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Best Follow Me Drones in 2023

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A top follow me drone is following runners through mountain areas

Ever wanted to record yourself snowboarding, skiing, hiking, wakeboarding, running, biking, jet skiing, surfing, skateboarding?

You require a best follow me drone.

Follow Me is a smart flight mode that turns your quadcopter into a hands-free airborne camera crew.

Not that back then, the concept of being followed from a quad that records anything you do might have been a fantasy. Now it’s a reality.

Are you looking to buy a drone that follows you? You’re in the correct place.

This article highlights the top follow me drones on the market. It will guide you to choose the right product for your goals.

Let us move on to discover which showed up on top!

And what we see nowadays is a marketplace flush with follow-me drones, some great, some not a lot.

To help you sift via the pretenders and posers, we have put together a listing of our 13 drone that follows you and explained what makes these so great.

Best Follow Me Drones Comparison

ModelCamera ResolutionFlight Time (Min)Range (Meters)Obstacle AvoidanceCheck Amazon
DJI Mavic 35.1K / 20MP4615000YesCheck Price⇒
DJI Air 2S5.4K / 20MP3112000YesCheck Price⇒
DJI Mini 24K / 12MP3110000YesCheck Price⇒
DJI Mavic 2 Pro4K / 20MP3118000YesCheck Price⇒
Altair Aerial Outlaw SE1080P15 Min300NoCheck Price⇒
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom4K / 12MP3118000YesCheck Price⇒
Holy Stone HS1001080P15500NoCheck Price⇒
DJI Mavic Air4K / 12MP2110000YesCheck Price⇒
DJI Phantom 4 Pro4K / 20MP307000YesCheck Price⇒
Autel Robotics EVO4K / 12MP30 Min7000YesCheck Price⇒
3DR SoloGoPro208000NoCheck Price⇒
Hubsan H501S1080P HD19300NoCheck Price⇒
Skydio 24k60 HDR233500YesCheck Price⇒

Drones That Follows You Reviews

DJI Mavic 3 – Best Compact Drone for Pros

DJI Mavic 3 can be called one of the smartest, smallest, and most effective drones in DJI’s portfolio. The DJI Mavic 3 is a good choice if you’ve got a large budget.

Camera: 5.1K/20MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 46 Min

Control Range: 15 KM

DJI Mavic 3 Camera Drone

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It has the Follow-me feature, meaning that the quadcopter will always track you. This is very useful if you need to film yourself or require assistance to set up a shot without risking losing your flight path.

This drone has a built-in dual-camera setup that incorporates the features of its siblings, the Mavic 2 Zoom and Mavic 2 Pro, into one package with both a customized Hasselblad L2D-20c camera plus a 28x Tele Hybrid Zoom Cam. Its 24mm prime lens provides a higher resolution and dynamic range.

This drone comes with multiple vision sensors (2 wide-angle sensors and 6 fish-eye vision sensors) with an increased sensing distance to accurately sense objects in all ways.

Having to fly your quad home to replace the battery shouldn’t distract you from the action. The Mavic 3 flight time is an excellent 46 minutes & can attain a max range of 15000 meters.

When the propellers are removed, the drone can be packed inside a tiny bag, making it a useful tool for those who travel often.

DJI Air 2S – 5.4K Video on a Small Drone

The DJI Air 2S is one of the best follow-me drones out there right now. It is also our best pick for those searching for a camera hobby drone along with impeccable precision.

Camera: 5.4K/20MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 12 KM

DJI Air 2S

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This drone has a top-of-the-line camera, no question. We’re talking regarding a 1-inch sensor here, which can record 5.4K footage at stable 30fps. You can expect nothing but flawless video smoothness from this model.

It lacks some obstacle avoidance sensors, yet it compensates for it through the advanced positioning of the front-facing sensors. The brand-new semi-upward-looking sensors remain pointed in the travel direction when the craft tilts to hover.

It can roughly endure 31 minutes in the sky and can soar up to 7.5 miles away from its remote controller. If you go for the Fly More Combo, your flight duration will be extended thanks to two additional batteries.

Though such a tiny drone won’t have a problem with transportability, the carrying pouch is a bonus. DJI also installed a new APAS version in this quad, taking their auto-pathing and object detection to another level.

Overall, if you’re searching for a craft that houses a solid follow-me function, you really cannot make a mistake with this one.

DJI Mini 2 – Versatile & Compact Beginner Drone

The DJI Mini 2 lands at the top of many best listings for its lightweight, compact size, and reasonable price tag. To put it simply, this is our go-to option for the top 4K camera quadcopter under $500.

Camera: 4K/12MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 10 KM

DJI Mini 2

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It weighs only a feather under 255 grams or 0.55 lbs, meaning you require no registration or license to fly it. And it adds to the latest DJI drone set, bringing you plenty of software-based features that will turn your life much easier.

It has a decent but not excellent camera. We love the videos and photos it can capture, but we have to say that drones such as the Mavic 2 Pro and Air 2S produce much better aerial photography.

You can capture 4K footage at 30 frames per second with this camera. If you require more FPS, you can choose 1080p, and it is still plenty sharp for most uses. The DJI Mini 2’s advanced 3-axis gimbal ensures you won’t get any shakiness.

Overall, this little drone does all a high-end quadcopter can, at a third or even half the cost. Sure, you may not receive the same features you’d obtain with a Mavic 3, for example, but it’s still worthwhile your consideration.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro – Drone That Follows You

Leading the list in our review of the auto-follow drone is the DJI’s Mavic 2 Pro, probably still the top ultra-portable drone out there today.

Camera: 4K/20MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 18 KM

DJI Mavic 2 Pro

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Consider the Mavic 2 Pro Drone if you are into serious video projects and travel photography. It comes loaded with all the things an aerial photographer may wish.

It has among the most advanced Follow Me functions, known as ActiveTrack 2.0. This mode utilizes the drone’s powerful Hasselblad camera as well as its 1″ CMOS sensor to track and identify a subject on 3-dimensional space.

Battery life is a whopping 31 minutes under perfect conditions. Also, the drone could use its maximum 45 MPH speed while following the subject, if needed. When the item you’re tracking is an individual running, there is then no option to outrun Mavic 2 Pro.

The drone arrives pre-loaded with a 20 MP camera created by the renowned Hasselblad company. It excels at low lighting and has a long dynamic distance. Both video and image quality is excellent.

This drone sports a 1-inch cam sensor to 4K video shoot at 100Mbps, multiple direction collision avoidance sensors for a few of the most secure drone trip possible, and a lot more.

OcuSync 2.0 improves connectivity for the remote controller and other components, now can transmit 1080p real-time stream clip well beyond legal line-of-sight.

Having industry-best functions, flight performance, and build, it is no shock the Mavic 2 Pro drone is regarded as among the top drones today, nearly a year once it was launched.

With a high selling price, there is an obstacle to access with this device. However, should the DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone is inside your price range, we believe you won’t be disappointed.

In case your budget cannot quite manage a flying machine of this class, then keep reading to our more budget-friendly recommendations.

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom – Professional Self Flying Drone

As among the latest drones in the marketplace, the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom got a few of the cutting-edge technology and features available.

Camera: 4K/12MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 31 Min

Control Range: 18 KM

Image of DJI Mavic 2 Pro in black background and Zoom Drone in white background

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It is almost similar in appearance as the DJI Mavic Pro. Nevertheless, this Mavic 2 Zoom model is a significant update in nearly every department over the forerunner.

It utilizes the DJI ActiveTrack 2.0 tech and can detect about 16 persons or subjects as they get available on display in the DJI GO 4 application. You may then select the correct target to follow. ActiveTrack traces you even while cycling, jumping, or running.

There are numerous ActiveTrack follow me modes in Mavic 2 Zoom including:

  • Spotlight: The aircraft won’t track the target automatically, yet keeps the video camera pointed at the subject.
  • Parallel: The aircraft follows the subject in a constant distance and angle from the side and front.
  • Trace: The aircraft follows the subject from a constant range. It tracks the subject then maintains it within the frame.

If you go through the spec list, the Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic 2 Zoom are the exact rigs, with one main difference, the camera.

Mavic 2 Zoom sports a 2x zoom optical lens on a 12MP camera top. It records 4K footage at 100Mbps thus can digitally multiply that zoom to a remarkable close-up.

The folding aircraft design offers excellent portability, the multi-direction collision avoidance sensors help in secure flight, plus the new abilities of OcuSync 2.0 add more flexibility for accessories and control.

With a wholly upgraded FlightAutonomy mechanism, data is continuously being sent and refined to make sure flying in challenging environments is safer than before.

Also, this drone features DJI’s trademark APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems). It helps you fly backward and forward effortlessly, avoiding hurdles behind and in front of a subject.

Holy Stone HS100 – Introducing to the Tracking Technology

The Holy Stone HS100 is evidence that a follow-me feature doesn’t have to arrive in a pricey drone. This model has a list of satisfying functions that any pilot will enjoy.

Camera: 1080P

Obstacle Avoidance: NO

Flight Time: 15 Min

Control Range: 500 M

A Holy Stone HS110D is photographed in a black background with smoke shadow

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The Holy Stone HS100 is evidence that a follow-me feature doesn’t have to arrive in a pricey drone. This model has a list of satisfying functions that any pilot will enjoy.

The drone features a GPS receiver, which helps it keep a stable flight and provides it a drone follow me feature that will trigger when it drops a link with the remote controller.

It takes advantage of the GPS capacity of your mobile phone to provide a Follow Me option. In this option, the drone tracks you around and maintains the camera aimed at you.

An optimized FPV Wi-Fi 1080p 120° FOV Camera is integrated into the quad itself, which will give you decent resolution videos and photos.

Unlike other drones, it also can stream FPV footage to your phone for the whole range of that distance rather than having separate streaming and flight ranges.

This model is very lightweight (around 1.5 lbs), flies for about 12-15 minutes (fair for the selling price), and boasts a 500-meter communication distance.

Its video game themed controller is mainly created to be user-friendly even if you have never controlled a quadcopter before, which makes it a great beginner choice to drone users who require a self-flying drone.

The HS100 is often listed as a well-known selfie drone; thus, if that is something you are considering, this model may be excellent for that reason as well.

Combination of an Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, and One-Key Landing and Takeoff makes the Holy Stone HS100 a drone that is super easy to take flight.

If you ought to take a few beautiful shots of yourself via an aerial perspective, then it is the ideal follow me drone. While it will not receive prizes for its following capabilities, it is yet a highly regarded drone.

DJI Mavic Air – Mini Auto Follow Drone

The DJI Mavic Air is, put, the best drone that follows you around. It has a heap of high-tech capabilities and the DJI’s quality promise.

Camera: 4K / 12 MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 21 Min

Control Range: 10 KM

DJI mavic air drone is hovering in a mountain area using a remote controller

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DJI found good sales with the Mavic Pro model; they followed this up with the much less costly Spark. The DJI Mavic Air fills the gap between these both.

Its follow me capabilities are the finest on the marketplace, which ActiveTrack tech that can detect about 16 subjects concurrently even if they are moving at high speed.

Next, the video camera takes 4K resolution film in 30 FPS and 32-megapixel high-definition photographs. Also, you receive a distance of more than 4,000 meters and a flight time of 21 minutes.

Weighing at merely a 430g, the DJI Mavic Air is a carry-anywhere rig and is ideal for adventure, outdoor sports, and travel.

This drone comes with downward, backward, and forward collision avoidance sensors that detect obstacles all over the drone. In case an object is sensed while flying in an intelligent flight mode, the DJI Mavic Air will pause, fly in reverse, and ascend till it detects the obstacle is avoided.

Additionally, APAS (Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems) can be activated in the DJI GO 4 application, which enables the drone to pursue a flight route based on the commands of the user.

As with all DJI drones, the Mavic Air is available in two main buying choices. You can get the drone itself or update it to the Fly More combo to get spare batteries, a carrying case, and so on.

After the launching of the DJI Mavic 2 drones series, we had to suggest the more recent Mavic line. Nevertheless, the Mavic Air even now remains our go-to option if ultimate mobility is your priority.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – For Professional Aerial Photographers

With an excellent camera, incredibly splendid specs, and a multitude of benefits, it is secure to say you will find not that much better drones on the market compared to the DJI Phantom 4 Pro.

Camera: 4K / 20 MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 30 Min

Control Range: 7 KM

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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From its style alone, the Phantom 4 Pro is right away unique and is among the most familiar (and often-cloned) drones.

There is a significant improvement over the past version because we are discussing a 1-inch 20-megapixel sensor. It indicates the drone could take amazing aerial video further boosted by the existence of a three-axis gimbal to even smoother shots.

You find this drone has the same specs as DJI Inspire 2 and DJI Mavic Pro – 27 minutes flight time and 7 kilometers range.

To activate ActiveTrack mode on this quadcopter, turn it on through the smart flight menu and choose the subject you want to follow. In case the app identifies the object instantly, press Go, and the subsequent process will begin.

If it doesn’t recognize your preferred object, you should draw a box across it. After setting up ActiveTrack, you will get entry to 3 flight modes Spotlight, Profile, and Trace, making sure you obtain the best possible footage.

It holds a small edge to a few of the other DJI products in this review due to its 5-direction collision avoidance system. Groundbreaking during its period, the drone is equipped to prevent obstacles while it hovers autonomously.

However, as expected, it carries a considerable sale price, but considering all it can offer, we would say the cost is more than rationalized.

As the price tag suggests, this is not a drone to the starter. While very simple to take flight, it is perfect for experienced users who can secure the best usage from image stabilization and a good-quality camera.

Autel Robotics EVO – World’s First Folding Aircraft

The Autel Robotics EVO is a drone with a lot of features. The best part is that it is very easy to fly and the video is crisp.

Camera: 4K / 12 MP

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 30 Min

Control Range: 7 KM

Autel Robotics EVO

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This 4K ultra-portable quad records at 60 frames per second. Its fixed cam has a 94° angle of view and a wider 2.8 aperture. With real glass optics, EVO takes stunning aerial images at 12 MP using a wide dynamic range to more color and details.

It has collapsible arms and control distance is 7km (4.3 miles), battery life is around half an hour, and it got a top acceleration of around 45 MPH.

Dynamic tracking is this drone’s visual recognition follow me technology. The quadcopter latches to its subject, e.g., a moving thing or a person, and then track it with 100% accuracy.

It uses two cameras in the front side to form a 3D setting and responds to obstacles on the path. Two ultrasonic sensors protect the drone from landing in unlevel surfaces. Also, it is set up with a close IR sensor safeguarding you when soaring backward autonomously.

The EVO, as its DJI alternatives, boasts an array of intelligent flight modes. And its down-facing, rear, and forward avoidance sensors do an excellent job of evading obstacles.

No phone? Not an issue, credits to the EVO’s remote controller. It is like many others, with the main difference being its integrated OLED display. It not just displays all vital information but also acts as a flight monitor. Also, a real-time HD 720p video feeds, enabling you to see the view of the camera without needing a mobile phone.

One disadvantage is no on-board memory. You will find a MicroSD port, although the card entrance is trouble to open. At a minimum, this drone includes 64GB and 32GB cards, so you are ready to go.

Plenty of EVO devotees have also been DJI fans. Many even now are. So, it is refreshing to see positive feedback on a DJI competition.

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE – Budget Follow Me Drone

You might be looking for a follow-you drone with remarkable GPS capabilities, yet are not ready to shed major bucks on an RC device. That is where the Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Drone comes in.

You might be looking for a follow-you drone with remarkable GPS capabilities, yet are not ready to shed major bucks on an RC device. That is where the Altair Aerial Outlaw SE Drone comes in.

Camera: 1080p

Obstacle Avoidance: NO

Flight Time: 15 Min

Control Range: 300M

Altair Aerial Outlaw SE

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The Outlaw was the very first drone created by Altair to have a GPS receiver, that has provided it several robust features.

First, it features an in-built camera that could record videos in 1080p quality and stream live to a mobile phone.

When paired into a mobile device, enabling the following mode of this drone will automatically force it to travel towards your machine’s GPS position.

This drone will seamlessly track you and can also specify waypoints to the device, and it can follow that route as well.

It is satisfying and incredibly fun to watch the drone track you around as you run, and you may even manage to capture a few lovely clips with somewhat innovative camera control.

The best point about it is it costs lower than others in this listing, and you are receiving professional-grade capabilities at a portion of the price.

Considering the Outlaw is a budget-friendly drone, it must come as no wonder that it doesn’t include a collision avoidance mechanism. It means you will have to be extra cautious whenever you get the drone take off autonomously. We recommend having a visual observer together with you to have a check on possible obstacles.

Overall, the Outlaw SE by Altair Aerial is not precisely the drone type you may use for specific purposes. Instead, it incorporates a handful of features that are targeted towards beginners, like a one-touch land & takeoff buttons and headless mode. It is entertaining to take flight, and you will not certainly feel short-changed.

3DR Solo – For Smart Shot Modes

The Solo by 3DR is the best GoPro drone, and it is promoted as the world’s first smart UAV. And, it got some very nice features, which makes it ideal for the beginners searching for a simple to use a follow-me drone.

Camera: GOPRO

Obstacle Avoidance: NO

Flight Time: 20 Min

Control Range: 8KM

3DR Solo

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3DR Solo is backed up with an extensive follow me mode. To switch it on, you should select Follow from the Smart Shots menu. Rather than using its cam to focus on a subject, 3DR Solo receives your smartphone GPS location, which it needs to trace its location.

It offers capabilities like the push-button automatic flight, and photo-taking is machine-assisted, which makes it pretty easy for anybody to create an entirely pro aerial photography and footage.

Perhaps the excellent factor about this device is that it facilitates wireless video streaming at real high-definition from your onboard camera directly to your smart device to a range of half a mile.

It works with GoPro Hero 4 and 3 models and comes with stabilization and easy controls, which will turn your aerial photography extraordinary.

The smooth feel is here credit to the use of twin 1 GHz computers, and the latest support and technologies and built-in security features.

For beginners, it can attain whopping 55mph that is much quicker than most of its cost-tier competitors. Further, 3DR Solo will reach about 22 minutes in mid-air and reach as long as 800 meters.

Apart from Drone Follow Me and GPS, 3DR Solo also has access to many smart flight modes, which include Cable Cam, Orbit, and Selfie.

One point you should remember, though – 3DR Solo Drone does not feature obstacle avoidance that means you should be aware of obstacles that can cross in its path.

Hubsan H501S – For Beginners

Hubsan H501S is among the cheapest drone that follows you on this review. However, do not let that fool you since this little gadget is much than able. It is durable, fun, and get the work done.

Camera: 1080P HD

Obstacle Avoidance: NO

Flight Time: 19 Min

Control Range: 300 M

Hubsan H501S

Read review (Click to Expand)

With a full HD camera taking charge plus GPS powered smart functions, all for a reasonable price, Hubsan H501S appears to be all set to conquer the entry-level tracking drone market.

This drone’s follow me mode functions on a 5.8Ghz transmission, and you may use the extremely famous shark FPV goggles for viewing the fun.

On top of that, the H501S model also incorporates Altitude Hold and Return to Home, both of that are equally essential for producing excellent aerial shots.

To activate follow-me mode on ensuring your quad and its controller are both fixed to many GPS satellites so that you have previously calibrated compass. In case you have already sorted each out, then push the right handle, and H501S will begin following you.

It has quite a crisp white and gold design, a 19 minutes flight time, also the self-tightening props make sure a steady flight.

The drone’s transmitter has a 4.3-inch LCD that provides you a live view of the things your aircraft is seeing.

Sadly, there is not any hardware photo stabilization when it comes to the gimbal. Nevertheless, the video/image resolution is yet pretty good, mainly considering the cost this drone will go.

Also, it doesn’t have collision avoidance, yet for the cost, you receive something entertaining that you shall use for sports like rollerblading and mountain biking.

Overall, we think there are simply few other drones besides H501S, which can boast with such affordable price and superior performance – And that talks for itself.

Skydio 2 – An American Autonomous Drone

Update: The Skydio 2 is no more sold directly from Skydio, although you might find it via resellers. Now Skydio sells the Skydio2+ model, which is a bit enhanced edition of the Skydio 2 quadcopter.

Skydio 2 model is the follow-up to the remarkable Skydio R1, an excellent drone with substantial autonomy to its time.

Camera: 4K at 60FPS

Obstacle Avoidance: YES

Flight Time: 23 Min

Control Range: 3.5 KM

Skydio 2 Drone Review

Read review (Click to Expand)

Skydio 2 was made in the United States. Also, it is supported and manufactured in America. The Skydio founders are top student graduates from MIT.

These aren’t the only brand that has UAVs powered with the Nvidia Jetson machine system. Nevertheless, we know no other Jetson driven quad that is made for consumer usage with a cost under 1000 dollars.

This drone enables you to shoot stunning 4k footage at 60 frames per second in HDR resolution. Also, you can capture crystal clear HDR 12 MP photos.

It has fantastic, intelligent shooting and filming modes such as Hover, Dronie, Cable Cam, Orbit, and Angle Track.

It offers a battery life of 23 mins and is very lightweight at just 775 grams (27.3 ounces). Also, it can dash at a rate of 58 km/h (36 miles per hour).

Theirs follow me tech uses the Autonomy Engine of Skydio. This technology pictures and calculates what is happening across the drone. It could then intelligently guess what will occur next and can make accurate choices multiple instances a second. While the Skydio 2 drone is tracking you, it’s using its fully upgraded vision system to follow you via 3D space.

The Skydio 2 utilizes 6 cameras, with a resolution of 48MP, for collision avoidance purposes, which makes it among the reliable drones around for avoiding an accident.

You can handle Skydio 2 through your smartphone, similar to the previous editions, or you may go with the new Skydio Beacon or the remote control. It grants you some mastery of the device, but mostly behaves like a wireless tether, to make sure the drone track you even if it cannot see you.

Old Models Which Are No Longer Available

Yuneec Typhoon H – Unavailable Model #1

It is commonly preferred by customers who do not want to back DJI’s recent dominance of the multirotor sector.

The Typhoon H Pro by Yuneec is a DJI Phantom 4 substitute that is a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, if you are just interested in the following features, it is the go-to choice.

It has 6 rotors (hexacopter), which usually delivers a more strong lift compared to the 4 rotors of a quad.

Its landing gears fold down, giving your cam a 360 field of view (FOV). It is handy for getting snaps at challenging positions and providing your camera with an unobstructed view.

Typhoon H comes with the Wizard remote controller. This excellent feature provides you with the choice to have one person handle the drone while others can look after the camera.

It contains 8 different intelligent flight modes. Thus it will not merely follow you successfully; it will allow you to choose how you need it to track you.

This drone has a sonar tech in the rig’s front to maneuver around objects and bounce back that get into its flight route.

AirDog Auto-Follow Drone – Unavailable Model #2

If outdoor adventures and extreme sports are your main emphasis, AirDog drone is for you.

The AirDog Drone was released after the end of a fruitful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and specially made for the demands of outdoor adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts.

It is a uniquely built product that serves just one goal, and it is to record expert adventure sports footage.

It is so easy-to-use, set it in the ground, wear the wristband it tracks, then taps a switch on that watch, and the drone should follow you.

AirDog arrives in a foldable structure for easy transportation, and it facilitates GoPro Hero action cameras.

The wrist control is waterproof to help you control it when you are skiing, surfing, on the water, etc.

You have to select your activity, and the quadcopter will autonomously take-off and use the auto-follow flight function.

With the click of a switch, you can instruct AirDog drone to the beginning location. It will land then wait so that you can collect it up.

AirDog comes with a higher selling price than other models on this review. However, if you are going downhill, then it is well worth it.

Follow Me Drone Buyer’s Guide

Since the marketplace is getting filled with most drones that have the “Follow-Me” option, it may be a reasonably tough job to find out the one which is ideal for you. That is where our buying guide will come in handy.

History & Future of Quadcopters That Follows You

Today, every good model out there seems to possess some follow-me feature. However, if we turned back to DJI Phantom 3 iterations in 2015, and further again to the 3DR IRIS+ in 2014, it is clear the tech has arrived a long distance since those earlier days.

The first cases of follow-me systems were as exciting as they were questionable. Having a drone record, you from up with total autonomy was and so stayed a miraculous engineering feat. Nevertheless, it was quite never perfected – perhaps with more expensive, smarter models.

Earlier drones having a follow feature were essentially tracking the controller’s GPS signal. The results weren’t the most precise or reliable. Today’s top drones have advanced. Instead, they count on superior algorithms and computer vision that can recognize you aside from vehicles, animals, and even people.

We are now approaching the point in which quadcopters are intelligent enough to be as effective as owning your expert aerial cameraman, not merely an accident-prone, clumsy photographer tipping over you when trying to maintain you in the frame.

How Does a Follow Me Feature Work?

Currently, 3 primary technologies are used on the follow-me function, and they function in different methods to allow UAVs to track subjects accurately and autonomously.

Vision Recognition Technology

Detecting obstacles, people, and objects through information collected with a camera are used in the robotics ever since the earlier 2000s. Because of its high demands on safety, battery life, and computing, the technology has been used only in drones to the last some years.

Besides quick response rate, vision recognition also got the positives that it shall track all kinds of moving things, including bikes, cars, animals, and people. It doesn’t need an additional GPS tracker; instead, it uses a compatible app in the controlling unit.

GPS Technology

The starting follow me quads were designed to track a Ground Station Controller (GSC) or GPS transmitter that pilots had to use. It made a virtual tether between the drone and the user. This GPS controller is usually included in the controller, which then becomes needed for the quadcopter to track you.

So why GPS technology? The GPS tech’s tracking accuracy is unrivaled, offering much better precision than other options. However, a transmitter/tracker is always needed for the tech to function, and collision avoidance is not an option.

DJI’s ActiveTrack

To get over the restrictions of Vision recognition and GPS systems, DJI mixed both technologies in the ActiveTrack mode, realizing the advantages of both methods.

The ActiveTrack function was first unveiled with the DJI Phantom 4 line and signified the development of the follow-me technology found on earlier drones, vastly enhancing user experience and accuracy. It will allow the pilot to tag and follow multiple moving things on the control device’s display without needing a following external device.

The newest ActiveTrack 2.0 in the Mavic 2 drone can detect up to 16 individual objects on display. You then select the person or object to follow in screen on the DJI Go 4 application.

11 Things You Need to Know About Following Drones

Most of the factors you will need to think about when buying an auto-follow quadcopter are exact as purchasing for any quadcopter. A few of those crucial things are detailed below:


You may have to look into the sizing of your follow-me drone and just how much room it might use up while traveling. While most drones stress the point that these are little and can slide in your trouser pocket, others compromise small size to added stability, power, and features while in air.


The majority of the top follow you drones have a camera, yet others let you install your camera, like a GoPro. The essential 4 stuff that you should remember in terms of action cameras is the frame rate, resolution, gimbal, and field of view


Each UAV maker uses different distances with their follow-me mode. It is perhaps best to maintain the range short at the starting as you come to understand your aircraft. In case too much distance is allowed in between the transmitter and the GSC, the two may drop their connection.


The program to set follow me is usually built in the overall flying machine app. DJI has its Go 4 Application. Other companies make the tracking feature software in the Ground Station Controller.

It is quite advanced using calculations and algorithms to follow and maintain the subject in sight all the time. Many Follow Me apps let you program the camera and gimbal with preset angles, height, and flight distances giving your footage extraordinary cinematic perspectives.


It is often an overlooked factor when rating the best drones that track you. The top speed is essential if you need your drone to maintain with you when you are going down the inclines in your snowboard. Also, you need to take into account the drone’s capability to speed up and its flight agility.

Remote Control

Most of the high-end drones that have the auto-follow function will arrive with their remote controller. Many of those manufacturers tend to make the most of the market standard dual-stick drone controls. A few attempts to get flight controls more user-friendly or allow consumers to use hand gestures to control the drone.

Battery Type

Remember that just how those batteries are charged can vary too. Some will support a USB connection that can be highly convenient. State-of-the-art follow me quadcopters will typically demand a more strong charge and need an AC connection.

Following Modes

Apart from the method that the quad tracks you, you will find several versions of follow me technology. It can differ from circling around you, hovering, or tracking you in a direct line. Also, you can task the craft to fly behind, ahead, or even beside you.

Obstacle Avoidance

In some cases, the sporting activities you will be carried out won’t be in an open room and flat room. In this situation, you need to be sure that your self following drone has obstacle avoidance. You ought to be concentrating on your sports activities, and not needing to bother if your follow-me drone will ram in a tree.


Most drones that feature tracking applications and an HD camera will offer mobile support. Ensure that any downloadable apps are available that may work with your current mobile device or phone (i.e., iOS or Android). Applications will not be exact across brands; thus, each interface might take some hours to learn.


Follow-me drones below $500 can offer as much distance, speed, and flight time as a few of the higher-priced crafts. They might fall short on the range of functions, optical quality, and used materials quality.

Follow you quads in the $500 to $1000 budget are flying robots for the serious hobbyist. The all-round construction is more powerful, and the list of functions is often better compared to the inexpensive models.

Producers of follow-me drones in between $1000-$2000 aim the prosumer market. These are top-quality devices with plenty of features to boot.

Finally, drones that follow you in the above $2000 category provide unlimited control range and high-quality zoom optics, among other stuff.

13 Tips on Getting the Most Out of Your Drone Follow Me

It is usually advisable to have the below flight safety tips & tricks in mind while flying a follow-me drone:

  1. GPS tracking creates some room for mistakes. You should perhaps get rolling in a bigger open space. Performing some videos and checking if the target is centrally positioned will provide you a good idea regarding the adjustments and the accuracy that should be made.
  2. Nearly each drone today enables you to fix a return to home or a home point feature. It is best practice to set your home position.
  3. Remember to watch on battery warnings and levels. Do not attempt to activate the following mode at a low charge. We recommend flying with a minimum 30% battery charge remaining.
  4. Keep the range sensible and short unless you find excuses otherwise. You do not want to leave too much room between the quadcopter and its target. It could lead to a lost connection.
  5. In the follow me mode, many drones remain at a fixed height, and this height will not vary despite the altitude shifts of the target they track. So, when you are heading downhill, many drones will remain at the exact height and shoot. In case you are heading uphill, they may crash with the hill.
  6. Practice controlling your quad manually, if possible. It will let you use the self-piloting capabilities more efficiently as you realize you shall take control anytime, just in an emergency.
  7. Generally, drones having GPS follow me mode, also contain other smart flight systems (ActiveTrack, Orbit, Waypoints, Points of Interest, Terrain Follow, Circle, etc.), providing you with even more filming and flying options.
  8. Even with all the targeting and auto-follow features, it is essential to always watch out for your drone while it is in the sky. After spending thousands of bucks on a robust device, you do not want to miss it into woods or have somebody take it when it lands away from sight.
  9. In spite of the point that the UAVs require virtually no control over the follow-me mode, it is yet an excellent idea to check out the user manual and ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  10. Read up about the regulations and rules of your state and city laws (or anywhere you wish to soar it) in drone usage. Federally, you must register your aircraft with the FAA. Also, you will need to ensure that you’re in the authorized airspace while flying.
  11. The vast most of auto-following drones don’t have obstacle avoidance. So, arrange your path and be watchful of any objects that your quad could crash.
  12. It will be a blunder to think you can visit any place and do whatever, and the quadcopter comes after you. Though it can perform that to an extent, it is not ideal. Do not anticipate it to get to track centimeters out of your head inside or under covers with no incident.
  13. If you are researching a brand-new drone, you’ll notice lots of product outlines imply that whatever drone that tracks you flies itself. It’s not necessarily correct. They might take off autonomously, and they might have an RTH button, but they yet need occasional input and monitoring from the user.

FAQ’s About Drones with Follow Me Mode

What Does Auto Follow Drone Mean?

We assume there is not any real necessity to clarify this feature as it is self-explanatory. Like the name indicates, the follow-me technology enables your drone to track you around. It does not have to be you always – you can instruct your craft to control objects or people as well.

How Do Drones Track Their Target?

The method that these technologies works are the device transmits its place to the flying machine, and when the object starts to maneuver, the drone carefully follows the coordinates of the object. It’s not truly looking at a subject; it’s following based on map coordinates which it is supplied.

What Are The Pros & Cons of Owning a Follow-Me Drone?

Owning a drone that follows you got its advantages, including capturing excellent moving selfies along with your beloved ones or taking your ventures in scenic locations.

Remember that at some point you have a desire to shoot something different than yourself performing something, it’ll be not possible, and this, in our view, is the minor drawback of these drone types.

Are There Any Cheap Follow Me Quads?

Most people believe that intelligent auto-follow drone models cost far more than these. All that brings us to a simple response to the question mentioned above – yes, you will find many cheap follow-me drones that can sweep you from your feet.

What is The Average Battery Life of These Auto Following Drones?

It heavily relies on the drone type you are looking to buy. You will find best selfie drones that have follow me technology; there are pro aerial platforms, then there are high-end drones with tracking function, and finally, there are super cheap ones.

Are Any of These Self Flying Drones Waterproof?

Unfortunately, not one of the models listed in this article is waterproof. Nevertheless, that does not mean they cannot endure a few raindrops now and then. Remember, though, taking flight in the rain may be secure, but should something goes incorrect, your warranty will not be valid.

Can These Drones Come After Me When I’m Driving a Car?

If you want to film yourself driving a car, then we are delighted to tell you that many drones highlighted above can do just that. But, keep at heart you cannot rely on them to track you at breath-taking speeds. A few manufacturers mention the top speed their products can follow.

Can Drones That Track You Prevent Obstacles When Flying?

It is among the most frequent questions asked related to follow me modes, and fortunately, the reply is yeah. Well, for a few UAVs, at least.

You see, for your quad to track you while dodging obstacles, it should have some obstacle avoidance system going on beneath its hud. Nevertheless, this kind of tech comes with a high cost meaning you will see it offered in top-of-the-line models.

Can Any One of These Aircraft Land Automatically On a Boat?

Unfortunately, folks, we will need to disappoint you because the quick answer is No. Many, if not all, current drones are yet unable to land automatically on moving targets, for example, boats.

Can These Drones Follow You in Breezy Conditions?

When we are referring to the typical breezy climate and not tornadoes, then the reply is yeah, in most instances. Perhaps the general quality and smoothness of your aerial vehicle’s flight path may not be perfect because of all those drifting prompted by winds, yet the drone might still follow you.

Is Follow Me Function Viable for Outdoor Activities and Sports?

The short answer is Yes. Follow Me function is highly viable for each sport and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. More new drones consist of specialized features that can deal with fast-paced actions and can get used to outdoor sports effortlessly.


All 13 of these models represent a few of the best follow me drones available now. Each provides a unique list of benefits and use cases. Irrespective of your decision, rest assured, you will have a machine at the autonomous field forefront.

We will update this article regularly if there is anything new to report on that deserves our attention. Kindly bookmark this guide and check again for updates.

Have you tested any of the above drones or others for their tracking capability? Got any other drones that follow you, which you feel we should include in our countdown? Share your views in the comments section below or check out our social accounts.

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