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How We Review

At there one unbreakable rule which is “Always be Truthful.” We will provide trustworthy and honest information to help the shoppers to decide which drone fit’s their requirements. In this page, we will let you know how the review process works.

Be Unique and Truthful

You already know that internet is full of unreliable product reviews and comparisons. In our site, we are dedicated to being an alternative to this.

We will not modify reviews because of partnerships, commissions, payouts, or advertising.

We also openly provides all the information about how we earn through our site so if you want to know more about it visit our earning disclosure page.

The Process

In an oversimplification, our method is like 1. research, 2. testing, more 3. research, and 4. evaluation.

We just do not copy all the product functions listed on a sales page, but instead, we will provide what real positives and also negatives of that product.

We never compel you to buy anything. Instead, we will present all the facts and information with our suggestion; you will ultimately make the decision.

How the Process Looks Like

  • Select a product to review (you can also suggest to us) first we will research in house not getting data from a third party source.
  • 75% of the times will try to purchase the model if we don’t already have it (or else we will get this part of the input from other actual owners).
  • Try to find about all the negatives about the product and brand.
  • Try to find all the positives about the product and brand.
  • Evaluate the product by redoing the 1 and 2 stage again by keeping the data from stage 3 and stage 4 in hand.
  • Present all the finding as it is and provide to you in an easily structured way to understand it easily.
  • If there any updates or modifications to the product then the whole process will start again from stage 1.

It is also important to note that if there any update in the product after we have published such as poor customer experience, defective models, improvements, etc. when we find about it then we will update our review too.

Your Input to Our Process

We know that importance of actual customer input for the reviews because they are people who used it.

That’s the main reason we have included that in our process but the more data we get, the more accurate the review will so feel free to share your experience with us through the comments and contact us page.

We will go through it and will update the article accordingly if it’s necessary.