Interview with Vitor Hugo, Instagramer, on Travel Photography

Vitor Hugo

Vitor Hugo
Drone Instagramer

We think you’ll agree with us that Instagram is the place where we get to see some of the never before seen drone pictures from photographers all over the world.

And our today’s guest will be one of them and let us introduce you Vitor Hugo. He is a travel addict, loves backpacking, captures drone photography wherever he goes, and frequently posts his adventures on Instagram and in some drone groups.

In this interview, we talk in-depth with Vitor on his drone journey, what’s inside his drone kit, his future goals, advice to get images like him, prediction about drones, and so on.

While Vitor isn’t directly associated with any drone entity, he knows a thing or two about drones, and his drone works speak for himself. So, don’t skip on this and read the below exclusive interview to see what Vitor has to say!

Let's Start the Interview

Welcome Vitor Hugo, Tell us about yourself and your background?

I am an aerial photographer who loves backpacking and exploring the hard to reach places on Earth. To see more of my work, check out my Instagram! Feel free to drop me a message if you would like to know more about these pictures or my journeys around the world.

Besides my passion for hospitality, my biggest dream was to travel around the world, visiting fascinating places on the planet. During a 4-month backpacking trip around Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, Singapore, and Hong Kong, I knew I needed to spend more time globetrotting. During those four months backpacking around, I had the opportunity to meet fantastic human beings and see some of the most beautiful places I have had the pleasure of traveling.

How did you ever get involved with operating drones?

Everything started when almost 5 years ago, I was in my hometown, Porto, and was on top of Dom Luis Bridge and heard a noise above me. It was a DJI Phantom. I remember to arrive home and start looking for more info. Seeing the perspective that you can achieve with a drone makes me feel in love with it.

You were in Bali – what is the best part about filming there?

The best part of shooting in Bali was the freedom that I had. If you follow the basic rules of flying a drone, no one will say nothing to you: that and all the endless landscapes. There’s always something to explore, something to be found.

What are your favorite aerial shots to take?

The ones that can show a new perception of a landscape, beach, cliff, that’s the magic of a drone, present things that no one could see before.

Gili Meno Statues
Gili Meno Statues

What does your drone gear look like?

Mavic 2 Pro with spare battery, iPad as a screen or iPhone as a plan B, Drone Filters (ND 4, 8, 16), couple of spare propellers, and a solid and comfortable backpack.

How have people responded to your drone images on Instagram?

Better than I could imagine! Feedback has been fantastic since I post the first drone picture, and nowadays, I’m connected with amazing human beings from all around the world thanks to the content that I keep posting on my social media channels.

What do you wish to achieve in your drone job in the forthcoming years?

In the short term, I want to keep traveling the world and discover all the angles that I can with the drone. Notably, the ones that no one ever saw and then share it with everybody. For the future, I would love to be involved in some kind of expeditions with other photographers around the world.

What is your advice for drone starters who are looking to take amazing pictures like the ones you publish?

Do it with passion or not at all! When you fly a drone for the first instance is such an excellent feeling that you don’t want to stop it. Practice your smooth movements, feel confident with your drone, and ask questions in groups. The rest comes naturally.

Phang Nga Bay in Thailand
Phang Nga Bay in Thailand

Have you ever before crashed a quadcopter?

Yes, once! We were in Uluwatu, Bali. Was staying a night in a Bubble Hotel, on a beach that you need to walk 35/45min downhill to reach it. As soon as we arrive, the landscape was out of this world. No one was around. It was just the ocean and the bubble where we were staying overnight.

I released the drone in the air and got too excited executing crazy moves. It went against a tree on the hill almost 1km from me. The camera was still on, so I could see myself when I reached the drone. 😆 With my wife’s support, we managed to take it down off the tree. After 10min of cleaning it, was already up in the air again. No time to waste!

Where do you see drone industry heading in the future?

Drones are the future. Not just in videography/photography’s world, but a bit everywhere. Supporting Rescue Teams, Agriculture, Deliveries, Engineers, Architects, just to name a few, it’s one of the developments of the century without a doubt.

How do you remain motivated to post drone content while in the pandemic?

That’s what keeps me motivated. Due to the lockdown, I’ve been improving my editing skills, and I have the time that I never had before to organize all my videos/pics. It’s great to have time to focus and challenge myself in a creative world.

Wat Samphran Temple in Bangkok
Wat Samphran Temple in Bangkok

Who are a few drone Instagramers you think others must check out?

In terms of FPV, Andres Aguilera or Johnny Schaer always have something new and exciting to show us, craziest videos ever!

Drone Photography I would say Jord Hammond is the person that I follow the most. Always fantastic content and interact with you if you’ve any doubt what’s impressive from someone that busy with several projects. Drone videography, Sam Kolder knows how to make the best of any drone and then do unique videos with it.

How much of your experience of still photography brings into your drone?

I need to be honest before drones I only had a GoPro. I bought my first drone 6 months ago, and I can say that it was my first significant investment in the photography world. Also, I have always been curious about angles and unique ways to capture the world. I have always been curious about the underwater world since I was 5, thanks to my dad. And sometimes, he used to lend me his camera to take pics or do videos when we used to dive.

I think more than knowledge, was the passion that I always had that helped me when I started my drone adventure.

You like to travel. Where do you wish to go next to take drone images?

Because I’m based in the UK, and it’s kind of close, I would like to go to Norway or Faroe Islands for the short term. A bit longer than that, definitely go back to Indonesia and explore islands that we know so little about.

You have a specific method of shooting. How will you define your style?

I love to wake up at 4 am or not going to bed at all, so I can have the perfect lighting or be by myself on a specific spot that I saw previously. Once again, my style is all about the passion and the challenges that I feel every time I’m in a new place, surrounded by amazing and genuine people.

Did you found our interview enjoyable? How can people reach out to you?

It was great to have the opportunity to share a bit of my ‘drone life,’ and I would like to thank you, Oliver, for this fantastic opportunity. Also, I would like to share my in case if someone would like to connect or simply has any doubt or question, please feel free to DM me. Thank you!

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