • It boasts a decent flight time of 20 minutes, which could get better for its price range.
  • You can activate the sports option and take flight at a blasting 35 mph speed and get ready to dash to a 3km range.
  • Note, you shall buy Karma either without or with a Go Pro Hero 5. Also, it works with HERO6 in a separate model.
Our research shown this unit does indeed what it said it does. However, given its price and reviews, it does not compare to other products stated above.

It is a ok choice if you’re specifically looking for drone from GoPro Company but we highly recommend you to go with other models reviewed here.

What is a GoPro Camera

What is a GoPro Camera

A GoPro is a sort of HD action cam which we use in making videos for aerial photography and extreme action sports. One key thing of a GoPro camera line is they got built to hold, and attached to devices including drones.

Also, they are popular because of their being waterproof. These are easy to insert on the gimbal brackets on dedicated UAVs. Their offerings like the HERO6 Black are signs of why they stand out.

How Do I Choose the Best GoPro Drone?

When researching for drone types with the GoPro, you will find many factors you should consider. It will support you very much when you are yet not confident what product to buy. Therefore, let us check out all these things separately.

Battery Life

The sad fact is any drone merely consume more battery compared to any GoPro. With that in mind, you should always choose drones having a longer flying time. Some models can increase its flight time when you add extra batteries.

Camera Quality

The GoPro quads are best for commercial applications. It is the reason the images quality is significant to the choice when you are shopping. If cameras not welded, it offers you an opportunity to opt for the top cam to your drone.

Flight Capabilities

Also, the flight abilities must stay the best. Due to the fact, your drones meant for the high-quality photos and footage. The diverse flight modes (with roll-off, 3D flips, etc.) and excellent flight stability also are essential things you should consider.

GoPro Compatibility

So, what will it mean if a drone fully GoPro compatible? It says you could assure that it needs less complicated tinkering and setup.

Most drones only are compatible with Hero 4, Hero 5, and a few other select models. However, the ones you will never have luck are the mini because they just will not carry a payload of the GoPro.

Should you opt for a non-compatible quadcopter and re-fit it to go along with the GoPro? The answer is NO. Instead, you would go so much further in advance to just discover a model developed to carry the GoPro payload.


Here you should check two cost types. First, you would look at the drone’s buying cost and lastly their maintenance cost.

Buy a drone at the high-end of current price if you intend to get many years of usage out of this for a professional job. If you are buying drones just for entertainment or for a recreational hobby, consider inexpensive models.

The rule is finding yourself a good drone that can carry GoPro within your budget and one which grants you the flight experience expected.


This one relies a lot on what you ought to use your drone for sale. In fact, most drones have folding abilities or can include parts taken off to make these smaller.

For experts who might film using drones in quick to reach places, size is not nearly so crucial. You might want to consider the smallest quadcopter if you are hoping to ski, bike, or hike into remote spaces with your tiny aerial acrobats to record shots.

Built-in Cameras vs. GoPro

We have made a quick comparison between these two if you are still not sure you should order a quad which can accommodate the GoPro camera or drone with regular camera.

Built-in Cameras vs. GoPro

You can use GoPro cameras in the extreme sports, like the rafting, racing, paragliding, snow skiing, mountain biking, and surfing. It is where the filming from other cams is tough.

Quads which equipped already with cameras have inferior angles that grab the landing gear or the propellers in the video or do not support any update camera wise. Drone with an innovative GoPro feature unmatched when you are taking photos as many of them hold advanced cameras.

With GoPro drones, you may shoot from the sky and then change the camera to your helmet mount effortlessly. Not various other cameras will offer that customization level.

The standard cameras, such as, are nothing yet installed to supply you with a surrounding realization, no live-feed, no slow-motion, and no HD. That is why you may use the GoPro to capture amazing shots, and you spend nothing more on that.

The quads which only include the mounting bracket may have issues with specific GoPro cameras. On the other hand, drones with an integrated camera can hardly have compatibility problems because they feature stock cameras.

With in-built cameras, you cannot take your cam out and record hand video or mount it to some other mounts which are possible in a GoPro drone.

Conclusion: Drone GoPro

We know it was plenty to read throughout, but we are happy you stuck along with us till the conclusion!

There you go, our top picks for the best GoPro drones. You indeed cannot fail with all of these quadcopters. They all are very good-quality and offer stable GoPro support.

We aim to become your #1 source for drones reviews and best site for GoPro quadcopter reviews. Also, suppose you know of other quads which made your moment with the GoPro, please go ahead and let us hear in the below comments.

That is all my dear readers! We wish you found this best drones for GoPro buying guide useful. However if you’re looking to find the best drone for your kid then checkout this page.


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      However, since GoPro officially discontinued this model, we would instead advise you to look for an alternative that comes with built-in GPS and follow-me feature. If budget is not a problem, you can consider the DJI Mavic Air. Or maybe a 3DR Solo Quadcopter if you are after a cheaper option.

      The main advantage of going with our picks is that they have latest, high-tech features (including tracking) integrated into the device. So, you do not have to buy a tracker separately and add to the craft’s weight.

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      Clint, actually the GoPro Karma was on top of our list when released as it was an official model by the GoPro itself. The only reason why now it is last on the list is that it discontinued.

      GoPro Karma used to be a good drone with decent specs and performance, but the frequent recalls and glitchy hardware led to the downfall of the product. So, the company had to quit the drone business altogether and focus on its camera line again.

      It does not mean you should not buy the GoPro Karma (be it a refurbished or secondhand), but in the long run, you cannot expect to receive any kinds of fixes or updates should problems arise. However, you may still be able to use their customer care to clarify any doubts or questions regarding the product.

      From my point of view, if you love GoPro Karma drone as it is and not care about the update & discontinued factor, it is still an excellent choice.

      However, if you do not want to take the gamble, then it is best to settle with the brand-new 3DR Solo Quadcopter. It is probably the next best option you have because you already own a Hero 5 cam. Mind you there is a new version of it released recently so worth checking out that as well. You can find more information by clicking the button under the 3DR Solo review on this page.

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