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Best Drone Accessories & Parts – Must Have!

A beginner is is holding a drone and it's parts such as camera, propel guards, wings, battery is placed on the table

Buying the right drone is the first step you could take on your aerial adventure.

If you had done so, congratulations you are now a proud owner of a quadcopter.

But wait, ask yourself have you got the right drone accessories to hit the skies.

Having all the essential tools makes your flying experience even better, but that does not mean it is compulsory to have all them at your disposal.

Drone parts & accessories list

Drone Photo Editing Software

An edited & optimized aerial shot of the city from a drone

If you took amazing raw drone photos and now are looking for a free and best drone photo editing software to make photos pop and vivid, look through these 10 best photo editing softwares that are easy-to-use and make deep color correction fast.

Here you’ll find both professional software offering more advanced photo enhancement features, as well as simple drone photo editors that have fundamental tools for adjusting brightness, shadows, saturation, contrast, sharpness, cropping, and more.

Each of them proposes a trial version or is completely free.

You can also learn how to choose the best drone for photography if you would like to buy a professional one.


Man wearing shark drone googles and handling a remote controller

Nothing can excite you more than getting the best goggles to bring life back to your ultimate drone racing challenge.

This drone accessory defines your flight experience and can make you feel like a real pilot.

Various googles offer various specs, features, wow-factor but the purpose is merely providing you live feed without split-second delay.

If you want to race, you better get one before it is too late for judgment day.


Close up picture of a drone's gimbal holding a gopro hero 3 camera

As they always say, you deserve better out of your drone.

You should consider gimbal if you are keen on capturing stable photos and videos.

This accessory keeps your shots or recordings nice and smooth preventing jitters or jello effect.

Apparently, you will find various kinds of gimbal like 2-axis or 3-axis one.

Before buying a quad, check to see whether it has a pre-built gimbal or you have to get it separately.


picture of a Parrot AR Drone battery

As you have already guessed, the battery is a must-have drone accessory.

There is nothing more frustrating than you have to wait another odd 1 or 2 or even more hours to recharge a battery to take another flight.

Having backup batteries is not going to cost you much and offers interrupted flying experience.

Next time when you plan to fly on outside, carry with you a set of spare ones before you regret.


A remote control device is placed on a open field

You, of course, got to have the remote controller at any cost. Lucky for you, most RTF drones come with a controller.

For BNF drones, you must have to get it separately, and it not included.

This accessory defines the user experience so better select a drone which transmitter feels right on your hands and complement your styling sense.

You do not want one that is too big or neither too small to hold.

Drone Bags, Cases, and Backpacks

a picture showing a drone and it's parts packed into a drone case

You got a great quadcopter but how are you going to transport it around? In your typical carry bag? A big NO.

There are bags and backpacks designed especially for drones.

Did you know some bag companies even produce specific backpacks for the particular quad model? You got to select one that can fit in all the quadcopter (s) you have. It should stay portable, spacious, and lightweight to comfy your shoulders and back.

Landing Pads for Drones

drone landing pad

Landing a drone safely is more than just about avoiding obstacles and flying in a straight line, and it also has to do with landing the drone on any surface, no matter how hard or soft.

It is why a landing pad is such an essential tool for every drone pilot.

A landing pad is a platform on which to land a drone. A landing pad can be anything from a large, flat ground area to a raised platform with protective netting.

This drone accessory will give your drone a safe place to land to avoid breaking or getting lost. No more scrambling around looking for a flat, even surface to land your drone.

Choosing the right size and shape of the landing pad is essential, depending on the type of drone and its specific capabilities. Different forms of landing pads include squares, rectangles, octagons, triangles, and circles.

Propeller Guards

propeller guards

These days, drones are everywhere. They’re a fun and helpful tool for both hobbyists and professionals, from taking pictures to delivering goods.

But these little gadgets can be dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Drones are expensive and powerful enough to cause severe damage if they collide with something or someone.

So how do you keep your drone safe? With propeller guards!

These guards attach to the propeller blades of your drone and protect them from danger without affecting flight performance or battery life. Propeller guards are an excellent way to keep your drone safe while providing peace of mind.

Propeller guards are typically made from plastic or foam, and they fit securely over your drone’s propellers to protect them. If you want to start flying drones but don’t want to worry about people getting hurt, these propeller guards will do the trick!

GPS Tracker

gps tracker

Flying on a drone can be a lot of fun. But you may want to know where it is, what altitude it’s flying at, and whether or not it’s in danger.

That’s why you need a GPS tracker for your drone.

The drone GPS tracker is a device installed on a drone to locate that specific device. It can be used to find a lost drone or monitor its location while it’s in use. With more and more drones being used in different industries, these trackers are becoming more critical.

However, the best drones have an integrated GPS tracker that lets you know where your drone is and what it’s doing in real-time. These features help an operator fly the drone with ease, but they also offer safety benefits for the drone.

Drones without built-in or external GPS trackers are more likely to run into buildings or other obstacles without warning because they will not be aware of their location and surroundings at all times.

Remote Controller Signal Booster

remote controller signal booster

One of the most frustrating things about flying drones is the signal. If your remote controller can’t communicate with your drone, you won’t be able to control it. And the more you fly, the worse it gets!

There are many reasons why this could happen. Lead shielding, metal objects, or other electronic wiring can interfere with the remote control signal.

If you want to fly your drone at a far distance, you need something that’ll help boost the signal and extend the range of your controller.

The simplest way to increase this range is by using a signal booster, which improves connection and extends transmission distance.

A signal booster will help increase the range of your controller by emitting signals in all directions. It is handy if you want to fly your drone outdoors or in an area with many trees and buildings.

Thank you for checking out the must have drone accessories and parts. These parts will definitely improve your aerial photography or aerial entertainment.

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