Potensic t25 GPS FPV Drone Reviews

a potensic t25 drone outdoor picture for review

Are you searching for your very first quadcopter or an update from a cheap mini-drone?

Reasonable price, decent battery life, and many great features – this Potensic T25 model have almost all the things you could require in a drone.

Let us check out the Potensic T25 review and find out if their performance and feature set are suitable for you.

The Potensic T25 is a cost-effective follow me quad from a growing company. We took it to a test flight and disclosed our research in our complete review here.

Specs of Potensic T25 Quadcopter

  • Model: T25
  • Our Rating: 3.5 Star
  • Manufacturer: Potensic
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 – 17 Years
  • Type: Ready-to-Fly
  • Style: GPS Drone
  • Skill Level: Adults Beginners
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.4 x 16.3 in
  • Weight: 2.25 lbs
  • Propeller: 4 x Spare Propeller Blades Included
  • Built-in Functions: Follow Me, LED, GPS Return Home, HD WiFi Camera, 3D VR Function
  • Port: SD Card Port
  • Stabilization: 9-Axis Gyroscope
  • FOV: 120°
  • Camera: 1080P
  • Camera Tilt: 90° Adjustable
  • FPV: Yes
  • Max Flight Time: Up to 10 Minutes
  • Max Flight Distance: More Than 300m
  • Battery: High-capacity, Removable 3.7V 1000mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • Control Modes: Remote Control
  • Speed: 3 Speeds to Choose From
  • Vision System: Dual GPS
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Bundle Options: Base Model Only
  • Price Range: $$$
  • Carrying Case: No
  • Manual: Included in the Packaging

Pros & Cons of T25 Model


  • Compact and small without being bulky.
  • The propeller protectors did what these were intended to do.
  • The 1080p camera addition is excellent.
  • It will keep most if not all smartphones plus the application works well while in use.
  • Nice to find a few spares parts in the package as it looks like they are more probably to be wanted.


  • Flying time/battery life – and – second battery in the package would help.
  • As a new user, the truth is that learning how to fly is somewhat stressful.

Summary: Overall, the Potensic T25 is an excellent bargain, not too heavy, not too light and sits at a pretty sweet spot for not being very costly while having a remarkable feature set.

Packaging Potensic T-25

The T25 drone arrives pretty well set up right from the pack, and through the first unboxing, you realize you have taken the right decision.

When you order this product, you also will get a detailed user manual, a transmitter, a battery, USB battery charger, four extra protection guards, two extra landing gears, a screwdriver, and four spare propeller blades.

close up of all t25 model parts removed from the packaging
However, as you noticed in the picture above, you will find so many extra little parts, both spares and required that it yet feels like a kit rather than a completed product.

Pro Tip: Because the drone will not include storage memory card for your videos and photos, consider getting a large one, so you are not short of storage memory.

Design of This Drone Model

Upon our first impression, the white color of the controller and drone is virtually praise to the times of the good old i-macs and e-macs by Apple, and each has quality and robust feel for them.

From a visual standpoint, it pops out unique but we would forgive practically anybody for confusing it to a drone by the market leader.

Functionally, the T25 design done well. The landing leg is replaceable so are the propeller guards and the propellers.

Let us move on to photo and video.

Size of Quadcopter

This aircraft comes at a compact stature and when combined with the camera, it weighs hardly a kilogram.

Its portable size enables it to stuff snugly in your bag so you can go with it comfortably.

Due to the small dimension, it is ideal for flying inside where the room is limited.

Camera Quality

The on-board camera is the reason why we think UAV’s intrigue many of us, not to mention T25 boasts 1080P. A massive improvement from other versions in

its cost range that just offers 720p resolution cameras.

The camera did a pretty decent job. However, it could be slightly jumpy and also the clarity is not quite as powerful as we were hoping.

photo shows the difference between a regular 720p quality camera versus potensic t25 1080p hd resolution

The video quality is pretty decent, and the camera lens boasts a 120º field of view (FoV), so you may capture plenty thanks to the wide-angle. You find electronic stabilization yet that is as much as it will go so do not expect super stable video.

Videos saved in .avi file on the memory card and .mov format on your iPhone. That is useful as macs do not read .avi format natively so you will need to get VLC or any other editor/player.

You precisely see what you are recording on your remote control screen. It would record any videos or photos straight to your smartphone and an SD card if you got it installed.

We will say it was amazing to watch the T25 rotated at nearly a 25-degree angle and holding its shape.

Pro Tip: For better-quality videos and still shots, we suggest that you route them to an SD card when filming. You can insert the SD card into the slot given for that.

Battery of T 25 GPS RC Drone

The battery offers flight time of around 8 minutes. So, we ordered extra battery thus we would have twice the flight duration among charging sessions.

The more minutes you could spend hovering, the more effective you will be and better the results you will get from photos and video.

When your flying machine runs out of power, it automatically returns home or gets to your way so you should not face hard luck tracing it down.

The main criticism from any pilot will be battery life. We would advise at least one more battery and possibly two like you went flying, you will want a minimum of 30 minutes.

Also, after the battery of the controller is depleted you are done since it takes 60 minutes to charge if even you brought the power bank.

Setup & Calibration

When you are doing all the setups, the “am I performing this correct?” weigh upon you considerably. The set up is not hard; it is just not straightforward nor fast if you are expecting something much like a remote control car.

The setup steps are as follows:

  • Charge your batteries.
  • Install the microSD card, not included in the camera.
  • Press the prop guards into position.
  • Install the battery in the remote control.
  • Install the smartphone cradle in the controller.
  • Download and start the Potensic-G app.
  • Switch on the quadcopter and put it down on the level floor, and all lighting should blink red. Note: You ought to be in a spacious area, and the lights are hard to notice in bright sunlight.
  • Turn on your remote control. Press UP next DOWN in the left side joystick. Lights in the front should flash white, rear blue.
  • On your smartphone hop into options and connect with WiFi broadcast from the drone (Potensic-xxx) after that come back on the app.
  • Calibrate its compass by pushing each joystick for the inward and forward corners (left at 1, right at 11). Note: Now you should see a red in between the flashing (red/blue in rear, red/white in front).
  • Calibrate the gyroscope by pressing every control key to the outwards and forward corners (left at 11, right at 1). Note: You should see lights blink rapidly.
  • Grab the drone and in one steady motion flip your body into a circle maintaining the drone leveled in your front. Rear lights will turn solid blue.
  • Now tip your quadcopter face down (props forward) and repeat the same stuff keeping the quadcopter in this angle. Front lights will turn solid white.
  • The app will confirm calibration ok. After that, you should set the quad again on the leveled surface in which the lights should return to particular blue/white flashing as the quad is waiting for the signal of GPS.
  • Once the lights go back to everything solid, you are ready to take flight, and the application will say so.
  • The last step is in the software; you should click on controls to launch the flying display.

Controller of FPV Drone

The controller appears beginner-friendly. It seems similar to a computer game controller, thus if you have previous experience with the Xbox can feel at home.

Here you can find the [takeoff/landing], [power], and [return to home] buttons together with plenty of indicators which aid in communicating which options the drone got active. Those are lit adequately during use hence hard to mistake.

t25 drone remote control with screen isolated on the white background
There are many controls located on the transmitter, but it adds up to a learning bend that is as thin as your know-how with this setup type.

The controller will not feature a display of its own nevertheless the universal bracket lets you snap an Android smartphone or iPhone easily into place.

Flight Performance of Quad Copter

Regarding actually piloting the device, Potensic has implemented a few features that aid a beginner pilot significantly.

The first you will find is a single button take-off which literally will work as marketed. Another one is auto-land that relieves a big frustration away by landing on your behalf.

We noticed the T25 drone to be quite responsive for the controller along with a minimal lag – and it includes the footage delay too.


Potensic’s best-selling T25 drone got many functions, almost too much to grasp. Need to learn more? Keep reading.

First Person View

For real-time video and photos transmission, this quadcopter has the FPV function that enables you to see what your quadcopter is viewing real-time precisely.

GPS Lock

If you occur to be anywhere where you cannot get a signal lock, you may press and hold the right side joystick for two seconds to turn off GPS. Remember that also will turn off any other features that depend on GPS like follow-me and return home.

Follow Me Mode

Follow me is a function that got us really excited. While testing, the drone did what it is supposed to execute and should you backup, it advances.

a woman running with a potensic t25 drone that performs a follow me mode on the track
The issue is with a few GPS drifts; occasionally it could get a bit nearer than we expected that resulted in us stepping back also it carrying on to advance.

Do not expect facial recognition or anything similar to that. This drone uses your smartphone to transfer the GPS transmission. Nevertheless, it is a pretty great use of the technology at a low price range we think.

Headless Mode

A unique function is a headless mode that means forward is ever forward depending on your controller’s starting position and left side is in the forward’s left motion.

It is super helpful if you are thinking grid type. However, if you flip over because you traveled the drone right behind you, you will need to remap the controls mentally for having the drone execute what you need it to perform.

One Touch Take Off

Press the one button take-off, and the props whirr to action lifting the quadcopter to about five feet from the ground at which point you can observe it holds its position.

Return to Home

Also, there is a one push return to home feature that will come right back for you with GPS signal. It is pretty handy because the drone got a distance of around 300m that is pretty good for a model at this amount.

How to Be Safe When Flying

This drone includes several features which make sure you never miss your drone when it is in flight.

First of all, it is backed up with GPS tracking tech that enables you to position your quadcopter accurately preventing any potential loss.

Furthermore, this drone comes with 4 LEDs making it simple to track your drone while flying it at night.

Also, the drone can perform an auto-return if the connection gets dropped or if the battery drains, therefore, preventing any potential crash.

When running on the GPS setting, you can instruct your T25 drone to go back to the place from where it took off in just by clicking the return home button, suppose it gets off of sight.

All these security features help you enjoy the flight experience without stressing that you may lose your aircraft.

Conclusion & Our Recommendation

We enjoyed the T25 drone. It may not be the most attractive drone, yet it checks plenty of fields.

While it would not come with the brand of the more popular and bigger names in drone market, the T25 by Potensic still offers you quality experience while being inexpensive.

This model is ideal for everyone searching for an affordable option but with all the features which the more expensive bigger drones have.

Want a drone that’s worth every penny you put on it yet with all the features? Potensic’s T25 is your best bet. Check out our expert review.

Potensic t25 Drone

Packaging - 8
Design - 6
Camera - 9
Flight Time - 6
Controller - 9.5
Flight Performance - 7
Value for Money - 10


Tons of Fun!

Want a drone that’s worth every penny you put on it yet with all the features? Potensic’s T25 is your best bet. Check out our expert review.

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