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FlytBase Partners with DroneLogbook to Simplify Enterprise Drone Operations

The drone industry has come a long way in recent years, with steady growth in sectors such as construction, logistics, agriculture, healthcare, public safety, oil & gas, utilities, survey engineering, and telecom.

This growth has been led by enterprises, technology startups, and government agencies. Advancements in drone hardware, battery life, proactive regulation, and intelligent software have fueled this growth.

Enterprises continue to witness an increase in the number of use cases for UAVs. For large scale drone adoption, businesses want seamless integration between hardware, software, and services. It requires close cooperation between key players in the drone ecosystem. One example is the partnership between FlytBase and DroneLogbook to create business value for enterprise drone programs.

flytbase and dronelogbook

About the Companies

FlytBase, Inc. provides hardware-agnostic drone software to run drone operations at a scale. It provides a platform that allows easy deployment of a fleet of drones connected to a cloud base application.

With FlytBase, a user can genuinely have an intelligent fleet of drones by leveraging features like flight path design, precision land, live track, stream HD video, unlimited telemetry data, and fleet management. The solution offered by FlytBase is compatible with leading drone hardware like PX4, Ardupilot, and DJI. The customers they serve range from sectors like public safety, logistics, to energy utilities.

Live Remote Drone Operation

DroneLogbook provides a SaaS solution for compliance with commercial drone operations. The solution helps operators to log flight details, plan flight missions, and manage and import flight data for different agencies (CAA, FAA, CAD, CASA, TBST, DGAC, EASA, …).

Why the Partnership?

It turns out that enterprises that want to scale with drones can only achieve it through fully autonomous drone operations, either VLOS or BVLOS (beyond the visual-line-of-sight).

Enterprise stakeholders who deploy drones with the FlytBase solution start with low latency, live video feeds, managed over the cloud, during drone missions. As their operations mature, missions are scheduled such that drone fleets are deployed in a repeatable manner, with both the drones and their payloads being controlled remotely and/or automatically.

Regulatory compliance is a vital aspect of commercial drone operations that take into consideration security and privacy concerns. DroneLogbook provides the software to log data related to flight operations, violations, airspace information, and interaction with various applications.

With the partnership with DroneLogbook, FlytBase enterprise users get an end-to-end solution where they can remotely control and manage a fleet of drones over 4G/5G network, and while ensuring compliance.

DroneLogbook users, in turn, can leverage the advanced fleet management and autonomous capabilities of the FlytBase platform, including precision landing, AI/ML-based detection, remote gimbal control, waypoint missions, etc. The partnership stems from FlytBase’s extensive experience in integrating the log management solution of DroneLogbook in its enterprise solutions.

FlytBase and DroneLogBook seek to make enterprise drone operations truly autonomous for not only CTOs and Innovation Heads, but also to operations managers and senior management.

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