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Snaptain S5c Drone Review in 2023

Snaptain s5c drone


In this section, we’ll go over the benefits and drawbacks of the quadcopter that you ought to be aware of. Check all the pointers and then determine whether the Snaptain S5C drone is suited to you.


  • Excellent entry-level drone with plenty of features plus easy to hover out of the pack.
  • It has a durable built quality that does not give you the feeling of a toy.
  • The camera provides a great chance to beginners for learning aerial photography.
  • The drone arrives at a reasonable price and ideal for first-timers.
  • It has different speed level settings, which makes it just as simple for newbies as pros.
  • Its application runs smoothly, and intuitive UI turns it quick to learn.


  • It’s not suited to the windy condition but might handle mild wind outdoors.
  • Because it features a 720P camera, do not expect the footage resolution to be top-notch.
  • In terms of range, it is restricted up to 80m, which is not bad at this rate.


If you are searching for a beginner-friendly quadcopter with some advanced functions, the SNAPTAIN S5C Drone may be the one you’re looking for.

It is undoubtedly among the best looking quads we have encounter. The coolest thing regarding this craft is with all of the cool capabilities it contains, and it costs under $100.

In this article, we will discuss everything S5C got to offer. At the finish of the review, you can make an educated decision.

Check out if it fulfills expectations in our in-depth SNAPTAIN S5C Review.


  • Model: SNAPTAIN S5C
  • Price Range: $$
  • Features: Altitude Hold, Voice Control, One Key Take Off/Landing, Gravity Sensor, Headless Mode, and 360° Flips & Rolls
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 127 g (Unloaded)
  • Dimensions: 13.9 x 9.7 x 3.3 in (LxWxH)
  • Camera: 720P
  • Stabilization: 6-Axis Gyro
  • Range: 80 Meters
  • Flight Time: 9 Minutes
  • Charging Time: 1.5 Hours
  • Speed: 3-Speed Mode
  • App Name: Snaptain Era
  • FPV Supported: Yes

Design and Durability

This drone is crafted stylishly to match a futuristic feel.

Sleek yet outlined by contours and lines, it depends on matte black color scheme underlined by shades of blue color for that classy and neutral spacecraft aesthetic.

On our initial impression, it looks like it arrived from the future on the space.

Both ways, it will have a remarkable factor impact.

Because of the low weight and compact size of the SNAPTAIN S5C drone, it is higher on the mobility scale and easily transported.

That means a ton of fun is enjoyed along with this quadcopter, irrespective of location.

It boasts ABS plastic build, which is unusual for a craft in this budget.

Most toy-grade models opt for cheap plastic to reduce manufacturing expenses, yet the S5C does not skimp out.

No matter just how durable the construction is, the maker included some accessories/replacement parts in the pack, including landing pads, propeller guards, spare propellers, and also another battery in case of faulty parts or damages.

Finally, those blue padding found all over the drone’s body frame is LED lights.

They bring brighter lights to give support to visual assist placement.

Not just merely that it will make it simpler for inexperienced users to spot, they bring a nice feel to the night flying mission.

Your trip does not have to finish when it becomes dark outside.

720P Camera

The SNAPTAIN Drone S5C’s 720p camera is not the best on the market for performance and quality, but, it is not all that poor considering the ultra-affordability.

Snaptain s5c wifi fpv 720p hd camera

The UAV is fixed with a 720P quality camera that captures pictures and videos, including live footage – not as clean as Potensic T25’s 1080P quality.

To help maintain it stable, the drone comes with altitude hold, balancing its body when you take your upcoming video.

It gets much better while you can request everyone to say cheese and then do a V using your finger to activate the onboard camera.

Just place the craft on altitude hold a few meters roughly facing you to capture the photo.

It can shoot decent stills and footage, and much more in a steady hovering mode.

The camera gives you entry to the FPV, letting you keep a record of your environment as you move your quadcopter around.

It enables you to stream real-time video feed directly to your phone.

You may edit your video and images and upload them straight onto your social accounts and spread them with friends and family.

The videos are saved automatically to the SD card.

SNAPTAIN Flight Time

The SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV drone’s 550 mAh LiPo battery offers a flight time of 9 minutes, more or less.

Though not extremely impressive, it is yet a good time to maintain the quad aloft.

In the pack, an extra battery is supplied, so your battery life is easily multiplied.

These batteries every take around 90 minutes to charge.

Yes, it could be better if the flying time was much longer, yet in comparison versus its competition, it is pretty decent.

However, as we state with all of our drone reviews, you always should buy spare batteries and get them charged up before heading to fly.

SNAPTAIN Flight Performance

Concerning buying the perfect drone with a camera, flight performance is the main factor. In this section of the Snaptain S5C drone review, we will discuss its performance.

Credits to the modularized battery, the majority of the motor strength is delivered effectively to increase the propulsion power for max speed.

It offers extra stabilization and smooth flight controls, a should-have for starters.

Additionally, the quadcopter comes with 3-speed modes. While you take flight it initially, it is on the low-speed trim setting thus that you could learn the control’s basics.

After you grasp the tutorial-level flight handles, you can set to speed mode for challenging your flying skill.

The 80m radio range through the dedicated transmitter is relatively standard.

When installing the Era app in an Android or Apple smartphone using a direct two-way WiFi, the SNAPTAIN S5C’s range drops by just a little.

Do note the s5c drone is somewhat on the light side of stuff, weighing in about 127 grams.

You may want to think about piloting it in breezy- or even windy conditions twice.


No quadcopters are fun with no a lot of features for keeping yourself company.

On the next part of the SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV drone review, we will discuss the features which this stylish drone has in offer for you.

It has a One Key Landing, Takeoff, and Return feature.

Just push the button in the remote control, and you may land and take off your craft without stressing how you can accurately control it.

While flying with a smartphone or controller is simple enough, thrillseekers are happy to notice that the S5C is a VR supported drone.

It calls for a more immersive flying experience, bringing you from the floor to the flight cockpit to a more practical perspective of your flight path.

Using the smartphone application, you can activate the gesture and voice mode.

To the gesture modes and voice activation to function, you have to be someplace between 1-3 meters of the flying machine.

It comes with presets for each mode; thus, you can adhere to these to be identified by the tracing algorithm.

The Altitude Hold feature enables you to allow the drone hover in position, keeping it steady in its place and letting you take videos and pictures when operational.

The six-axis gyro of the S5C drone makes this function possible.

Incredibly, a quadcopter as cheaper as the S5C includes a Headless Mode built to it.

This function is an excellent way to comfort any beginner flyer in handling the drone because you will not have to bother about the drone’s front-end orientation to control it.

The gravity sensor of SNAPTAIN S5C helps you control it through moving your phone at certain sides.

This shadow-mimic function is a joy to experiment with and is a new area to try, out of the typical controller-based moves you are reserved to.

For a quad this affordable, you will not expect user-friendly flight capabilities from it.

Yet, the S5C impresses you with the Trajectory feature, in which you can sketch a flight route in the smartphone app, and the drone can track it.

For first-time users, it is a headache to lose your quadcopter on its first flight.

To assist you with this, the WiFi warning system of SNAPTAIN S5C issues a caution once the signal strength drops to 1 bar, from the total 4 bars.

Finally, the 360-degree flips enable you to impress the viewers who may be watching you flying the drone.

It’s a function that will leave them in surprise, wanting to pilot a drone-like you.

SNAPTAIN Gaming Controller

The SNAPTAIN S5C WiFi FPV drone with 720P HD camera controller leaves plenty to be sought after in the look section, as it appears like a gaming console remote at best.

SNAPTAIN Controller

The design is what you anticipate from a general drone controller, along with the different dedicated buttons and dual joysticks.

Nevertheless, it is ergonomically designed, and all of the controls are simple to reach, and it has a smartphone holder so that you may live stream footage right into your smartphone.

We wish to applaud the creators who avoided the need for a screwdriver once it is the moment to change the batteries on the remote control.

You can use pens or any sharper implement to let go of the catch, which is recessed in the control’s housing.

If remote controllers are not your stuff, fly the drone S5C using your phone with gesture control buttons and the gravity altitude hold sensor.

The S5C quadcopter, just like Snaptain’s A15 & SP650, has its application that works with both Android and iOS.
Through the app, you may access a few of the many upgraded UAV functions like gesture and voice control, intelligent flight modes, and FPV.

Frequently Asked Questions


The SNAPTAIN S5C is an excellent beginner’s drone that is effortless to take flight, and with an affordable rate, it is among the best selling drones and has thousands of positive reviews. Just pushing a switch will land, take off, or come back to your instructions.

What I Get in S5C’s Package?

In the pack, S5C drone contains user manual, a remote controller, 4 extra propellers, landing pads, propeller guards, a screwdriver, a USB charger, and 2 batteries.

Who is S5C For?

This drone is created for starters who ought to have an excellent camera quadcopter, to begin with. We hugely recommend this model for anybody, recreational pilots, kids, and beginners.

What is the Battery Life of S5C Quadcopter?

The drone’s flight duration is nine minutes, and it may vary based on what speed mode you’re flying.

How Long Does S5C Quad Take to Fully Charge?

It takes about 90 minutes to the battery to get fully charged.

Is This Snaptain Drone Worth My Money?

When you look at this S5C drone by Snaptain, the overall good build, pricing, quick calibration, and performance, make for real value. It’s especially correct if you seek to get a drone to your children to enjoy with or do drifting.

If the s5c Drone is Losing Connection What Should I Do?

Do not go past the 80 meters communication distance of the quadcopter and ensure that your phone is not linked to other WiFi networks.

Is it Not Responding to the Voice Commands?

Check whether or not the drone got access to voice commands via the app.


This SNAPTAIN S5C review showed this product promises lots of fun right from the package. It might be missing some features found on premium models, yet that is not false at this rate.

We are amazed how a drone as the S5C can easily fit in the budget side of things yet hand out an impressive set of specs and features.

Its robust sturdiness means it could take a beat, though the flight time could be improved. For any beginner, this is the unit you want.

All in all, the Snaptain S5C Drone does a huge favor to the entire drone network. It gets you in love with the hobby; thus, you progressively look for better versions for your particular needs.

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  1. Where can I get spare motor assembly?

    • Hi David,

      Try checking the Amazon itself. You may find some S5C spare parts there. If not, try contacting the manufacturer directly.


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