Best Selfie Drone 2019 Reviews

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Taking pictures with your selfie stick or a smartphone is not always possible. You usually seem to overlook the best photos.

What if we told you there is a new method of taking a selfie from an entirely different angle?

With the best selfie drone, you do not have to stretch your hands to take pictures, nor do you require a stick to align your phone’s cam. Sounds awesome, right?

Welcome to our best drone for selfies 2019 review & rating. This guide is about the combination of two new trends, the drone world, and the selfie world.

We have hand-picked the best dronies that you can buy today, along with the reason why you shall consider them. In case, you are interested, keep reading and decide on your own.

taking selfie drone during barbecue party with friends

Selfie Drones – Comparison

 ModelCameraFlight TimeRangeOur RatingPrice on Amazon
DJI-Spark-Comparision-Chart-Entry-1DJI Spark12 MP16 Min2 KM5Check Price
DJI-Mavic-Pro-Comparision-Chart-Entry-2DJI Mavic Pro4 K27 Min7 KM5Check Price
Zerotech Dobby ChartZerotech Dobby4 K9 Min100 M4Check Price
Yuneec Breeze ChartYuneec Breeze13 MPUp to 12 Min80 M4Check Price
Hover Camera Passport ChartHover Camera Passport13 MP10 Min20 M3.5Check Price
3DR Solo Comparision Chart3DR SoloGoPro Compatible20 Min8 KM4.5Check Price

Top 6 Selfie Quadcopters

You can find a summary of each quadcopter in this article using the chart below.

dji spark follow drone

DJI Spark – The King

DJI Spark, Fly More Combo, Alpine White
In case, you are searching for a compact flying machine you can take everywhere, that nevertheless takes excellent video and photos we think it is one of the best drones for selfies out there.
  • It is small and even can launch from your palm. You can fly it using your smartphone, your hands, or buy a controller.
  • The video quality is excellent for the drone’s size, and it comes with a built-in gimbal in the front.
  • The main advantages the Spark drone got to offer is you could take selfies and photos just by waving to the device.
  • You will see they are very sophisticated that in several cases the aircraft feels like it is hovering itself and needs minimal effort from your part to make excellent shots.
  • QuickShots like Dronie, Helix, Rocket, and Circle also allow you to improve your selfies using great video effects.
  • With a lot of cool functions in a small bundle, Spark will make you think why you want your phone to take images if something that could fly is virtually the exact size.
  • For a pocket drone, the Spark by DJI prices in the higher spectrum end. Although they priced it a little too much, the advanced capabilities undoubtedly make up for it.
mavic pro drone being operated by woman at the sea shore

DJI Mavic Pro – Powerful, Lightweight, Capable Camera

dji mavic pro

If you are searching for an all-around excellent drone having a load of other features, take a look at the Mavic Pro.

  • Once you fold arms down the quad changes into a water bottle’s size, making for safer, easier transportation.
  • You may use physical actions to instruct Mavic to find you, focus you within the frame, then take a photograph of you. The flashing lights of drone show the timer is activated so that you could get ready with your hands-free once the multirotor captures.
  • It boasts a 27 minutes flight time and a 7 kilometers control range. It provides you with sufficient range and time to take your shots.
  • The quadcopter includes eight autonomous modes that ensure it is easy for you to get pro-level shots.
  • You will always remain in the frame, so you will not have to bother about your drone drifting into barriers when you and your buddies are posing.
  • The DJI’s Mavic is among the most innovative drones to hit the market to date. It can take breathtaking selfies right from the box.
  • Do not let the cost fool you. You are having plenty of specs and features that none other Unmanned aerial vehicle has; however the price is not possible for everyone.
dobby quadcopter takes off from hand

ZEROTECH DOBBY – Pocket-sized, Foldable, PalmLaunch

zerotech dobby

The ZEROTECH’s DOBBY is the ideal budget selfie quadcopter pick, without a doubt. This quadcopter contains everything you require to take great selfies.

  • DOBBY is a great little foldable quadcopter for getting pics of your surroundings and you. It seems like something from a Sci-Fi movie and packs a wallop for its dimension.
  • What we particularly love about this pocket drone is it is incredibly light in weight (just below 200 grams), plus the photos quality is pretty decent.
  • Also, you could synchronize the pictures to your smartphone with a single click, and social share them instantly.
  • Many smaller drones you will find are quite noisy. However, this one got close to no intruding sounds, and it is ideal for soaring in the calm outdoors.
  • The videos and photos are stored and recorded internally and will not need to get saved on your phone. A micro-USB slot enables you to download your material easily from the quad to your lap.
  • DOBBY is debatably the best pocket drone for the money today. This model comes loaded with capabilities you can find only on professional drones for example target tracking.
  • The flight battery is fixed at video capture of 9 minutes, not so great but in par with other best dronies on the market.
group of friends lying down on the beach while taking a dronie with yuneec breeze

Yuneec Breeze – Easy, Safe, Social

yuneec breeze

If you are searching for a quad that needs no previous flying know-how to rise in mid-air and take your photos, look no further than the Yuneec Breeze.

  • The biggest plus is the foldable props that make this a breeze to bring anywhere you travel. It even has a carrying bag, too.
  • The drone features a powerful 4 K camera that will take 13 MP stills. It ensures your videos and photos come out clear and crisp.
  • This package is sold with the XTREME VR VUE virtual reality headset to enjoy an FPV flight through your phone.
  • Also, you can download their app to fly the craft, edit videos and photos, and share these on social media instantly.
  • Fly by smartphone to access Follow-me and Orbit modes, and the Selfie mode to deal what you are here for now.
  • The Breeze from Yuneec has not classified a selfie type, but it functions just as good as one that is.
  • A few of the latest firmware updates often make it a bit unreliable. We recommend you do a quick research before choosing to upgrade the firmware.
family pose for hover camera passport drone photo inside home

Hover Camera Passport – Auto Follow, Portable, Safe

Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying Drone, 4k Video & 13MP Photography, Auto-Follow, & Facial Recognition
Well-protected, durable, folding, tiny enough to not require FAA registration plus some autonomous modes help make the Hover Camera an intriguing choice for your needs.
  • The Hover Camera Passport drone is a compact (under 250 grams) rig that can flip down to a book’s size.
  • Made from encased carbon fiber shape factors that assure you can securely grab it when it is in the sky to collect it without breaking it.
  • Just throw it in the air, and this will zip around, capture blur-free videos and high-quality photos.
  • Smartphone control enables you to personalize your captures and even shoot 360° panoramic videos.
  • The drone scans your face to the app and automatically locates you, tracks you, and films whatever you need, whenever you need.
  • It might be a self-portrait drone with an incredibly odd design, but you are getting a decent bargain. A few of the specs and features are too good for this world.
  • Because it is a reasonably brand-new drone that many users do not have, most of the standard specs are somewhat unclear. It makes it a minus as it could be a bet for some.
operator inspecting site flying with 3dr solo

3DR Solo – Best Value, Smart, GoPro Supported

If you are searching for a quad that can get selfies and got a ton of other features, consider the Solo by 3DR.
  • The drone enables in-flight entry for your GoPro cameras so that you can adjust camera controls, record, then stop recording when flying.
  • Solo also contains three autonomous modes – Cable Cam, Orbit, and Follow Me – that make it effortless for you to take excellent shots.
  • It is among the most technically advanced drones that you can buy. Also, it has reduced drastically in selling price.
  • Solo is a bit unique from the all other models in this list. They do not market it to be a selfie quadcopter instead sell like a drone with a camera.

Select Perfect Drone for Selfies


Price range and specs apart, if you need the best selfie drone, you will have to check out the functions before other things first.

Follow Me, Altitude Hold, and image stabilizing features are what you should look for right away. A few have facial identification features which give them the capability to focus your face on getting a crystal-clear selfie image.

Battery Life

Try to find one that contains a decent flight time to its name. Although, many of these get restricted by flight time. Considering that perhaps the best in our list cannot record a video for over half an hour, we hope the new entries in the drone world will deal with the problem.


What is the use in owning a selfie copter if the video camera sucks? Shop one that got a decent resolution at the least. A few of these versions have highly effective cameras that can capture videos and photos at the 4K quality.

To make sure your dronies stand out and are smooth, pick a drone that takes a minimum of 1080p videos at 30 FPS, and preferably with a gimbal.

It should end up in a professional-looking, smooth capture of your charming atmosphere and yourself. Also, these should have control keys that make getting videos and pictures as simple as possible.

Ease of Use

If having your selfie quad launched up, in mid-air, and positioned correctly is a drawn-out, a long process, then it is not the correct one to you.

A few selfie drones will perform basic things, and you can control them with merely a phone and some quick taps. Others have an app so you can alter a selfie then share it into social media instantly.


Ideally, you would like your craft to squeeze into your purse or backpack so that it is as hassle-free to take around like your phone. Drone companies have done it by producing mini-drones and relatively small folding drones.

Precise Positioning

When touring to remote locations, satellite positioning might not always be accessible, and your drone is vulnerable to drifting.

Not only could this be risky, but it is also not good for the ideal selfie. Try to select a drone which got vision sensors plus hovers in place precisely, even with no GPS.


These drones value from $100 all the way to 500 dollars and more, thus you are bound to pick one that meets your budget.

5 Tips to Take Cool Dronies

Excited to get your selfies? Make them great by following these five tricks:

Before you take selfies, know how to handle your quadcopter first until you are comfortable enough to perform it steadily and smoothly.

Then slowly progress to soaring it around while the video camera stays aimed at you. A few selfie drones come with built-in functions that can perform this action for you.

If your quad has a mechanical gimbal system, it is suggested to set it at a correct angle so when it flies off it records the horizon instead of the ground.

You understand how hard it is to take amazing selfies using a phone? Well, capturing dronies is much more challenging, mainly on your early attempts. However, do not get discouraged – carry on shooting.

Take plenty of images at different angles. It will provide you with more photos to choose between, and odds are you will find a few that are worthy of sharing.

Avoid mixing in with your site by deciding your outfit to the shoot in advance. It does not necessarily need to be stylish, but it has to be at colors that differentiate with your backdrop. It will make you even more noticeable in your selfies.
Probably the best stuff about taking pictures with a selfie drone is it provides your viewers a different sight of your place. Wow, your friends further by shooting your dronies in locations that look surreal from the aerial perspective.
Conversely, nothing spoils a selfie more than harsh climate. So, before you go out to take pictures; ensure you check out the weather updates for rain chances any time of your day. A stiff breeze might cause your machine to fly away once you let go of controls and lose track of its place.

Taking dronies is tricky, particularly when you are starting. However, if you follow these tips, you will soon end up doing it with ease.

Selfi Drone FAQ


What is the Difference Between a Selfie Stick and a Selfie Drone?

Although selfie sticks are great accessories that you can use anytime and anywhere, it only offers a very limited FOV. The vantage view set at the arm’s span from the person, and it is hard to get very creative with this. However, the selfie quad is a new tech that helps you capture photos from unique aerial perspectives.

What is a Selfie Drone?

Is a regular drone that either has features or designed to use dronies to the maximum effect. Instead of taking a pic of yourself using an in-hand camera, you operate your quadcopter to get it to you.

What is a Dronie?

The combo of ‘selfie’ and ‘drone’ has created a viral new sensation called ‘dronies.’ When getting dronies, you start with your close up and then gradually maneuver the aircraft away, taking the landscapes behind you.

How Does a Quadcopter Take a Selfie?

The reply to it depends entirely on the drone used, and the selfie type wanted. In some situations, you will need to focus it at on you or the team you are together with and after that take the selfies. Other UAV’s are autonomous and possess the power to record and follow you actively.

Smartphone vs. Drone: Which One Should I Get to Take Selfies?

The best cameras on quads under $1000 are on a level with the cams in better smartphones for sale today. You could appreciate a $500 quad is still will be fine, yet not the greatest. A $100 quad is likely to be, not an excellent camera experience.
Our point is nothing will be better compared to a phone of a similar price. But, if you are seeking to enjoy flying and also want great photos, drone option is the recommended.

Get in contact with us should you have questions that not mentioned in our FAQ’s section, and we will help you.

Be creative! Try something that not achieved in the past. Just keep in mind, there are countless opportunities with the dronie.

Final Words

Drones getting selfies look like the next huge thing. They take the entire selfie sport to an entirely new step with better specs, impressive features, etc.

So, there you go, the top drones for the selfie to buy. Irrespective of what type you select, each of the six models on our article today should work about as good as your phone.

Which is your go-to drone to take selfies? Did you try capturing dronies? What was your experience? Do not hesitate to drop your comment below, we will reply ASAP. So what are you waiting? Why Don’t You Check Comparisons & Also Get yours now!


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Top 6 Selfie Drones Models Reviews

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Top 6 Selfie Drones Models Reviews

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