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Interview with Mike, owner of Drone Supremacy, on Drones & FPV

Mike, Drone Supremacy

Owner of Drone Supremacy & YouTuber

Today, we have interviewed a famous drone blogger and YouTuber, who shares a passion for drones, editing, and filmmaking.

It is time to meet Mike, owner of the Drone Supremacy brand, who gracefully accepted our invitation to be part of this UAV Interview Series.

He is a real pro when it comes to creating high-quality drone videos and recently stepped into the FPV drone space as well.

In this interview, we talk in-depth with Mike about his drone background, how he started his website/YouTube channel, favorite drone gear, how droners can keep up during social distancing, advice for drone starters, and so on.

If you are into drones & FPV, this article can help you learn a thing or two about drones.

With that said, let us jump in and see what Mike has to say!

Let’s Start the Interview

Welcome Mike, tell us about yourself and your background to our readers?

Hello everyone, my name is Mike, and I’m the owner of Drone Supremacy. I’m 30 years old, and I’m originally from Bulgaria, which is where I live currently with my wife and our dog.

How did you first get involved in drones?

I’ve always been fascinated with photography and videography, but never really pulled the trigger to do it myself until drones became a bit more accessible.

I liked that new perspective of seeing places and objects that I’m already familiar with from my everyday life, but in a new light – from the air.

So, after a little research, I got my first ever drone – a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and started exploring the world around me with it, it was fascinating.

What inspired you to launch the Drone Supremacy website?

Drone Supremacy Logo

The stuff that inspired me the most was my desire to share my journey, from the perspective of a person who knew next to nothing about drones.

I wanted to document some of the things I learn while I fly my drones and want to help in people who are going through similar experiences like myself.

Later on, when I got a lot more knowledge in the area, I started to feel comfortable giving some tips about drone flying and aerial photography & videography.

Then, things started growing from there until the point where I quit my full-time job (I was a web developer), so I can follow my passion and make flying drones my business. Best decision I’ve ever made!

You regularly upload videos on your YouTube channel, of drones and FPV. What have been some standout models for you and why?

The #1 drone that stands out for me currently is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro. It’s a real beast, and I love how it combines power and portability in one package.

It’s just a drone which I know I can rely on in pretty much any scenario, I’ve tried it in powerful winds, and it was just rock-solid which made me love it even more.

When it comes to FPV, I started that new chapter recently (at the end of 2019), and I am blown away by the capabilities of these quadcopters.

I already have 2 FPV drones (one pre-built and one which I built myself), and I have a couple more, which will come very soon to my channel.

What qualities do you search for in a drone if you are writing a review?

The first thing which I’m looking for is usability. I like using my gear, so I appreciate products that are ‘complete package,’ meaning that they can serve all your needs – whether that’s the good camera quality, good flight range, or long battery life.

I think that’s the reason why I love the Mavic 2 Pro so much right now, it just works perfectly for my needs, and it’s very reliable.

Are you certified (Part 107) and what does your quad kit look like?

In Bulgaria, our certification is a bit different than Part 107 in the US. But, yes – I have a certificate for flying drones, which allows me to fly almost anywhere (as long as I follow the general rules) and to do commercial work.

My current lineup is the DJI Mavic 2 Pro, DJI Mavic Mini, and I’m waiting for the official announcement of the DJI Mavic Air 2 in a few days so that I can add that to my kit as well.

As for FPV – as I mentioned, I have two quads already – one for Freestyle and for recording cinematic FPV footage and one for racing and a bit more daredevil type of flying.

A few more FPV quads will join the fleet soon, all with different purposes. I’m looking forward to exploring different sizes of FPV quads, so I can have a wide variety in the shots which I can get.

What is your favorite drone shot you have ever taken and how have subscribers/fans reacted to your drone content?


Oh, that’s a tough question to answer. I suppose some of my favorite footage is the one I shot during my honeymoon last year in the Maldives.

It could be because of emotional reasons or just because it was so freaking beautiful, but I’m simply in love with how the Maldives look from the air, and my subscribers seemed to enjoy the complete video.

Other than that, a year or so ago I made a compilation video in collaboration with lots of drone pilots from across the globe who sent me some of their best drone shots which I then had the pleasure to edit and color grade and put my little touches on for the final video.

The goal of the video was to demonstrate the power of drones and how they allow us to capture the beauty around us. I had tons of fun for that video, and I still love watching it from time to time.

How drone pilots can keep up their hobby during coronavirus and social distancing?

I envy the people with large properties and big backyards right now.

As I’m unable to fly, I think the best way to keep up with the hobby is to start a simulator (if you’re interested in FPV) and learn a new skill or two.

Also, I found out that learning is the best way to escape boredom, so I’m investing a lot of time into watching tutorials & courses about things I know I can improve in my work.

What are a few of the hottest emerging applications of drones nowadays?

With news about COVID-19 all around us, I see a lot of stories about how drones have been used for identifying and helping people during the pandemic and many other cases of safety inspections, agricultural usage, and tons more.

Drones are getting used for good, more, and more every day, and I couldn’t be happier to see that.

What are your views on the future of the commercial drone market?

I think the commercial drone market is slowly but surely starting to get saturated because of how easy it is to fly a drone.

Especially with the help of all the intelligent flight modes recording good footage for your commercial work is easy nowadays, so people are starting to get more and more creative and looking for a way to stick out from the crowd.

That’s how I explain the growth of the FPV market and the jaw-dropping shots that were just not possible a couple of years ago.

What is your advice for drone users who are looking to capture quality, amazing clips like the ones you post?

The best advice I can provide people is to learn the fundamentals first. Good angles & perspectives, camera settings, and smooth movements – you can’t have good footage which stands out without any of those three.

Only then you may start experimenting, and you can form your style of shooting videos.

What do you believe the biggest misunderstandings is of drones?

Spying! I hate that people still think drones are spying them. I think I’ve never met anyone who flies a drone regularly and who hasn’t been approached by a random person accusing them of spying. So, I hope people will stop thinking that.

Who are some pilots/influencers/YouTubers you admire in the drone space?

There are quite a few pilots whom I admire when it comes to how they tell a story with their footage, and how spectacular their shots look like – Sam Kolder, Mr Steele, Johnny FPV, and Andriu FPV to name a few.

What is something exciting people do not know about you? Where will we find you while you are not working?

The thing that most people don’t know about me is that I’m a big petrolhead. I haven’t shared that side of mine online too much.

But, I love the car modifying scene, I love driving myself, and I also watch a lot of car YouTubers (actually that’s probably 80% of the people who I’m subscribed to on YouTube), and generally, I love all sorts of motorsport.

When I’m not working, I’m always with my wife and dog, family is my #1 priority and they are also the best company for me to relax and have fun.

Did you enjoy our questions? Is there anything else you want to say?

Yes, I did, I think you’ve chosen your questions very well and I hope people enjoyed reading my answers. I want to thank you for having me, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

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