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We are a group of people who keep drones near our hearts. We believe that Drones are the most significant innovation of this century and it has touched many peoples lives through entertainment, careers and ultimately saving human lives.

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Once again welcome to My Dear Drone in this section we will briefly let you know our overall goal and promise. MyDearDrone started on 24th December, yes we know it was on Christmas day that should be proof how much we love drones.

Why Drones?

In today’s world words such as UAV, Drones, Quadcopter, Quad Technology are some of the “COOL” words. Because drones are taking over the world but not in dangerous kind of way, It helps the children to smile, adults and teenagers to have incredible passion, it allows professionals to improve their services and develop their careers, and lastly military also uses it to defend their country.

Information Overload

Since drone industry is so vast and widespread, there is INFORMATION OVERLOAD where you will find so much unfiltered information from newspaper, tv, ads, people and especially the Internet. Most of the times this useful information will be overwhelming to understand, and it will be confusing to filter inaccurate information.

Reason for Creation

This is the overall reason for the creation of My Dear Drone. In this site, we will provide all the vital information about drones such as reviews, articles, video, guide, technical help in one place but presented in a structured way so you will able to find the right information efficiently and will able to understand it. Please read our “About Us” page to learn more.

Our Promise

All our reviews and comparisons are unbiased and examined in detail to help the reader (Find-out how we review the products). However, we will receive a small commission on your purchase through our affiliate link which does not increase the sales price or our review of that product (Read the full earning disclosure of here)

We also welcome comments and suggestions on our website improvement, positive user experience enhancement, and discussions. In that case, you can use our comment forms in each page and posts (read our full commenting policy) and also you can use the contact form to get in touch if you want to discuss a topic if you don’t want others to see (Link to our contact page).

Finally, we also agree that we are new in the industry, so we have blogs, community, and resources on quadcopters and UAV which inspired us and earned our trust and those shown on this page.