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Dji Mavic Pro Review, Price & Comparison in 2023

DJI Mavic Pro Review
3d picture of non flying dji mavic pro drone


A truly portable drone, the DJI Mavic Pro is an excellent little drone. In case, you are on the lookout for a travel drone that shoots incredible videos and snaps incredible photos; it is the go-to choice.


  • Portable design and size. The company has even crafted it, so dimension does not come at the cost of performance and quality.
  • The shots are high quality – up there against high-def clip you will see posted on the net. It permits for interval and burst shooting along with the single shot.
  • This model can climb over the 40 mph mark when you go for Sport mode.Greater range in comparison to the DJI’s Phantom 4 version.
  • The remote controller is easy to use and hand-friendly for users who prefer using lightweight drone controllers.
  • Significantly, with a flight time that lasts long, it could fly for around 27 minutes.


  • The phone is required to work plus use the application to fly correctly. After you get it installed, sign up your account, then you are good to go.
  • The leg is of a small length, thus keeping the ground clearance as much as you can is a wise idea.
  • The FOV is not excellent in comparison to the broad view.


Needs for portability and flexibility have become the trend in the drone industry now.

The DJI Mavic Pro drone is a game-changing folding quadcopter that packs a punch.

Boasting great specs and packed with useful features, it does not disappoint you.

It is no surprise why it is among the top best sellers ever since its first release. We will get to that later.

By the closing of the article, you can make your choice of buying one for yourself or not as we are discussing all the things you always wished to know on DJI Mavic for sale.

Keep reading MyDearDrone’s complete DJI Mavic Pro review, and you will find out!

  • Model: Mavic Pro
  • Manufacturer: DJI
  • Product type: RTF
  • Weight: 1.62 lbs (734 g)
  • Size folded: 2″ height x 3.2″ width x 7.8″ length
  • Diagonal size: 335 mm
  • Camera: 12MP / 4K
  • Gimbal: 3-axis gimbal
  • Range: 7 km
  • Controller: smartphone compatible or DJI transmitter
  • Top speed: 40 mph (65 kph) (in Sport mode)
  • Flight time: 27 minutes
  • Operating temperature distance: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
  • Charging time: about 60 minutes
  • Foldable: yes
  • FPV: yes
  • Indoor or outdoor: both
  • Price range: $
  • The mavic pro drone
  • Gimbal clamp
  • Car charger
  • Micro SD card
  • Main charger
  • Micro USB cable
  • Battery charging hub
  • Power cable
  • Battery to power bank adapter
  • Standard micro USB connector, RC cable
  • Two intelligent batteries
  • RC cable, lightning connector
  • Two 8330 prop sets
  • Two RC cable sliders
  • Three propeller pairs
  • Three instructions manuals
  • Remote controller
  • Two tutorial booklets
  • Shoulder bag

Design & Durability of Mavic

Portability is at the forefront of the Maverick Pro’s design since it folds up to about the water bottle size.

They designed it with sharp, and angular edges, more contours similar to that of a stealth bomber. Moreover, it weighs merely around a half nearly as DJI’s earlier quad, the Phantom 4.

While the DJI Mavic might not fit into your pocket or purse, it will slot perfectly at your backpack. It is not bulky to carry around.

We put the product in the hard case that it arrives. It is just a little juggernaut that packs down to 3.3×7.8 inches, which is very little for this powerful drone.

It is mainly made to easily taken anyplace without using up much space. Regardless of whether you are launching it on a kayak in the heart of the forest, or out from the backside of a truck bed.

We can frankly say, it is a reliable flying machine and will get the work done.

With the durability it has you do not need to bother about anything damaging should you put it down or the case that it is in or even about a possible crash landing.

Since DJI has built a hinge mechanism that helps along with the drone safety and allows it to pack itself up in a portable size.

Mavic Pro’s Camera

The Mavic Pro’s camera records proper 4K footage at 30 FPS, offering you the system to blaze through the skies and take the perfect aerial photography from flying.

A dji mavic pro drone is folded and vertically positioned to show it's camera fully

While the video camera might not come with multiple features, it stays true for its 4K abilities.

If you like experimenting with the tone and quality of your videos and photos, then the DJI Mavic is undoubtedly the better choice.

Thanks to its 3-axis gimbal which are super light and compact, which maintains the camera stable for crystal-clear photos and smooth videos.

The maximum image size is 4000 x 3000 which is incredible by itself, with 8s-1/8000s shutter speed.

It helps in the quality cutbacks as the camera just fixed under the drone hood and not connected by the gimbal.

You can control the camera with DJI GO app and so support 2X digital zooming and facilitates a micro memory card type having a maximum 64 GB capacity.

Pro Tip: Always make sure to insert the gimbal clamp in the drone when traveling, and remove it before you launch the multirotor.

Mavic-Pro Battery & Flight Time

Substantial flight time can result in more fun, more pictures, and continuous videos.

Simple and straightforward, the Mavic Pro got an excellent battery life, more than you want from its small size. Also, the transmitter has decent battery life.

A picture of Mavic Pro intelligent flight battery package from DJI brand

The Mavic gives you a 21 minutes flight time at regular usage.

Also, under controlled settings close to a total of about 27 minutes. That is almost up to the same battery life as its predecessor.

You can get confident you will capture the photos you need with the ability to pack spare batteries. Due to 4 fully charged batteries, you have nearly 90 minutes of flying time.

The batteries have a 3830 mAh capacity, an 11.4 voltage, and is the type of LiPo 3S.

Also, DJI produces a charging hub so you will hook all 4 batteries into a single charger.

It takes almost an hour to recharge the battery, and around 2 hours for re-charging the transmitter.

You can look at how many rounds a battery had gone through using the GO App.

Mavic Pro Controller

So far as everything mattered in the remote controller section, what the DJI Mavic drone has put into place is sort of impressive.

A powered on Mavic pro controller with two antennas and a Samsung mobile phone attached to it

The overall design is a little like a car stereo or satellite radio receiver.

Like the aircraft itself, the transmitter includes a decent range, minimal size, and intuitive layout that shows you the primary flight information you need.

It ensures once your mobile phone put on the mix you are not holding a heavy object.

The OcuSync will get used to downloading videos and photos while flying at a top speed of about 40 MPH.

It enables the quadcopter to boost the interference contention, while also stretching the range capacity to an extra 4 miles.

Also, you can decide to hover the drone just using your smartphone together with the digital joystick and carry out all your directions from your phone.

It makes controlling and flying the DJI drone as simple as some quick taps on your smartphone display. Also, it has a small LCD screen to take flight your quad without needing to use the app.

The controller also shows you a warning message and will make noise when high winds happen. Do not you expect it to compete vs. Yuneec Typhoon H or the Phantom 4 when it becomes windier.

Overall, the remote controller is able of as many as 1080p full HD short-range footage streaming to YouTube and Facebook, long-range HD 720p, and 4.3-mile transmission control distance as well.

Flight Performance, Range & Time

The all-around performance and flight features of this UAV are quite excellent.

However, the flight specs and range steal the show.

It stays steady and handles quite well.

Previously, having to screw in every propeller manually or mount an external camera always appeared as a hassle.

As a result, setting up your drones often took too long.

Flying your Mavic drone is as simple as ever because you will not have to take away the rotors when you finished piloting.

Unfold its wings, switch on the controller and drone, and you are ready to go.

It is all the craze lately to put on goggles and watch an actual bird’s-eye viewpoint of the earth from any point of interest.

When used with the DJI’s Goggles accessory your flight experience with the drone becomes immersive.

Regarding flat-out flight performance, you can get in the sky in under 90 seconds or so with a bit of training.

The smaller rotors and motors mean that pressing this unit to the extreme is not an intelligent move. However, you can take the full advantage of replacement parts and firmware updates available.

Pro Tip: We would suggest upgrading to the DJI’s Mavic Pro Fly More Combo bundle if you are seeking a little more out of your Mavic. The extra propellers and batteries will prove useful over time.

Flight function modes

The DJI Maverick drone includes 11 autonomous flight modes. Listed below are some of our favorites.

Active Track

Active Track is possibly the one which will most likely get used. Thanks to it, you can choose to Spotlight, Profile, or Trace your subject.

  • Spotlight Mode: Keep the cam trained in your subject as you fly practically anywhere.
  • Profile Mode: Fly together with your subject.
  • Trace Mode: Follow in front of or behind your subject or circle it while it moves.

Cinematic Mode

It slows specific drone actions, smoothing out your flying for cinematic looking stills.

Gestures Mode

Wave or raise the arms to it then the drone will take selfies or follow for you.

Sport Mode

It opens the speed potential of this device. This mode can allow a pace of about 64.8 KPH. It is ideal for freestyle drone racing.

TapFly Mode

Tap on the display to have your Mavic get to that place.

Terrain Follow Mode

Keep flying at the same elevation above the surface even since the surface moves down or up. It allows for shooting footage of you climbing up the hill.

Tripod Mode

In this flight mode, your drone hovers at 2.2 MPH to assure precision shots. It is good for indoor flight and as you want a clear picture.

Pro Tip: The Mavic Pro has a mode for a beginner that forces your drone to travel a bit slow, and limits distance and height. Use this option while you are learning to fly.

All 12 DJI Intelligent Flight Modes Explained (In-Depth Walkthrough)

Mavic Pro Features

The DJI’s Mavic Pro comes with plenty of reliable features.

You will realize that this model is definitely among the best as soon as you know all its unique features mentioned below.

  • This drone is RTF, meaning it is ready-to-fly the moment it meets your hands. So, you will never have to stress about any set up when you get and take it off from the box.
  • The flight modes which you will find are Course Lock, Point of Interest, Gesture Mode, Terrain Follow, Follow Mode, and Waypoints.
  • It is surprisingly effortless to take flight. It can feel like a video game. In case, you release the controls, DJI Mavic flies merely in one place.
  • It can see up to 98 feet and so measure a range up to 49 feet, making it generate a 3D chart of the room around it and allows the quadcopter to detect the obstacles which are ahead. With many sensors, it is not going to lose much.
  • When the Mavic Pro is taking off, it creates a point of whereby it is, which means, where you stand. It can trigger an automatic landing setting which puts it right in your feet, as well as you can return to home if the battery starts fading.
  • In case, you are nervous, DJI provides insurance cover on their drones lines, which just increases the overall worth.

These features let both pro-drone users and beginners to take flight.

So, they will indulge in their opportunity to soar a quad which is both power and action packed.

The Mavic’s camera will not have the fixed focus that could be a problem for some people.

To get over it, you will have to tap a spot on the picture you are looking to focus on the DJI’s GO app after that fiddle with it.

It may drift around and not align properly.

However, it can get dealt through GPS out and indoors, due to the forward and downward vision sensors.


So in conclusion, there is very little not to like about this best professional drone.

It is just way past anything we have seen to date in drone market, and we think we are still just getting started.

Coming in the $ range, you get yourself a drone which you can carry together with you wherever you go, which has several flight features.

Still records 4K video clips and you do not even need a remote transmitter when you hover short distance.
For everything that you get, the price tag appears worth it.

Hopefully, you could have found our DJI Mavic Pro review useful.

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