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Earning Disclosure currently has affiliate relationships, where we will receive a small referral commission from purchases through our affiliate links.

We primarily get commissions from Amazon however if we receive commissions from any other company then we will update this page.

Important Facts

These affiliate commissions don’t affect or increase the original price of the products.

We merely get a small percentage of the actual amount (usually 3-8%).

Why We Do It?

There are 3 main reasons

  1. There are costs associated with maintaining this website where it requires a domain, technical maintenance, SSL certificates, hosting, premium plugins, and themes.
  2. To purchase the drones and other accessories to review it.
  3. To have a small physiological factor to tell me that I am getting something in return for all the hours I have invested in this website.

Our Promise

We will always be objective & unbiased in all our ratings, reviews, and comparisons, whether we have an affiliate relationship with a particular brand or not.

Our Goal

Our goal is to evaluate the quality and value of drone and accessories by analyzing its features, pricing, competition, verified customer reviews, third-party authority feedback, and other relevant data points.

When appropriate, we will suggest alternative products in our guides that we feel are a better value.

When specific models or brands are on sale and discounted, we try to bring that to the user’s attention.