Types of Drone Models

Drones have become very famous recently as users are buying these products for various uses. And just as anything else in life, you will find many different types of drones. So, before getting one, you have to teach yourself in the quadcopters variety of various sizes and shapes available.

Different Drone Types

(Using this table of contents, you can jump to any drone type of your interest.)

different types of drones model

Drones for GoPro

quadcopters which have the ability to mount gopro cameras
Do you already own a GoPro camera and looking for a drone to mount it? Then, GoPro drones are something that you should consider. These types of drones enable you to explore the full GoPro’s potential in the ultimate aerial photography experience of a lifetime.

The ability to mount various models of Go Pro can save you from buying an integrated camera drone which may break the bank mainly if you own a camera already.

Consider this type if you are into extreme action sports and in need of a perfect companion to grab the incredible shots with cruise control.

Drone with Camera

drones with the ability to take pictures
Want to capture amazing photos and videos? If so, drones with cameras are the go-to choice.

They have plenty of technology which makes them smart. They are also simple to fly plus comes in all types of sizes and shapes.

Drone for Kids

quads which kids can fly and enjoy
A cheap and cool drone is an excellent way to have your children outdoors to get some fun.

It is why, these are devices that can do flips, barrel rolls, and other smooth and quick moves. You will get shocked at how quickly your little ones will master the art of controlling a toy UAV.

Beginners Drone

are you starter then this drones are good for you
Being a beginner at something sucks but guess what? You are going to get only better with time.

You can buy a beginner quad to start doing wonders for you soon after you unwrap it. It will help you learn the art of flying before upgrading to a more prominent drone.

Mini (Small) Drone

small drones which you could buy
When you think about cheap quads, the mini devices that seen as a toy may probably come to your mind.

That is durable, affordable, safe to hover indoors, and effortless to learn. Not to forget fewer headaches for you, since crashes are not as destructive.

Follow Me Drone

quadcopter that follows you around
Drones with follow functionality are the latest trend. Today, every good model you find out there seems to possess some follow-me feature. They have cracked an innovative chapter on air selfies.

For an intuitive and unique flying experience, get a follow me drone. It tracks you regardless of where you move and puts you on the middle of the footage always while soaring at some breathtaking speeds.

You do not have to take a selfie thing on the trip, a drone that follows you can shoot your clip or images from air effortlessly. Let us check out how follow you drones work, what are the differences between models, plus which rise to the occasion.

Racing Drone

list of drones used in racing
Racing drones are turning into a craze which has been putting racers in a frenzy. Began as a basic sport, drone racing is becoming a huge business. That is why increasingly more racers desire to take off their hobby to a professional level.

However, finding out the best racing drone could be a problem. Previously, you had to make one yourself for getting a decent speed racer. Fortunately, some manufacturers have shown up with some excellent ready to fly racing drones.

After our in-depth reviews and extensive research, we have come up with our picks of the top racing drones plus included a few knowledge and tips to understand racing drones better.

Selfie Drone

want to know more about selfie quad copters
To the extent it is sad to accept, it will quickly become true the selfie sticks golden age is nearing its end. The selfies taking lifestyle that we are in has provided us with some excellent new devices – the selfie quads.

These selfie drones are compact, equipped with high-quality cameras, typically operate using an application on your phone, and are miles better than all other camera choices. And you do not even need support from anybody – that is some next-step selfie action.

They create these with selfies at heart. It is getting photos of you by yourself directly, in a gang, doing a task, etc. Just throw the machine in the sky, smile, and watch the drone taking shots of your beloved ones and you.

If you are searching for the best selfie drone, our article discusses six of the top models for sale.

FPV Drone

fpv quadcopters
FPV models are excellent if you want a quadcopter that is very similar to your racing car. It lets you hover faster and further without getting puzzled.

It will offer you with the unforgettable flying feel that will make you wanting more.

Toy (Indoor) Drone

toy and indoor drones for cheap price
Toy models are the super fun, simple to fly, and cheap.

They are the best point to kick-off if you have never used a drone in the past, or maybe you are buying for somebody else and got a limited budget.

Fishing Drone

drones are used in fishing industry
If you have yet to learn about drones for fishing, prepare to become overly thrilled. You do not need to kayak off to fish ever again (unless that is what you enjoy to do).

Quadcopters have turned it on for the fishing world as an active tech to cast your reels out far.


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