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Drone Uses – What are their Applications & Purposes?

Drones have turned into popular flying machines in recent years all over the world.

They get used for different uses in various areas, and what is more, there’s no end for their applications.

Sometime soon, they will include even more possibilities. However, for now, let us show you some very basic drone uses.

Note we will update this list often if we find any new applications or uses of drone.

What is a Drone Used for? and it’s Usage & Uses

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Drone Racing

As a hobby, drone racing continues growing worldwide for some years now. Lots of people are getting quads to race. It is just like video game race except you face real-life scenarios plus you are managing a real one.

drone are used for racing competitions
  • A lot of hobbyists are now getting into this hobby and following up it like a sport.
  • You would want an agile quad that can do acrobatic movements and sudden turns.
  • Among the well-known FPV gear uses is for quadcopter racing.
  • The moment racing kick-off and your racer dashes, you are going to find out what it sees while it slowly ascends in mid-air.
  • Clubs are in operation across Europe and America, contesting such racing in abandoned warehouses, fields, and even forests.

Aerial Photography

It is, in fact, one of many first known drones applications. Aerial photography use of quadcopters gaining steady energy and has turn into the trend of the 21st century. It can get used in several ways to take photographs and videos.

quadcopters are popular for taking photos from the sky
  • With regards to commercial quadcopters for aerial photography, they feature a short-range and can hover merely some minutes.
  • You can capture the fascinating images and shot clips of high-quality in the air without the massive budget.
  • Due to improved technology, most multirotors are now well-equipped to carry big camera gear.
  • They have cool features, and they are cheaper compared to larger models.
  • With the real-time Wi-Fi streaming features, you entitled to have the first-person view of your drone’s movements.


Military usage of drones become the principal use in today’s world. It has a vital role in the armed forces globally. Eventually, they can gather all the info an army demands. So, spy satellites and spies are not required anymore.

armed forces use uav
  • Advanced unmanned aerial vehicles employed in the army which will get operated from a considerable distance to get to remote locations.
  • Best mini and Nano sUAS used in smaller tasks and spying.
  • They built with missiles and weapons, so they used at tactical strikes or when dispatching human fliers is risky.
  • UAVs from this category can fly as much as 30,000 feet above sea level as well as they can stay in the sky over 36 hours.
  • Recent studies estimate global militaries are going to shell out $70 billion for unmanned aircraft systems by the year 2020.


Drones on agriculture are a big boost to farmers. These are high-tech solutions that will do things farmers cannot. Agricultural usage of this technology can make up 80 percent of the industry.

drones are vastly used in farming and agriculture
  • With the support of the equipped infrared sensors, you could check the state of these plants and farmers can act so.
  • They can do this study at low-cost with no effects on the surrounding areas or the fields.
  • Also, they can get used to help a farmer measure how quick their plants are growing in remote fields.
  • Industry insights anticipate the agriculture market the biggest drone’s user in the United States and the 2nd largest in the civilian world for the next five years.
  • With GPS feature, they can get used to taking livestock to pasture and keeping your herds together.


The media world has conquered the concept of utilizing drones to their maximum extent. Gone are those days when journalism got done in a typical way and had limited scope. Thanks to the professional models, top media companies including many news outlets and businesses use this nifty little equipment in their daily operation.

how does the media and news utilize quadcopters
  • The potential of it to reach areas where reporters could not access.
  • The power to gather information and footage for use on the live broadcast.
  • Journalism is way more affordable when done with drones compared to hiring expensive cameras or perhaps an actual helicopter.
  • It offers various views (perspectives) into a recorded event which you tend to miss out with a naked eye.
  • Most of the models used in this field can fly for longer duration and capture HD photos and videos from breath-taking heights.

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