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Interview with Dan Davis, Tech YouTuber & Founder at on Creating Drone Videos & YouTube Advice

Dan Davis

Dan Davis
Tech YouTuber & Founder at DansTube.TV

My Dear Drone is proud to recognize fellow tech/drone YouTubers, and one of them Dan Davis will be our today’s guest for this exclusive interview.

He runs a popular YouTube channel where he uploads regular drone content and hands-on technology/gadgets reviews.

Also, he is a qualified counselor, photographer, Founder at DansTube.TV, tech buff, just to name a few.

In this interview, we talk in-depth with Dan on his YouTube journey, how he got into drones, his promise of Brutally Honest Reviews, favorite drone gear, advice for budding video creators, and so on.

This post can ignite the creator hidden inside you and become the next star in this community.

So, better you read out what Dan has to say and stay ahead of the game!

Welcome Dan Davis, tell us a little about yourself. How did you come to be a tech enthusiast?

Hi readers, I’m Dan from DansTube.TV, the Meta Minds podcast and Eye In The Sky Clothing. I’m a qualified counselor with a master’s degree in counseling, and I am passionate about using technology to enhance the connection that my clients and I have.

Technology became a fascination of mine throughout high school; I was studying information technology and film courses in my final two years.

I found myself falling in love with shooting videos, editing, building websites, and using the internet to connect with people.

During those final years of high school, I decided to launch a YouTube channel with a friend; this process ignited a passion inside of me.

After my friend stopped creating with me, I decided to hold onto the creativity baton and continue running.

I started reviewing more phone apps and then transitioned into reviewing the technology that I was using in my everyday life.

How did you initially get interested in drones?

I have been interested in drones for years; I was keeping an eye on military drones and all of the consumer drones that followed.

But, I was waiting for the right time to invest in one, I wanted to make sure that the technology was stable and the price was reasonable.

I decided to get myself the Mavic Pro and immediately fell in love with the creative opportunities that flying a drone opened up for my projects.

Also, I felt a combination of adrenaline and calm while using my drone.

After posting my first drone video on YouTube, I was approached by a local drone school that paid for me to take a course with them.

This opportunity further cemented my love for drones and even gave me the qualifications to operate in a commercial capacity.

What inspired you to start the DansTube TV website, initially?

DansTube TV Logo

My website DansTube.TV was created to complement my YouTube content; it offers a space for me to share my blogs and connect with my audience.

It also provides companies/brands, and anyone else the opportunity to contact me directly.

I also have set up a YouTube advice section for people wanting to start their YouTube journey. The website is an extension of my creative endeavors and works as a hub for my content.

Tell us about your recently launched drone-inspired clothing line?

Eye In The Sky Clothing is something that I am REALLY proud of, my love for drones has blossomed even more over the last few years, and I noticed that nothing was refreshing for pilots to wear while flying their drones.

The market was filled with copyrighted images and very boring drone gear; I wanted to change that!

I enlisted the help of my friend to create the first batch of designs and then reached out to artists around the world for additional designs.

We release new collections every few months in our store and share the community’s photos on our social networks.

We have found ourselves connecting deeply with the FPV racing and freestyle community, and we are proud to host giveaways frequently.

You regularly upload videos on YouTube, of drones and gadgets. What are some of the criteria you look at, when reviewing?

My main criteria is a real world test, I use the drone, tech, or gadget for a few weeks before I compose my thoughts. I then think about price, usability, quality, and how useful this product will be for my audience.

I try to focus on what type of person might need this product and how relevant it will be in the foreseeable future.

I then think about why people should buy this product or avoid it; this is done through reflections on my experiences and how well the product operates in a real-life environment.

What have been a few of your favorite drones that you have reviewed, and the reason?

My favorite drone is still the Mavic Air, the size, quality, and price of that drone hit everything perfectly on the head for a consumer drone.

I found that birds would try to attack it, and the battery life could be improved, but overall most people would be thrilled with this drone.

The DJI/Ryze Tello is the perfect starter quadcopter for most people, it’s extremely customizable, affordable, and agile in the sky – the ideal practice drone.

What is your advice for drone users who are searching to get amazing, crystal clear pictures like the ones you upload? Is there any secret?

The secret is practice and trial and error. I have created many tips and settings videos for the drones that I’ve tested, and people seem to gain a lot from my advice.

I would suggest playing around with the manual settings; learn how to make the scene look vibrant without an algorithm doing it for you.

Also, I would recommend learning how a histogram works, enabling the grids to optimize framing and learn how to control the drone smoothly, so that the footage glides without jarring your viewers.

You are in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia – what is the best thing about shooting there?

I am fortunate to live in Brisbane, the weather is consistently nice, and I have a variety of different locations to shoot from dense bushland to crystal clear water.

It is safe to fly around my area as I am away from the aerodromes and have found some beautiful spots away from people.

I have some regular locations where I will take new drones so that I can compare the flight experience to other drones.

What does your present drone kit look like?

My drone kit consists of a Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Mini. I have used landing legs and landing pads in the past, but prefer to find a flat area to take off from, I do have a fascination with hand launching the Mavic Mini at the moment!

I also always wear an Eye In The Sky shirt and hat. Also, I make sure to take an action camera with me or the Osmo Pocket to capture some b-roll for future videos.

What is your favorite drone shot you have ever taken? Where is your dream destination for a drone shoot?

My favorite shot would be a tilting shot that I captured at Purling Brook Falls; I slowly tilted the camera down to showcase the waterfall and the lush rainforest below.

Another one of my favorite locations to shoot would be the Kiama Blowhole in NSW; I created a compilation video on YouTube to showcase these shots: (

My dream location to shoot would be Vietnam, I went to Vietnam at the start of 2020 and unluckily couldn’t get the permits to fly my drone.

The vastly different scenery would have been amazing to capture, from the tropical island of Phu Quoc to the concrete jungle of Ho Chi Minh.

How have subscribers/fans responded to your “Brutally Honest” technology and gadget reviews?

My brutally honest approach to my reviews has landed me in some hot water with companies who seem to hold the view that sending me a product will automatically grant them a positive review. If your product is bad, then my audience deserves to know.

I had received hundreds of comments from people thanking me for telling them the truth about a product before they wasted their money.

These responses bring me so much joy; I know that a lot of reviewers will avoid negatives about a product and follow the company’s guidelines when producing a review.

I have promised myself that I will always remain honest and loyal to my fan base – what am I without integrity?

One of my recent videos on the GoPro Hero 7 White generated a lot of discussion around the limited features that this new GoPro had to offer, since creating this review – GoPro has added the 1080p option that my audience and I demanded: (

Many people look up to you as an authority in the drone videos; who are some pilots/channels you feel others should check out?

I genuinely appreciate the fans that have supported my YouTube journey, and I am honored to be recognized as an authority in the droning space.

I am currently addicted to the FPV racing and freestyle community and, therefore, would recommend Tomz FPV for some of the most awesome freestyle videos online: (

I would also recommend Johnny FPV: (

Also, I have enjoyed watching Kelsey FPV’s racing journey and the excellent videos that Mr. Steele creates.

Kelsey FPV: (

Mr. Steele: (

Any advice for those just starting with making YouTube videos for a living?

Becoming a YouTuber takes a lot of patience, grit, and determination. I believe that you should start producing content because you enjoy the process and what you are creating.

Don’t go into this with the sole intention of making money and becoming famous, that is unrealistic for most people, and it will crush you if you set such a high expectation for yourself.

I believe you have to find the niche that excites you and try to discover a way for you to add your personality and unique spark to this space. Also, I believe that learning skills are invaluable in this process.

Take some time to learn an editing program (DaVinci Resolve is completely FREE), learn how to use a camera, and frame your shot (watch YouTube videos and tutorials).

You then just need to be patient with the process, discover your online voice (how you present to the internet), and over time you can hone your craft and find your unique style. Read more about how to become a YouTuber on my website.

When you are not working, where would we see you?

When I am not working, you can spot me at the gym, playing squash, or having a sauna.

I also spend a lot of time with friends discussing creative concepts and planning new projects. I occasionally do some location scouting for future videos and fly my drone recreationally.

Also, I do make time for video games; this is my separation from work and allows me to slip into a relaxed state. My mind is always on, I am continually trying to create, produce, plan, and expand my mind, so I need to take time to be 100% off.

Did you find our interview enjoyable? Is there any other things you would want to share?

I enjoyed this interview, the questions were well-researched, and they made me reminisce on my YouTube journey.

I have recently started a podcast with my friend called Meta Minds. I believe that this process has been the most rewarding in terms of personal development and creative flow.

I have recognized that podcasting has the lowest barrier to entry, all you need is your phone, and you can start a podcast.

For anyone out there who wants to create a personal brand or start taking themselves out of their comfort zone, then a podcast could be the most affordable, enjoyable, and realistic way to start sharing your story with the world.

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