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These interviews are brought you by MyDearDrone team (One of Top 10 Drone Blogs) and we interview leading and upcoming stakeholders in drone, UAV and unmanned industry to share their achievements, stories, upcoming projects, recent launch and more.

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Alan Perlman
CEO & Founder of UAV Coach
Drone Education and Future InsightsRead
Brett Velicovich
Former U.S. Army veteran (Intelligence Field) & Author
Counter-drone and his role in WhiteFox companyRead
Yanislav Malahov
Founder of æternity
The Drone Graffiti ProjectRead

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Interview With Alan Perlman

Today, we talk to Drone Pilot Ground School/UAV Coach, CEO and Founder, Alan Perlman. He is an online course creator, entrepreneur, and blogger.

In this interview post, Alan discusses how he made his passion for drones into a successful business and reveals the different job opportunities that founded in the sUAS industry.

Counter-drone and his role in WhiteFox company


n case, you heard news about the US military employing a drone to kill or capture a terrorist at any time between 2004 to 2010; there are a decent odds Brett Velicovich is in some way behind it.

Brett Velicovich is an ex-special operation intelligence analyst as well as he served in the period when UAVs went from a showpiece to a vital component of each special ops mission.

The Drone Graffiti Project


We are launching an Expert Interview Series here on We wish to interview pilots and ‘shakers and movers’ in the drone world. Today we talk with Yanislav Malahov, Aeternity’s Founder.

We had the privilege to have a word with Mr. Yanislav to interview him on The Drone Graffiti Project.

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