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Drone Prices

Drone price and discounts

Drones are the best ways to relax and enjoy the max fun of flying aerial root which was only a dream sometime back. Ever since they introduced to the market, prices have dropped much as technology improved with time.

Now you can get a quadcopter for such a cheap drone prices but still get to enjoy some fantastic features. If that is not enough, professional drones come to your rescue.

They are way more powerful and feature-packed and takes your flying experience to a whole new level.

However, for some people budget matters maybe including yourself. It is not all about going after the most expensive models just because everyone recommends it.

You have to ask yourself do you need it before buying.

It is best off to find out in which price range you are looking to spend on drones. According to these price points, the choices of models, feature-set, and the drone’s ability differ.

Drone price guides

Amazon Prime Drone Deals

Amazon Prime Drone Deals

Amazon Prime Day is one of the best online shopping event held each year.

It boasts a range of deals & discounts on 100’s of different categories on Amazon website.

You should not miss it if you are already a Prime member or planning to become one.

This time around, they extended the event to 36 hours so there you have the luxury of time to get the best deals that you may never find again until next year.

And the best part? Some customers claim it has a vast collection of promotions compared to Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

It is why we have put together a page where you can find all the deals available on the market.

Best Drone Under 200

drones under 200

You have most likely noticed that quadcopters can be costly. It sometimes appears like it is impossible to get a cost-effective quad at all.

That is why we created this article about the top drones on the market under $200.

We like the models in this budget. They are excellent for starters; they do not cost too much and have decent features.

When considering UAVs which sell for below 200 dollars, you are getting a high-level hobby drone.

Such low-cost models have fewer functions compared to the entry-level drones, that sell for $200-$300, yet they are fun to fly.

Not every aircraft has everything. A few quads have that; another quad has this. To help you choose, we have reviewed the best drones under $200 for you.

Best Cheap Drones

cheapest drones

While high-end drones are the best option if you are looking for HD cameras and features, they are costly.

Because of this, you are buying a high-end drone as your learner quad is not always the way to go.

In case, you are in drone piloting, with no previous flying know-how, and not ready to spend a lot of cash a cheap drone is what you need to get started.

Even though a few people would complain again and again that you receive what you spend on, a few of the budget drones out there are great ways of immersing yourself on the piloting hobby, and not bother about the risk of damaging a costly investment.

The products you will see on our reviews do not come with all the fancy features of expensive drones but trust us; you shall be surprised how advanced its features will get.

Create a Budget for a Drone

Create a budget for drone icon

Are you new drone user? then you need to understand the importance of creating a budget for the drone.

There are hundreds of drone models available on the market with new models appearing every week so unless you have a lot of money to spend you need to create a necessary and clear budget for your preferred drone.

In this guide, I will give 6 tips to create a successful budget so you can buy your order in your price range.

Drone Coupons, Promo & Sale

promo, discounts & coupons for drones

You can always buy a drone directly without any discount, but that is a no-brainer when coupon codes are available for that particular model.

My Dear Drone will help you to find out the most up-to-date coupon codes of your desired model.

It can save your last price by a mile so you could probably invest that amount in buying the necessary drone accessories.

It is all about being smart and spending less when you can and become a better shopper.

Drones Under 100

It is the price point where you can find decent enough drones with all the necessary features suitable for beginners.

You should not expect anything fancy and nothing too tech-savvy.

Most of the models in this range have limited communication distance and short battery life as expected.

They are ideal for fun & recreational purposes and best used indoors instead of flying outdoors.

Drones Under 300

drones under 300

It is a pretty good budget to step into mid-range drones that boast some of the features included in the more prominent models.

You can expect these models to have some camera embedded on it to capture aerial photography.

These are also more powerful, durable, feature-rich, and cost-effective compared to the lower-priced ones.

It may take a bit time to master flying this category because it is not entirely designed for beginners in mind and may contain some advanced features such as GPS systems.

Drones Under 500

drones under 500

It is the price point where you can enjoy the taste of professional drones.

You are most likely to consider a professional or someone serious about drones when the budget is about $500.

Most of the advanced models get marketed in this range has latest features and comes from the big drone companies itself.

However, you should not mistake it is not the costly end of drones, but it is somewhere between high and moderate segment but will make your investment worthwhile.

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