Best Follow Me Drones 2019

best follow me drones

Are you thinking about getting a drone that follows you?

Ever wished to record yourself hiking, running, snowboarding, surfing, jet skiing, skateboarding, skiing, biking, wakeboarding, or doing some other action? No, it is not a dream, it’s not a fairy tale anymore. It is already a reality.

You have come to the right site. Read this article to the finish.

Follow drones let you enjoy the best of your trip without the fear of ramming your dear drone. Never ahead we have been able to film such high-quality stills and video of our lifestyle.

This post highlights the best follow me drones for sale this year. It will let you choose the right auto-follow drone to your budget and goals.

find the best drone follows you

Best Auto Follow Me Drone Comparison Chart

 NameCameraFlight TimeRangeObstacle AvoidancePrice on Amazon
DJI Mavic Air Entry 1DJI Mavic Air12 MP / 4K21 min4000 MYesSee Best Price
DJI Phantom 4 Entry 2DJI Phantom 412 MP / 4K28 min5000 MYesSee Best Price
Yuneec Typhoon H Entry 3Yuneec Typhoon H12.4 MP / 4KUp to 25 min1600 MYesSee Best Price
3DR Solo Comparision Chart Entry 13DR SoloGoPro20 min800 MNoSee Best Price
AirDog Entry 5AirDog Auto-FollowGoPro18 min250 MGround Collision AvoidanceSee Best Price

Top 5 Drone Follows You

Now, it is the moment for the top products on the current market. We have compiled a review of our 5 favorite drones with follow me feature and explained what makes them great. Let us get started.

dji mavic air follow drone

DJI Mavic Air – #1 Follow Me Quadcopter

The Mavic Air by DJI is arguably the best camera drone that follows you around. It includes a lot of high-tech functions and the DJI’s quality promise.

DJI Mavic Air Quadcopter with Remote Controller
So, if you are searching for an RC drone that got everything up including the latest follow me features out there, look no more.
  • The Mavic Air provides a happy channel between the Mavic Pro and the Spark for capability, size, and price.
  • It folds up to a lesser size compared to the already micro Spark and can throw in 4K.
  • Weighing in a mere 430g, indeed the Mavic Air is a “wherever you go” quadcopter and is ideal for adventure, outdoor sports, and travel.
  • You receive flight time of 21 minutes and an impressive flight distance of over 4,000 meters.
  • It comes with a self following mode to assist you to get some excellent shots. They call this new feature ActiveTrack.
  • Also, it comes with FlightAutonomy 2.0, that processes data collected from no fewer than 7 onboard cameras and infrared sensors.
  • This drone can bypass and sense obstacles automatically; undoubtedly a more helpfli function than just flying in place anytime there is an obstacle.
dji phantom 4 quadcopter following a runner

DJI Phantom 4 – Professional Camera Drone that Follows You

The front-runner of the Phantom line, the DJI Phantom 4 is among our favorite best drones and has a few high-quality follow you features.

Dji Phantom 4 Model

If you are ready to bring your follow me drone adventure to a different level and switch to a high-quality aircraft, our team highly suggest the DJI Phantom 4.

  • It was one of the first consumer unmanned aerial vehicles to have advanced obstacle avoidance system and introduced the DJI ActiveTrack program to the industry.
  • You are getting a top-quality camera, a sturdy drone with loads of features, plus a 28-minute battery life perfect for longer video and photo shoots.
  • You could tap on the display, and the quadcopter will pursue you, recording video clips along the path; it is that simple.
  • Sport Mode enables you to make your drone hover with 25 percent more speed as the positioning mechanisms are there to maintain your quadrotor safe.
  • The drone can bounce back or move out from the way in case an obstacle gets into its direction. It helps you focus just on filming as the drone floats on its own.
  • This great drone’s price tag has gone down much since its launch. So, you should get a few of the premium features on the market for a much better price.
Typhoon H UHD 4K Collision Avoidance Hexacopter Drone Hand Controls

Yuneec Typhoon H – A Hexacopter with Follow Me Mode

The Typhoon H Pro by Yuneec is a DJI Phantom 4 substitute that is a bit more expensive. Nevertheless, if you are just interested in the following features, it is the go-to choice.

Yuneec Typhoon H UHD Model

It is commonly preferred by customers who do not want to back DJI’s recent dominance of the multirotor sector.

  • It has 6 rotors (hexacopter) which usually delivers a more strong lift compared to the 4 rotors of a quad.
  • Its landing gears fold down, giving your cam a 360 field of view (FOV). It is handy for getting snaps at difficult positions and providing your camera with an unobstructed view.
  • Typhoon H comes with the Wizard remote controller. This excellent feature provides you with the choice to have one person to handle the drone while other can look after the camera.
  • It contains 8 different intelligent flight modes. Thus it will not merely follow you successfully; it will allow you to choose how you need it to track you.
  • This drone has a sonar tech in the rig’s front to maneuver around objects and bounce back that get into its flight route.
Update: The Yuneec Typhoon H Plus quadcopter was declared at 2018 International CES. It has an exceptional autonomous system which comprises a test camera array and Intel RealSense Technology.
3DR Solo Quadcopter (No Gimbal) is Over a Baseball Field

3DR Solo – Best Budget Follow Drone

We like the fact the 3DR Solo Drone is among the planet’s smartest flying rigs. Moreover, the cost has fallen considerably to make it the cheapest follow me drone.

3dr Solo Model

It is among the few quads that experienced and beginner pilots each fly to take professional-quality shots.

  • Marketed as the first quadcopter with a mind, 3DR’s Solo is driven by twin PCs for a far more intelligent functionality.
  • It supports in-flight access for your GoPro, providing you with the option to record, stop recording, and change camera settings while flying.
  • It is relatively lightweight at 3.3 pounds flies for around 18 minutes (indeed not worst for the cost) and includes a 700-meter range.
  • The video game-styled controller is explicitly designed to be user-friendly even if you have never used a UAV before.
  • You can almost let the quadcopter have an automatic flight with the Circle Around, and Follow Me modes, and take a seat and cherish the show.
  • The point that you may override the options you have inputted at any moment for small adjustments makes it probably the best.

Note: The only drawback of the 3DR Solo model is it does not come as a follow me drone with a camera, but you need to order a GoPro individually. However, with everything it has got to offer, it is not a deal breaker.

AirDog - The Autonomous Action Sports Drone Following a Water Skater

AirDog Auto-Follow Drone – Great for Adventure Sports

The AirDog Drone was released after the end of a fruitful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and specially made for the demands of outdoor adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts.

Airdog Drone Model
If outdoor adventures and extreme sports are your main emphasis, AirDog drone is for you.
  • It is a uniquely built product that serves just one goal, and it is to record expert adventure sports footage.
  • It is so easy-to-use, set it in the ground, wear the wristband it tracks, then taps a switch on that watch, and the drone should follow you.
  • AirDog arrives in a foldable structure for easy transportation, and it facilitates GoPro Hero action cameras.
  • The wrist control is waterproof, to help you control it when you are skiing, surfing, on the water, etc.
  • You have to select your activity, and the quadcopter will autonomously take-off and use the auto-follow flight function.
  • With the click of a switch, you can instruct AirDog drone to the beginning location. It will land then wait so that you can collect it up
  • AirDog comes with a higher selling price than other models on this review. However, if you are going downhill, then it is well worth it
All these five drones represent a few of the top Follow Me choices available now. Deciding which model is most suitable for you will depend primarily on whereby your interests sit. However, irrespective of your decision rest assured you would have a follower at the cutting edge of the Follow-Me field.

Since the industry is getting filled with various drones that have the super cool “Follow-Me” feature. It could be a somewhat difficult task to discover the one which is ideal for you. That is where our buyer’s guide comes in useful.

10 Tips You Should Know Before Flying Your Auto-Follow UAV

Whichever product you go with, ensure that you pilot it responsible and safe. It is always wise to adhere to following safety tips when you are flying a drone that follows you and takes pictures.

  1. Doing some videos and checking if the subject placed centrally will provide you a good idea regarding the adjustments and the accuracy that should get done.
  2. Despite the truth that the quads require no user input in the follow-me mode, it is still an excellent idea to read the manual plus make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  3. It is worth mentioning that the most of the auto-follow UAVs do not comprise an object avoidance system. So, you should fly the quadcopter in a wide area and make sure there are no obstructions to the behind or side of the drone.
  4. The camera heavily relies on color to track, so it is best to chase an object which is in straight contrast against its surroundings.
  5. Remember to monitor warnings and battery levels. Do not get so caught up with follow you recording that you go low on charge. We suggest you fly in this mode with a minimum 30 percent charge remaining.
  6. It is overconfidence to think you can travel wherever and do whatever and the quad follows you. Although it performs this to a level, it is not perfect. These nonetheless need occasional input and monitoring from the user.
  7. Do not shoot off straight away as it could be possible for the drone camera to miss you. Gradually raising acceleration is the proper way to ensure the quadcopter remains with you all the time.
  8. Each UAV company uses different distances for its follow-me feature. It is best to maintain the distance close in the starting as you understand your drone.
  9. In follow-me modes, a specific minimum flight elevation may require in particular drone versions. We recommend you to set up the drone’s flying height to be larger compared to surrounding obstacles.
  10. Nearly every model today lets you fix a home position or a one key return feature. It is a wise idea to specify your return point well in advance.

FAQ’s About Self-Following Quads

What Does Auto-Follow Drone Mean?

A self-following drone is a UAV that has got the useful feature. It can follow the subject without having to use your input for controlling, by using software and sensors that enable the machine to lock into individual objects.

When Was a Drone That Can Follow You Were Introduced?

The drone that follows you arrived on the field in the year 2016 and ever since the follow you innovation has progressed.

What Do They Follow?

It can track all kinds of moving targets. The object followed can be you, runner, biker, an athlete in performance or training, pet having a good time, plane, or hiker.

How Does the Drone Follow Me Feature Work?

The earliest drones with follow me feature was essentially merely tracking the controller’s GPS signal. The outcomes are not the most precise or reliable. Today’s best UAVs have advanced.
The method of this technology function is the device transmits its position to the quadcopter, and once the target advances, the drone carefully tracks the target’s coordinates. It does not see a subject, but it follows based on map coordinates presented.

Is Any of These Drones Waterproof?

Unfortunately, any of the models reviewed above are not waterproof. However, it does not mean they cannot survive a few raindrops now and then.

How Fast Will a Self-Following Drone Fly?

You will find speed restrictions on civilian drones. However, you need not bother about those now. An average follow drone speed is about 25 MPH.

Can Drone That Follows You Prevent Obstacles When Flying?

The response is yes. Well for a few models at least. However, this kind of tech comes at a high cost meaning you will solely see it found in costly models.

Can These Models Follow You in Windy Climate?

In case, we are referring to the breezy climate and not storms; then the reply is yes most times. In fact, they stand up against whatever stronger they will be swept apart and rendered useless.

What Altitude Can These Drones Follow?

In the follow-me mode, most quads hover at a fixed height, and this height will not differ irrespective of the height differences of the object they follow. A few drones are pre-loaded with something known as Terrain Follow. This feature makes the aircraft to change its height as it pursues its subject.

Is Follow Me Drone Right for Me?

It is right if the sole thing you expect from your aerial vehicle is to take-off and manage both filming and flying while you perform your daredevil tricks.

If you don’t see your questions, or a response to it, shown above, please contact us, and we will tell you one.

The new exciting Follow Me feature is much more than only a gimmick – it is a means of lifestyle for many. It undoubtedly increased the drones appeal with the ease of use, flexibility, and freedom. We believe it will be a standard feature in future drones.

Conclusion: Our Advice

Well, you now know what are the current market’s best follow me drones. These are not the top just because these have follow mode; also they are highly rated in the aviation flying community.

We will update our article frequently to offer you more options for auto-follow drones. Kindly bookmark this post and check later for updates.

So, what do you think: Have you tested any of these drones or others for their follow-me capability? Know any other best drones that follow you which you feel we must add to this list? Scroll to the comments section below and tell us.

Happy flying friends and let the follow drone be in your trail at all times!


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