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UAV & Drone Interviews

Exclusive drone, UAV & unmanned aerial vehicle interviews from industry experts

These interviews are brought you by MyDearDrone team (One of Top 10 Drone Blogs) and we interview leading and upcoming stakeholders in drone, UAV and unmanned industry to share their achievements, stories, upcoming projects, recent launch and more.

Drone & UAV Expert Interviews

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Marc Hennige
Drone Instagramer
Aerial Photography & His Instagram JourneyRead Interview
Aviv Shapira
Co-Founder & CEO at XTEND
Drones & His Aerospace ExperienceRead Interview
Ken Dono
YouTuber & Video Creator
Drone Industry & His YouTube JourneyRead Interview
Ann Young
Chief Retoucher & Author at FixThePhoto
Aerial PhotographyRead Interview
Gianluca Salone
Founder and Executive Director of Drone Solutions
Drone Solutions & Unmanned System TechnologiesRead Interview
Billy Kyle
YouTuber & Video Creator
Creating Drones Videos & His YouTube JourneyRead Interview
Joe Snodgrass
Navy SEAL turned Field Engineer at Exyn Technologies
Aerial Autonomous Robots & on His 8 Years Operating in SEALRead Interview
Vitor Hugo
Drone Instagramer
Travel Photography & DronesRead Interview
Owner of Drone Supremacy & YouTuber
Drones & FPVRead Interview
Timothy Gillespie
Managing Director for SWARM
Search and Rescue DronesRead Interview
Chad Sweet
CEO of ModalAI
VOXL Flight First Open-Development PlatformRead Interview
Dan Davis
Tech YouTuber & Founder at DansTube.TV
Creating Drone Videos & YouTube AdviceRead Interview
Kyle Trotter
Director of Creative Video Content, Shutterstock
Using Drones for Digital StorytellingRead Interview
Michael Kelly
VP of Global Sales, TerraView
The RangePro X8P - Pixhawk DroneRead Interview
Peter Muhlrad
President of GuardBot
Spherical Amphibious Robotic Drone SystemsRead Interview
Barry Alexander
Founder and CEO of Aquiline Drones
Using Drones for Planetary ProtectionRead Interview
Mario Cugini
CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions
FoxFury's Backstory & Their Drone LightsRead Interview
Edgar Munoz
CEO of Aeronyde Corporation
Aeronyde's Backstory & Drone TechnologyRead Interview
Prachi Kawade
RA of Aerospace & Defense at Frost & Sullivan
Space & Satellite Mega ConstellationsRead Interview
Mr. Wei
SD of Corporate Development at Cepton
LiDAR for UAVRead Interview
Toby Liew
Co-Founder of Drone Run
Drone Run Flying GameRead Interview
Michel Moskal
Managing Producer at JustPlanes
JustPlanes Backstory & Aviation ProgramsRead Interview
Mark Askelson
University of North Dakota
Drone's Role in Smart CitiesRead Interview
Leo McCloskey
VP Marketing at Echodyne Corp
Echodyne Corp & First-Ever BVLOS UAS MissionRead Interview
David Schmale and Shane Ross
Virginia Tech Researchers
Microbe Research Using Drones and Fluorescent DyeRead Interview
Chief Charles Werner
Director of the DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance
Public Safety UAS ProgramsRead Interview
Illy Gruber
VP Marketing at Percepto
Percepto DIB Solution & Autonomous DronesRead Interview
Joe Darden
Director of IoT Business Development at Iridium
Iridium & Emerging UAS WorldRead Interview
Mark Condon
Founder of Shotkit
Shotkit’s Backstory & Drone PhotographyRead Interview
Dr. Nickolas Macchiarella
Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Map Oyster Reefs Using UASRead Interview
Michael Griffin & Annette McClelland
Tekuma Co-Founders
One-Handed Controller for Robots and DronesRead Interview
Anthony Hearst
Co-founder & CEO Of Progeny Drone
Progeny Drone & Precision AgricultureRead Interview
Aaron Zhang
A2Z Drone Delivery
A2Z & Patented Drone Delivery MechanismRead Interview
Sally French
Founder of Drone Girl
Origin of Drone Girl & Drone Market’s FutureRead Interview
Kaushik Gala
Chief Business Officer at FlytBase
World’s First IoD (Internet of Drones) PlatformRead Interview
Aeronautical University & Drone Defense Systems LLC
Commercialize Counter-Drone TechnologyRead Interview
Alan Perlman
CEO & Founder of UAV Coach
Drone Education and Future InsightsRead Interview
Brett Velicovich
Former U.S. Army veteran (Intelligence Field) & Author
Counter-drone and his role in WhiteFox CompanyRead Interview
Yanislav Malahov
Founder of æternity
The Drone Graffiti ProjectRead Interview

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