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Ekster Smart Wallet Review

It is not quite often we review something other than drones. However, this time around, we have something interesting for you.

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It is not drones, robots, GoPros but Guess what it is a smart wallet by Ekster brand.

Though this gadget is not something, a drone enthusiast would love to include in his or her kit; we have other ideas.

In this post, we’ll share our experience of how we are using this smart wallet in our day-to-day drone activities Ekster wallet.

Before talking about the wallet itself, let us take you through the Ekster brand.

They brought life to the world’s first trackable wallet, which prevents theft or loss and prevents losing your valuables.

It is a crowd-funded business that went on to become the best-selling smart wallet brand in the world.

This voice-activated smart wallet is compatible with all Google Home and Alexa appliances.

It is solar-powered, offers instant card access, RFID protection, worldwide traceability, and so on. In fact, FedEx is implementing this technology to track their containers.

Furthermore, they have been featured by prominent news outlets such as Engadget, Mashable, CNN, Discovery, and CNET.

Alright, enough with the introduction now you may have a rough idea about this product.

This wallet comes in different versions and colors, but the one we review is called Parliament + Tracker in Nappa Black color.

As we said earlier, not all droners see the benefit of it because it is not made especially for drone needs nor marketed directly to them.

However, we found some practical applications, especially when traveling outdoors for drone aerial photography shoot.

If you bought the wallet with a tracker, then you can take the tracker from the wallet and put it inside your drone carrying case or backpack.

Also, you may strap the tracker somewhere firmly in your drone just like you are attaching a GoPro action camera to a compatible drone.

What it does is it enables you to track your drone gear even if it is lost or flown away.

It acts as a GPS tracker but has the versatility of switching into a smart wallet when tracking capability is not required.

It means you do not have to spend extra for a tracker and can use the one that comes with this smart wallet.

In case you bought the wallet without tracker do not worry as there are still some great uses. Being a media partner of 100s of events, we regularly attend various drone-related expos and conferences around the world.

Most of the visitors will be tech experts or have proficient knowledge in cyberspace, so chances of your credit cards or relevant documents traced through and hacked are very high.

Of course, it happens if you have a regular wallet but not the case with this smart wallet by Ekster.

It has RFID protection, so your credit cards and valuables are safe from potential data thefts.

These are some of the ways how we are using this smart wallet for drone-related works.

You are not limited to these ways and could find various uses depending on your situation.

Now, let us quickly take you through the positives and negatives of this gadget.

On the plus side, it is crafted from the highest quality genuine leather for ergonomics and durability.

Thanks to the integrated card-slider mechanism, with one click of the button, you can access up to 6 different cards.

Some of the other benefits worth noting are ultra-slim profile, RFID protection, worldwide trackability, voice-activation, solar-powered, etc.

Now comes the negatives; every product has its set of weaknesses, and Ekster smart wallet is no exception.

First, its tracker is mainly optimized for European countries and not efficient in third world countries.

They use a piggyback system to detect nearby Ekster wallets and communicate signals to track your wallet location accurately.

Now, this can be a problem in most third world countries because the chances of people owning an Ekster wallet is slim, so it is unable to accurately track and interpret the location despite having a functional tracker.

The other downside is you cannot keep a lot of coins or money notes as you would in a regular wallet. Of course, you can fit in a few of those, but it will get hard to close, or you may have to close it which is not practical forcefully.

Ideally, it is best used as a wallet to store all your credit cards and some other essential documents.

Overall, our experience with this wallet has been quite good despite the few shortcomings.

We hope the company addresses these flaws and keeps on evolving for the sake of backers who crowdfunded this campaign.

We recommend the Ekster smart wallet to our My Dear Drone readers considering how useful it is for specific drone-related purposes discussed above.

We will keep on using this wallet and may post future updates if there is any significant improvement made to the existing wallet.

But, as it is, this wallet is only going to get better every day, and soon you cannot live without it.

From RFID protection to quick card access to solar-powered charging, it got it all you could ask for in a smart wallet.

You have to be a bit creative in how you are planning to use it for your drone-related activities.

It may not be the most sought-after drone accessory but certainly got all the bells and whistles of a great gadget in the making for drone users.

With said that, let us stop here to wind up this Ekster smart wallet review.

Feel free to post your comments, opinions, and take about this wallet, and if you own one, what version and color it is and how it cope up with your usage.

That information will help us stay up-to-date and provide readers the most accurate content as much as possible.

If you found any inaccuracies in this post, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try our maximum to reply within two working days.

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