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Interview with Peter Muhlrad, President of GuardBot on Spherical Amphibious Robotic Drone Systems

Peter Muhlrad with His Invention

Peter Muhlrad
President of GuardBot

Our UAV Interview Series has featured many exciting drone industry individuals, and Peter Muhlrad is no exception to this list.

It is time to meet Peter, President of GuardBot that specializes in the spherical robotic vehicle systems.

He originally created GuardBot’s all-terrain drones to traverse Mars and then shifted the focus towards the commercial and military market to attract a new set of audiences, especially during this pandemic time.

We had an excellent opportunity to talk in-depth with Peter on his drone background, the reason behind GuardBot creation, how his invention can help in COVID-19 contamination efforts, collaboration with Aquiline Drones, advice for drone starters, and so on.

If you are into robotics or drone-based spherical systems, this interview is a gold mine.

So, without any further delay, let’s dive in and see what he has to say.

Welcome Peter Muhlrad, tell us about yourself. How did you get keen on drone technology?

Some years ago, we were developing and manufacturing unmanned helicopters called the Guardian. Having had the experience of unmanned helicopter drones, we decided to move into ground-based robotic vehicles and developed the HARV (Highly Adaptive Robotic Vehicle System) spherical robotic vehicle system.

What is the demand for robotic vehicle systems nowadays? How has it evolved since you launched your business?

It is estimated to be more than $2b and increasing substantially in many directions, including defense, last-mile delivery, surveillance, etc.

What are a few of the highlighting things about GuardBot’s circular drones?


Rolling friction-free, amphibious, modular structure, multi-terrain, swappable sidepods are enabling multiple missions and swapping sensors.

What motivated you to begin GuardBot, in the first place?

See above and also the ability to integrate a complete system into a sphere with ability roll friction-free in multiple terrains and swim in the water.

Tell us on your collaboration with Aquiline Drones & how the thought came together?

GuardBot needs an Operation Control Unit backed by a Cloud based Command & Control Center. Found Aquiline Drones in a UAV newsletter so I called the same day and since then we are cooperating.

What military uses do drones have?

Military Test GuardBots Circular Drones

Surveillance, monitoring, IED identification, reconnaissance, ordnance delivery, and many more.

What are your plans on the way forward for HARV drone vehicles?

Considering the current situation with millions of people quarantined or confined but still needing access to essential places such as supermarkets, factories/warehouses, installations, gas stations, drug stores, etc. GuardBot believes it is an opportunistic time to develop and equip the HARV robotic vehicles to monitor, observe, and record vital signs to help protect and save lives.


Mobile HARV spherical vehicles, equipped with cameras and audio, will provide continuous mobile monitoring, detect body temperature, record findings, and catalog photos with date, time, and temperature of the individual(s), standing in line, at entrances and exits, of buildings and public spaces. After recording the individual as healthy, an RFID emitter would authorize entrance with doors opening, allowing access for the person.

Another scenario could be that while exiting, unhealthy (fevered, or otherwise ill), individuals would trigger an alarm and/or activate a biohazard containment procedure according to regulatory standards of a local or federal government authority.

The 24/7-operated HARV would be equipped with a green and red LED light, audio with a pre-set message signaling authorization for entry and exit. The red LED light would simultaneously broadcast a recorded voice prohibiting access and send an alarm message to the security staff or Command and Control Center (C2).

All alerts of intrusions and anomalies would as data be logged, recorded, and archived using a secured cloud-based AD server providing forensic information to support further action. The AD Cloud dashboard would provide a secure account for all authorities and stakeholders associated with GuardBot.

Where do you find the drone sector in the next 5 to 10 years?

More sophisticated, expanded applications, advanced command & control.

When you are not on behind the robotics, where would we see you?

Working on the next development as always.

Any advice to those just getting started with drones?

Start with a pre-made kit and join a drone flying club near you.

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