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Getting to know about different drone guides will help you become an expert in the field of UAVs. Staying up-to-date with all the drone buyer guide makes your time much simpler before and after buying a quadcopter.

By knowing everything about these devices, you always do not have to seek the help of an expert in the field. It is all about that bragging rights when next time someone asks you questions about them.

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Flying a Quadcopter

flying a quadcopter
Flying your quadcopter is one of the hardest parts mainly if you are a beginner. Learning the art of flying goes way behind mastering remote transmitter sticks.

Your overall hovering skills can make or break your maiden flight. So, it is vital that you educate yourself with all the basics covered before planning to launch your quad in the air.

DIY Drone

build a quadcopter
If you think buying a ready-to-fly drone is fun ask twice as building one yourself is double the fun. Yes, with the easy-to-follow instructions even you can make a drone with no to little experience.

Although, the prices are not that high for you to only consider a DIY drone that is one option if you are creative and want something unique. Get to ready to make the quad you always dreamed.

Drone Insurance

drone insurance
Drone insurance is as much necessary as the way you cover your other things. While it may not appeal to low-cost models, it is a big YES for those expensive and professional drones.

You do not want to end up losing your drone, crashing it into the forest or water only to find out it is no more of use and had not insured for a fund. As a best practice, make yourself aware of looking into the possible drone insurance options even before getting one

Drone Terminology

Drone Glossary
Understanding drone terms is probably the very first thing you must do before buying something from the drone industry. It is not about that massive, real-life military bomber jets and aircrafts when you hear the word “drone” in RC market.

These are more of a recreational model and does not even come close to resembling the real deal. So, ask yourself do you know what other such terms mean before buying a quadcopter.

Drone Jobs

drone jobs

Gone are the days when you considered drones was a revolution and used only to have some fun flying here and there. Now comes the opportunity to make yourself living with a range of drone jobs available.

If you complied with FAA laws and got certified, drones are nonetheless a perfect way to kick-off your profession as well. You can make an aerial photography business out of it, video coverage jobs, and this list goes on, and there is no end to the list of possibilities available.

History of Drones

history of drones
Learning about the history of drones may take you back to the memories of your old-school history lessons which can put you to sleep or get boring. However, with past, you get to understand more about this particular technology and how it has evolved.

This knowledge can help you in big time when deciding on a drone because you know what it should have that was not there several decades back. Take a look at our drones history guide for more information on these flying systems.

Drone Repair

drone repairs

Drone repair is always going to become the biggest concern for you and including us as well. You have to know about all those little tricks of the trade to fix a drone.

It is because buying accessories is not always a smart decision when you can do it yourself without wasting money. So, make yourself the right person to bring back any of your damaged drones to its old glory.

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