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Best Drones for Beginners in 2023

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Best Drones For Beginners

Drones are not simply for professionals anymore.

If you are trying to find the best drones for beginners, you have landed on the right post.

You are reading this it is because probably you are a starter in the UAV field. We all need to start off someplace.

Your first quadcopter will provide you with your first experience of how easy (or hard) to fly.

While drones with cameras and drones for GoPro are the go-to choice, they are expensive.

Especially when you are first time learning how to fly a drone, you do not wish to sink thousands of dollars in an advanced UAV, just to find yourself crashing it straight into a tree and destroying it.

This guide reviews 15 beginner quadcopters for sale that provided the value for money, rather than one which will break your budget.

These best beginner drones with or without cameras are also top-rated, easiest to fly, cheap, and have a good flight time for their stature. 

Buying high-end photography or racing or perhaps stunt drone as your very first toy not always recommended.

New entry-level models are showing up in the marketplace almost daily. Thus some quality copters are now really easy to control that you will feel like an expert on your maiden flight.

If you are asking what is the best-selling drone for a beginner? These are our top picks assuming that you are starting out just now.

Ensure to click through to read the reviews or comments by others; you will find these extremely useful in your final decision.

Best Drones for Beginners Comparison

ModelFlight Time (Mins)Range (Mts)Charging Time (Mins)Indoor/OutdoorCheck Amazon
DJI Mini 23110000240BothCheck Price⇒
DJI Mini SE30400060BothCheck Price⇒
Ryze Tech Tello1310090BothCheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial 818 Hornet13-15150180BothCheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial AA108710060IndoorCheck Price⇒
Holy Stone HS1706-830-5045-60BothCheck Price⇒
Syma X5C750100BothCheck Price⇒
UDI U818A HD8-1050-10080OutdoorCheck Price⇒
DJI Spark16200052BothCheck Price⇒
Blade Nano QX815-2330-40IndoorCheck Price⇒
DBPOWER MJX X400W9100120BothCheck Price⇒
Hubsan X4 H107L710030-45BothCheck Price⇒
Hubsan X4 H107D715-3145BothCheck Price⇒
Force1 F100 Ghost19500120OutdoorCheck Price⇒
Cheerson CX-1044030-40IndoorCheck Price⇒

Best Beginner Drone Reviews

DJI Mini 2 – Make Your Moments Fly

Aerial game-changer, the DJI Mavic Mini had a long battery life, easy controls, and great footage, all in a small, foldable package. In addition to its many improvements to its previous model, the DJI Mini 2 offers some upgraded functionality that makes it one of the best beginner drones on the market.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 240 min

Flight Time: 31 Min

Range: 10000 M

DJI Mini 2 Featured


  • Convenient, compact drone
  • No registration needed
  • User-friendly flight controls
  • Some prosumer functions


  • Susceptible to strong winds
  • No follow me mode

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Gimbal technology allows for horizontal images and vibration-free recording at up to 4K resolution, along with various other features previously only seen on DJI’s prosumer series, such as panoramas.

It contains a completely new remote control, which offers a range of up to 6.2 miles (up to 10 km in FAA areas). This means you can safely fly the quadcopter in even 24 mile per hour winds without the drone losing contact.

It can also hover indoors without GPS thanks to a downward-facing camera and sonar range sensing system. In addition to this, a set of detachable propellor guards prevent accidents when flying close to obstacles.

It has GPS-based return to home and other pilot assistance features and includes ‘QuickShots’ that are easy to share. On top of that, it weighs less than 250g, which is the weight for pilot registration in the USA.

In the case when you’re planning to buy your first drone, yet you already know a lot about cameras, then the Mini 2 is a smart choice for you.

DJI Mini SE – Fly As You Are

Beginners searching for a crossover between the DJI Mini 2 and DJI Mavic Mini series should consider the next top recommendation: the Mini SE.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 60 min

Flight Time: 30 Min

Range: 4000 M



  • Combination of DJI Mavic Mini & DJI Mini 2 drones
  • Improved wind resistance
  • Super low cost, even for beginners
  • Foldable, compact design for easy carrying


  • Not available in Europe
  • The raw photo mode is not available

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This is the drone for you if you are on a budget and don’t care about raw pictures. We expect it to be available worldwide before long. Currently, it is available in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia.

The automatic QuickShots feature many striking orbiting and other spectacular swooping shots with your subject in focus, perfect for those not confident in flying and shooting video simultaneously.

Even this beginner model will probably achieve 30 minutes of flight time thanks to its intelligence in doing this through the main cam instead of adding extra scanners to the package.

However, even though the DJI Mini SE does not come with 4K recording, raw photos, and a maximum distance of 6.2 miles like the DJI Mini 2, it does offer a significant price discount.

In addition to getting a few of the great features DJI provides on their professional drones such as the Mavic, this model costs under $300, which is an excellent entry-level option for beginners.

Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Powered by DJI

With over 70% of the global share, DJI have kept its tech at the pro end of the industry. With Ryze, however, a partnership has resulted in Tello, a lightweight drone with high-tech components.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 90 min

Flight Time: 13 Min

Range: 100 M

A DJI Tello quadcopter with camera is in top of a table


  • Powered by DJI software
  • Highly affordable & VR compatible
  • Decent flight time for a beginner drone
  • Lightweight and responsive controls


  • No onboard SD card
  • Does not come with controller

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Tello comes with fun features such as the “Throw & Go” launcher and flips, and it also features Scratch, a block-based, simple coding language that allows anyone (including children) to have fun programming.

It beams 720p footage back to a mobile phone at WiFi distance (100m), or 5MP images, that are recorded via the app.

Additionally, the data link gives a battery warning, as well as allowing you to take off and hover the drone using the advanced 14-core processor & inbuilt sensor.

You can control it using your phone and Wi-Fi (Bluetooth controllers are also compatible, although the range is shorter), which makes it a lively and responsive flying craft.

The Tello, aside from small caveats, is an excellent affordable drone that can do the simple stuff well and looks well made compared to other cheaper models.

Altair Aerial 818 Hornet – A Great Beginner Drone

Overall, it is an excellent choice for anybody who is interested in basic photography in the $200 range.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 180 min

Flight Time: 13-15 Min

Range: 150 M

An adult is guiding a kid to fly an Altair 818 hornet drone


  • Much more sturdy even after several crashes
  • Effortless to hold in mid-air
  • Battery lasts around 5 minutes more over its predecessor
  • Three flight skill modes – for advanced users up to beginners
  • It gives you a go for your cash


  • The 2MP camera does not offer the quality of a high-end camera, yet for a novice, it is great fun
  • Slightly more costly compared to the AA108, but makes up with more flight time and range

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Our next favorite choice for the starter type is the Altair Aerial’s 818 Hornet. It is another excellent quadcopter for all levels of skill from the AA108 makers.

The drone includes everything you want to get videos and pictures right from the package. It even has thicker propeller guards and bigger landing gear.

You can enjoy a flight time of 15 minutes from one single charge that is almost unprecedented at this selling price. The spare battery provided for free can increase it.

You are receiving with it many beginners-friendly functions, like headless mode, altitude hold, and multiple flight modes. Perfect for those who wish to learn the art of flight more slowly.

Altair Aerial AA108 – For Young Drone Enthusiasts & Beginners

The conclusion is that it is an excellent drone for more advanced and beginner fliers alike and is lots of joy to fly.

Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor

Charging Time: 60 min

Flight Time: 7 Min

Range: 100 M

Altair AA108 is chosen as the best drones for beginners


  • Sturdy enough to endure some hits
  • HD camera ideal for taking pictures and videos
  • Three-speed levels – advanced, medium, and beginner
  • Ultimate wind resistance and excellent customer service
  • It had a significant price drop of late


  • A fairly brand-new product from drone startup, but the specs are too good for its size
  • Limited battery life, but you can double it with the spare battery supplied for free

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The AA108 from Altair Aerial brand is among the best consumer drones for starters and the ideal option to begin our beginner drone review.

It includes 3 flight skill modes that ensure you can grow and learn with your quad without needing to advance to an even more professional version.

If you have never flown previously, there is a wide range of functions like one-touch takeoff, headless mode, and altitude hold making it simple to control.

You can quickly get after-sale service or replacement parts if anything goes wrong. It makes this craft especially great if you are searching for a stress-buster hobby.

Holy Stone HS170 Predator – Good Choice for Drone Training

The Holy Stone HS170 is an excellent choice for anybody who is not 100% sure they can soar a drone properly.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 45-60 min

Flight Time: 6-8 Min

Range: 30-50 M

Altair AA108 is chosen as the best drones for beginners


  • Colorful LEDs
  • Low price
  • Headless mode
  • Well-built aircraft


  • 6 double A batteries needed
  •  A little more than an hour to charge

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Without a doubt, the HS170 Predator from Holy Stone brand is one of the best drone to gift for beginners – primarily since they created it as a trainer sUAS.

If you are seeking to get a rig on a tighter budget, in that case, it is a safe pick and packs a punch considering their short size.

It includes 3 different flight modes for learners on to advanced users. This one has a lot of speed, also is fun to pilot around.

It has a control distance of just below 50 meters as well as is windproof for a device of this small size. Also, it has wind resistors and protective bumpers that help you reduce the likelihood of breakage or crash.

Its handles got designed for easy to control, and you can hover for about 8 minutes or so on a single charge. You may fly several of these together due to the integrated anti-interference system.

Syma X5C – Top Pick for Built-in Camera

If you need a camera, plus trying to find a mini-drone at this price point that is a blast to fly, it is the quad you ought to buy.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 100 min

Flight Time: 7 Min

Range: 50 M

Syma x5c is bought by a parent is the best camera drone for your kid


  • Great for practicing your capabilities and learning
  • Larger size
  • Ready-to-fly right from the box
  • Simple to fly and very stable


  • Okay camera, yet it is what you might expect to have in this budget
  • No extra flight modes

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In our view, the Syma X5C is among the best drones for beginners you can get today. The main reason is that it is cheap, hence if you bang you are not risking a significant investment.

Another excellent thing regarding this product is it features a camera. Apparently, you will not get the high-quality pictures, but it is still decent enough for the cost.

Even if you are a total novice, you can learn the right way to fly outdoors, indoors, and train the necessary abilities. You could launch it out of your hand but still enjoy a steady flight due to its 6-axis gyroscope.

This model offers a battery life of around 7 minutes and a 50-meter control distance. It can get lower or higher based on how strongly you travel it.

UDI U818A HD – For Starter Drone

The UDI U818A HD is the right drone for dummies who would like to get used to flying. We love this specific package since it has all the things you require to take off your quad.

Indoor & Outdoor: Outdoor

Charging Time: 80 min

Flight Time: 8-10 Min

Range: 50-100 M

A Toy UDI U818A-HD drone is flown through an indoor of the house


  • A perfect aerial vehicle for amateur pilots
  • Unlikely to break on a crash with props
  • Effective motors
  • Stable outside flight


  • Size may make it difficult to carry without a drone carrying case or backpack
  • May get to drift during heavy winds

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Of all models on our list, the UDI U818A HD is among the most affordable camera drones for newbies. It is on the low-end when it comes to image capture ability and flight performance, but the UAV itself is superb for beginner pilots.

Its propeller protectors make it probably the sturdiest drones in this cost range. Thanks to the each of their four propellers that are surrounded by a durable plastic shield.

It has functions such as the standard six-axis gyroscope stability, HD camera, and a return to home function. You will like the “one-button flip” function on this quadcopter as well.

The charging times and flight duration are 120 and 7-9 minutes respectively, also the flight distance is of 98 feet or 30 meters.

DJI Spark – For The Novice Drone Photographer

The DJI Spark is a small, portable drone that fits in the palm of your hand. It’s a great drone for beginners, but it’s also powerful enough for more advanced users.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 52 min

Flight Time: 16 Min

Range: 2000 M

A white DJI Spark drone is sitting on a wooden table


  • Compact design
  • Gimbal support
  • High-quality camera
  • Autonomous flight modes


  • Plenty of features (can overwhelm a few beginners)
  • May turn out too quick for some rookie pilots

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Although it is not the cheapest of the models featured on this list, DJI Spark drone is their smallest and least expensive multirotor aimed at new pilots from their brand.

Approachable, simple, and fun, it is the ideal starter quadcopter.

It packs a punch along with DJI’s trademark technologies in a small bundle and so at a reasonably low price in comparison to all their other versions.

Also, it is swift to take flight, even though you have not flown a remote control drone before.

You can land and launch it right from your hands. You want to handle this thing using your hands to feel just how exciting and smooth it to fly.

There is no requirement to pair DJI Spark together with a mobile app or remote controller.

This flying machine gets about flight time of 16 minutes.

Also, comes with a 1080p high-definition camera for stills and video, and it sports a lot of the well-known DJI intelligent modes of flight.

Blade Nano QX – Cheap Indoor Drone

So, should you be a brand-new quad flyer, the Nano QX makes an excellent choice and delivers secure and stable flying.

Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor

Charging Time: 30-40 min

Flight Time: 8 Min

Range: 15-23 M

Blade Nano QX is an easy to fly drone for any beginner


  • Brushed motors
  • Built-in blade protectors
  • Responsive and simple
  • Two autonomous modes


  • Intended for inside use only
  • No special built-in tricks like rolls or flips

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The Blade is a well-recognized manufacturer in the personal drone market. The Nano QX RTF is an easy-to-fly and fun quadcopter for newer pilots.

You can turn quickly, climb, and fly around at a decent pace. It includes two modes of flight, Agility, and Stability. You can change between the both according to your flight choice.

As you can most likely collide quite sometimes as you learn the ropes, it also includes propeller guards. It uses SAFE® technology. It will help the quadrotor hover in position when you are not touching the sticks.

Flight duration is around 8 minutes, in level with other quadcopters in this price range and size and you could order spare batteries thus you do not need to wait around.

The supplied “Xbox” style transmitter has a 40 feet range, much shorter as opposed to what you would expect. Nevertheless, it is the highly stable quad in this collection.

DBPOWER MJX X400W – Budget FPV Drone

The MJX X400W is an excellent quad copter for those who wish to learn ways to fly, exercise their skills, moreover get the FPV experience.

Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor

Charging Time: 30-40 min

Flight Time: 8 Min

Range: 15-23 M

DBPOWER X400W is a great entry-level drone for a novice


  • Affordable first-person view experience
  • Headless mode
  • Little enough to journey outdoors and in
  • Surprisingly decent camera


  • Comparatively long charging time for the size
  • Not a familiar drone brand like the DJI, Hubsan, or Syma

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The MJX X400W by DBPOWER is the #1 best-seller on Amazon (at the time of writing) as well as one of many drones we suggest most to beginner pilots. It is among the least expensive ways of getting a bird’s-eye view too.

It has got a pretty amazing white underwater-stealth type appearance. Also, it is said to endure a beating in many reviews.

What is pretty impressive about it is that this one possesses an high-def camera that can stream video real-time, to your mobile device, that is sufficient to capture the photos you desire. Both Android and IOS operative systems will get supported.

With the 3D split display screen, you can utilize the virtual reality headset to view the earth in an entirely modern way. However, it does not come with the bundle but is extremely affordable too.

Hubsan X4 (H107L) – Mini Beginner Model

It is a beautiful little quad, plus one everyone ought to have. You just cannot go wrong getting this quadcopter.

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 30-45 min

Flight Time: 7 Min

Range: 100 M

A teenager is trying Hubsan X4 H107L as a new starter drone


  • Ready-to-fly out from the package with everything wanted
  • Durable one-piece main frame
  • It can execute acrobatic flips
  • Agile and fast


  • Battery life, because of the small stature is short
  • No blade protectors

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Looking to get a beginner quadcopter that is durable, cheap, and simple to fly? If so, choose no other than the X4 H107L by Hubsan. It is the palm-size rotorcraft that you could have a great time with outdoors or in.

It is pretty firm for the money, and a blast to fly all around. When the batteries get low, LEDs on the arms outside will start to blink making you know it is time to descend it.

There are 2 flight modes available in the X4 – Advanced and Beginner. Its advanced flight mode will let you perform rapid moves. Beginner flight mode is an excellent training wheel to get the hang of sticks in your initial flights.

It has a battery life of around 7 minutes, based on how you soar this learner drone. Also, it has a USB charger to connect it to your laptop itself.

Hubsan X4 H107D – Beginner Model for Under $100

Overall, it is a solid item from a famous brand, and you do not need to spend lots of money. All these stuff for below $100 – a good purchase!

Indoor & Outdoor: Both

Charging Time: 45 min

Flight Time: 7 Min

Range: 15-31 M

HUBSAN X4 H107D is controlled to learn to fly easily


  • An easy-to-learn transmitter
  • FPV technology
  • Offers the average 7-minute trip duration
  • Relatively quick charging time


  • May not include the blade bumpers as some other drones
  • Be careful of flying it in windy conditions

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A close relative to the X4 H107L is the Hubsan H107D. It is a drone at a cost-effective price tag that does an excellent job.

Although this quadcopter is not the toughest in existence, it will take a few hits. Ensure you put in the rotor guard, as it will support you much in the case of a crash. It also carries a camera which records in 480p and enables FPV flying.

It incorporates a PC to enable hold altitude to you and features a 4.3-inch display that got integrated into the controller itself. It comes with advanced and beginner mode to improve your abilities.

You can fly the X4 outdoor, indoor, and easy controlling make it an ideal learner unmanned aerial vehicle. It also got two LED light pairs making it easier to pilot at night.

Force1 F100 Ghost – Can Carry GoPro Cameras

If you are looking to get a drone which stays cool while you grow with the hobby, it is it.

Indoor & Outdoor: Outdoor

Charging Time: 120 min

Flight Time: 19 Min

Range: 500 M

Professional Force1 F100 Ghost photography drone is flying in the air with 1080p HD


  • Beginner safety functions included
  • Has a Go Pro add-on compatibility
  • Autonomous flight modes
  • Easy-to-learn handles


  • May not be adaptable with the latest GoPro camera models
  • It may sound too feature-packed for a new or first-time flyer

Read review (Click to Expand)

Force1 is slowly receiving status for making most of the best quads for starters who prefer a product that develops with them – thus it is easy to find why. In our opinion, it works the way any beginner drone must.

The F100’s sturdy build also shows that you may expect less call for upkeep. And with its four bumper guards, you also obtain added protection – a signature of the drone built for novices.

For the reason that 1080p camera mounted on the rig, you shall remove it to shoot still images and videos manually. Just keep in mind, it not gimballed, so do not expect DJI-standard video quality.

With a remarkable 19 minutes flight time, this model offers comparatively longer flights. What is more, the control distance is an impressive 500 meters. You can fly it in a windy climate and still make room for a cruise control flight.

Cheerson CX-10 – Nano Drone

Start with this CX-10 if you are a new pilot who is intimidated to hover larger models.

Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor

Charging Time: 30-40 min

Flight Time: 4 Min

Range: 40 M

A kid is holding a small budget cheerson cx 10 quadcopter


  • Affordable and safe for honing your flying expertise
  • 3-speed levels (high, medium, low)
  • Handle outside flight quite well
  • Could take a beating


  • Not so good in the breeze
  • Short flight period

Read review (Click to Expand)

Do not let its nano-size trick you – the Cheerson CX-10 is fun to take flight. It is a micro quad (about your palm size), making it perfect for inside flying.

The main reason it is on the list of best newbies drones is that it is so cheap. A few other causes are spare parts arrive cheap so swapping these is not an issue and can get charged in around half an hour with a good enough flight time of 4 minutes.

It can conduct 360-degree flips to all paths. You will not get out a lot of money in case you damage it. Anyways, you can acquire a propeller accessory to secure it if you crash.

We love the drone’s ease of use and simplicity. It is effortless to fly. Not to mention, it has a 6-axis gyroscope for an easy maneuvers control and stable flight.

Beginner Drone Buyer Guide

Pros and Cons of a Beginner Drone

Upon checking the above reviews, your desire for owning one may start to increase. Therefore, here are a few of the benefits and drawbacks of having a beginner drone:


  • A perfect choice in case you are trying to learn how to pilot a drone. It is intended to educate you on how to handle the quadcopter for a higher flight.
  • Provided that you maintain your expectations a bit less, you might come out okay and have a thing to zip around that you will enjoy.
  • Flying them in a tiny area or indoors is very entertaining. Also, some will allow you to hover outdoors in mild winds.
  • Crashing and flying the smaller units will also provide you with a good impression of safety, emergency maneuvering, and repairing. All crucial topics you could apply to handling larger machines.
  • Let us advise anyone who believes “you receive what you spend on” that UAVs do not always are like it. You can still get a decent experience with smaller, less advanced units that are not expensive such as the DJI or Yuneec quads built for outdoor purposes, unlike its indoor counterparts.
  • Some have inbuilt cameras and will do stunts which you may have to test on your own. While gimbals and cameras are great functions, those are not essential to getting the hang of flying quadcopters.
  • They are an excellent learning device to grow your hand/eye balance.
  • They are lightweight and often created using durable plastics thus you do not have to bother about ruining it the very first time of flying.
  • Also, there are different systems integrated into every quad. Such devices can assist you along with the necessary learning of their controls.
  • What we like very much in this drone level is how good it reacts to inputs and simplicity of use.


  • Even suppose it is first quad of yours some models may require registration with FAA.
  • If you expect to fly outside, mini drones are often harder to operate because of wind.
  • In case, you do bust something, parts or kits for the beginner drones might prove hard to locate.
  • A small quad is often low-priced, but do not offer the features or flying capabilities of high-end models.
  • Longer charging period and short flight period.
  • These drones are small in size, therefore do not check to see just how far and high they can go. Only go as far off as you would willing to fly.

8 Considerations When Buying Your First Drone

As a novice, you should look at many factors before buying your first drone. It is just a single step of selecting what concerns you. Below are a few main things that should get considered:

Ready to Fly From the Box

Always consider an RTF quadcopter when buying one the first occasion. Meaning charge it, switch it on, then it flies. Try to avoid the BNF versions that are available.

The main thing is to fly slow and steady when you initially get one from the package and not to let it become a speed contest. Although you may operate it right out from the pack, the batteries will probably not come fully charged.

Size & Weight

The dimension of the quad counts. Most beginner models are within the scale of one-foot by one-foot squares. Such small copters will usually fit in your palm.

Kids quadcopters are also far lighter compared to larger ones. It will often weigh below 50 grams.

Relatively Stable and Easy to Fly

Are you holding off your intro into the micro RC craze since you think they are too hard to fly and not affordable? Now, good news.

You want a simple to fly quad, that will take flight for so long as one would like it because you are going to find still it tricky to keep it down.

Given these models were created for newbies, they are quick to fly and relatively stable. Features like maneuverability are crucial for people who have got no experience controlling a drone.

Personal Preference

Do not just get what all others are buying as they said it is the ultimate. We think the choices add up to your preferences plus what you want from a quadcopter.

As your initial one, you must choose the model which you never will regret later. It should become anything that you should take pride and eagerly showcase in a display in your house.

Just because you are a beginner, it does not mean you cannot fly expensive products. If you have got the money and feel confident, do it.


Buying costly drones that come with multi-functional capabilities is great, yet can you hover them? Being a beginner, your chance of ramming it straight into some wall or pole is pretty higher, and it will make these multi-functional features worthless.

It is a smart plan to buy an easy to fly, the budget model under $50, $100 or $200 first. If you are just learning the right way to soar any quadcopter. Or are not 100% sure if this hobby is seriously for you.

Use this model to learn the art of flying, and the principles of flying a live one. Once your level of skill increased, you may move ahead to a much more advanced model with GPS or possibly an HD GoPro video camera.

Availability of Spare Parts

Remember this first UAV is merely your practice tool. Let us face reality; you are going to smash your quad at a certain point and snap something. However, do not sweat it should you do collide, because that is part and parcel of your learning experience.

Having inexpensive replacement parts on hand is essential. When getting started, we would recommend a backup battery and spare propellers set.

If it is a reliable company like Hubsan or Syma, there are spare parts which are accessible for purchase. As a result, you will not have to order a new one.


Another critical thing to take into account is in which place you would take flight your first drone. No matter it fails within the first 60 seconds or remains with you till you have mastered the quad piloting art.

Outdoor is the ideal location that you may think, but a few models are sensitive towards the wind based on their size and structure. So, an indoor room can also regard a good option for you.

Flight Time

Flight time for us is not a significant matter because of extra batteries to the smaller quads getting so economical. Do not expect to get an hour of flight and fun on your earliest quadcopter, as you will just get minutes from it. You ought to know that most remotely piloted systems will only travel an average 5- 10 minutes.

Also, charging period is a concern for beginners because they should wait for a long time merely to pilot for an extremely short span. You can buy spare batteries or just opt for a basic model, and you are fine.

We have provided you a quick idea of features to consider when selecting a quadcopter which you need to enjoy around.

5 Things To Know Before Buying A Drone

Drones are very useful in aerial photography, racing events, sports, travel photography, aerial video filming, etc.

It has become usefulin various fields that require an aerial shot. It also very popular these days and it can be seen in televisions,the Internet, etc. Owning one is really exciting.

Because of the variety of drones in the market these days, a lot of factors and features have to be considered before buying a drone that will truly satisfy your needs.

But how will you select the right drone for you?

Here are some things you ought to know before you can finally decide which drone to buy:

It should be easily controlled

This is the first thing to consider in choosing a drone because most of them are very difficult to control. A small computer (flight controller) is placed inside it to keep it stable.

By comparing their prices, one can observe that usually, the more expensive a drone is, the more comfortable it is to control it.

Know your dronespeak

It is important to familiarize yourself with some acronyms like RTF, BNF, and ARF because it will be helpful in knowing what model to buy.

  • RTF stands for “Ready-To-Fly.” This means that there’s no need to assemble the drone except for some parts such as its propellers, and making sure the battery is charged, among others.
  • BNF stands for “Bind-And-Fly.” This means that the product is a complete set except for its transmitter. You may choose your own transmitter but always keep in mind which transmitter is proper to use.
  • ARF stands for “Almost-Ready-to-Fly.” Not all drones are ready to take flight. This means that additional items are needed before you can use it. A kit of additional items includes ESCs (electronic speed controls), motors, and batteries.

Be ready to invest

To have a better experience in having your own drone, you must be willing to invest more money in it.You are asking me how much? Well that depends on how crazy you are.

Check out our reviews to know what is the bestest fit for your need.

Do thorough research

To understand the different parts of a drone, a complete research must be done. Knowing more about its parts will help you knowwhich one to buy. Moreover, by being knowledgeable about which drones are highly recommended, you will not have to buy a replacement or backup drone just because the one that you bought got easily broken. Just read through all our stuff.

Buy a good controller and charger

It will be worth it to buy a really good controller because it normally lasts for more than 10 years.It will not affect the transmitter because a transmitter is removable, which makes upgrading easily done in the future. Similar to a controller, a battery lasts for a couple of years or more. This is another reason why it is better to also buy a good charger. Some chargers are not as reliable as others because some batteries take more time to charge. You must also consider the size of the drone you will buy. A bigger drone requires a bigger battery.

Find the right place to buy

Choose the right store from whom you will be buying your drone. Despite the number of stores available, only a few are reliable when it comes to drones.

Be a part of a drone community

Join a community of the same interest. Several forums about drones are found on the Internet. This is where you can see answers to your drone problems.

Consider these things when you buy your own drone to enjoy your experience of having one!


Thanks a lot for taking the time to learn about these beginner drones. You indeed cannot fail with any one of them; furthermore, they each come with their list of positives and negatives.

We would love to know what you think on which ones you chose to buy. In case, you are still unable to pick the best drones for beginners, go ahead to leave your comment below so we can do our maximum to help you out.

My Dear Drone Team believes you have found this buying guide helpful and do not forget to spread it on your preferred social channels. Believe we missed an excellent one? Inform us.

58 thoughts on “Best Drones for Beginners in 2023”

  1. I already bought a beginner drone just one week before reading this website page. It looks like I bought one that is not on the list.

    It’s the DJI Tello.

    • Hi Mohammad, Thanks for stopping by to convey what beginner drone you bought. DJI Tello is an excellent drone for beginner pilots and has super cool features you will only find on expensive models. We coincidentally thought of including Tello to this list in the next update, so don’t worry, you bought the right product only. Also, we have a separate review for DJI Tello, which you can find in the menu under Brands > DJI Drones tab.

  2. Good information still not decided but I will continue to read articles until I find right quad need something to handle wind on a beginners lev

    • Dear Earl, thanks for your comment. Make sure you read other articles on our site as well and who knows you may find your ideal model. Usually, you cannot expect excellent wind resistance on a beginner quad.

      However, high-end models such as Yuneec Typhoon and DJI Inspire do possess strong windproof abilities. Since you are working on a beginner level, we would recommend the 3DR Solo drone. It is not expensive, easy to fly for beginners, and has a decent ability to withstand moderate winds both indoors & outdoors.

  3. Hi there! This blog post could not be written any better!
    Going through this post reminds me of my previous roommate!
    He continually kept preaching about drones. I will forward this post to him.
    Pretty sure he’s going to have a good read. I appreciate you for sharing!

    • Wesley, we feel very honored with your words. Its comments such as this keep us motivated. We are pretty sure your roommate will love this piece of content. Let us know what he thinks after reading and if possible share this with your other friends or family members too.

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  7. Yes, all these are a beginner friendly drone. I can recommend the Force F100 ghost because I am using it personally. But I will recommend one more drone, Drone X Pro, which is also beginner friendly and budget friendly too. I am going to purchase that one also for giving a try. I will leave feedback after using it.

    • Hi Deepak,

      Thanks for sharing your insights. We checked out the Drone X Pro, but it seems to be a DJI Mavic Pro clone and is very cheap compared to the real deal. Anyways, as you said share your experience with this drone once you are up and flying.

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  9. Why is the Altair Aerial AA108 on this list? This thing is absolutely terrible. It is difficult to pair with a phone (if you are lucky enough to get it paired at all). Customer service is indeed great but ‘ultimate wind resistance’? That must be a joke. The -slightest breeze- makes this drone impossible to control. This drone is ok for playing around indoors, can fly outdoors if there is ZERO wind, none, no breeze, nothing otherwise you will not have an enjoyable experience. The camera is bad and pretty much useless, I do not know why they bothered to even put a camera on this drone. If you like frustration then buy this drone, for everyone else I’d suggest buying something else.

    • Hi Arne,

      Thanks for sharing your insights. We chose the Altair Aerial AA108 for several reasons. You can check the “Altair AA108 Videos” section from their website if you are unsure about the pairing. They got some other cool instructional videos by Matt Cookson, Founder himself as well.

      As you said, their customer service is probably the best if not the benchmark among so-called market leaders. What we meant by ultimate wind resistance is not to say you can expect the stability of high-priced drones. It does take a dip outdoors in moderate winds but proves a more than handy craft to master the art of indoor flight.

      Of course, the camera will be nowhere near to the quality one expect because it is a beginner model and comes at a fraction of cost compared to its professional counterparts. Basically, the camera is fitted to provide a beginner or new pilot a sense of experience how drone cameras work so they can get familiar with basics rather than directly testing it with a high-end drone.

      As long as you keep your expectations and demands reasonable (considering the low price point), it will be your go-to option to test the waters before upgrading to something more advanced.

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    • Hi Sateesh,

      Nice to get a token of appreciation from a person of your caliber and expertize. We are happy to hear that our article helped you big time to decide. Of course, we’ll be writing more exciting content soon and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to not miss the fun. DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ is an excellent investment considering you are involved in the camera rental and photography business. Basically, you can use it for different purposes like giving it for rent on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis or doing commercial aerial photography or videography with it.

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    • Hey Katie, it’s nice to see you commenting. We just looked at your travel website, and it is excellent. Coming back to your comment, it’s not a surprise your husband loves flying drone as long as he doesn’t crash it straight into a pool or wall. That’s the last thing you do not want to be at, but then again everything will be all right with basic control training. Yes, all these models get handpicked by our experts, so you are rest assured not to get nervous when next time your husband take flight up in the sky.

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    • Hi Rajju, that’s some positive words. We basically write content only after several hours of background study and in-depth research. That’s why our articles are relevant and answers to the user’s queries in a structured manner.

  15. I’m buying my boyfriend a drone for his 19th birthday and this made my decision so much easier! I’ve been looking for over a month now and I wish I’d found this article earlier, super concise and includes everything you need to know thank you!

  16. I want a drone for my 11-year-old. Don’t want something that will tear up 1st time she uses it but doesn’t want to spend $200.00 either. She wants to use it outside to take pictures with her iPhone. Can you recommend something good for her! Thank you so much!!

    • Hi Kim,

      Thanks for your comment. As a parent, getting your kids a drone not only offers fun but also help them with STEM education.

      Judging from your requirements, you seem to understand your daughter’s needs better. If your primary goals are durability and affordability, look for models within the $50 to $100 range. Do not go below that as most of the nano and micro-drones are not that durable and only suitable for indoor use.

      Right off the bat, we can recommend to you DBPOWER X400W, Holy Stone F181C, Syma X5C-1 Explorers, or the UDI U818A-HD. These are perfect models to learn the ropes without breaking the bank. Just keep in mind the limited distance these models have, and after all, you do not want your daughter to fly the drone in heavy wind outdoors.

  17. I am searching for a good decent drone for my boyfriend. He is 42 years old and is a beginner. He wants to use the drone for taking videos and photos of our new property. We have about 95 acres. It is pretty windy where we are so I need to find a durable drone that can tolerate higher wind speeds without affecting video or photographs. I am looking into this one, Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone, D80 with 1080P Camera Live Video and GPS Return Home, Strong Brushless Motors, 25 mph High Speed 5.0GHz Wi-Fi Gyro Quadcopter with Compact Suitcase. Do you have any opinions or concerns?

    • Hi Jody,

      Sorry for the delayed response. We were caught up with site maintenance.

      You picked the right holiday gift for your boyfriend. Considering his age, he would be okay enough to handle a drone despite being a beginner.

      With the luxury of space you got, doing aerial photography and videography is never really going to be a problem as long as you comply with FAA rules & regulations.

      For your scenario, we would not recommend most of the models in this list as these meant for indoor use only. If you need a durable and wind-resistant drone, look for either intermediate or professional line of drones. We do not advise mini or nano types because even the slightest breeze can blow them away thus resulting in poor-quality captures.

      Yes, your Potensic quadcopter pick seems an excellent solution for your requirements. It has all the specs from HD camera, GPS functions, high-speed flight, wind resistance, powerful motors, and a compact carrying case.

      We have been writing a review on the Potensic T25 Drone which is pretty similar to the Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone. From our experience, Potensic company provides excellent customer support as well.

      However, while we agree Potensic GPS FPV RC Drone is good as it is; there are always better options from the market leaders such as DJI, Yuneec, Parrot, and Holy Stone. Models wise, DJI Mavic Air, DJI Mavic 2 Pro, Yuneec Typhoon H Pro, Parrot Bebop 2, and Holy Stone HS100 would be best bets for you. But, keep in mind these are little expensive than the drone you have in your mind currently.

      We hope this information helps. Feel free to share with us what drone did you picked after reading this comment. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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      Not to mention, we update articles often to maintain the accuracy of information posted. You can check out the “How We Review” page (you can find it on the menu) for more details.

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      This beginner drone topic has been one of our most read ones so happy that you are also one of them. Also, feel free to check out our other articles if you have an interest.

  24. Greetings! I’m thinking in buying a drone for my husband for Christmas. He loves aerial pictures and since we live in Tuscany, he would have a blast taking pics and videos…however, we’ve never owned a drone before. What would you recommend I purchase without breaking the bank, “for a beginner” that can take pictures and videos and doesn’t end in the bottom of a clif in our village:)
    Thank you

    • Hi Monica, sorry for the late reply. We were caught up with the site maintenance. It is indeed an excellent idea to present your husband with a drone especially with the holiday season around. Nothing makes a man happy than hovering that little drone around Christmas tree.

      Tuscany is a great place to live in and as you said a perfect location to do aerial photography and videography. We have been there once as a part of our drone expedition throughout the world.

      Coming back to your question, you already seem to understand what you need. Start with a mini-sized drone that has beginner-friendly features and a decent camera. Right off the bat, we can recommend you the best-selling SYMA X5C or the new Altair AA108.

      Both these drones are apt for your scenario and of course, will not get stuck in the cliff of your village. We also encourage you to do your own research before deciding and ensure to consider all the models in this list as these are hand-picked by our team for beginners.

      Apologize for the lengthy reply just want to make sure you have a solution to your problem. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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    • Hello Brian, thanks for stopping by to share your experience with us. We are mostly ranking on Google, but gradually improving SERPs on Yahoo as well. That is the reason why we think you might not have noticed it in the first place. Comments such as this encourage us to grow shoulder to shoulder with our audience. Of course, feel free to bookmark the site to check back for future updates.

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    • Lilian, you are most welcome. It is our pleasure to help you out on this occasion. We hope you enjoy your stay here.

  27. I am considering buying a small drone for my sister this Black Friday. Your list is pretty thorough and offers great insights. Thanks!

    • Hello Sharjeel, you must be a good brother. Nothing gets better than buying a drone for your sister that too in this Black Friday. All the models in this list are perfect for your scenario. But, we recommend you to wait until the end of this month to take full advantage of the big price slashes some mini-drone manufacturers offer. Watch out for our Black Friday & Cyber Monday pages for more information.

  28. Sick! review thanks alot for your effort.

  29. Want to drone for Christmas so on my off days I can have something to do think this will be a fun hobby. But didn’t realized that it’s more to this than just driving a remote control car lol. What would be a good one for a young lady who interesting in learning something new?

    • Hi Shamillah,

      Thanks for stopping by. You are right! Flying drone is a great way to have fun in free time. Nothing gets better than zipping one around your Christmas tree.

      It is true that flying a drone is not as easy as driving an RC car. There’s more to it but hey we are in the internet age, and there is a solution for everything.

      We have already planned to write an article on “How to Fly a Drone” so will let you know once it gets published. In the meantime, you can watch some other YouTube videos on mastering the art of flight.

      As you are just starting out, we would recommend any one of the models from this beginner drones list. All these models are ideal for your situation. If we had to pick one, it is Holy Stone HS170 (reviewed above). It obviously flies excellent, stable, wind-resistant, has decent flight time for the price, and more importantly cheaper.


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