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Best Selfie Drones in 2023

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Best selfie drone
A friends group is using a selfie drone to take group air selfie

Interested in getting a selfie drone, yet are not sure which one to get? Then you have landed on the right page!

Drones are not just excellent for racing at high speeds and recording beautiful landscapes.

Also, they can be used to capture selfies. For this, you need the best selfie drone.

Taking pictures with your selfie stick or a smartphone is not always realistic.

With that said, if you are searching for a selfie quadcopter, this post highlights 13 of the top drones for selfies in 2022.

If you are interested, keep reading, and decide which of the following would be good at assisting you in snapping your next selfie (Or dronie in industry slang.)

Selfie Drones Comparison

ModelCameraFlight Time (Minutes)Range (KM)Check Amazon
DJI Mini 24K / 12MP3110Check Price⇒
DJI Air 2S5.4K / 20MP3112Check Price⇒
PowerVision PowerEgg X4K / 12MP306Check Price⇒
DJI Mavic Mini2.7K / 12MP304Check Price⇒
Parrot Anafi4K / 21MP254Check Price⇒
DJI Mavic Air4K / 12MP2110Check Price⇒
ZEROTECH Dobby4K / 13MP90.1Check Price⇒
DJI Spark1080P / 12MP162Check Price⇒
Hover Camera Passport4K / 13MP100.02Check Price⇒
Yuneec Breeze4K / 13MP120.08Check Price⇒
Holy Stone HS160 Pro1080P100.04Check Price⇒
DJI Mavic Pro4K / 12MP277Check Price⇒
JJRC H37 Elfie0.3MP80.04Check Price⇒

Selfie Drone Reviews

DJI Mini 2 – The Best Selfie Drone under $500

The DJI Mini 2 looks very similar to its sibling, the DJI Mavic Mini, but don’t be deceived by the outside appearance since the trick is in the details. Most of the specs on the DJI Mini 2 reflect that it has superior performance.

Camera: 4K/12 MP

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 10 KM

DJI Mini 2 Selfie Drone Quadcopter


  • Clear and stable videos even in a strong breeze
  • Impressive over 6 miles control range
  • It weighs under .55 pounds; hence no registration is needed
  • Much better transmitter than its predecessor


  • It doesn’t have an active tracker to track you
  • Sometimes might experience short-term issues linking to GPS

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With low-battery protection, headless mode, and in-built intelligence, users of all skill sets can pilot this quad out of the package with minimal hassle. It makes up the top selfie drone for those searching for simplicity and convenience.

The most notable improvements include motor power, flight time, and control range to assist windy weather. Thanks to them, you can fly longer and further, but most essentially safer and not likely to drop the quadcopter by going away from the range.

You will feel like a filmmaker out of Holywood when you see the photos and videos. Features like 4x zoom, 4k video, three-axis gimbal combined with a simple-to-use application that helps take quick snaps that are stunning.

DJI Air 2S – The Successor to DJI Mavic Air 2

An advanced selfie drone, the DJI Air 2S is a great drone from DJI. It’s ideal for people searching for a sophisticated UAV that can manage any situation.

Camera: 5.4K/20 MP

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 12 KM

DJI Air 2S Drone Quadcopter UAV for Selfies


  • Great 5.4K camera with a three-axis gimbal
  • Excellent flight safety features
  • Extended 31 minutes battery life
  • Four directions of obstacle sensing


  • It doesn’t come with hyper-lapse features
  • It is costly

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This drone has excellent features such as a return-to-home function, intelligent flight modes, and an exceptional range of 7.5 miles. It’s a perfect choice for people who are searching for a professional-grade and powerful selfie drone.

With its 20MP resolution and 1″ CMOS sensor, the Air 2S can effortlessly take stunning videos and photos. And with its three-axis gimbal solution, your videos will be stable and smooth regardless of the conditions you are flying.

The max flight duration of 31 minutes is excellent, and it reaches speeds as much as 42.50 MPH, which makes it one of the fastest selfie drones on this list.

The medium-class weight is helpful in windy situations. Also, the weight helps with image stabilization, which is a bonus, whereas it is not very bulky to create fatigue. The drawback is the cost, but it is worth the investment when you have the money.

PowerVision PowerEgg X – Multi-Purpose Waterproof Drone

PowerVision PowerEgg X is an innovative drone ideal for users who ought to capture top-quality aerial videos and photos without spending lots of cash.

Camera: 4K/12 MP

Flight Time: 30 Min

Control Range: 6 KM

PowerVision PowerEgg X


  • Usable like a camcorder
  • Excellent follow-me technology with AI tracking
  • Waterproof drone for all-weather
  • Can land on water with the water-landing floats


  • Slightly underwhelming camera compared to DJI drones
  • Inexperienced drone company

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The egg-shaped drone is easy to store while not in use since it is shaped like one. Even with its unconventional shape, this drone offers beautiful aerial shots that are easy to capture.

It’s a 30-minute flight time, so you’ll have plenty of time for photo and video taking. You can get additional batteries that increase your flying period and let you take even more special shots on camera.

The PowerEgg X camera is a 4K/60FPS UHD cam that takes 12MP images and saves them in RAW and JPEG formats. In addition, it includes a 3-axis stabilization system to maintain smooth footage.

This quadcopter weighs 1.9 lbs, which is heavier than a few of the other models on this listing. Even so, it can still be carried around anyplace you go, and it also arrives with a convenient case that can be transported and stored easily.

DJI Mavic Mini – Best Overall

The DJI Mavic Mini is ultralight, compact and small, about the exact dimension as your phone, making it simple to bring with you wherever you go.

Camera: 2.7K/12 MP

Flight Time: 30 Min

Control Range: 4 KM

DJI Mavic Mini selfie drone


  • Excellent camera quality
  • Impressive portability
  • FAA registration not needed
  • Long flight time


  • Low breeze resistance

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It weighs under 0.55 pounds, meaning you do not have to register it by the FAA before a flight. However, you still need to comply with the rules.

The weight and size of the Mavic Mini Drone make this small drone among the best choices for people who wish to take dronies.

This micro foldable drone could fly close to 30 minutes and includes a 2.7K camera installed on a three-axis gimbal for high-quality videos and pics.

Using the DJI Fly application, just touch on the display, and the drone will automatically execute a Rocket, Helix, Circle, or Dronie maneuver.

There is no necessity for the remote controller because you can control the drone using the smartphone. Using your phone brings all the UI functions to the attention.

If you are seeking for the top mini camera drone you can get for below $400, the Mavic Mini Drone is an amazing little aircraft for the cost.

DJI Mavic Air – Compact Option

DJI found tremendous success from the Mavic Pro, and they took that up using the far cheaper Spark. The Mavic Air links the gap between these two.

Camera: 4K/12 MP

Flight Time: 21 Min

Control Range: 10 KM

DJI mavic air drone is hovering in a mountain area using a remote controller


  • 12MP 4K gimbal-ready camera
  • Foldable, ultra-portable design
  • Decent battery life
  • Easy to fly for beginners


  • Difficult access into MicroSD slot

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Best of all is its hand’s gesture commands. Hand gestures allow you to get the quadcopter aerial and all set to film at a quick notice.

Its 4k camera features a three-axis gimbal for helping keep your video stable. Gimbal stabilization leads to shake-free UHD resolution videos and blur-free 12MP images.

And, the 21 minutes flight on one charge allow lots of scope and time to capture and compose your special occasions.

For those wanting to take selfies on the move, intuitive and intelligent features like SmartCapture, QuickShots, and ActiveTrack make capturing the complex, moving photos super easy.

The drone’s FlightAutonomy 2.0 offers improved flight performance and precise hovering with obstacle avoidance. It allows you to concentrate more on the cam and less in the flying.

Overall, we suggest the DJI Mavic Air if portability is your need of the hour. It is since this drone can fold down to fit in your purse comfortably.

ZEROTECH Dobby – Pocket Sized

The ZEROTECH Dobby is the ideal budget selfie drone pick, without a doubt. All the following could be yours for below $200.

Camera: 4K/13 MP

Flight Time: 9 Min

Control Range: 100 M

ZEROTECH DOBBY Drone is taken from a pocket to take a selfie shot


  • Automatic landing and take-off
  • Folding arms to portability
  • Several video modes
  • Digitally stabilized video camera


  • May call for occasional re-calibration

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This pocket selfie drone is white-colored, featuring a minimalist, sleek design that bags a significant value for its stature.

The video resolution may not be 4k yet is nonetheless really good, particularly compared to a few of the somewhat less expensive drones.

Dobby incorporates sophisticated features like keeping the target in the frame while shooting and a short video mode where it will capture a 10-second selfie of you while zooming away from your area.

Many smaller drones are often quite noisy, but this one got next to no disturbing sounds, it is excellent for flying.

It has an internal storage of 9GB without an SD card, meaning that the videos and photos are stored and recorded internally and don’t need to be kept on your phone.

Overall, if you are searching for a little selfie craft with excellent video/image quality for spontaneous, short captures, then it is possibly the ideal choice for you.

DJI Spark – Value for Money

Spark is DJI’s one of the smallest offering, which makes it a great drone loaded full of excellent capabilities for the best selfie experience.

Camera: 1080P/12 MP

Flight Time: 16 Min

Control Range: 2000 M

A white DJI Spark drone is sitting on a wooden table


  • Take photos with gestures
  • Great camera stabilization
  • Several smart modes
  • Palm launch and land


  •  Flight time should be improved

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This UAV is compact enough to pack around easily wherever you may like to head. It is strong enough to withstand some moderate winds.

The drone provides 1080p footage, and the cam is stabilized through a two-axis gimbal. Furthermore, you may capture photographs at a 12MP resolution.

The DJI Spark comes with groundbreaking technology such as gesture control and face recognition, where you may take selfies and photos by merely gesturing towards the drone.

It is small and even can launch off your hands. You can fly it using your smartphone, your hands, or buy a controller.

A drawback of the Spark is the low 16 minutes flight time. Nevertheless, if you just need to utilize the drone to take selfies, in that case, this much of time may be enough.

In case you are trying to find a little drone quadcopter you can take everywhere that yet takes excellent videos and photos, we think it is among the top selfie drones out there.

Hover Camera Passport – Perfect for Travelers

Before we start, you should understand that the Hover Camera Passport is built mainly for selfies but nothing other than that.

Camera: 4K/13 MP

Flight Time: 10 Min

Control Range: 20 M

A teenager is using a hover camera passport which has auto-follow and facial recognition


  • Compact and foldable
  • Excellent camera setup
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to take flight


  • Unique design which may not be preferable to everyone

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Having said that, it is not shocking to see the adjustable camera (in-flight) and even facial recognition among a few other selfie-based functions, including orbiting option.

Just toss this flying machine into the sky above you, and it should fly in position. The system locks visually onto you, which makes it perfect as a hovering selfie camera.

It features a carbon fiber material cage that makes it durable and light all at once.

This drone incorporates a tiltable and miniature CMOS imaging sensor that can shoot remarkable 4K aerial clips.

The battery life of this quadcopter goes from 8-10 minutes. Nevertheless, the package offers you 2 batteries, which means you will have approximately 15-20 minutes of flying time.

To take the ideal selfie using this flying machine, basically let it float in mid-air, activate facial recognition next set up each image settings depending on your preference. Then, simply touch to capture a picture or even shoot selfie footage, it is that simple.

Yuneec Breeze – Sports 4K Camera

The Breeze model is Yuneec’s entry to the small selfie drone industry. This gorgeous mini drone is way more than okay, mainly for the cost it goes.

Camera: 4K/13 MP

Flight Time: 12 Min

Control Range: 80 M

Yuneec Breeze Drone is Hovering Over Sea Which is Non-Foldable Design


  • Feature-rich smartphone software
  • 5 smart flight modes
  • Easy photo editing and sharing
  • Lightweight drone having foldable propellers


  • May be inaccurate because of firmware updates

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This quadcopter weighs under a pound as well as is somewhat portable (if folded), enabling it to slide into almost any type of purse or backpack.

Do not let its tiny stature trick you, though, because it can shoot surreal aerial dronies any time of the day.

You are getting around a 1-kilometer range and 12 minutes of flight time. Top speed is not far off neither, clocking at around 35km/h.

It is specially designed to turn it effortless to capture, share, and save videos and pictures via the Breeze Cam application (Android and iOS).

With 5 flight modes, which include a selfie mode, you can take all kinds of great airborne selfies that will amaze everybody following you in social media.

To take the ideal selfie using Yuneec Breeze, turn on the selfie option, and start takeoff that will enable Breeze to fly on roughly 2 to 4 meters apart from you.

Holy Stone HS160 Pro – Drone for Beginners

The Holy Stone HS160 Pro Drone is an inexpensive product that arrives with a range of features.

Camera: 1080P

Flight Time: 10 Min

Control Range: 40 M

HS160 Pro RC Quadcopter


  • 3 unique speed modes
  • Lands and takes off with a single press
  • Comes with carrying case
  • 1080p HD footage


  • No remote controller included

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You can film 1080p HD footage with its video camera, plus it also has a 110° angle lens. Also, it comes with One Key Landing/Take off function to turn operation easier.

It has 3 separate speeds: high, medium, and low. You can adjust these speeds while flying to capture the pictures you need more quickly. This feature alone makes the quad highly suitable both for experts and beginners.

The HS160 Pro model is more immune to windy circumstances than other sUAS. And its trip can be driven depending upon the transmitter instead of the front side of the drone.

This drone only can be flown with the accompanying application; no remote controller is supplied. Some users favor the freedom which this provides while others consider it inconvenient.

It comes with an optical flow sensor; thus, you can hold the drone in the altitude you desire. It prevents it from drifting aside and also permits you to seize the picture-perfect selfie.

Parrot Anafi – Foldable Design

It comes with a wide-angle f/2.4 gimbal camera, which tilts a complete 180-degree and provides a digital zoom of 2.8X. You can film in stunning 2.7K or 4K video, and snap incredible 21MP aerial shots.

Camera: 4K/21 MP

Flight Time: 25 Min

Control Range: 4 KM

Parrot Anafi


  • Long-range and flight time
  • Tiltable camera position
  • Visual & AI tracking
  • Lightweight and foldable design


  • No obstacle avoidance system

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Its top-quality 4K camera assures to help film your life stories from a fresh perspective. The Dolly Zoom effect, SmartDronies, Lossless Zoom, and Visual Tracking make it the perfect aerial selfie quadcopter.

Also, flight time is worth mentioning, giving you about 25 minutes of a journey in calm weather. And, the communication distance is around 2.5 miles.

Parrot’s Anafi Drone is a collapsible drone that creates a perfect travel partner. It includes an equally intuitive and compact Skycontroller 3 remote control.

The autonomous flight modes mean anybody at any experience level can hit the skies and start recording. They include Failsafe Return to Home (RTH), Flight Plan, and Point of Interest (POI).

The Anafi goes well with expert flyers and novice pilots. Also, you get to explore pro setting controls, 10 shots per sec burst mode, and a timer.

This craft is not without some drawbacks, though. Long charge duration means a minimum one spare battery is a should-have accessory.

DJI Mavic Pro – Classic Drone

Although not exclusively a selfie quadcopter, the Mavic Pro Drone does have in-built gesture control that allows taking selfies.

Camera: 4K/12 MP

Flight Time: 27 Min

Control Range: 7 KM

DJI Mavic 2 Pro


  • Comes with intelligent flight features
  • Folds down to easy transport
  • Can prevent obstacles automatically
  • A 4k camera for top-quality selfies


  • Not as compact as a few of the inexpensive alternatives

Read review (Click to Expand)

With this drone, you could do a dronie, which zooms out for a 4.3 miles distance while still transmitting a real-time 720P feed on your screen.

Its main benefit is it is quite easy to transport due to its foldable arms. By folding down its arms, it gets as portable as a bottle of water.

A 4k camera stabilized via a three-axis mechanical gimbal is at your fingertips. It offers battery lives as much as 27 minutes and a range of more than 4 miles.

Outfitted with obstacle avoidance, which combines four vision sensors indicating it’s flight control system, what is in front and below to boost flight reliability and safety.

The remote control is also fully foldable, and thus arms extend outside and will then facilitate your mobile phone.

This craft is designed for those who are typically on the move and require a reliable device that could be put together and tossed in the sky within 1 to 2 minutes.

JJRC H37 Elfie – Budget Choice

The JJRC H37 Elfie is a toy-grade drone right up through, but, it appears to be an excellent selfie drone.

Camera: 0.3 MP

Flight Time: 8 Min

Control Range: 40 M

JJRC H37 Elfie Pocket Selfie Drone Quadcopter


  • Flexible camera angle
  • Highly portable
  • Can be hooked up with a smartphone
  • Easily available spare parts


  • Camera is only 720p quality

Read review (Click to Expand)

It arrives with a 720P camera that is not competing with other products on this countdown. However, for recreational selfie drone consumers, this is much more than necessary.

It’s a black color quadcopter that contains white props and is complemented by a little carry bag to easy extraction and insertion from your purse.

You will find LED lights in either corner of the cam for low-light situations, and this makes the aerial vehicle more noticeable for security reasons.

The Elfie drone consists of a G-Sensor mode, a headless mode, a one-key return, and one key take-off feature. These different features help you fly it with less effort.

The altitude hold mode maintains the flying camera at a certain altitude. Therefore, you may then perform manual flight stunts like rolls and flips at that height.

Overall, should you are searching for a little drone that you can have with you or carry with quickly, then the Elfie model may be ideal for you.

Buyer’s Guide – Selfie Drones

The biggest concern most customers have when getting a drone to take selfies is a misunderstanding of how these drones function. If you check out this buying guide, it’ll be simple to choose the model which can last you a long period and take hundreds upon hundreds of selfies.

Reasons to Choose a Selfie Quadcopter

  • The great stuff about selfie quads is they are simple to fly; thus, you don’t need to be a pro pilot to get the maximum of them.
  • Next, the fairly selfie drones small design means the cost is not too huge either.
  • Selfie drone is an excellent first drone to have. If you wish to soak your feet into drones, the above options provide the ultimate experience.
  • These are a perfect solution for travelers. That is because the average selfie drone does not weigh much, thus use up a little room in your backpack.
  • Videos by a selfie drone can create your social media stick out. Your social contacts will be floored and may even think you are hiring an expert to shoot videos for you.
  • They assist us in recording moments of our life. Irrespective if it is just a peaceful day at the house or your close friend’s birthday celebration, you need to get that saved.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Selfie Drone?

Buying a drone that will fit all your requirements can be challenging, mainly if that requirement is for dronies. So, should you purchase a brand-new selfie drone listed below are some factors you should consider:


In case you want an excellent selfie drone, you are going to have to check out the features before other things first. Follow Me, Altitude Hold, and any type of picture stabilization capabilities are indeed what you need to be searching for straight away.

Design & Durability

You should select the design which best fits your demands. In some situations, it may be as level as a smartphone, while others are looking for anything foldable.

Agree, some of those selfie drones can damage if they crash or fall, both due to the height these are flown and the size. You have to discover those that can survive the scratching and tumbling. Ideally, it needs to supply an easy to carry and small case.


Another notable element of a great selfie drone is its size. Also, remember that many of today’s brand-new selfie drones are collapsible in a mean, whether merely by their props or whole props arms. Preferably, you should locate a drone that you can carry easily along with you.

Ease of Use

If having your selfie quad initiated, in the sky, and positioned correctly is a drawn-out, long process, then it is not the correct one to you. A few selfie drones shall perform basic moves and be handled with merely a phone and some simple touches. Others arrive with an application that makes for fast sharing and editing.


The most apparent one is the camera. In case you are going to capture excellent aerial videos and shots, your drone requires a top-of-the-line image sensor. Based on your price range, you should look ideally for stabilized cams that can record FHD or perhaps 4K images/videos.


Do not take image stabilization for easy, especially if you are thinking of creating video clips. The motorized gimbal is much essential than many of you assume. If you get a drone that doesn’t sport one, you are up for a tough time capturing anything decent.

Flight Time

If you are getting a selfie drone in that case, the range is not on your problem list. However, battery life is an entirely different tale. We do not have to tell you twice, which takes a terrible lot of period to get the ideal selfie. It is art! That is why anything below 10 mins is a total miss.

Collision Avoidance

Ramming your selfie quad is the final thing you need. So, spending on a device with the collision avoidance system is perfect. Drones that possess this feature cost more, yet the price is worthwhile the investment since it will decrease the odds of needing fixes to be done.

Precise Positioning

When going to remote locations, satellite positioning might not always be accessible, and your drone would be at risk of drifting. Not just can it be risky, but it is also no use for the ideal selfie. Go with a drone that comes with vision sensors and flies precisely in position, even with no GPS.


In under $300 section, you can buy a budget-friendly drone packed with useful features. These are not for pro vloggers. The picture quality isn’t on a level with more costly drones, and also you will probably be disappointed by the battery life.

In under $600 section, you can order a selfie drone that got superior quality build compared to the budget editions. They have foldable design plus a variety of excellent automated flight functions that are appropriate for selfie lovers.

In under $1000 section, you will notice the video and image quality is incredible, and you can fly for about 30 minutes. Also, you can expect smart flight features.

6 Tips for Taking Dronies Using Your Drone Selfie

Watch a compilation of cool dronies:

World's Best Ever Dronies (Drone Selfies)
  1. Choosing the ideal angle to your selfies will rely upon your specific drone and if it comes with a gimbal. Suppose it does not; you will probably have to change the angle of the camera beforehand. Suppose it does, you can change it as your aircraft is in air.
  2. Try to pitch the quadcopter away from you for some seconds and raise slowly. A few selfie drones come with built-in functions that will do this action on your behalf. It should lead to a professional-looking, smooth capture of your fascinating surroundings and yourself.
  3. Expensive selfie drones are built with GPS that brings an entire bunch of extra features you may have fun with. Cable Cam, Orbit, Follow Me, and so forth. Experiment with these, and we are confident you will find the optimum method to shoot selfies using your drone.
  4. Start by elevating the drone between 5-10 ft off of the surface. Then point the camera to yourself and make sure the desired backdrop is beside you. It is suggested to fix gimbal in a level position, so when it backs away, it records the horizon instead of the ground.
  5. When capturing a dronie, know that you only will be the centerpiece for a short time while the selfie drone zooms away and out, revealing your environment. Because of this, it is crucial to select a beautiful or exciting location.
  6. Regardless of how great you are in operating your drone or just how great a camera this has, the weather isn’t something you may control, hence simply choose to film only in good lighting and weather.

FAQ on Drones for Selfies

What is a Selfie Drone?

Selfie drone is a regular drone that often has functions or designed to use selfies for the full impact. They are made with selfies under consideration, having certain features, for example, facial recognition, to reduce the activity you are performing, whereby you are, to take the best possible shot.

What is the Minimum Operating Range for Selfie Drones?

When you are getting a drone purely for the reason of taking dronies, you shouldn’t be worried about the communication distance. Nevertheless, if you aren’t only keen on taking selfies yet have some aerial expeditions plans or exploration, then we recommend you to consider the range carefully.

Why Not Just Use a Selfie Stick?

Although selfie sticks are excellent accessories that could be utilized anytime and anywhere, yet it only offers a very narrowed FOV. The point of vantage is set at arm’s length by the user; also, it is hard to get much innovative with it. However, the selfie drone is a new tech that enables you to take shots from one of a kind aerial perspectives.

How Does a Quadcopter Take a Selfie?

The reply to this entirely depends on the selfie type desired and the drone used. In some situations, you will need to fly the drone, get it up towards a suitable altitude, focus it on you or the gang you are at, and then capture the selfies. Other UAVs are more automated and contain a selfie option to make capturing selfies simple for you.

How Will I Know If I’m in the Frame of Camera?

If you got a drone with no FPV system in-built, you would face a hard time knowing if you are in the camera’s frame. Having an FPV-ready multirotor, you can figure out when you are in the cam frame and look at what your drone cam is seeing.

How to Download Dronies Taken With My Drone?

Cheaper selfie quads, in most instances, supply you with an SD card port on the device itself, which is used to store media. On the flip side, also some products store them straight to your phone.

Are Selfie Quadcopters Permitted in Public Places?

Well, although drones are theoretically allowed to employ in public locations, there is yet some information on how to utilize them. Above all, you aren’t permitted to fly these anywhere close to the crowd. We strongly recommend visiting parks while in the early morning hours or beyond the peak visiting times.

Are Selfie Drones Simple to Use?

Yes! Virtually every selfie drones come under the beginner-friendly category, which means they are incredibly easy to use and intuitive.

Do I Need GPS and Altitude Hold on My Selfie Quad?

Although GPS isn’t an important function, it is yet a very crucial one with regards to selfie quads, which take advantage of GPS-based capabilities, including altitude hold. For that reason, we highly advise getting an aircraft with altitude hold and GPS functionalities.

Phone vs. Drone: Which is Right for Me?

The top drone cameras in models below ~$1000 are par with the cams in better smartphones on the marketplace today. You may appreciate a $500 quadcopter is yet will be excellent, but still not the greatest. A $100 quadcopter will be, most likely, not a unique camera experience.

Our argument is none will be better compared to a phone of the exact price. Nevertheless, should you are trying to enjoy flying and need great shots, well, then the drone is recommended.

Selfie Drone vs. Camera Drone: Which One Should I Get?

It is apparent that selfie drones and camera drones have plenty of overlap among these. Nothing is halting you from making use of a pro cinematography craft to take pictures of you. However, it is debatable if you can bring around a 20 pounds drone simply to take some pictures with your best friends.


And that is it – these are today’s best selfie drones on the market. We hope this guide has provided you with the details you have to realize before buying.

Trust us, each of the selfie quadcopters on our review today should function about as good as your phone, and is somewhat easier to capture selfies compared to your typical selfie stick.

What is your preferred drone to take selfies? Did we forget any top selfie drone reviews? Tell us in the comment section below.

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