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Interview with Michel Moskal, JustPlanes on Aerial Photography

Interview with Michel Moskal, Managing Producer at Just Planes

Michel Moskal
Managing Producer at JustPlanes

It is not often we interview a person who has no direct association with the drone industry.

In today’s edition of series, we turn our attention towards someone who is bossing the aviation programs market for more than three decades and still counting.

Let us introduce you Michel Moskal, the Managing Producer at Just Planes.

JustPlanes is a world-leading producer of airline films offering World Airports and Flight in the Cockpit series of 300+ airlines all over the world.

In this interview, we talk in-depth with Michel about JustPlanes backstory, his aviation programs, his pick of the airplane, advice to aspiring pilots, prediction about the aviation industry, and so on.

We enjoyed every part of this interview so as you should because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn a word or two from the real experts who are best in the business.

So, why still waiting? Scroll down below to learn more information.

Welcome Michel, Introduce yourself and how did you get started in the planes industry?

Hello, I’m Michel Moskal, the Managing Producer at Just Planes. I started in aviation more than 30 years ago as a Flight attendant, then worked in airline operations.

Now I manage Just Planes and a team of 10 photographers, producers, editors, and graphic designers.

What inspired you to start the Just Planes website, initially?

In 1991 while working for the airlines, I picked a camcorder and started filming airplanes. Once I finished the first video, I put it up for sale and advertised it in some aviation magazines. People seemed interested, and the rest is 28 years of history.

How did you first get started in drones, personally?

A couple of years ago, we created Just Planes TV to diversify a bit from our usual themes of Cockpits and Airports. We wanted to cover all sorts of other aviation subjects, and we thought a drone would make the footage so much more incredible.

Tell us about your partners & sponsors and what makes them great?

When we started JPTV, we contacted Aerial Motion Pictures in the UK as they specialized in Drone training, and our London producers took their course.

We also contacted DJI and asked if they’d be interested in helping us, and they sponsored us and provided us with the best possible drone for what we needed. Both companies were great to believe in us.

Tell us about your 2 aviation film series. What’s so special about it?

Our first series was the WORLD AIRPORTS, which is where everything got started. In this series, we have 1 full-time and 3 freelance photographers who travel around the world to film airplanes at airports.

We turn these into a 4-hour program that our customers can buy and download from our shop. We have a steady group of customers, plane spotters, avgeeks who love to watch planes, and this series fits their needs perfectly.

Our main and most popular series is the FLIGHT in the COCKPIT series. Its been an absolute success mostly because people don’t get a chance to sit in cockpits and watch and learn from the pilots.

In this series, we have 2 full-time photographers who travel all around the world to film airlines. It’s been such a hit that we’ve already filmed nearly 300 airlines.

The series does well with most people who love aviation but mainly well with pilots, future pilots, and flight simmers.

Our photographers who film these programs meet pilots all around the world, and so many times hear that our videos got them started flying and helped them as they were becoming pilots.

What is your favorite plane to fly and why?

I used to like the newer planes, but those are very common now, so I’d say I have a weakness for the ones that are harder to find. The 727, 737-200, and 747SP stand out for sure and then of course models like the 707 and DC-8.

What plane that you have flown on are you most proud of?

Probably the 727. I’ve been on a couple of super stormy flights, and that aircraft seemed to handle it all without the slightest problem.

You do feel like planes from those days were built in a very different way from today’s planes.

The one and only producer of flight deck video to take you in the cockpit of 300 airlines. Awesome! How did you manage that?

As with everything, you start small and slow. When we launched the series, we were targeting to get 20 airlines on board.

Its probably partly the success of the series that has motivated more airlines to join our series but also the fact that our team is very well trained and equipped to work with the airlines in a challenging environment.

They know that, and many are, therefore, happy to open their cockpits to us. The fact that many pilots in Flight Operations Management know us certainly helped us reach the number of companies in our series today.

And then last, but certainly not least, we’re slowly on our way to hitting 1 Million views a day, something we hope to achieve by the end of 2020 and airlines certainly love the exposure/publicity they get from being featured in our series.

What are some of the characteristics of a great pilot?

A great pilot is one who comes in well prepared for his flight, has studied everything possible about the plane, flight plan, weather, route, etc.

They are one who can work well together in a cockpit, and that probably is more important for the Commanding pilot.

When I see a Captain who always makes sure his copilot is happy with his decisions, I think wow, that is a great pilot.

What also makes a great pilot is one who flies to all sorts of airports around the world, is used to all types of weather, and can handle all kinds of Air Traffic Controllers who may or may not speak good English.

Everyone is an excellent pilot when nothing special happens but when the situation is tense the one who handles it like nothing was going on is a great pilot.

What advice would you give to others who want to get started flying planes?

I would say you have to do it. Go to a flight school and get a couple of lessons… see how you feel and like flying, and if you think its something for you, do everything you could to achieve your goal because its a rewarding job.

What laws and regulations should plane owners and operators be aware of?

Too many to list. I guess as you study to become a pilot, you learn all the laws and regulations of aviation, and then as you are a pilot, you have to stay up to date as there are new ones and ones that change.

We regularly hear drone almost hits plane news. What actions can be carried out to overcome those shortcomings?

I think nowadays, that becomes harder as drones get restricted around airports, but I also believe that drones should only bought by people who are responsible and know where they can and cannot operate a drone.

What advances in aviation technology are you excited about?

I’m excited about things that help pilots fly safe such as TCAS, for example, or better weather radars. I’m not enthusiastic about things that are put in the cockpit to replace pilots. Pilots should remain pilots and not become computer operators!

When you’re not on behind the planes, where would we find you?

Sleeping. I’m always busy at Just Planes. In case I am not in the studio working on a production or working on social media, I’m dealing with my photographers who are on a mission somewhere in the world.

For example, this week one of my cockpit guys was on his way to Tahiti, and his plane was hit by lightning in Paris. So, we were in continuous discussion on what/how to proceed all the while one of my airport guys was filming in Beijing and because they were celebrating their 70th anniversary over there the increased security made it nearly impossible to record, so we had to come up with alternate solutions to make the filming a success.

Did you enjoyed our interview? Is there anything else that we haven’t touched on that you would like to share?

I must say I was pleased to meet you, and this interview was cool. We don’t often get to speak about the company and what we do.

I’d end by inviting your readers to visit our website. Even if you don’t want to buy a film, there is plenty to see and watch for free. We have 10,000 videos loaded on Facebook and more than 2,000 on YouTube.

Thank you for this opportunity and I am wishing MyDearDrone all the very best!

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