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We are a group of people who keep drones near our hearts.

We believe that drones are the most significant innovation of this century and it has touched many peoples lives through entertainment, careers, and ultimately saving human lives.

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Drone top picks & guides by their types & manufactured purpose.


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Drone applications & various ways it’s used industries.


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Education you need to learn about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.


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Compare drone & unmanned aerial technologies.


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What others say about us

My Dear Drone is a comprehensive drone publication that I regularly check on for the latest and greatest in drone technology, laws, interviews and more. I have been really impressed with the diversity on the site and I have come to love the writing style, unbiased discussion and comprehensive breakdown of all different types of drones from racing drones to drones for beginners. If you want to learn more about drones or educate yourself on the latest drones hitting the market then bookmark My Dear Drone.

Dan Davis, Tech YouTuber

My Dear Drone share the exactly same philosophy that I’ve following for years: do it with passion or not at all! When Oliver invited me to share my journey with Drones around Asia in 2019, I had a blast doing the interview so well organized and with such great and interesting questions. My Dear Drone is definitely a fantastic site to learn and be informed about drones on an authentic and reliable way.

Vitor Lourenco, Aerial Photographer

My Dear Drone is an excellent resource for the budding drone photographer looking to take better photos and video from the skies.

Mark Condon, Founder, Shotkit

Why drone news, UAV & quadcopter is trending?

In today’s world words such as UAVDronesQuadcopterQuad are some of the “COOL” words. Because drones are taking over the world but not in dangerous kind of way, It helps the children to smile, adults and teenagers to have incredible passion, it allows professionals to improve their services and develop their careers, and lastly military also uses it to defend their country.

Drone blogs & websites: too much info

Since drone industry is so vast and widespread, there is Information OVERLOAD where you will find so much unfiltered information from newspaper, tv, ads, people and especially the Internet. Most of the times this useful information will be overwhelming to understand, and it will be confusing to filter inaccurate information.

Reason for creation

This is the overall reason for the creation of My Dear Drone. In this site, we will provide all the vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it.

Why mydeardrone.com?

My Dear Drone was made while we were looking for something on drones, and did you aware of what we saw?

Completely false information!

It did not take us long to understand that the websites at Google’s search results top were not written by aerial photographers or real drone buff. These sites were written from those high in marketing, not from those who had an interest in the craft.

At My Dear Drone, we believe that is incorrect, not just incorrect, but it could waste someone’s money and time. It makes us somewhat annoyed. So, at that moment, we chose to create a platform in which Only Real Experts will talk, people with proven capability to train what they teach.

Our promise

All our reviews and comparisons are unbiased and examined in detail to help the reader. However, we will receive a small commission on your purchase through our affiliate link which does not increase the sales price or our review of that product.

We also welcome comments and suggestions on our website improvement, positive user experience enhancement, and discussions. In that case, you can use our comment forms in each page and posts and also you can use the contact form to get in touch if you want to discuss a topic if you don’t want others to see.

Finally, we also agree that we are new in the industry, so we have blogs, community, and resources on quadcopters and UAV which inspired us and earned our trust and those shown on this page.

About me

My name is Oliver McClintock, and I am the Founder of My Dear Drone. I discovered drones back in the year 2017. I was surprised how superior the drone tech had become ever since then.

My Dear Drone is a site I always desired to create. It’ll show you what exactly are drones and quadcopters, what you may do with them, cool info and news, videos, technical explanations, and also fun content. I hope you love what I publish here.

I launched My Dear Drone to assist people in preventing the mistakes I made in my initial flight. I like to learn, experiment, and write about my new findings with the readers. I enjoy flying – it is that simple!

Our mission

With My Dear Drone, our mission is to support you use quadcopters to push your hobby, organization, or business forward. Our goal is to guide people all around the world. If we see our audience succeed, we understand we are doing stuff right.

Among our main objectives is to take on the drone niche and turn it easy to understand; thus, you do not need to be excellent into tech to have a fun encounter flying drones together with your family or friends.

We respect that the majority of our website’s visitors might be reading regarding drones the first time, so we welcome them all – we believe firmly that a welcoming and open drone network is a more powerful drone network.

We recognize that the right way to appeal to readers is from providing quality articles that they ought to read, not from using stunts to increase views artificially. We believe that you will agree.

Why trust us?

Our expert team has tons of experience flying and studying drones plus are here to give you their expertise. We research products on numerous sites and combine info from industry experts, critics, and users to offer you trustworthy, concise reviews.

If we review a new quad, we are going to discuss its limits – not just fawn over the advantages. And when we share about a brand-new piece of UAV legislation, we will ensure our readers know how it impacts their lives.

As we publish the posts for this blog, we try and remember that we’re a beginner at one point as well. Because of this, we will always use easy-to-understand, simple language in every single one of our posts.

We hard work to maintain our Best Drone Lists updated with the newest drones and items – providing continuous service for our readers, not just a static content we post and never update.

What we cover?

Best Of Lists

We have lots of Best Drone Lists featuring the top-rated drones on the market, whether you’re a newbie, need a drone for children, or for Pros.


With all of the drones out there buying a quadcopter that is ideal for you could be hard! Which is the reason why our drone reviews will help you to pick right one!


Are you a starter to drones? Not sure where to begin, what model to buy, or how to take flight? Our Drone Guides can answer all your questions regarding all things drones.


Drone technology shifts quickly. We’re here to help you in staying up-to-date with everything drone. We share news, events, and interviews on drones.

Final words

Drones can perform great things if used the right way. Drones could save lives, lower costs, and boost efficiency, yet only when they are responsibly flown. We hope that everybody in the drone market must do their role to promote safe flying.

Ultimately, we are here to push the industry of drone forward. To interview pro drone organizations and pilots in the field. To share tips & tricks and stories. To present the rise in applications and technology, we are witnessing in the drone world, and linking like-minded people.

In our buyer guides and reviews, you can order products via the links we give. With those, we do make a commission in the sales which we create. This revenue will help us develop and share our love for drones by discovering new models and enabling our team to provide you with the best experience possible.