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Drone Comparison

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Buying the right drone is always a challenge mainly if you are a person who likes to make your drone comparison.

It does not only applicable to the drones itself but various drone-related things.

Be it a GoPro camera, video resolution you got to put on your reading glasses and do your old-school math.

In this page, My Dear Drone will compare the industry’s most famous and trending products or topics in short and sweet format.

Make sure to browse around until you discover the comparison you are looking.

We will update this list often but to start of the proceedings we have highlighted the best ones initially.

GoPro Camera Comparison

GoPro and drones are like bread and butter as they taste better when had together.

GoPro action cameras can get mounted on particular models, and some even come with one.

However, GoPro often releases new models, such as, a HERO6 edition which is their latest one.

As a comparison guru, you need to ask yourself do you need the current edition or comfortable with their old versions which are much cheaper.

The final decision is all about hard-core evaluation on which purpose you are going to get it used.

4K vs 1080P

Video quality cannot get ignored if you are a professional looking to use drones for commercial applications.

However, it will not bother somebody who will use it for nothing more than recreational purposes.

It is in truth a matter of personal preference than a choice of clarity.

The most popular video resolution comparison is between 4k and 1080p drone video.

Both are quality enough to capture sharp and crystal-clear photos or videos, but the difference is all about that little extra detail you get in a 4k video compared to the 1080p resolution.


As a drone enthusiast, it is essential to know about the two most popular video formats in the tech field.

It is particularly necessary if you are into drones.

In simple terms, NTSC is a video system used in South and North America that transmits 30 frames every second.
Meanwhile, PAL used mostly on overseas which transmits 35 frames per second.

It is in fact not a deal breaker for your chosen drone because it does not make a massive difference with regards to video performance.

Just make sure you know about these terms because some manufacturers highlight these on their product page.

AR vs VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality both are tech wonders that change the perspective you look at your world.

They are not the same, and the experience they deliver is different to one another.

AR is all about adding an extra layer of information to an image while VR is where you get to feel as if a situation is happening for example drone racing.

So, it is vital to know the variations between these two terms and do not get confused.

It is because more often you may probably come across such words in the drone industry.

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