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UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone Review

Not many people are familiar with quadcopters, in fact, maybe would regard it as some sort of alien technology at first glance.

A quadcopter is a small device that is able to float in the air with the use of four rotors at its four sides.

The rotors allow the machine to propel itself, and the inner mechanics permits the user to control the quadcopter using a remote.

This is quite similar to the concept of using small scale model airplanes, but the inclusion of the rotors offer a very different function.

The position of the clockwise and anticlockwise rotations of the propellers give variations in the speed, thus easing control, especially from a long distance.

The UDI 818A RC , however, is a bit different from the usual quadcopters people know and love. This version comes with the special Return Home Function and the Headless Mode.

Best of all, it also has an HD Camera that can effectively record its progress as it levitates across the open air.

Hailed as one of the best quadcopter of all times, especially for its astounding features and ease of usage, UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone is a must have for all fans and quadcopter lovers alike.

Main Features

As mentioned above, the best three features the UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone is blessed with are the HD Camera, Return Home Function, and the Headless Mode.

The camera itself deserves special attention, since its 2 MP of HD quality, at 720 inches of display breadth and 30 FPS speed, is simply one of a kind for a quadcopter drone.

The extra 4 GB Micro SD card keeps a reliable record of all that the drone witnesses while it is hovering. This alone makes this quadcopter appealing enough to try out.

But of course, there’s more. The Return Home Function does exactly what it is meant to with a simple button press while the Headless Mode auto adjusts the initially grounded position of the drone.

Other Features

The UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone comes with additional tools, the best of which are deemed as upgraded accessories such as two LiPo batteries, and, amazingly, a 2200mAh PowerBank for free.

This allows easy charging even when outside home, and is a good source of emergency backup power.

One specific feature that makes this quadcopter more advanced than the rest is its improved gyro controls, with 6-axis stability.

A combination of three accelerometers and three gyroscopes help control the speed of the machine. There are also pre-set modes that can allow both beginners and experts fun ways to use the device.

Mode 2, in this case, permits 3D maneuvering and even 360-degree flips. All these, possible with only just one push of a button.


The product sizes in at 13 inches from both length and breadth, with 3 inches in height.

The compact size allows an aerodynamic shape that helps the rotors do their jobs better.

The control is pretty fun to use and is almost like that of a video game.

The right joystick is to make the drone spin, while the left and the right triggers support the spin control and turns the lights on and off, respectively.

To activate the flip feature, press the left bumper on the upper side of the remote control.

Tilting the stick to your own desire would automatically send signals for the drone to behave the same way.

The responses do not lag at all. However, the throttle, being set at a specific position, can take patience and time to master when trying to do tricks with this drone.

Nonetheless, the UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone gets better the more you use it.

There are always more ways than one to utilize this marvel to its fullest potential.


  • The motors are quite powerful, especially when compared to older models. This means the efficiency, as well as the duration of the flight, is effectively increased.
  • Comes with LED lights that can light a way similar to a flying, shining beacon.
  • The remote control contains two joysticks for a variety of maneuvering techniques.
  • The controls are quite easy and user-friendly. Even those trying this for the first time and learn the flight mode controls without any hassle.
  • In flight, the drone can be controlled to perform stunts such as rolling, pitching and yawing.
  • Comes with a USB card reader and four extra blades for the rotor.
  • The HD Camera is excellent; does not falter when recording midflight, and produces smooth images and videos.
  • It is quite light overall; about a measly one pound.


  • The round shape and the awkward size may cause space problems when flying in restricted areas.
  • Flight time of 7 to 9 minutes is a lot for a quadcopter but still might prove to be disappointing.
  • Similarly, takes at least 1 and a half hour to charge, which might be a lot for impatient users.

Customer Reviews

This needs to be mentioned that quadcopters have a pretty selective fan base.

While many choose to use them as casual toys, many dedicated customers love experimenting with the engineering and techniques of these wireless drones.

It comes off as no surprise that the UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone was very well received by the buyers.

Many especially pointed out that the product is very much worth it for the price while others emphasize on how much entertainment they have gotten from using this specific quadcopter.

Most praises went to the smooth controls and accessibility of power source; especially the compatibility, and inclusion, of the powerhouse known as Power Bank.

Above all, the sentence “it files very nicely” appears multiple times, proving as a testament to the amazingness of this device.

One complaint, however, arose from the fact that it can’t be used for too long since its battery life is quite low.

Nonetheless, a minimum of 7 minutes of operation time is astounding for any quadcopters, so this small hiccup can be excused.

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