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Seen some different drones you are thinking about buying, but you are not accustomed to the manufacturer? check out the best drone companies.

The drone industry is developing rapidly. The marketplace is expanding while costs decrease and technology improves. Already, there are the industry leaders, the big shots all aiming to turn into the top brand.

Without a doubt, the increasing demand and use of these quadcopters will cause springing up a growing number of drone manufacturers & brands. So, it could be hard for you to keep a record of what businesses are even producing the various versions out there.

That is why today we will cover a few of the best-known drone makers who are pushing aerial technology forward. Without further delay, let us dive in to discover the list of the most innovative global UAV companies.


horizon hobby's blade logo
  • Blade is a Horizon Hobby, Inc. subsidiary – a hobby item distributor based from Champaign, Illinois and it has centers all over the world.
  • Horizon Hobby distributes and manufactures a variety of RC craft and some other hobby devices as well.
  • Blade sells many remote control helicopters and today has several quads.
  • They offer a few enhanced features like SAFE to help make piloting their craft safer and accessible.
  • The Blade Nano QX is their most popular product, an excellent starter drone to practice before upgrading.


Cheerson Hobby Tech Logo
  • Guangdong Cheerson Hobby Technology was established in 2003 and is situated in China, Guangdong province.
  • They are specialized in the manufacture and design of many types of remote-controlled gadgets.
  • Most enthusiasts and hobbyists have suggested using this brand of drones when training.
  • Most recognized for the Cheerson CX-10 Mini RC Quadcopter.

DJI (Dà-Jiāng)

dà-jiāng dji logo
  • DJI is among the most respected multirotor manufacturers on the market today.
  • It is headquartered in Shenzhen, China.
  • Frank Wong found the company in 2006.
  • It offers various mid to high-end unmanned systems.
  • They target their products at both professionals and hobbyists.
  • DJI build the “Prosumer” industry in the drone with its Phantom model.
  • Current models comprise the all-new Mavic 2, Mavic Air, together with the compact Spark and the foldable Mavic Pro.
  • It markets a high-end model, the Inspire 2, to those with serious aspirations.


  • Most famous for the 4606 Proto-X craft, the U.S. centered Estes also produces many other RC-controlled aircraft and quadcopters.
  • Also, it is known for developing little rockets and mainly caters to hobbyists and modelers.
  • Estes models are designed to get explored and altered by the consumer, to fit their taste and needs.


china based hubsan logo
  • Hubsan is one more shop based in China, Dong Guan and has become well-known with the Hubsan X4 editions.
  • The brand had its inception in the year 2010 currently they concentrate on strengthening its R&D.
  • This Chinese maker does not rely on size for building drones.
  • They have built a diverse selection from the big ones to the mini quadcopters.
  • Their almost every version is included with an actual controller that enables even a pilot with no phone to fly.
  • Hubsan company prides in manufacturing flying machines used by commercial photographers and hobbyist.
  • Reasonable prices and popular models have helped it become a household brand in the hobbyist drone market.

Parrot SA

French Parrot SA Logo
  • The French brand Parrot, founded in the year 1994, has their origins in wireless units for cell phones (i.e., hands-free Bluetooth kits).
  • Since their beginning, they have attracted a devoted user-base.
  • Headquartered in Capital of France (Paris), is a relatively fresh newcomer in the quadcopter or UAV market.
  • Launched various consumer crafts both for pros and beginners alike.
  • Parrot started the quadcopter trend with its AR.Drone quadcopters series, but right now the brand sells their Bebop Drone primarily.
  • They are top civilian drones manufacturer and are widely known for their latest foldable drone Anafi.
  • Also, it sells a more compact quadrotor, the MiniDrone Rolling Spider. Though, its sales and reception are less than impressive.
  • They have state-of-the-art skycontrollers and many different Parrot drones.
  • They also offer free app upgrades to bring out the top-notch functionality from their drones.


syma RC toys logo
  • Syma is a Chinese drone manufacturer commonly known for its traditional RC helicopters.
  • Syma is based in the China, Shantou City of Chenghai district and has worldwide distribution for their flying products.
  • The organization is a large-scale enterprise plus engages in their selling, manufacturing, and designing.
  • It is praised for providing reliable products with the optimum usage of accelerometers and gyros.
  • It is known for its X-series quads. This line was created for experts and beginners alike.
  • Doing ample research and development to meet the competitive UAV industry will help them pioneer at each possible step.


UDIRC Drone Logo
  • UDI RC, located in China, produces a range of drones and is well-known for their value for money & affordability.
  • They make a complete line of radio-controlled craft from boats and cars to choppers as well.
  • It is a maker receiving positive reviews for its products hence bringing in top product sales through the years.
  • The majority of the UAV’s from the UDI stables is sturdy yet lightweight. The U818A model being one particular drone.


Guangzhou Based Walkera Logo

  • Based in the city of Guangzhou, Walkera drone manufacturer is famous for its drones series.
  • They are a Chinese quadcopter maker that offers many quadcopter models.
  • The company’s strength relies on the able hands of over 1000 skillful workers and senior engineers.
  • They also produce RC helicopters and aerial vehicles specially designed for FPV recording.
  • The company got other sub-brand names away from Asian countries, in Europe and North America founded in 2014.
  • Initially selling drone like the QRX 350, although now appear to be focusing more on race drones.

Yuneec USA

Yuneec USA logo
  • Yuneec is somewhat late arrival to the drone market, but it boasts a long background in electrical products and fixed wing aviation.
  • The parent company, Yuneec International, is located in China, Jiangsu and has well over 1800 employees.
  • With offices at Asia, Europe, and North America, Yuneec manufactures over 1 million items a year which are sold below OEM/ODM brands.
  • The Hong Kong drone manufacturer is well-known for capturing high-quality stills and footages.
  • Their products have steered the Yuneec company to come out as a serious competitor to DJI models for market share.
  • The brand is well-known for its radio control quadcopters, Breeze and Typhoon.
  • Their best-seller, the Q500, is the planet’s first out-of-the-box ready to fly quadcopter drone.
  • Fresh to the Yuneec’s series is the Mantis Q, a foldable miniature drone that is used with a few basics voice commands.
  • Also, they launched the Sterdygrip that is often recommended and used by many actions sports buffs.
  • Further, they are the first to create an all-electric-powered paraglider.

3D Robotics 3DR

3D Robotics Logo

  • 3DR is a VC backed startup stationed out of CA, Berkeley and had 20+ employees.
  • The brand has rapidly settled itself within the consumer multicopter marketplace.
  • It had a few recent setbacks and has resulted in staff layoffs and organizational reshuffling.
  • Chris Anderson founded the 3DR, who also created DIYDrones and Jordi Munoz.
  • Their customer center is at Tijuana and is the Drone Code’s pioneers.
  • Probably their most essential drones, the 3DR Solo is the world’s first smart drone.


US GoPro Logo
  • GoPro is headquartered out of California, San Mateo and its CEO & founder is Nicholas Woodman.
  • It is noted for developing portable cameras used in the movie industry.
  • Their cams are the best for recording airborne videos and shoots using drones.
  • It is a famous company and can elevate the drone section by attracting beginner-level drone buyers.
  • The company competed with DJI when determining the drone segment in the initial phase.
  • They collaborated with YouTube platform to help inventors shoot 360° panoramic video.
  • Hired Hulu’s former original series head, Charlotte Koh, to broker offers with Hollywood Studios.
  • Though primarily an action sports camera manufacturer, GoPro made their consumer use quad, the Karma which was later discontinued.

Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics Logo
  • Autel Robotics, initially a start-up business, is a Washington-based, Bothell drone company which mainly focuses on photography drones.
  • They were founded in the year 2015, and ever since risen to popularity over the past years or so.
  • Its X-Star Premium quadcopter, oddly enough, made their debut in the CES 2016.
  • Autel has released their first portable small craft, the EVO, loaded full of functions and a high-quality camera.

Ascending Technologies

Ascending Technologies Logo
  • Ascending Technologies was established at Krailling, near to Munich by 4 innovators in drone know-how in 2007.
  • Intel Capital, a US-based Software Company, acquired the startup UAV maker recently.
  • Their drones are getting used by specialists in the aviation and imaging industry.
  • Their every model undergoes various control processes such as outdoor and indoor demo flights.


Switzerland Based Flyability Logo

  • Flyability is a Switzerland company. Based in Lausanne and founded in 2014, they aim to be the boss in the flying robotics segment.
  • They take satisfaction in their goal of creating UAV’s that can operate inside in confined, complex spaces together with people.
  • The brand is most noteworthy for developing the Elios in 2015.
  • Also, they are making Gimball, the globe’s single collision-enduring flying robot.
  • Flyability also won the “2015 UAE Drones for Good Award” with one million prizes.


Boeing's Insitu Logo

  • Insitu is a wholly owned branch of the Boeing Company that is currently leading regarding the high-performance and cost-effective drones.
  • They have quite a few offices all around the earth, from Australia, North America, to the UK.
  • Working on a few of the highly sought after drone technology in which it concerns reconnaissance and surveying.
  • Their Boeing ScanEagle, a UAS that does not need a runway is serving the United States military ever since 2004.


Matternet Logo

  • Matternet is a logistics UAV manufacturer out of California, and an advancing Silicon Valley drone start-up.
  • Established in 2011 by a group project at Singularity University.
  • Founded two wholly owned sub-brands in Europe and North America. They ship their solutions to over 100 regions and countries.
  • It has set up its delivery drone network in real-world projects in places which are hardest to reach.
  • They designed the Matternet One model; the first smart drone explicitly made for transportation.


Traxxas Logo

  • Traxxas is an excellent brand to learn without risking crashes too much.
  • For learning to fly a drone manually, the Traxxas is an excellent starter.
  • Their popular drone is the LaTrax Alias that has grabbed headlines to the company.


Potensic drone logo
  • Potensic is a global internet retail brand that specializes in remote control toys and products.
  • They are well-known for producing different types of drones from GPS to Mini to FPV models.
  • Not only drones, but they do also produce high-end electronic items and has formed long-term cooperative relations with several top manufacturers and enterprises.
  • It has an innovation-driven team made of a large batch of top-quality personnel who take care of product development and sales.
  • One of their biggest positives is an excellent customer service which goes above and beyond your expectations.
  • The best-sellers from this brand are A20 RC Nano Quadcopter, T35, T25, and T18 GPS FPV RC Drones.

We come to the end of our list. You must look out to these latest, creative high-tech UAV manufacturers who will make your flying experience fascinating.

How many these do you have tried till and what is your opinion? Any other brand you would like to get featured in this listing? We are looking forward to your thoughts in comments.

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