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Best 7 Drones under $200 in 2023

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Best drones under 200 dollars

Are you searching for the best drone under $200 on the market? Then, you landed on the right page!

You do not have to spend much on a quadcopter.

You will find different cool things to buy with 200 dollars. In this buyer’s guide, we will cover top 7 best drones under 200$ from which you may select one.

They are cheap enough thus you are not spending a fortune, but also they have some advanced features which the more costly models include.

Once you finish reading this article, we are confident you will be clear on what the one you need to buy.

How we picked affordable drones: It is a good question. First, we determined the main functions that decide if a UAV is excellent or not. Next, we viewed many references to learn what are the top among this set. Then we analyzed each one to confirm that these are indeed the best drones under 200.00 dollars. Last, we filtered those having the highest ratings in customer reviews. It helped us discover the greatest of these all.

Best Drones under 200 Comparison

ModelCamera QualityFlight (Mins)Range (Meters)Best SuitedOur RatingCheck Amazon
Holy Stone HS110D720p10100Overall5Check Price⇒
Holy Stone HS5104K16800Adults4Check Price⇒
Altair Aerial 818 Hornet720p15150Kids4.5Check Price⇒
Holy Stone F181W720p7-1050-100Beginner4.5Check Price⇒
DJI Tello5MP / 720p13100Kids4Check Price⇒
Potensic T251080p10300GPS4.5Check Price⇒
Altair Aerial AA108720p10100Indoor4Check Price⇒

Drones under 200 Dollars Reviews

It is difficult to find the top products in today’s market, so we have done the hard work for you.

We have tested several quadcopters under $200 then narrowed it to the best 7 of the drones for sale below $200.

Holy Stone HS110D – Top Overall Pick for $200 Drone

It is simple to fly, will perform lots of stunts and has a superb high-definition camera. What else do you require from the best cheap camera drone under 200 bucks?

Camera: 720p

Best Suited: Overall

Flight Time: 10 Min

Range: 100 MT

Holy Stone HS110D is photographed in a black background with smoke shadow


  • Trusted Company
  • Live HD Footage with Lower Latency
  • Easy to Take Flight for Beginners and Kids
  • Can Perform 3D Tricks and Flips
  • Lots of Spare Parts and Accessories


  • It Takes 120 Minutes to Charge

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It is MyDearDrone’s most favorite RC aircraft out there under 200 dollars. Read the description below to understand why.

​The Holy Stone HS110D featured at Amazon as the #1 best-selling item in the pre-built drone section, meaning it is people’s choice.

You will get a 120-degree FOV camera along with the 720p resolution. Together with the superior gimbal dial function and the camera, you will receive HD and high-quality videos and pictures.

You install an application on your smartphone, and you may view the real-time video clip from there. Also, you can watch the video stream live on a Virtual reality (VR) headset.

It has a one-touch start and stops button which should make your flight experience very smooth. Also, there is an altitude hold function that will maintain the drone flying even if you do not touch the remote controller.

There is a gravity sensing mode in the mobile application that will enable you to control the drone by tilting your phone in your palm.

Holy Stone HS510 – Our Second Best Pick

When it comes to learning how to fly a quadcopter, the Holy Stone HS510 is the best option for people who don’t want to spend too much cash.

Camera: 4K

Best Suited: Adults

Flight Time: 16 Min

Range: 800 MT

Holy Stone HS510 GPS Drone


  • High-quality 4K camera
  • 32 minutes flight time with two included batteries
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Smart flight modes


  • The camera has only one-axis gimbal stabilization
  • It should provide greater control stability

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It is a camera-equipped drone featuring an Ultra HD 4K camera having a 120-degree wide FoV. This camera can take crystal-clear video, and it can record 4K videos at 16fps or 2.7K footage at 25fps.

The HS510 remote controller is compact and stylish. The LCD screen shows vital in-flight details, including the status of the battery, plus the drone’s altitude and distance. Using 2.4 GHz low-latency frequencies can keep a drone’s connection over a distance of up to 600-800 meters.

It is powered by a 7.6V 1500mAh Li-Po battery, providing 16 minutes of flight time on a full charge.

While it’s not exactly market-leading, the battery performance is better than a few of the competition’s beginner-friendly drones. You’ll be pleased to hear that your drone comes with not just 1 but 2 rechargeable batteries, even if you push it to its limits.

Once the battery runs out of power, it takes 150 minutes to recharge. When you want to keep flying, that could be a long time to wait. Fortunately, spare batteries are available, and it’s always possible to get the third one.

Altair Aerial 818 Hornet – Best Value Pick

Just scraping in at under $200, Altair 818 Hornet is one of the best options on this list. This drone is refreshingly easy-to-fly and user-friendly for kids and adults.

Camera: 720p

Best Suited: Kids

Flight Time: 15 Min

Range: 150 MT

Altair Aerial 818 Hornet


  • One-touch landing and takeoff
  • Excellent for all ages
  • 3 flight modes providing different speeds
  • It has bigger prop guards for greater protection


  • Quite easy to be blown aside by even a moderate wind
  • The camera can be better

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This drone has a mobile application known as Flyingsee, which you must download once you have assembled all of your drone components. To sync the drone with the software, all you should do is switch on the quad, link it to your WiFi, and click a switch.

The drone can fly for up to 15 minutes on one battery charge. Due to the additional battery, you can continue flying the quadcopter for twice as long. However, you will want to get your own 4 AA batteries to the controller.

This larger drone could be a great starter RC quad for all age levels. While the drone doesn’t arrive with a carrying bag, it includes an affixed handle so you can easily take it around with not much hassle.

When you get this drone, it arrives with a useful small cardboard sheet to put over your transmitter that describes how each component and button works.

It comes almost ready to fly out of the package. You will have to install the landing gear, propellers, and large cam unit using a screwdriver (not provided), but it will be fairly simple if you utilize the included guidelines. This whole thing only lasts around 15 minutes.

Holy Stone F181W – Camera Drone Under 200

It is simple to fly, will perform lots of stunts and has a superb high-definition camera. What else do you require from the best cheap camera drone under 200 bucks?

Camera: 720p

Best Suited: Beginner

Flight Time: 10 Min

Range: 100 MT

Holy stone F181W drone is flying which is bought for 200


  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • Easy for Beginners and Kids
  • An Adjustable LED Lighting Unit
  • One Key Return Home Feature


  • Need Smartphone to Record and View Video

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The Holy Stone F181W Drone is among the top-rated drones in Amazon. It has reviews by 1000s of users who provided it a higher rating.

You will have a 120-degree FOV HD camera with inbuilt Wi-Fi. You can take 720p HD videos and photos with it. Each picture will turn out clearer and in HD.

Because of the Wi-Fi technology, you can watch live things your quad is shooting. You need to install an app to activate this feature.

You will find two powerful 750mAh 3.7V batteries so you can soar in mid-air and shoot to a longer time. We like the 3D flip option on this multirotor. You can a 360-roll your quad by just pressing a button; it will wow anybody who is seeing.

Want the quadcopter to hover in the same position? Well, using altitude hold mode, you can keep the drone flying at the exact place holding no keys on the transmitter.

It has a 6-axis flight control mechanism which will let you fly this craft with complete precision and stability. You even can pilot this device with ease on windy conditions.

DJI Tello – Recommended Choice for FPV Drone Under 200

If you are searching for a cheap drone from DJI that can give you camera support inbuilt, then it is a good option. It is a beginner’s real companion. How can you not go for it?

Camera: 5MP / 720p

Best Suited: Kids

Flight Time: 13 Min

Range: 100 MT

A DJI Tello quadcopter with camera is in top of a table


  • Number 1 Consumer Drone Manufacturer
  • Easy to Operate
  • Teaches Children How to Type Programming
  • Long Battery Life
  • Most Affordable DJI Drone


  • Controller Not Provided (Separate)

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The Tello quadcopter got created as a partnership between two UAV manufacturing companies, Ryze and DJI, with the aim to bring plenty of features in a drone which costs less than $200.

The camera snaps 720p video and 5-MP pictures that it will transmit for your phone or to a VR set to thrilling FPV flying.

This drone got many closenesses with the higher priced DJI Spark quadcopter. You will enjoy a good long battery life of 13-15 minutes.

You can operate the drone with a controller (available), a smartphone, and by programming with the Tello Education smartphone app powered by the programming language called Scratch.

Its smartphone application has some decent features that you may use for creating video effects like bounce-up-and-down, follow-me mode, and round flying over a specific spot.

In case, the battery gets low it warns and will land. It comes with a vision positioning system which enables you to choose a target to the quad copter to fly over.

Landing and take-off get accomplished from pushing a switch. Also, you can use the Throw and Go function to get it up and to run. Toss it in the air it launches by itself.

Potensic T25 – Quadcopter for 200 with GPS

It is a drone packed with lots of features. You will find so many things in it. In case, you like the follow-me drone feature in that case we would recommend you to choose this model.

Camera: 1080p

Best Suited: GPS

Flight Time: 10 Min

Range: 300 MT

Potensic T25 GPS drone with camera while flying and standing still in a white cloth


  • High Customer Ratings
  • 1080p Resolution Camera
  • 9-Axis Gyroscope
  • Long Communication Distance
  • Spare Parts Included


  • No Manufacturer Warranty

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This drone’s camera will provide you a 1080p resolution with a 90-degree flexible camera lens. It is excellent when you like to do video recording or aerial photography.

Also, this drone has a Virtual reality function which can give you a fascinating live stream in the display. It also contains four different LED lights types for nighttime.

You will enjoy a distance of about 300 meters, which is a big deal if you look drone photography. You should see a broader world and capture things that you may not reach on foot.

Thanks to the GPS, the drone also can come back to you by itself on autopilot. Also, it signals you in case of low signal or low power.

This T25 drone by Potensic has twin GPS built in it. The GLONASS positioning system and the GPS positioning system join to deliver you a precise and accurate position of your unmanned aerial vehicle.

Another great thing about this model is it can follow you wherever you travel. You can do it by linking your drone and the smartphone.

This drone got features which you will find only in very pricey drones such as Phantom. It is not expensive when compared with some other drone manufacturers in the marketplace.

Altair Aerial AA108 – Camera Racing Drone for Starters

Altogether, the Altair’s AA108 ticks all the fields as far as flight time and tech specs go, along with a great bonus of owning an American-based headquarters.

Camera: 720p

Best Suited: Indoor

Flight Time: 10 Min

Range: 100 MT

Altair AA108 is chosen as the best drones for beginners


  • Real-time FPV Flight
  • 8-Minute Flight Time
  • 1 Touch Landing and Takeoff
  • 3 Levels of Flight Skill
  • Headless Mode to Novice Pilots


  • No FHD Camera

Read review (Click to Expand)

The AA108 by Altair Aerial is the latest entry on the marketplace and comes at less than $200 budget. You cannot fail with all the capabilities of this new quadcopter.

Wi-Fi 720p HD camera will enable you to get outstanding footage then live-stream it in your phone. Also, the camera is a wide angle one.

A flight time of ten minutes per charge and the nice thing is you find an additional battery within the packaging, and some other tools and parts.

It is easy to hover due to the altitude function and headless mode, and you can find three flight skill ranges, so it is excellent for almost all ages.

Out of distance alarm, one touch to land and take-off, low battery alarm, and emergency landing are the functions that will make you safe when flying.

They offer outstanding customer support. When we contacted their customer care, Matt Cookson, Founder was the person who responded to the ticket. Not some virtual worker over in the Philippines.

Drones under 200 Buyer Guide

$200 Drone Features

From this part, you can realize what to look forward in this $200 drone category.

First Things First

If you are planning to buy a beginner quadcopter, the first point you have to pay attention to is not to fix your expectations high. These crafts are affordable, that is obvious, so you first have to know you cannot expect premium functionality from them.


Unlike professional or semi-professional drones, most of the drones under $200 get made just about the same way, so you will face a tough time finding anything that sticks out. With that said, some manufacturers did build a few great quadcopters for the money, and we have reviewed them here.


It is essential to state that a quadcopter under 200 bucks but above hundred is not an expert-grade one. It does not mean you should not consider buying one, yet you ought to know a few aspects might get limited if compared to expensive drones.


Do not expect extreme high-quality construction with many of the quadcopters under 200 dollars and its parts. Again, we have tried to refine down to the models capable of enduring a beating and most sturdy.

That is also why this is a good idea to order a drone from this range. It is not so overpriced your heart race every occasion it crashes, yet not too cheaper you throw away it.


The best drones under 200 with a camera can take some decent video and pictures. However, it is also the category where camera resolution falls off. Not to all the drones, yet most.

Battery Life

The longest you can be in the sky with any of these gadgets is 10 minutes when the top drones for sale deliver you as much as 30 minutes. It is the triple and achieving this is not simple.

To provide you with those 10 minutes of the trip, the top drone under $200 on this review will require on average 2 hours for charging the battery.

Communication Distance

In the bottom side of this budget, you are looking at tops 100 meters. On the flip side, if you can put in close to 200 bucks (or over that amount), operating range is likely to increase and can get up to 500 meters or perhaps above that sometimes.


A few of these models need a smartphone to function as the transmitter. Others got a controller along with a display so you could fly it with no smartphone. A few do both.


As you put more features into a quadcopter, you put more bulk. It is possible that your 200$ drone will weigh over 0.55 pounds, meaning you are subject for the flight regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration in the US. You may not require to register the drone, yet all the laws apply.

Wind Resistance

For drones, less than 200 dollars, expect to fly well indoors. However, for outdoor flying, do not expect these to soar in extreme conditions/winds. The UAVs will most likely take moderate to a mild breeze, but that is about it.


For the price, you can see a big difference in this department. At the time of this writing, the budget required to buy the Phantom drone is almost ten times more than to buy one below 200 dollars.


When you are relying on a repair warranty for a quadcopter in this range, you are most likely going to get disappointed. The warranty is just for the initial 1 month and only covers the parts replacement that contains a manufacturer’s fault.

Irrespective of the quadcopter you get, ensure you buy straight through the vendors (in case of sites such as Amazon). Do not settle with cheaper trade-offs. Also, we suggest you get a long-term accidental protection program for anything remote control related.

12 Factors to Consider When Buying a Drone under 200

There are a few factors that you should consider before you make any call. We have conducted the research to put together the set of things you should know before you decide on a drone.


You will first want to consider the ease of use. All these quads are easy to set up and ready to fly right from the box. A few have flight handle support which makes them simpler to you to hover. One such a function is altitude hold. It helps the quad to travel level.

Camera Options

Based on your choice of drone and brand, you can find different drones with cameras. Some will enable you to remove the camera and some get incorporated with the drone’s body. Also, you can attach GoPro camera with some drones.

Flight Time

It is vital to understand how long your quadcopter can be flying. The battery life for all the models in this group ranges between 10-15 minutes on one battery charge. Should you want more flight time, it is better to carry spare batteries which you can charge all ready to keep soaring.

Charging Time

It is the opposite side of the battery life. In most instances, charging duration is much longer compared to flight time. We consider it a quality function because professional-level drones often reduce the gap between charge and flight times.

Flight Range

If you are a drone buff, it is likely that flight distance is not a huge deal for you. You need to fly your quad and play with it around. However, if you would explore the real potential of UAVs, you would know that range is a huge deal.

Controller Type

A few of these quads works with a smartphone that locks in the position from a bracket which mounts to the controller. Other versions have a controller included that has a monitor to watch the video taken from your drone.

Indoor or Outdoor

To get a good experience, take your aerial vehicle in an open, large place on a day without wind. When it is breezy outside, you may fly a few of these models indoors. While flying indoors, get rid of anything breakable in your room to prevent a disaster, if you make a crash.

Safety Features

Adjustable speed settings are handy for you. Beginner pilots can find it convenient to fly at a slower pace and then once they get more positive with their flight skills they may increase the flight speed.

If we activate the headless mode, we do not have to bother about the drone’s front to handle it. The controller direction is the drone’s way. If you push the throttle left, the quad will move to left. Should you turn the throttle right, the quad will head right.

A helpful security function is a low power alert to provide you time for landing the drone ahead of losing battery juice. Sometimes drones fly away from our view. If we cannot see the quadcopter, how could we handle it and take it back for our home? For that specific reason, many flying drones have return home button nowadays. If you push this switch, the drone will come back to your house.

If you love flying at night or during dusk, having LED navigational lights in the drone helps it be easier to spot. Added safety functions are possible if you select a drone which works with advanced GPS coordinates. Before every flight, the flier sets the take-off position based on the GPS pointers of where the transmitter located.

Customer Ratings

It is something if we claim this that or that quadcopter is best, but if a large bunch of users says the similar from experience, it is facts you can believe.


To decide what one of the above drones is ideal for your requirements you should consider the cost. All these drones range between $100 to $200. Suppose the drone’s price is beyond your budget, in that case, you need to rethink about your options.

Manufacturer Warranty

Because these flying rigs are so delicate and beginners crash them often, the manufacturers are reluctant to offer warranty repairs to things that might have broken in a collision. So, check the warranty to see whether the manufacturer provides you excellent customer service following a purchase since many do not.

Shipping a quadcopter overseas and awaiting warranty repairs is annoying plus it is expensive to send the quadcopter. It might be good to get the parts necessary for repairs then swap out the components on your own or even buy another quad to stay away from this frustration.

Spare Parts

You are fortunate when your quadcopter does not crash. But on a bad time, it is very much likely that your quads crash or a few drones part starts to breakdown. To fix it, you can order your drone’s spare parts. Therefore, maintain a note if your item has spare parts.

From our experience, those are 12 things you should consider for deciding what drone is perfect for you. These 12 things determine the level of quality of every device, and hence, can tell whether a quadcopter is right to you.

Pro Tip: Jump right to the drone review part above and return if you got a doubt about the functions mentioned.

Different Drones in This Price Range?

Here we will discuss the different UAV’s that you could find priced below $200.

Drones under $200 with Camera

Drones are well-known for capturing photos or recording videos from long range. The video quality depends on the model to model. Minimum 480p resolution found in almost every drone. Within 200 dollars you can get some awesome products with excellent camera resolution. You are likely aware you cannot shoot masterpieces, yet you will learn plenty while flying and testing photography skills.

FPV Drones for $200

FPV stands for First Person View. Drones with FPV abilities are more famous than drones having regular cameras. FPV helps navigate the drone. High-quality drones to FPV races are still beyond this budget. However, you can sharpen your first-person view skills with inexpensive models.

Toy Drones $200

Toy drones and kids drones are the smallest quadcopters in the marketplace. These types gets used inside and children love to mess with these crafts. From $100-$200 you can find a handy toy-grade drone to test the waters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Now we will present a few of the most asked questions which can strike in your mind about these drones which cost below 200 bucks.

How Sturdy are Frames in This Price Point?

Drones at the $200 category are more sturdy than entry-level editions. Quads get made from plastic that bust when the drone crashes. These drones have more sturdy parts in comparison.

Do Drones Below $200 Have Great Cameras?

You will see plenty of excellent drones under 200 dollars which has a decent quality camera. Many of them feature 720p resolution plus a few of them may even do real-time streaming.

What is the Average Charging & Flight Time of Quadcopters under $200?

It will depend on a specific drone manufacturer. It could be said the charging duration range from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. Most drones will be in the sky for 10-20 minutes on a standard.

What Range Could These Drones Hover on Average?

Most drones will fly about 100 to 150 meters. You will find some advanced models that can travel over a kilometer.

Who Are These Quads Best For?

Starters and children/teens (supervise any kids under the 14 years old) will like hovering these quads. We have a reason for these types to exist that is as they develop your flight abilities at a lower price.

Are Models in This Budget Ideal for Beginners?

Yes, drones available for below $200 are suitable for intermediate-level users and beginners. With the headless option, altitude mode and auto return, a beginner will master how to use the quad without constant crashing.

How About Maintenance?

These drones do not require a lot of upkeep. It is a different case if it rams. If you damage the motors or frame, you must replace the unit.

Are There Many Quadcopters Under $200?

Sure there are. The number of drones less than 200 dollars is ever increasing. Many players are adding value via increased functionality and updates, but new models have been entering the market too.

Cheap vs. Expensive Drones: Which One Should I Choose?

Imagine yourself soon after getting your $1000 aircraft. It thrills you, eager to set it off on the sky. You are a manly guy, and you checked none instruction that arrived with it thus you only charged it and turned on it before take off.

A few seconds flying around your yard have passed, you end up in a problematic situation. Your quad is heading to a wall at a high velocity, and you do not know the way to do a quick turn BOOM – your $1000 gadget crashed to the wall plus left you along with a big pile of technology trash.

To stop this from occurring, we recommend you go with a cheaper solution as your first quadcopter. It is because cheaper models are far more forgiving and can yet amuse you and your family to a substantial number of minutes.

Limitations of Products in This Cost Range?

They are not as sturdy as those at the above $500 category. Not all these drones got cameras, not to mention HD. The video and image quality differs. Not all the drones feature geo-fencing; thus you cannot impose limitations on their trip movement.


So, these are MyDearDrone’s best five quads under 200 dollars to you. We tried to explain every detail of the price range so you can select the right one for your requirements.

There are many choices than the products reviewed on these drones less than 200 USD list, but you ought to know that we prefer to pick only the best.

And when you subscribe for our newsletter, we will mail you updates about drones we tried so you will always realize what the top drone to your budget.

Please do our team a small help and share this article on your networks, we appreciate it. Did we forget any of the best drones under $200? Have any second opinion with our listing? Tell us in the comment section below.

Till then, happy shopping!

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